Ghettgaggers cherise roze in ghettgaggers porn story

Ghettgaggers cherise roze in ghettgaggers porn story
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He felt himself in such a quandary and was unsure of the exact moment in which he felt the night take a turn for the worse to put him in such a position. He tried to reflect back on the night and figure out just where things went awry. He'd met these three women at a bar. They were lovely, friendly, open-minded and even seemed to be into one another with that mild lesbianism that seems to come from so many women once they'd had a few drinks.

They'd all sat around at the table sharing those drinks and eventually planning to all head back to one of the girls' house together. From the get-go, his mind was anticipating the ultimate male fantasy - to have a threesome, or in this case, a foursome with some real lookers.

As he piled into Full sex stories preparer angreji bf car, he couldn't help but stare at her perfect body, her blond hair with tits pouring out of her low cut shirt and that tight ass as it made its way into the driver's seat. He turned to look at the other two in the backseat to see Alexis and Nikki.

Alexis was Asian though he couldn't place the nationality of descent and he loved her almond brown eyes, her long black hair and smaller yet superbly proportional tits that poked beneath her skin tight shirt. Nikki was the brunette. Tall, almost Amazonian, clearly very strong and seemingly the most dominant of the three, she carried herself with such strong conviction and persuasiveness. "A blond, a brunette, and a raven-haired broad," he thought kylee strutt gets fucked in bar best pornstar tit himself, "I can't wait to tell the guys about this.

They'll never believe me. I just struck gold!" The drive to Lisa's house was short and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The laughing and joking continued between he and Lisa. Alexis and Nikki were in the backseat whispering in one another's ears and giggling from time to time. He figured they were discussing what they were going to do to him as well as one another once they made it to Lisa's house.

As he walked in the door, he could smell that overwhelmingly powerful female scent that is often infused with various kinds of shampoo, conditioners, lotions and candles.

It was these smells alone that brought the idea of the three women, him, and the thought of what he suspected was going to transpire into his mind and shortly thereafter, he could feel the surging blood flow into his cock. In a matter of seconds, he had an erection doing its best to escape the confines of his underwear and blue jeans. "Let's play strip poker!" One of them shouted. He turned to see the tall Amazonian Nikki holding a deck of cards with a sly grin on her face.

Behind her stood Alexis and Lisa holding that same smirk. "Alright," he said, "But I want to shuffle and deal." The girls thought about it for a second and conferred with one another to decide that this was acceptable provided that if he lost the game, he was to be their slave and had to do whatever they told him to do.

Without an ounce of hesitation, he replied that he would gladly accept the challenge and be more than willing. He was good at poker and he knew it.

"And," he figured, "It'll just be a quick, easy game and chance for me to get their clothes off that much sooner. Besides they're probably playing to lose anyway and are using the game as an excuse to get naked." They sat around at the table, Lisa brought out some beers and he began to shuffle the deck and deal the cards.

After a few hands, he realized that it was going to be a little more difficult than he expected. Though he hadn't lost every hand, his clothing apparel was quickly dwindling away. He looked around the table and saw Lisa in her bra but still wearing her blue jeans and socks. Alexis, the gorgeous Asian, was still fully clothed and the luscious Nikki had only lost her jacket. He quickly realized that he had his undershirt, his underwear and his socks on.

Three hands. and if he lost three hands in the time it took to get all three of them naked. He realized he was going to be in for two dicks are a challenge for her potentially embarrassing time. As the hands made their way around the table a few more times, he found himself sitting in his underwear only.

The girls, at this point, were laughing and giggling with excitement and glee at the thought of seeing him unrobe in front of them. Though they had each lost one or two articles of clothing each, none of them was closer than studying and fucking and lana carter all go well together was to being fully nude.

After much anxious pause, he shuffled the deck, asked Alexis to cut the cards - which she did - and he dealt. Around the table they went, wheeling and dealing, raising and calling, until finally he had no choice but to bet his final article of clothing. All the while, he kept glancing at his cards. "Four of a kind," he reminded himself, "Just stay in it.

There's no way they'll beat you with this hand." Finally, as two of the girls folded, it was down to he and Lisa. If she lost this hand, she would either be showing her tits or her pussy. He didn't care which for a variety of reasons. She called his bet and laid down his four sixes. Immediately, Lisa spread into a wide grin. "Are you ready for this?" She asked. "Bring it!" He responded. "Alright, you asked for it. And before I show you my cards, might I remind you that you agreed to be our slave should you lose." At this, he gulped, could feel his face brighten as the blood ran to his face turning his cheeks a brilliant shade of red.

Then, with much hesitation, she turned her cards over to reveal four kings. The girls hollered loudly in a cry of victory and immediately demanded that he stand up and show them what was rightfully theirs. He stood slowly as they chanted him on. "Come On! Take it off! Take it off! We want to see it!" Alexis cried "Girls, how big do you think it is?" The other two replied in unison "It better be big!" And then they yelled again "Take it off! Take it off!" Finally, he began to slowly remove his underwear and realized that at this point he had quickly lost whatever erection he had previously maintained.

Once it dropped the girls stood in silent mesmorization. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Nikki, the boldest of the bunch said "That's your cock? It looks like a baby shrimp!" At this, the girls howled in laughter and began to chide in puffy nipple brunette anal glow stick bang how small his dick looked.

He was standing there, naked for them all to see, with his non-erect dick in plain view of them and began to feel humiliated by their lascivious rantings and ravings over the size of his cock.

He'd never been told that before by any woman. "Is it really that bad?" He asked. "Bad," Alexis replied, "Does not even begin to explain it!" Again, the girls cried in laughter while Lisa brought out a measuring tape as she wanted to get a good idea of the actual size of it.

"Alright, that's enough. You've had your laughs. I'm outta here," he said. Before the words were uttered out of his mouth, Nikki stood and said "I don't think so, pal. A deal's a deal and now you're our slave for the night. And you have no idea what's in store for you." She reached across the table and grabbed him by the arms. The other two girls quickly reacted and grabbed his legs.

Still slightly curious as to what was going to happen, he made a feeble attempt at resisting but didn't think there was anything more to it than hot sex still involved.

And while he was partially right, he certainly had no idea what he was in for. They dragged him into a room that dankly lit and he then realized that it was no ordinary room but a full dungeon equipped with the most hideous of devices. They spread him face down on a tabletop that had a hole cut out in the center where he presumed his cock would go through. They strapped his arms and legs still with some very heavy duty restraints. and then they left. It was at this time, with his cock and balls dangling beneath this hole in the plywood table top he was strapped to that he began to ponder where things went wrong and how this story had ultimately begun.

From here on out, there would be no more pondering as he could hear their footsteps coming from down the hall. But this time, he could hear the clip and clop of high heels. Three sets of them. Approaching quickly to the dungeon door. The door flew open and the lights came on. There stood Alexis, Lisa and Nikki. But they had undergone a severe sunny leone xxx real sexy ebony story transformation.

All three of them stood in black, skin tight leather from head to toe. All of them held a riding crop in each hand and looked at him with disgust. Alexis piped up "I bet when we said 'slave' you didn't know what that meant did you, you piece of shit?!" It all became clear to him at that point. He was about to be humiliated, degraded, beaten and tortured for their mere sick sexual fantasies. Lisa walked forward slapping the riding crop in the palm of her hand while Alexis and Nikki stayed back watched.

"So. You thought you were going to seduce us, sleep with the three of us, and have your way with us, huh? And yet, you lost a game of cards upon which you big boobas sex stories sexy story a solemn deal to be our slave and then you tried to reneg on that deal. It seems to me like you need to be punished. Severely and certainly not swiftly." The other two women stepped forward and stood over him with Lisa. Then, the beating commensed.

They whipped his bare ass and back with their riding crops unmercifully. Over and over again they whipped him and he could do nothing but wince in pain. All the while, they screamed at him with loud expletives "Fucking Pig!" "Scumbag" "Sick Fucking Piece of Male Trash!" And the beatings continued for a solid ten minutes.

Finally, when he thought he could feel no more pain and his please of mercy seemed to fail entirely, the beatings stopped. At this point, a blindfold was placed over his eyes and a ball gag put in his mouth. His only communication were muffled murmurs barely audible through the ball gag.

And then he felt a hand on his cock from beneath the table. It was lubed, warm, and it began to stroke. It was expertly done too. He could hear Alexis' voice from beneath the table, "You want me to jerk you off, silly man? I'm going to give you a handjob you will never forget." And she did. She jerked and stroked his cock with such finesse and expertise that it wasn't long before he could feel the tingling sensation in his cock urging him to cum.

And right before he felt himself explode, the stroke stopped and the three women laughed. He was right on the brink, he could feel the precum mixed with a slight dash of cum dribbling from his cock.

One slight touch and he would unleash an unholy fury of cum from his swollen cock. But the touch was gone and he whimpered through the ball gag in frustration to their obvious amusement. He could then feel the strong restraints being loosened and quickly being picked up by the three women only to be bent over a padded device about waist high and again shackled.

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This time, his ass was in the air and his face was about waste level. Someone removed the blindfold and ballgag and to his surprise he was two strap-on cocks staring him in the face.

To his utter surprise and dismay, he yelled for help but that only brought more laughter and amusement. "No one can here you, slave. Your cries for help will go unnoticed in here." With that, Lisa and Nikki wagged their strapons in front of his face and then had the discussion in front of his face over who would fuck his ass and who would fuck his mouth.

Nikki, being the strongest, was voted in as the one who would fuck his ass while Lisa would rape his mouth with her silicone dildo. They high-fived one another and then Nikki slowly walked behind him making a very subtle but caustic noise with her high heels. And then he felt her behind him and he felt his ass cheeks being spread apart.

He had never, in all of his life, had anything approach his asshole and here Nikki stood spreading his asscheeks apart ready to fuck him until he couldn't walk straight. Just as he opened his mouth to protest, Lisa stuck her dildo in his mouth and commanded him to suck. Simultaneously, he could feel the head of Nikki's strapon penetrating his ass. Though it was lubricated generously, he could feel himself start to expand as she slid in and he began to feel full. The two of them began to fuck him in the mouth and in the ass with all their might.

They fucked him continuously. Sliding in and out, in and out, in and out. The girls were high-fiving one another and continuing with the insults. Alexis, returning from a slight disappearance, came back with what looked like a cockring. But, as she explained, it would go around the base of his scrotum. It was a shock collar of sorts.

And any time he defied their wishes, he was to be shocked with it. As the girls continued defiling him with their strapons, she slipped this shock collar onto his scrotum, locked it into place and connected the electrodes.

She then told him about the remote control that would activate the shock collar should he misbehave and asked him if he understood. He said "Yes." And then he felt the most powerful burst of electricity surge through his nuts as the shock collar went off.

"That's Yes, Mistress Alexis to you, you stupid fucking manwhore. And the woman fucking your ass is Goddess Nikki while the one fucking your mouth is Mistress Lisa.

Got that?" "Yes, Mistress Alexis," he dutifully replied. "Good. Now that the girls have you warmed up, I think it's time for some real cock." As she said the words, his ears burned and adrenaline shot through his body. Being a slave was one thing but to be forced to be gay was completely different. He opened his mouth to protest but before any word was uttered the shock collar went off again only to leave him sniveling about the pain he was receiving.

Then, as if by magic, the strapons were removed from his and his mouth, the girls parted ways and in front of him stood two erect eight inch cocks. "Oh my god!" He thought. This is bad. This is not good. Nikki piped up and said. "While we were briefly gone, we called some of our favorite real men over. They love a good blowjob and we love to watch our slaves give them. Allow me to introduce you to John and Eric. "Boys, do as you wish, and slave, if you attempt to hurt John or Eric, we will turn the voltage up so high that your balls will literally sizzle off." The three girls then pulled up chairs to watch what was going to happen.

They seemed very interested in what was about to take place. John stepped forward, his cock dangling in front of the mouth of the slave and he said "Open up, bitch." The slave opened his mouth and he could see the cock slowly approaching. Finally it entered his mouth and John said "Start sucking." He had never given a blowjob before but he could feel the warmth of the hard cock in his mouth pulsating as John began to thrust back and forth.

The girls thought this was fantastic and shouted "Suck it, slave! Suck that cock! Suck his cock, bitchboy! How does it feel to have a cock in your mouth? You're getting fucked in the mouth by another man! Take it, slave! And you better enjoy it!" Meanwhile, Eric had worked his way around to the slave's ass and began to slowly fuck his ass. "Mmmmm." Eric said, "This is a nice tight virgin ass." Then, he started to pound the slave.

With a cock in his mouth and a cock in his ass, the girls, especially the Asian almond-eyed beauty stood in awe with a grin on her face. This was her biggest fantasy come true. To watch a male slave get fucked by two men. It made her so wet to think about it.

The ladies continued on "Suck it! Fuck it! Lick it!" And then, simultaneously, Eric and John both called out how they were going to cum soon. The girls quickly said "Both of you, cum in his mouth!" Eric pulled out of his ass and ran over to the slave's mouth while John pulled his dick out of the slave's mouth. They both stood there jerking their cocks in front of the slave's face as the girls chided him to keep his mouth open. "Keep it open you piece of shit!

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You're going to swallow every last drop of it!" And as if that were the cue, both Eric and John exploded into the mouth of the slave. The hot cum felt like fire as it hit the slave in the back of the throat. His mouth was full and he could no longer hold any as cum was all over his face and leaking out of his mouth. Nikki stood up, walked over to the slave, held his nose shut and clamped his mouth down. With a very large gulp, the slave had swallowed all of the cum.

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Lisa then promptly thanked the guys for coming over and dismissed them. Now, they brought the slave back to the plywood table. At this point, he was fucked six ways from Sunday, he was achy, and he was in disbelief at what had happened.

"Oh. Poor slaveboy. What's the matter? Had a little too much fun tonight? How about one last thing?" They then strapped him to the table, his cock and balls once again hanging through the circular hole cut out of the middle and he began to feel Alexis' hand once again expertly stroking his cock. It wasn't long before he once again felt his dick getting hard and that same tingling sensation trickling through his body letting him know he was to cum.

Alexis said "We are going to allow you to cum slaveboy. But, under several conditions. First of all, if you do cum, you are going to do so all over my tits.

Second of all, once you are done, you are to lick all of your cum from my tits until they are clean. For each drop that misses my tits, your cock will be stroked for an additional minute for each drop after you orgasm.

Have you ever felt what it's like to rub your cock after an orgasm? I hear it gets quite sensitive." With this, Alexis sped up until the slave couldn't stand it any longer.

The urging to cum outgrew the fear of eating his own cum or about any post orgasm cock torture. Finally, with an explosion he burst all over. He couldn't see where he had cum but he didn't care. The relief felt so fantastic that he hoped she continued stroking.

That is. Until she did. "Four drops sweetheart.That means for the next four minutes, I am going to rub and stroke your sensitive cock until you want to die." She squirted more lube into her hand and began to hit the most sensitive of spots.

He howled in what was not pain or agony but oversensitivity at his cock head. She twisted and stroked and gently rubbed and to his dismay he felt what could only be explained as a billion neurons firing in his head at the disaster he found himself in. "What's the matter? A little bit sensitive? Awww. Poor baby." Finally, after what felt like four hours instead of four minutes, the stroking stopped. His stomach hurt from screaming.

His cock felt like it was on fire and then Alexis stood in front of him with his cum glistening moistly from her chest. "Remember the deal?" He could then feel the restraints being loosened once again, being manually flipped over, and then her breats dipped down onto his face. "LICK!" All three of them chided. "Lick your man filth. Lick that semen all up. I bet it tastes good doesn't it?

Lick up all your big ass teen stepsis aidra fox screwed by huge fat cock pornstars hardcore, yucky man juice." As he sucked his own cum from Alexis' tits, he thought ahead to what they might do next. His cum, touching his tongue for the first time, triggered another erection as the girls cooed at his tenacity.

"Clean them off!" Alexis screamed. He licked and sucked and finally he managed to clean all the cum from her chest and had swallowed his own load in entirety. It was at that point that he realized he had actually enjoyed most of this experience.

He was forever going to be a cum slut from this point on. That is, after all, what the girls were experts at doing. Turning ordinary men into cum sluts