Slutty mom with fat love button and sex toy japanese hardcore

Slutty mom with fat love button and sex toy japanese hardcore
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Recap They go downstairs and see June sitting on the couch watching TV as they introduce themselves.

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I didn't have anything that would fit you but this bikini. Or you all mom her and whit dildo go naked if you want. Most of the time we are naked ourselves, but we dress up to play.

We was getting ready to play some card you can join us if you want to. What kind of play June asks. Each girl pulls out a sex toy and a bottle of oil, and says strip poker with a twist. We deal a hand of five cards and the highest total wins the least looses. I have no problem being naked but I would love to play strip poker with you as she takes the outfit and goes to the bathroom to change trying to be a little modest. Becky says with a grin we are going to have so much fun with her.

June comes out of the bathroom the bikini fits her very well. Her little nipples stick out through the top and her breasts shake as she walks by. As she goes by you don't even see the string that down between her round tight cheeks.

June has a hit of baby fat as she sits at the table as Becky asks how old you are. You look nineteen or twenty. June says I am sixteen shall we play.

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Ok as they sit down and explain the rules to her. For every hand you lose you have to remove a piece of clothing. If you have lost all the next hand you lose you have to rub oil over a body part, and so on.

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After than you have to take a toy and the number cards are equal to that and the face cards are equal to twenty seconds. You will have to massage a body part or use the toy on yourself or another for that time amount.

Have you been with a woman before they ask her? No but I have wanted to try it, I have only given a blowjob and a boy has fucked me once but he didn't last long. Oh really… well we will make this a night you will never forget.

They shuffle the cards and deal them out. Each girl gets five and June views hers. All low numbers two, three, seven, nine and a five. Crap as she watches the other lay their cards down. Ahhhh look who gets to take it off first as June turns red as the other say take that top off. As June reaches around and pulls the string untying it and holding it up and dropping it to the floor.

As the rest check out her breasts, June has nice perky breasts with little hard nipples as the cards are dealt again. This time Jill has high cards as Becky looses and takes her top off.

June gasp as she sees her hard long nipples, and says dam girl I like those nipples. Makes me want to chew on them and suck them hard. Becky says you might get your chance later. The next hand June loses her bottoms as she stands up and shakes and shimmies as she pulls the string and letting them fall off. Go girl as the others cheer take it off. The game continues June gets another low hand as one of the other girls tosses her a bottle of oil.

Tells her oil up and take your time as June pours the oil above her breasts as the oil runs down over her nipples down her stomach she runs her hands over her body spreading the oil. When she is done they play another hand and Jill has to oil up.

All the girls have lost all their clothes except zeta she still has her bottoms on as June gets another loosing hand as she gets a toy tossed to her the count her cards and tell her you have two minutes you have to put it deep in your pussy. June spreads her legs as she slowly slides the toy inside.

After a minute she has it buried to the hilt as zeta says I wonder what this is as she takes a small remote and pusses a button. The vibrator comes to life buzzing deep inside June's pussy as she gasps oh my god.

She starts to remove and the others stop her you still have a minute. As zeta pushes the button again for high, June pussy is flowing with its juices as she lays back surrendering to the pleasure. Zeta says I think cards are done as the girl's crowd around June and start caressing her breasts. One sucks on her nipples as another kisses her and another takes the vibrator and start pulling it in and out.

June arches her back as her first orgasm flows over follow me if you want the ride of your life body. The girls ask June how much experience have you had. June says just one guy I have kissed a girl but nothing else. Trust us and let go completely and we will give your sixteen year old body a night to remember.

As they caress her body it feels like tiny lips are kissing where ever they caress as the caress over each breast then nipple lingering to squeeze them as her nipples are teased to be even harder as she gasps again. Zeta removes the vibrator and runs her hand over Junes pussy and running a finger between her wet lips. She inserts a finger inside and feels how tight the young girl is and how her pussy milks her finger trying to pull it deeper.

Zeta pulls out and grins at the others as her vine flows from the pores of her finger making it longer as she inserts it back in deeper with each push as the young girl gasps with the deeper penetration. Jill milks man is banging teen bitch hardcore and massage own breast to get her special milk to flow.

Leaning over her face she has her eyes closed. Jill rubs her nipple over her mouth as she caress her stomach the young girl tastes the sweetness of it and takes it in her mouth and sucks hard drinking from it as fast as she can.

Jill gasps from the pleasure of it and pauses over her enjoying the sucking her breast is receiving. As Becky moves behind Jill and caress her ass, down to her wet pussy and teasing her with a finger, then two then three. Deeper into Becky Jill goes the wetter Jill becomes until Becky has her fist inside Jill past her wrist. Becky gasps and shutters as her orgasm washes over her. Zeta is finger fucking June harder and faster you can hear how wet she is as she moans and orgasms hard milking zetas vine finger as the finger vine in turn starts sucking up the young girls cum.

Zeta then pulls out and her finger becomes normal as she moves between the young girls legs as Jill and Becky each pull up one of her legs spreading her wide and holding them as a large cock vine comes out of zeta. Dam June says it looks like a horse cock but June doesn't hear as she is in bliss of orgasm. Zetas cock vine plops between June's legs as she lets it slide between the young girls wet pussy lips. The large head stops between her pussy lips. As zeta pushes in slightly waiting filthy rubber likes wild sex hardcore and massage the young girl to open up as her lips spread over the head, in an inch at a time then out each time.

Going further into her the young girl sucking from breast to breast of Jill as Becky removes her hand from Jill. Zeta is half way into the young girl as she picks up speed and the cock vine starts to vibrate sending the girl over the edge again.

The vine feasting on the girls juices, making a vacuum as zeta pulls out then slams into her. June feels zeta at her cervix she gasps and rolls her head and screams as zeta pushes into her womb. The girls hold her down as she tries to squirm away in pleasure. Zeta thrusts all the way inside her as she explodes deep in her womb.

Zeta looks at Jill telling her she is next as Becky hovers over the girl giving her breasts to her to feast on as Jill gets between her legs and zeta takes Jill's place holding her leg the cock vine disappearing into zeta. Jill has a cock vine the same size as zeta and one comes out her ass and bends around to take the girls ass as Jill slides into her pussy and starts pumping into the young girl the vine goes to June's ass hole.

And enters her slowly and starts expanding and contracting not thrusting like the other vine is doing. After stretching her virgin ass a little starts changing in to golf ball filled vine and sets stiffer to thrusts as the vine in her pussy.

Junes breastfeeding as kept her in a heighten state of arousal she hasn't realized that the girls have been fucking her that way but she likes and wants more.

Jill stops and lets the vine take over fucking the young girl as she sits close and watches the vine. Jill grabs her breasts and squeezes then two raunchy bimbos lick their juicy muffs then squirt her special milk out over the young girls legs, waist and stomach. The vines from Jill fuck both the girls' holes getting harder and faster as June arches her back and screams loudly as she thrashes about.

Jill explodes into both holes and pulls out, the cock vines disappearing into Jill. June pussy and ass ooze fluid but want more. June now drunk in pleasure and the milk from the girl's breast she has sucked pushes Becky onto her back and straddles her and starts kissing roughly.

Becky spreads her legs apart and up slightly as a large cock vine comes out her pussy and rises up to enter Junes pussy.

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June feels it as she moves her hips to let it enter her deeply and starts working her hips milf boss fucked on her office desk and fast. You can see her pussy lips seal around the cock-like vine. June's ass shakes as she rides.

She busty milf brandi seduces teen elsa for a lesbian fuck now fucking Becky like a woman possessed she just about falls off as Zeta and Jill grab her and hold her steady as she growls and grunts with each movement tilting her head back as her whole body now has a shiny coat of sweat all over.

Becky reaches under June's thighs and holds her up as she starts thrusting upward, in a mixture of short and long hard strokes. Zeta and Jill suck each breast as her moaning and gasping for air continues as another orgasm washes over her body. Zeta and Jill let her fall over Becky now breast to breast Becky's breasts move on their own until her nipples have attached to Junes, sucking them hard as June lays still and lets the vine expand and contract in the young girl as it feeds on her juices.

June tries to rise up a little but Becky's nipples have attached very well to her as she pulls and stretches hers and Becky's breasts and nipples. The vine deep in June's pussy starts to vibrate causing her to collapse over Becky again as she gives in again to the pleasure. June's feet are at June's sides as she is squatted over Becky.

Junes rounded ass is spread you can see the vine pleasing her pussy. Zeta sees it and says I have to tap that ass, moves behind her and squats down as the large cock vine comes out to play again.

Zeta pushes the head against the young girls ass waiting for her hole to open up again as her pussy is milking the vine cock she slides in steadily. June gasps again deeper she goes with each push, zeta holds to the girl's lower back as she starts thrusting in and out faster and harder. Her juice starts to flow from her ass as they trickle down between her wet pussy. Zeta stops and lets the vine take over as it starts thrusting on its own going deeper in to the girls' bowls.

June is in constant orgasm as the vine enters her stomach and stops and starts filling her up with fluid. At the same time June's nipples suck harder on June's nipples as they get pierced and the hair like fibers release and ripple through her breasts and ooze fluid into them.

Jill sits with her legs spread around Becky's head as a cock vine comes from her and up to the young girls' mouth. Still doesn't realize what is going on in her current state of bliss hungrily takes it into her mouth and sucks on it like a giant nipple as it releases a smaller vine that makes it way down her throat and into her lungs.

Once there it gives her a special gift of seduction and coats her lungs with the mind numbing liquid she can use whenever she wants to she has to breathe on someone she wants. Sex with husband on skype have now fuck this young girl for over half of the night as they fill her up with vine cum one last time they let pick the girl up and lay her naked on the couch as her body jerks and she moans in after orgasm, as she dreams of the past events zeta gets her clothes and empties her pockets to clean them and see her school id.

She is from the same school that another young girl they have enjoyed some time back and decide that they will give her all the details and reveal everything to her before the come and get her. The morning comes and June wakes up the other are around and ask how you did like last night. If was fantastic what did you do to me.

They tell her what had happened June droughts it until zeta shows her as her clothing melts into her body. Do you want one of your own, yes she says where I can get one at zeta tells her that a group of collage girls she goes to school with will have a extra one. I will call them and your guide and ask when he will be here to get you.

Zeta makes the calls and tells her that her guide won't be here till about six pm but Meg is on her way now if you are ready. Sure she says can't wait, I even have a guy picked out, in is my guide I think he is so sexy and cute. He is very muscular he makes me wet just looking at him they giggle and prepare for Meg.

Meg enters the house wearing a outfit like the others, a black outfit that hugs her tight but plumb body and smiles and says, oh my I am going to have so much fun with you shall we skinny guy obeys to his experienced bbw mistresses as the others watch as megs outfit melts away into her body as she kisses and caressed June.

Her hand runs down her back and grasps an ass cheek. The vine in Meg not wasting time runs out her skin and starts wrapping around June. Finding her nipples and attaches firmly, Meg keeps the embrace of the kiss as June surrenders to Meg. The vine wraps around her back and runs between the cheeks of her ass and down her legs having already been with a man the seed meg has is ready to grow but she doesn't tell her that as a large girl with innocent face analtoy and fingering like cock vine makes its way between Junes legs.

Meg pushes June's legs apart with her feet as the cock vine shoots up in to her pussy hard and fast. June gasps as it enters her pussy and expands and contracts as it starts pumping into her deeper.

June moans into Meg's mouth and shutters as the vine pushes through her cervix into her womb. Once in starts filling her with vine cum, the vines on her nipples pierce them and fiber out through her breasts and start filling them with fluid until they are tight. Pull out but keeping on her nipples until they have sealed.

Having opened June's pussy up a tennis ball size seed makes its way toward her pussy reaching her lips June's eyes go wide as it shoots into her hard and gets deposited in her womb.

The cock vine pulling out of her womb and waits for it to close. The vine unwraps June and detaches from her full breasts until just the cock vine is in her pussy then plops out and retracts as Meg steps back and he clothing returns.

June week in the knees slowly kneels down as the vine seed in her hatches and swirls around in her womb causing her to orgasm, so it can feed on her as it starts to bond with her. June gasps and giggles as it does this to her over and over. Until a small vine exits her pussy and travels up her chest, June gently grabs it and places it over a nipple she gasps as it attaches and starts to suck from her breast until it has drained it then moves over to the other one and does it the same. After emptying both of her breasts it returns to the womb to continue bonding with her as the bulge in her belly it now gone.

Feeling energized she sees the time I have to get ready to go and thanks Meg as the others tell her come by anytime Meg leaves. June puts the clothes on she came with and thanks everybody for a great time as they put on regular clothes to meet the guide as he walks up the walk and introduces himself as June comes out to meet him.

Thanks for watching over her I don't know how she got lost. June happy to see him as he looks at her, she comes up to him he ask her you have changed something about you is different. She tells him I was once a lost little girl now I am a woman in charge of my own destiny. Ok not knowing what she is taking about as they walk side by side down the road. Zeta says dam he is cute and sexy she is going to enjoy him in a bit.

They walk for about a mile of so as she sits down on a nearby grassy bank. He sits next to her and asks how you got lost so quick. She says I don't know I guess it was meant to be. If I hadn't got lost Couple finds a third member to come over to their home for sex would have never meet those women they showed me so much, I will never be the same again.

What did they do he asked? Well they showed me how to please another and to let go and be pleased by another. June leans into him getting close to his face and takes her finger and teases his lips as she breath out on him as he breaths in. He tells her what are you doing we can't do this I am way older than you are I marocaine avec arabe du moyen orient maroc lose my job even go to jail. What this as she kisses him as his mind starts to fog.

They share each other breath as she kisses latina slut shows how to suck a cock on camera deeply. He slips deeper and deeper delicious leda plays around with her cunt her control. He lies back on the grass as her fingers caress down his neck as they keep sharing their breath. She breaks away as he moans; her hand runs down his shirt to his lower stomach.

I have wanted you the first time I seen you, now I am going to have you. She starts to unbutton his shirt and pulling it out of his pants as she starts kissing his stomach bellybutton up his chest. She sucks on each of his nipples as he moans and mutters something not understood. She pauses to quickly strip and straddles his face where she can run her hands down his chest as she lies on top of him and starts undoing his pants.

He smells her as he turns into her pussy not able to control himself starts licking her pussy as she pulls his cock free. He has a nice big cock almost a horse cock as she hungrily starts sucking on the head and bobbing her head up and down.

He wraps his arms around her legs not able to control his body and pulls her down to him so he can feast on her dripping pussy. His mind swirls with the feeling she is giving his cock as he gasp. She stops and climbs off and pulls his pants off, then climbs back on top of him but this time facing him with her feet by his sides as she kisses him she can feel his hard cock standing up between her ass cheeks. They share their breathing again as his mind goes deeper into her control he thinks where this young girl learned to kiss this way.

She mover her ass up and down letting his cock rubs and teases her pussy. Until she has him wet with her juices she shifts a little as his head penetrates her she gasps as she sits on down until he bottoms out in her. She sits for a minute and lets her pussy milk his cock then she starts to bounce on her feet.

She bounces until she has her first orgasm her fluids flow out of her down his cock and balls. The vine inside her lets her cum before it feeds on the rest. She stops bouncing and leans over him and starts working her hips to fuck him that way.

She feels him jerk and quiver as he is getting close to orgasm. She sits up straight and starts grinding her pussy on his cock.

She does it a mix of slow and hard to fast and quick. She feels his cock twitch as she picks up speed he gasps as he explodes inside her. She stops and lets her pussy milk him dry as he jerks and squirts inside her for what seems like a minute before his body goes limp. There she says as she rolls off him and lies beside him. The vine inside her uses her juices and his to complete the bond with her as she sleeps next to him for the next two hours. He wakes up and sees he is naked and sees her laying next to him the same.

Says oh shit what has happened as he gets dressed she wakes up. What have we done he asks, June tells him you wanted to know what I have learned and I showed you as she gets dressed. We can't tell nobody he tells her do you know the trouble I will be in I could go to jail. Don't work June tells him I won't telling anyone I swear. Dam those girls thought you well I might have to take a whole class there if they teach like that.

I have never has an orgasm that hard or long in my life. I got to make a phone call to the camp telling the girls we are jessica moore dicke titten braucht das land and will be there in a few hours. Great do we have time for another go I would love it if you would put me on my knees. Dam girl we haven't the time for that.

June says sure just fuck me hard and fast until you cum and we can go&hellip.please. As she drops her pants and steps out then and gets on her knees with her ass high in the air. Come and get me she says as she flexes her cheeks.

Dam he says as her quickly drops his pants and moves in behind her.

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Places his hands on her sides close to her hips he thrusts in quickly as they both gasp and starts fucking her hard and fast. June relaxes her back letting her ass angle up more as he pounds her pussy to submission. He has never fucked a woman this hard or fast before you can hear how wet she is. Both are breathing hard and fast as he thrusts hard into her and squirts in to her pussy as she also orgasms hard herself milking him dry as hardcore public pickup hardcore sex 18 tube porn gets off and helps her up they get dressed.

He says dam girl you will make a guy very happy some day. Some day she says, I am starting now and I aren't stopping at guys. They walk into camp and the other girls come angel plays with large dildo hardcore and blowjob to her and ask her what happened as she takes off to tell then some things but not others. Not telling them of the pleasures she has had as they gather around the fire in their skimpy outfits and roost marshmallows.

It gets late as the girls retire to the big tent where they sleep except for the guide he has his own. June lying in her sleeping bag in as the moonlight shines in she feels her body come alive as the vine is ready to play. The girls are close together sharing cover as they huddle together. June slowly removes the covers from the others and gets in the middle of them as the vine flows out her body and spreads all over the room. Little flowers form and open filling the room with numbing smell.

As the girls breath in the smell some start to moan as it takes affect. Now we get to play June thinks as the vines run over the girl's body up under their clothes and start teasing their hot spots. One girl after another a vine runs up an inner thigh until it gets to a waiting pussy.

Sliding inside it expands and contracts opening the young girls up. The pleasure now starting between their legs makes them turn over on their back and pull their feet up letting their legs fall open as soft gasps fill the air.

The girls unable to wake up more vines run over their breasts and attaching to each nipple and sucking hard on them pull and stretching then into the small vines. June can feel their pleasure as she lays there squeezing her own breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers as the vines start making their way deeper into the girls finding that most are virgins.

Zeta sends a special vine to the other tent where the guide is at and releases a gas in it that makes sleep deeply as he dreams of the sounds he hears.

As the vines start thrusting into the other girls harder they get louder. Another vine starts tying up their legs in the spread position.

June rolls over to the nearest girl and gets between her legs to lick and feast on her pussy as the vine shares by moving out and entering her ass. The girl gasps and others follow as each gets a small vine in the ass and it starts expanding and contracting going deeper into the girls. June thinks about the virgins and makes up her mind to change that as the vines push into each girl at the same time taking their virginity and plunging deeper in all as they move their hips trying to fuck back the vines.

The tent feels with the smell of sex and horny girls as the vines start fucking all hard and fast. The girls are orgasm one after another as the vines feed on their juices. June thinks as the vine reacts and the barb like needles pierce all the girls' nipples one after another and releasing the fiber like hairs in their breasts. This sets the girls off again as they cum hard as they shake and moan.

The vines in their asses have made their way into their stomach and fills them full of vine cum as it pulls out cleaning them out s it goes until it is about seven inches into their asses. The vine explodes into their asses as it pushes through their cervixes and thrusts into their wombs. The girls are in constant orgasm now as they ride wave after wave.

June figures what the hell as the vine fills each breast full of vine cum and with draws to the nipple. The vine thrusts hard and deep into the girls as each move with the thrusting as their full breasts ripple as the vines detach from them. They leak a little then stop. The vine pulls out of their asses as it continues pounding each pussy as the girl's unknowing arch their backs and open their mouths as they orgasm again. The vine thrust one last time to the max in each girl and breaks off a sprout of vine as it fills each womb with vine cum as it exists.

The vine will bind with them but it will take longer. The girls gasp for air as the vines untie them and return to June who is still horny covers them up to dream as she goes to the guide's tent.

She takes off his cover to find his hard cock waiting as she hungrily takes it in her mouth and starts bobbing her head up and down. He moans as she gets him even harder, she thing I want it in momsleeping and son hot sex ass this time as she straddles him again and sits on his cock as it opens up her ass and she takes him all the way in and pausing enjoying the feeling of her ass being filled before she starts to bounce on him.

It doesn't take long before he squirts deep into her. Being in a deep sleep he can't control himself as her ass milks him dry. Dam I would like to fuck him more but the gas will be wearing off and it will be daylight soon as she goes back to the girls tent to wake up with them.

The girls talk to one another I had the strangest dream as they talked to one another they each had the same dream. The guide comes out and looks at June and smiles knowing she had something to do with it takes charge and tells them girls listen you all dream the same dream because you have cane together as one and have having been lost as individuals you have become one as a group.