Old lover bonks young pussy oldvsyoung hardcore

Old lover bonks young pussy oldvsyoung hardcore
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Patricia and Lori, my gorgeous redhead, and I were taking turns kissing Diane's mouth and drinking milk from her erect nipples. Their mistress was slightly grinding her hips against me, keeping my cock prisoner in her beautiful cunt. Diane was softly groaning in satisfaction. We were all slightly startled by a light knock at the door. Patricia sprang over to the door, an excited smile on her face.

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She opened the door to greet our black friends from the bookstore. Jill stepped in first, absolutely naked, just as she had promised me. I wondered how she would react, since I had shot my load into another woman's pussy. Patricia grabbed her black man, pulling him inside, and greeted them, "Welcome, Lovers, to our little orgy!

The two new girls moved to cover their breasts and pussies. They were scared at what this new turn of events might bring. "More naked virgin babes for me," Big Daddy smiled, "I'm havin' some hot white pussy tonight!" Diane introduced everyone, "These two beautiful people are our new friends Jill and Big Daddy.

You'll soon see how he got his name! Lori and Rachel, don't be rude to our quests! Take those hands down and go give them a nice southern embrace!

I'm sorry I can't hug right now. I've just had a great fuck, and I'm letting Stuart's cum marinate my womb. I'm hoping he's knocked me up! Stuart has also taken my virgin ass." Jill hugged each of the white girls, who were obviously uncomfortable, but her eyes were focused on me.

"Stuart, you fucking man whore! My hot black pussy has been watering for your nice white cock, and now you've spent it on this beautiful dirty little bitch! Get my cock out of her cunt this instant!" "Sorry, Jill. It was unfinished business. I'll be up for you in an hour or so, " I offered, while I pulled out of Diane with supercute elleshyla and reena make threesome lesbian sex little 'pop'. Jill walked over to my new gorgeous whore, inspecting her body.

She kneaded Diane's breasts roughly, a wicked smile on her lips. Jill spied the whips on the floor and picked one up. Looking into Diane's dreamy blues, she shook the whip, "Bitch, I'm gonna punish you with this for fucking my white man, and you'd better enjoy it! Now you other white sluts, cuff this bitch to that luggage cart so I can whip her ass. Are you up for this, Bitch?" "Yes, my gorgeous goddess!

Do whatever you wish to my body. I deserve it!" Diane offered. The sluts immediately led Diane over to the cart and handcuffed her hands and feet to the metal. "And you, Stuart! Go wash off the bitch's scent from your handsome body." I left to shower, hearing the whack of the whip on Diane's bare ass, and Diane's moans of pleasure as she got her desired discipline. I think Lori and Rachel were in shock, doubting whether this was what they wanted. When I returned from my three-minute shower, Jill was tracing Diane's body curves with the whip, while Diane whimpered.

Meanwhile, my slut wife had taken off the clothes of her black gorgeous babes having fun with black guy, and was hugging him from behind. Her white hands contrasted starkly with his ebony skin.

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She was enticing her lover, while tempting the two stunned white girls with his chiseled body, " Lori and Rachel, have you ever seen such a magnificent specimen? These pects are soo firm! Look at these rock-hard abs! But, ladies, did you ever see such a glorious huge cock? I can't wait to have this monster split my lips apart, as Big Daddy reams my white pussy!" Patricia gave us that wicked smile, "Lori, come over here! Have you ever seen a beautiful naked black man?

Ever had a black cock in your mouth or pussy?" Lori stood a foot away, looking apprehensive, and shook her head at the questions. "Good! You're a virgin like I am-we all are. Big Daddy, here, is a virgin, too.

He's never had a white cunt before. So we're all experimenting here. Lori, just run your hand along his abs and chest." Lori tentatively touched his black chest kneading his pectoral muscles, then moved down to his abs, feeling their stone-hard firmness. She gave Patricia and her man a weak smile. "You are built like no man I've ever touched, Big Daddy!

Sorry I'm shy! This is all new for me." Lori put her right hand around his waist, while her left massaged his chest. "You are so strong!" "See how wonderful he is, and how handsome?

Okay girl, now let's check out his outrageous beast of a dick!" Patricia coaxed, as she took Lori's little white hand and guided it down to Big Daddy's hardening ten-inch monster.

My wife squeezed Lori's hand around his manhood, not even able to fully close her grip. Lori gave a gasp of surprise and admiration.

Patricia let go, and Lori kept her hand on BD's cock. She squeezed it, and it twitched in response. The gorgeous redhead giggled, "Did you see that?

It's so fucking huge and beautifully black! I can't believe this is real!" She then began to stroke it with both of her hands, while Patricia stood behind him, her arms around his waist, caressing him and pressing her naked body against his firm buttocks.

He was smiling. Lori then invited her girlfriend Rachel over, "Come on over here, Girl! You need to try this. I've never felt something so damn sexy!" Rachel looked a little reluctant, but came over next to her friend.

"Here! Let's touch him together," Lori coaxed as she guided Rachel's soft hand down the dark hard shaft. She wrapped Rachel's hand around BD's huge hard member and held it tight, "Isn't this fantastic? Can you feel his blood flow throbbing?" Rachel nodded, smiling self-consciously.

"Big Daddy, please tense up your wonderful sex tool for us!" Lori requested. He flexed his cock, and a thrill of giggles erupted from both women. They were getting hooked on this black titan. Lori removed her hand to massage his huge dangling balls, and Rachel kept squeezing and stroking his hard shaft. Patricia came around front, knelt, and began licking his cock head as the ladies stroked him.

"Yeah, you white sluts, enjoy my big black monster! Take that meat in your mouth, Whore!" Big Daddy enticed. "Look how Patricia sucks that thing!

It's so huge, so black! I love the feel of it, all these veins pulsing power and hardness. Big Daddy, may I have a turn?" Lori begged. "Sluts, here's my rule: If I let you have my cock, then you let me fuck your white pussy!

You spread your legs wide open for me, and I shoot my cum deep inside you. No condoms or birth control crap. If you're lucky you'll become my Baby Momma. 'Course you may have to explain your new baby's dark color, 'cause you know he'll look like me." They looked at each other as Patricia sucked him.

Now this was a serious dilemma. A black baby would be hard to explain. I suppose they could just tell their white friends that they had become whores to a handsome black man. They could emphasize their lust for his magnificent ten inch monster cock, but it would indeed be awkward.

Patricia had already made her decision. "Big Daddy, I want you to fuck me now. I want you to fill my white pussy with your sweet black cum. I want you to use me with your huge black cock! Come here my lover, and take your white whore!

I'll be your white Baby Momma! Take your virgin!" Patricia offered. She stood, wrapped her arms around his neck, and Big Daddy lifted her up to his waiting mouth. She wrapped her naked legs around his waist, grinding her pussy into his hard cock. Big Daddy carried her over to the bed, and gently set her down. "That's right, my whore!

Spread your legs for me, Baby! I want to taste your white pussy! His new lover spread her legs and raised her knees. "Come get your white whore's pussy, Daddy! Let me feel your hot tongue inside my cunt!" Responded Patricia. Rachel looked on with admiration, shook her head as if in turmoil over the decision she would have to make. She obviously wanted that huge cock in her pussy, but was unsure about the chance of being 'lucky' at having Big Daddy's child.

She came over to Tom, who was intently watching her body. Rachel sat back on Tom's lap. "Tom, do think I'm exciting? Do you want my body- these tits, my lips, my ass? I need you to put your magnificent dick inside me! Be my lover, Baby! I want you to shoot your seed inside me! I hope you knock me up, Lover! Now, come take your blonde slut, Baby!" "Rachel, you are beautiful beyond my fantasies.

I'm honored that a sexy woman like you offers herself to me. I've wanted to taste your naked pussy since I saw you!

Hell, I can't wait! Baby, spread your legs over on that bed, and let me have your shaved cunt!" Lori walked over to the open bed, watching Tom over her shoulder. She lay her luscious body down on the bed, spread her tanned thighs, and displayed her bare pussy for Tom.

"You like? Come over here, lover, and eat your beautiful slut! Hey Bitch, I'm fucking your hot husband over here! Want to watch?" Diane, softly moaning between Jill's slaps, lifted her tear-stained face to look for her husband.

When she saw him tongue-fucking her gorgeous friend, she smiled with a gleam in her eye. "Fuck him good, Rachel! Pleasure him so he even forgets about me for a while. Enjoy him, Girlfriend! Use his big cock! Go, Tommy! Take your new lover. Ravage her pussy with that huge dick of yours!" Jill paused in her assault. "Well, Bitch, have you had enough?

Has your ass been taught to stay away from my white man?" Diane meekly declared, "Yes, you ebony goddess! I'll stay away from your white lover, unless you order me otherwise." Jill looked over at the bag of toys Diane had brought from the adult store and examined the contents, picking out the huge black strap-on dildo. She gave Diane a wicked smile, and put on the belt and dildo. Jill was ready to fuck. "All right, Bitch!

Now charmel is a naughty blonde that likes to feel a good black fucking. I'm gonna stick you with my new black cock, first in your sorry pussy, then in your nice white ass.

Be prepared to get raped, whore!" Diane looked a little apprehensive, but replied softly,"Yes, my Goddess, please rape me with your black dick." Jill walked over to Diane's spread legs and rubbed her huge 12 inch black monster on the slut's slit.

As she pressed the huge head into Diane's cunt, Diane begged, " Please be gentle, my Goddess, that thing feels so big, it's gonna tear me in half!" Jill became rough, slapping Diane's red ass, " Shut up, Bitch, and take my meat.

I'm gonna use your slit any way I want to!" With that, Jill pushed the dildo past Diane's lips and into her vagina. I could see the skin around that huge cock stretched tight, and I wondered if she was going to tear. Lori and Rachel covered their eyes and grimaced.

"Please, Jill, don't rip Diane's pussy apart!" sweet looking legal age teenager attractive girl takes hard cock Lori pleaded. Jill continued slowly pushing that black dildo into her new slave. " Oh, no, Goddess! I,I. I can't take your cock; it's too big! Please stop! Oh, it's going deeper! It's filling me! Your huge pole is fucking me!" Diane cried, somewhere between pain and intense pleasure.

Jill bottomed out, with about two inches still outside Diane's cunt. She then began slowly pumping her cock in and out of that white pussy. Her gorgeous black tits bouncing with the rythym of her fucking.

Jill was enjoying the rape of this beautiful white whore! Her big black cock was being lubricated by my cum still inside Diane's used pussy. " Goddess, you're raping me, and it feels so good! Push Stuart's seed deep into my womb! Knock me up, my black rapist! I.I.I'm cumming, Lover! Fuck me deeper with that huge dick of yours!" Diane got a look of panic, pain, and pleasure as the orgasm crushed her. As her body shuddered, she collapsed, spraying urine as she lost total control of herself.

"Now that was a damn big orgasm! Now that I've used your cunt, I'm gonna take your fine white ass, my whore!" Jill ordered. Jill pulled out of Diane, and a mixture of cum, juices and urine streamed down her golden thighs. The Goddess then placed her dick at Diane's anus, and began pressing. "Oh, no! Goddess, please don't ! My ass can't take your huge dick! You're too big for me!" Diane pleaded.

Jill kept pushing, and the head of the dildo disappeared into Diane's luscious ass. She cried out in pain, and Jill paused until Diane adjusted. jill continued until her cock was buried halfway in her whore's ass. "Goddess, now you're raping my ass. Sodomize me, my goddess!" Diane urged. Jill began steadily fucking her whore, and Diane began to fuck Jill back. Beads of sweat began to drip from Diane's forehead, and her tits began to glow with perspiration. Jill's body also began to glow as they fucked.

"You, redheaded fox, grab 3girl and 1boy xxx story red vibrator and fuck this whore's pussy. Turn it up to full until she cums again!" Jill commanded. Lori rose, got the vibrator, and inserted it in Diane's pussy. I could hear the thing vibrating as she plunged it deep into her new whore's pussy. Diane's face contorted in pleasure, and her body shook as Jill fucked her as and Lori fucked her stretched-out cunt.

"Please. Please.Goddess, I can't take this! It's too much pleasure.Aaagh! Yesss!" Diane simply collapsed, passing out as she released more urine. That second orgasm devastated her. It was almost 30 seconds before she suddenly inhaled and began breathing again. Though woozy, she was smiling, "Thank you for raping me, my Goddess! You have brought me the biggest two orgasms of my life! I love you, Jill!" "Lori, my red-headed slut, take this bitch over by her husband, so she can watch another cunt have her man.

And get some cool wash cloths to wipe the sweat and cum off of this slut. Then rub lotion on her body," Jill commanded. "Yes, Mistress Jill," She replied.

Lori immediately wheeled Diane's prison bar over next to the bed where her husband was deep into Rachel's spread pussy. She then soothed Diane's red ass with the washcloths and the lotion.

Jill swayed her hips from side to side in a swagger as she approached me, her huge black strap-on bouncing along with her tits. "All right, my white lover. Do you want my hot black body? Let's lay over here next to our mates. That way I can watch my man pound your naked slut wife, and your wife can watch you take my black virgin cunt." She took my hands and led me over to the kingsize bed, where her man and my slut were in the 69, eating each other.

"Lori, Baby, I want to fuck you so badly! But right now, I've got a, uh, pressing engagement. Could you be a dear, and film all of us? I promise I'll make it up to you in a couple of hours," I asked. Lori nodded and winked as she picked up the camera.

I leaned toward her and kissed her passionately. Jill lay down on the bed next to my wife Patricia, and spread her firm black thighs. She pulled me on top of her, my cock squeezed against her own. It did feel huge!

"My ebony beauty, your cock is huge- much bigger than mine! I really got turned on watching you rape that beautiful whore!" Jill kissed me, nibbling my right ear. She then rolled me off and removed the strap-on, tossing it on the floor. She then opened her thighs for me to gaze on her sex.

Her pussy was shaved, except for an inch-wide swath that pointed straight down to her wet cunt. "Come get ela seduz com suas coxas lindas e corpo perfeito, white boy! Sample the black honey from my pussy! I've been thinking about having you inside my cunt since I saw your hard dick! I want your tongue to fuck me, to get me ready for that dick I've been dreaming of.

Whoa, look at your woman swallowing Big Daddy's cock! He really likes white pussy! I'll have to try it sometime!" I flopped down between Jill's thighs, and resumed kissing her full moist lips. Big Daddy grunted, and aligned his hard cock with my whore's open cunt. "Get ready, Whore, my black dick is throbbing, ready to split you open! Prepare for the biggest pole you'll ever get, Bitch. You may have had six cocks today, but you've never had one like mine!" "Give me that thing, Baby!

I'm wet and ready! Stick your big black love machine in my open white pussy!" My whore begged. Her lover slid his ten-incher into her slit. "Oh, yeah, Lover! I can feel your head stretching my cunt! Keep going! Slowly, Baby! I want it all. Oh, my God! You're filling me up! I'm… I'm gonna cum! Yes! You did me, Baby! Keep going! I want all of that magnificent cock! Shove it in there and shoot your seed into my womb!" Big Daddy pushed, and Patricia's eyes got big in shock.

He kept pushing, and his slut began to tear up. "Ahh! It hurts, but keep pushing it into me! Give me the whole ten inches!!" He finally bottomed out, and began thrusting, gently at first. "That's it, Stud! Fuck me harder! Pound that monster into me till you explode! Give me your seed!" Patricia urged. She was now groaning loudly in pleasure. "Lover, let me ride your cock! I want to be impaled on your iron pole!" Patricia shifted and climbed on top of her black man.

She took his cock into her mouth, savoring her own juices. "We taste good together, Baby! My pussy's nectar and your cock fluid! I love this huge pole of yours!" She told him. She held his engorged cock in her tiny white hand and stared at it in wonder.

She then began stroking as she cooed, " Black Monster, you amaze me! You are so enormous and powerful! I just have to ride you till you blow your load inside me! Are you hungry for my white pussy, my hard Black Monster? Mmm!" Patricia was worshipping this titan's cock! She rose up and positioned her wet pussy directly above his hard member. "Lori, Baby, be sure to get some good closeups of Big Daddy's cock inside me.

I want to see his meat stretching my virgin pussy!" She slowly lowered herself on his dick.

"Yeah, Baby! I like the way this feels! Your Black Monster is pleasing me. Black Monster, ram your long thick rod deep inside my cunt!" she gushed.

Big Daddy's whore continued to allow his meat to slide inside her stretching cunt. When her black love pole was fully embedded in her pussy, my wife began to ride her lover's cock, laughing. Up and down she bobbed, her luscious tits bouncing. She cupped her tits and squealed, "Lover, I'm impaled on your cock! Your Black Monster is holding me up! This is so hot! You're making cum like no other man has done! I never thought I'd be a black guy's slut.

Your long Black Monster is my new master, Lover! I'll do whatever it wants-whatever you want!" His white whore praised. "Whore, you're the first white woman I've had! I didn't think you could take it. I didn't think you'd be this hot! Now you're my white 'ho'! Like they say, slut, 'Once you go black, you never go back!' Too bad for you, Stuart, your whore is now my whore! She's never gonna be the same; your little white dick's never gonna satisfy her now!

Your tight pussy's gonna make me cum! Ahhh! Here it is, Bitch! Take my baby-juice, Lover!!" He strained. Releasing his semen into my fertile wife's cunt sent her into orgasm, "Yes!

Yes! I'm your 'Ho', Big Daddy! I want to keep your cock! Baby, fill me with your cum! Make me your Baby Momma! I wanna have a little black stud like you! Ohhhh… I'm cumming!!" My slut passed out from the passion, and she slumped on top of her Big Daddy.

Jill and I looked at each other as I lay between her legs, my chest on her beautiful black jugs. "Well, my white stud, I wonder if it's gonna be true- if your white slut wife has now 'gone black' slutty lesbian couple fucks a horny pawnman for money good. Maybe it'll be true for you, Baby! Once you've had all of my black body you'll 'Go black and never go back'! What do you think? Let me show you what you've been missing!" Jill enticed.

This ebony goddess was gorgeous! Her brown eyes were enchanting, those full moist lips captivating! Her belly, though swollen with her child, was soft and warm- sexy, and her hips and ass were smooth and firm.

Her trimmed stripe of pubic hair was just drawing me to the soft exotic lips of her cunt- ally breelsen outdoor sexy story com I was soon to sample! We began kissing anew, our tongues dancing, and our hands exploring our new love partner. Jill ran her hand along my cock, and she felt it stir! "Yeah, Stu! I can hardly wait 'til this bad boy is ready for me!

Meanwhile, show me how you like my gorgeous tits! I slid down her naked body until I was face-to-breast, and cupped the base of one. I played with her silver dollar-sized nipple with my tongue, and she sighed in pleasure, " You're so gentle! My man doesn't treat me this way. I like it! Keep loving my tits!" Jill encouraged, pulling me close and slowly grinding her hips.

Wow! My black goddess was resuscitating my spent member, and I was enjoying this! As I sucked her beautiful right nipple, I glanced over to see my slut wife lying atop her new master, kneading his chest muscles. "Big Daddy, you are now the master of my body! Your wonderful passion rod has controlled me, and I need more! I can't live without its magical power! I'm you're white whore, your 'Ho'! You can use me any redhead lauren phillips cum blasted after rough plowing you want, and I want everyone to know that I belong to a handsome and powerful black man- and his huge cock.

I want everyone to know I'm being fucked by you! I want to be held by you, pulled by my new leash, my big loose tits bouncing and my short skirt barely covering my naked pussy. I want you to walk me as your whore down Peachtree Avenue, where all the wealthy women stroll! They'll be able to see that I'm your love slave!" She gushed, as she stroked his cheeks, smiling. She saw me and Jill watching, and said, "You see what I've become? I've got a long, thick black man's cock in me!

I just met him hours ago, and I've had five other cocks today. I've just begged him to fuck me, to get me pregnant, and I've pledged my slut cunt to him!

I'm now a promiscuous whore! Do you still love your wife?" I looked into her eyes, eyes filled with lust for sexual adventure, and replied," Yes, Baby, I still love you! Seeing you fulfill your wildest fantasies has been a high for me, too. We'll be back in the real world soon enough, so let's enjoy this forbidden pleasure. Now, would you like to watch me fuck this beautiful ebony goddess? Isn't she gorgeous? Baby, I want this naked woman!" Patricia encouraged," Then take her black pussy, Baby!

I want to see you sucking her nice tits, then watch you stick your hard cock inside her, so that both of you explode in orgasm! Go get her, Baby! I can see she wants that wonderful cock of mine!" "Come get me, like your whore says, my white lover! Here's my pussy, black and wet for you, Baby! Now come taste my nectar, my cunt is yours tonight, white man!" Jill urged.

I slid down and began kissing her sexy swollen belly and her navel. As I neared her fragrant slit, her breathing increased, and she moaned," That's it, my gentle lover! Keep kissing my body- your body, your gorgeous black nude! My pussy needs you tongue inside. Hurry, Baby!" Jill begged. I slowly swept my wet tongue along her slit, caressing each delicate lip.

She moaned in pleasure as I began to open her cunt with my tongue. As I plunged my tongue inside her, I was pleasantly startled by her extraordinary taste- chocolate! "Mmm, Lover, you taste fantastic- just as sweet as chocolate! Delicious!" I complimented. Jill asked, "Do you like my flavor, Baby? I put a raspberry-chocolate altoid way up inside my pussy, just for you. I'm your chocolate sex toy! Enjoy me, use me, Stuart!" I smiled and nodded, then resumed savoring her flavored cunt as she moaned in pleasure.

I was excited, knowing that my new lover had prepared her sex for my enjoyment. Lori came over to snap some photos, "You two are so hot together! Jill, your breasts are so beautiful! I'll bet that pussy of yours is delicious; Stuart seems to think so! I can't wait 'til he's mine to enjoy!

Is he a good lover so far?" Jill gave a naughty smile, "You are a lovely redheaded fox, slut! Those jugs of yours look full of milk. Mind if I try some, foxy lady?"