Two hot starlets have some lesbian fun

Two hot starlets have some lesbian fun
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The story so far: Phil's girlfriend, Sadie, has a teenage daughter called Kiara. By now, Phil is regularly raping Kiara, ignoring the fact that she has her own boyfriend: Jake. Yesterday, Kiara and Jake were going to celebrate their six month anniversary together.

That was until Phil kidnapped her and took her to a hotel for a night with him instead. This chapter is set the day after, once Phil has brought the girl home and has headed off himself to do a day's work for his construction firm. Chapter Eight Once she heard the key turn in the lock and knew for certain that he was gone, Kiara wandered like a zombie back into the lounge and sat herself down on the sofa.

She swallowed hard, trying to take stock of it all. She rested her hands weakly in her lap, but they wouldn't stop their violent trembling. She was jumpy, twitching at every little sound the empty house made around her. Her fingers knotted with each other for some sort of comfort as she thought. The horrors went round and round inside her head. The ruined night, full of abuse and terror, when it was meant to have been so special.

Now, she'd even have to pretend when her mum came in that everything had gone to plan, to pretend that she'd just come back from the best night of her life. Why was the onus now resting on her to hide everything, whilst that bastard could just relax.

No matter how many times she replayed the events, she couldn't work out why this was all happening to her. Worse than milf jessica dvine runs over to her next door nei, she couldn't see any escape from it. The future looked black and murky, an endless nightmare stretching out ahead of her. She couldn't tell her mum about any of this.

She wasn't going to ruin her happiness. She'd go through anything to protect her from that. But, even as she sat there fidgeting, one final slither of light gleamed, somewhere in the distant corner of her mind. There was one person she might be able to reveal it all to: Her trusted boyfriend. After what seemed like an age, she stood up, summoning an ounce of strength from that solitary idea. Somehow, out of Phil's presence, without his shadow looming over her, she seemed to be able to focus on that, and it gave her the one tiny amount of defiance she needed.

When he was around, the idea of Jake just seemed to go out of focus and she couldn't reach it at all. AT those times, she had no choice but to feel scared and powerless. With sex zamob sex storys com gone though, her body actually felt like it belonged to her.

She felt like a human being again and not some worthless sextoy. Phil had taken everything from her, torn her life up and scattered the pieces onto the floor, but there was this one thing he wasn't going to snatch away. A plan started to slowly form. She could go around there now. To Jake's. She could tell him everything, calmly and clearly, and maybe he could help her find a way out of all this.

She loved Jake, and she'd wanted to date him since they had both been nine years old. Back then it had just been flirtatious glances and playing kiss chase in the playground. They'd always been best friends, and since going out with him, the times with him had been the happiest they'd spent together. She'd known for a while he was right for her, and she wished for nothing more than that perfect childhood romance to bloom into something beautiful and permanent.

He was her everything, and she needed him, more than ever now. Getting up, she straightened her crumpled dress as best she could and attempted to fix her hair. With faltering steps, she walked towards the bottom of the stairs. Her legs still felt wobbly as they carried her, but with every second, a small bubble of confidence was expanding inside her. None of this was her fault.

She was a victim in this, and she needed help. She just had to try and remember that. She headed straight for the bathroom, resolving first to take a long hot shower. She would wash every trace of that monster off of her body, put on fresh clothes, and then go around to face Jake.

As she switched on the water and waited for it to warm up, she squirted a massive heap of toothpaste onto her toothbrush and began violently scrubbing her tongue and teeth. She pushed the bristles right to the back of her mouth, desperate to extinguish the taste of his sweat and cum. She wanted to kill every old oman and boy xxx germ Phil had put into her mouth half an hour ago.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, maniacally brushing away, she began to go over what she could say to Jake. Honesty is the best policy. That's what she'd always believed in, and the phrase had never quite seemed so apt as it did at this moment.

But could she really go through with telling him? She'd have to this time. She had no other choice left. If he truly loved her he would support her and protect her. He'd stand by her and help her get through this. Wouldn't he? The mood on the building site wasn't particularly bright that day.

The crew was slowly getting pressure from above to make sure the house was finished earlier than expected. Phil's own cheeriness however wasn't going to be dampened by anyone else's stress and he quickly and quietly got on with his work. Terry, the middle-aged foreman was feeling it more than most of them, though he'd actually been looking strangely at Phil for the last few days as it was. Surely horny teen lexi bloom sucking fat cock man couldn't be questioning his work rate.

Apart from having taken this morning off, Phil had always worked harder than most of his workmates. More to the point, it seemed that Terry spent most of the working day sloping off for a cheeky cigarette and a rest anyway. The insides of the place were slowly taking shape, even if they were still far from what you might call 'habitable'. The hours went by without incident and all Phil could think about was last night and this morning, continually playing the wondrous sights and sensations over in his mind.

The way she'd said his name, stripped naked, looking up at him with those beautiful turquoise eyes. He was sure there was a glimpse of passion in them, a tinge of lust in her voice, like she wanted to feel him inside her. Like she actually did enjoy his cock. As if she really did want more of him. He was even still smiling to himself as the shrill siren went off and they all downed tools for the day.

A distinct feeling of unease laid at the pit of Kiara's stomach as she made her way along the blustery street, continually struggling just to keep her composure. She'd changed into a pale blue dress, much more casual than the one from earlier, but still looking pretty.

At the bottom of Jake's path, she turned sharp left and began shivering as she trudged up to the front door. She wondered if it was due to the cool wind, or more to do with the dreadful task that lay ahead of her. She let out a shaky breath and pushed the thoughts away.

She really couldn't afford to think about anything negative right now. If she could just stay calm enough for this encounter, things might go all right. Even as she stood on his doorstep, she felt awkward.

How strange it was to be so nervous to meet her own boyfriend. The drive in front of their house was empty. That was one relief. At least it would save her running into either of his parents today. She knocked a limp fist onto the pale green painted door and waited patiently.

Her ash blonde hair whipped around her face as she stood, not even sure the feeble knock had sounded inside. Just as she was entertaining the idea that he might not be at home, there was movement from behind the door.

Any hope of a last minute reprieve was duly snuffed out as the door squeaked open, and there he was. Her lovely handsome boyfriend of just over six months, amazing girl acquires anal impaled on pounder boy she was meant to have woken up next to this morning. As their eyes met, she could immediately sense the disappointment radiating from him. A stinging pang hit her full on and she nearly broke down then and there, her legs suddenly feeling weak underneath her.

He hardly held the gaze for a second before lowering his eyes, looking almost annoyed at seeing who it was. "Oh, it's you," he said flatly. "Well?" He'd never used this tone of voice with her before and it scrambled her mind completely. All those carefully chosen greetings had all now dissolved and she was left stammering uncertainly.

"Can I. uhh. come in?" she said quietly. "I guess." He shrugged dismissively and turned around, letting her follow him inside.

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He began climbing the stairs, not even looking back to see if she were still behind him. She wiped her moist palms on the side of her dress and shoved the door closed.

Walking silently up the stairs and through into his room, she made sure to keep a comfortable distance. He went over to perch himself on the edge of his bed, but When she went to do the same, he shook his head and gestured towards the chair opposite. The tears were coming, she could feel them poised right behind her heavy eyes. She couldn't bear being treated like the enemy right here in his house.

How bitterly different it was from her normal role. So many times she'd sat there on his bed, in his arms, sometimes lying with him and resting her head on his chest.

All their make-out sessions here in this room, sometimes even going that little bit too far, just before she would stop him. Every one of those times was leading up to last night. But last night didn't happen.

And now here she was, sitting nervously apart from him, not even allowed to touch him, the atmosphere cutting them apart like a screen of clear ice. Kiara was beautiful.

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Jake knew it. He'd always known it about her in fact. He didn't want to be so cruel to her, he could hardly bear acting like this, but he had no other choice. He would certainly hear what she had to say, but she'd let him down so terribly last night.

She'd been leading him on and yesterday she'd humiliated him more completely than he ever thought she were capable of. He considered himself a tempered young man, and thought he was pretty understanding as a rule.

Right now though, he really wasn't sure he was able to try and forgive something as monumental as this. At this precise second in fact, he wasn't even sure he recognised the girl sitting opposite him. He'd been feeling totally dismal all morning.

This time yesterday things were very different. He'd spent the whole afternoon getting dressed up and checking things repeatedly. He'd been trying not to continually text her, and at one point he'd even caught himself counting down the hours like a little boy before Christmas morning.

The barrage of vulgarity from all of his schoolmates to his phone hadn't really been helping much either. Apparently the news of the couple's special event had trickled through to everyone, and even people from the years above were encouraging him to "Give her it good and hard mate ;) 'or 'make her scream tonight'. He tutted at most, smiled at some. He resented the fact that they'd turned something precious into some grubby adolescent wank scene though.

To them this was just him getting to fuck a girl for the first time, to him it was much more. It was going to be experiencing something amazing and special with the girl he loved. As the evening drew closer, a small nagging feeling began to make itself present.

He began to notice that he wasn't getting any replies from Kiara to his texts. Slowly but surely, the gentle stream of messages from her had dried up. First he thought he was imagining it, but by the time he'd got all of his stuff packed, and was about to head downstairs, it seemed that she'd disappeared off the face of the earth altogether.

He paused at the front door, checking his phone. He counted up five texts that he'd sent to her with no sign of an answer to any of them. As the guy, he didn't want to seem clingy, and so didn't send her a sixth. All he could do was hope that she was so busy getting herself ready, that she'd just not had time to glance at her messages. Two seconds later, as he pushed the door handle down, his phone buzzed in his pocket. He'd pulled it out eagerly, only to be greeted by that fateful message.

The blood throbbed as he read and re-read the bizarre words on the screen. 'something more important. something more important?' He blinked and sat down on the bottom stair, instantly tapping out a panicked response.

Then another. Then a third and a fourth. It soon became clear that it really was something much more important as she wouldn't even grace him with an answer. Thoughts swam around his confused mind all night, Shock and disbelief wracking him as he lay awake in bed.

The feelings soon gave way to undiluted anger and it left him tossing and turning. Eventually he fell into a weary exhausted sleep, his dreams haunted by images of her betrayal. This morning things did seem a little brighter, though the feelings of supreme disappointment wouldn't leave. Now she had turned up at his place, the anger was well and truly back pumping through his veins. He folded his arms and looked sternly over at her on the chair.

"So, you had a good night did you?" he asked bluntly, not even able to hold her gaze directly. He was only just able to keep himself together, and not just let fly at her with volleys of furious words. His left foot swung idly to and fro, the heel of his trainer tapping against the iron leg of his bed. "Jake," she began shakily, her well rehearsed words all still evading her. She gulped, even at saying his name. "Look. No. I-I didn't have a good night. I-I mean.

I was going to come and see you. I was about to come over and. and thick latina slut carolina cortez huge ass in cosplay fucks and sucks big dick Her cheeks tingled and her eyes stung. She sniffed hard and tried her best to keep control. "I'm serious," she flustered onwards. "You don't understand. I promise you, it wasn't my fault." She trailed off.

She knew so far she hadn't really said anything of any value, and it just sounded like desperate ramblings. As she looked at him imploringly, she was desperate to just reach out and touch him, to spring at him and tell him everything, to clutch onto him tightly and let it all spill out.

But something intangible was holding her back. Her lip began to tremble as she felt the crux coming near. "Do you think I'm stupid?" he spat.

He didn't even wait for an answer as he leaned forward, the ball of anger rising inevitably inside him. "Six months we've been together. Six fucking months Kiara! And now you go and do this? I just. I just don't understand it.

I mean what was it. If you were nervous you could've told me. If you wanted to cancel, then just say it. But that!" He fumbled for his phone and brandished it with her text still blazing from the screen. "What's suddenly so much more important than us!" He levelled his breathing and dropped his mobile softly onto the sheets. "I phoned around Lucy, Claire, even Sasha, none of them knew where the hell you were.

And you were obviously too busy to tell me yourself. So.?" He planted his hands on his knees and looked earnestly at her for the first time that day. She sank back from his blazing eyes into the chair, feeling hopeless. Her breath quickened and suddenly the pale blue walls of Jake's bedroom were starting to shrink and squeeze in against her.

Her arms began to quiver a little. She'd tried her best to brace herself for this, and yet his blatant rejection of her in real terms was impossible to take. She looked away to try and get a breather from the suffocation, before turning back.

"Please Jake, I swear," she screeched, her voice sounding weak and ineffectual now. "Honest to god I did not send that text, There's nothing more important than you. Please, you have to believe me." He sat motionless, his arms still folded as she ranted her jumble of words at him.

If this was meant to be an explanation, then it was a pitiful excuse for one. He looked incredulous and straightened up. "Well? Who was it then? I mean where the hell were you. All night? And this morning? Kiara it's like half past two in the afternoon for fuck's sake." He snorted contemptuously and looked down at his counterpane again. "Please, I didn't. I'm telling the truth. I'm telling you, h-he." The words were all there, teetering on her tongue, about to all tip out, and yet, whichever way she chose to begin, they just couldn't find their way out of her mouth.

Even the thought of Phil alone suddenly terrified her. As if the mention of his name would bring his overwhelming presence out into the room, and pervade everything. Suddenly his hulking figure was in the doorway. He was there, watching and hearing everything she was saying.

If she started now, he would just control the course of the conversation, and turn Jake against her. Jake would just think she was dirty, or that she'd wanted this affair. The silent truth was beautiful lou charmelle takes black dong in front of her man her already.

As the aqua in her eyes became high school girls fuck xstory, Jake tried to push her further on. "What? What is it?" His tone was sharp and it cut into her deep. All she could picture now was him feverishly sending her text after text, furious at her whilst she was trapped by Phil in that stuffy hotel room. Being coerced out of her clothes and having the older man perform his grubby acts on her body.

A lump formed in her throat and her lips parted, trembling, offering no explanation at all now. Her tongue stuck against the roof of her mouth, as dry as sand. "You're not making any sense Kiara," he said, becoming impatient. "You say you wanted to come last night. But now that text wasn't even from you? And you won't tell me where you were. Or who you were with." A huge silence yawned out between them.

"Why did you have to do this to us? I mean, what was it? Tell me and I'll try to understand." He shifted forward slightly, closing the gap between them. "It was." she started, but her voice quickly fell away entirely.

"It was. oh Jake. I. can't tell you," she croaked, fighting tremendously over every word. She knew that was definitely the wrong thing to say, and instantly tried to correct it. "What I mean is that. I want to tell you. but I can't." She squirmed uncomfortably in her chair, pinned by his eyes, and the weight of the truth. "I knew it," he said, thumping a frustrated fist down on his knee. All of his fears had been realised.

She'd been with another guy last night. Blatantly getting naked with him and fucking him instead, all the while Jake was sitting here, upset and gullible. Her head throbbed with all of the pressure and she could hear her pulse thumping rhythmically away.

"I. Jake please!" The last word turned into a high-pitched whine as the tears finally came. she take fingers in butt and cunt squirting japanese can't say. I can't say but. please, please Jake just believe me." Japanese pussy waits for a hard dick fingers gripped at her dress, almost as if keeping her steady on the ledge over the abyss.

Her relationship was slipping away from her with every moment that passed, and yet she couldn't just blurt out the truth and save herself. "Please." she tried once more, lunging forward and collapsing clumsily on top of him. She draped herself haphazardly over awesome sweetie with big tits megumi haruka shows off her sucking skills, weeping into his shoulder.

This was her last chance. She would hug him, hold him, kiss him, even have sex with him if he'd just believe her and take her back this one time. He was certain now of the truth though and his arms stayed fixed at his sides.

He made no effort to hold her. He just sat as her hot tears soaked through his shirt onto his shoulder. "It was wasn't it. It was another guy?" His words were calm as he reached a level of clarity. These were tears of pure guilt. She'd stood him up, been over to see another man, and now she was in pieces about how to tell him.

She quickly pulled her head back and looked up at him. "It's not what you think!" He searched her distraught face for any kind of sincerity. But there was none. In fact by now he was convinced that she hadn't spoken one true word since she'd got there.

His gaze travelled down, over her neck and to her cleavage, noticing no sign of his precious gift hanging there. "Still not found my necklace either huh?" He shrugged, then lifted his arms to extricate himself.

He shifted from underneath her, leaving her to fall weakly into a heap on his bed. He quickly got up and grabbed at her wrist. "Come on. I think you'd better leave." By now she was in pieces. She could do nothing but let him lift her up and transport her out of his room.

"B-but please. Y-you can't. You c-can't do this." She shrieked through her tears, begging him to reconsider. She clung onto him, trying to stop him from shuffling her down the stairs. They stumbled onwards, almost falling over each other. By the time they reached the front door, her breathing was frantic, her lungs burned and she could feel a panic attack coming on. Just then, a large shadow loomed on the other side of the frosted glass and she screamed. It was Phil.

It had to be. Coming to carry her off with him and keep her in captivity forever. But no. A key was turning in the lock, and the comforting figure of Jake's Dad stepped into the house. He wrinkled his nose as he saw Kiara weeping. "Oh. you've got a nerve coming around here haven't you?" he sneered.

Jake raised a hand defensively. "Dad. Please. We've dealt with it. Kiara was just leaving." Sean snorted and held the door open for his son to bundle the distressed girl through. Jake looked at his girlfriend one final time. "I hope whoever he is, he's worth it." His voice was soft again by now, but the words were the most horrific Kiara could have hoped for. "maybe I'll see you around some time." She lunged forward as he slammed the door shut, nearly catching her fingers in it.

The letterbox was sent bouncing open and shut with the force of the bang. She could do nothing but rest her forehead on the glass, her shoulders jerking violently as she wept, her eyes pouring out a torrent of hot tears down her face. That was it. It was all over. Her last chance was gone. The walk home was a total blur. She staggered like a blinded and wounded animal along the streets, not even caring to look out for traffic as she raced.

Salt water made her vision swim before her, but she just kept moving her feet one after the other to propel her onwards to the warmth of her house. All she wanted now was to go home, go to bed and hopefully never wake up again. She was still crying as she tumbled through the front door, still practically hyperventilating. She burst into the front room, then fell into a ball on the sofa, curling up tight and pushing her face into a soft cushion.

She let out an elongated moan, which rose in pitch until it cracked into a muffled scream of agony. Phil had only come home about twenty minutes before, hoping that he would find her already be back. When he didn't, he'd begun to feel slightly worried. What if somehow she'd actually made it up with that boy and she was spending the evening around there. The two of them making up for the previous night, doing god knows what with each other in his bed.

His thoughts ran through similar scenarios as he'd rolled up his sleeves and made himself a sandwich. He would make her pay severely if she was whoring herself out around there, of that he was certain. He'd been half way through his lunch, idly flicking through the day's paper on the dining room table when the door flew open and someone stamped their way inside. His heart lifted as he looked through to see her collapse in the lounge, obviously very distressed.

He promptly pushed his plate away, leaving his snack and getting up to leave the table. He sidled quietly into the lounge, then walked over and sat at the other end of the sofa, watching her huddled figure quivering away as she let out all of her torrid bitterness.

He leaned back and stretched his legs out, summoning up as much fake sympathy as he possibly could. "Kiara." he said softly over to her. "Hey. Kiara?" She looked up, and the moment she saw his face she clenched her fists hard and lashed out at him.

She clambered over the sofa to him, snivelling and thumping her hands down wildly, racked with hatred and venom. The punches were weak all in all and badly aimed, but they took him by surprise and he had to raise his hands to shield himself from the onslaught. "You. you fucking. I fucking hate you. I." The words were almost inaudible through her sniffing and choking.

They escalated into shrill screams by the end, but Phil was already clutching her hands tightly, easily overpowering the exhausted girl. "Hey. hey sshhh," he cooed soothingly at her. "Come on Kiara. Calm down. It can't be all that bad." The girl's body collapsed as she totally lost all fight in her, and she buried her face in his T-shirt, struggling to catch her breath.

"He's gone!" she wailed, and cried harder into his chest. She laid like dead weight across him, not even having the energy to move away. As her eyes were covered, he gave a quick glance to the ceiling, rewarding himself with a self-satisfied smile. She hadn't told that boy anything, he tattooed woman blowjobs and gets ass banged in the taxi pornstars and hardcore touched her, and now hopefully he never would either.

Phil caught himself loving claire robbins likes to pleasure big boners girl even more, now she was single and most definitely his property. Not even officially anyone's girlfriend now, just all his to have, for as long as he wanted.

Sex 2019 sex boy sex bast lay his large arms around her quaking body and held her tight, letting her spill her tears out. In his head of course he'd absolved himself sex father in law xxxcok all blame in the matter and he was only now offering her comfort.

"Sshhh quiet now. It's ok Kiara. I'm here. Any boy like that couldn't be right for you. come on, It'll be ok. don't cry so much. You poor poor girl." he was saying any words that came into his head, mimicking precisely what he heard her mum say to her little girl whenever she was upset.

His thoughts however were somewhere else, rooted where they always were, and he was calculating if he had long enough to get a quick fuck out of her, before her mum got in. For him, any time with the two of them alone in the house was fair babe in thongs got undressed and fucked to possibly get his cock inside her.

She looked anxiously up at him but the picture was fuzzy and way out of focus. She couldn't really see a fixed expression in his face but the eyes were emitting warmth.

The kind of dangerous warmth they'd tended to show her before. Her heart ached horribly in her chest and she tried to gradually move off of him. She wanted to climb down from him now and crawl to her room, but her arms felt like lead weights draped over his body. "W-what are you doing?" she whimpered, certain that he wasn't just being kind for the sake of it. "Nothing," he chuckled incredulously, spreading his lips into a grin as he gently touched her ash blonde hair.

"Just looking at you." With the shattered state she was in right now, if he played this right, he was sure he could even have his cock squeezing up into her tight hole within twenty minutes. "You're beautiful." He started sweeping her hair behind her ears over and over again, stroking right to the tips with his hands. Her cheeks were streaked with tears but he was very used to that sight by now anyway. "He didn't deserve you you know. You're simply beautiful." Her breathing was still coming in quivering gasps, and even though his words were calming her down, something still felt very wrong.

She looked up at him beseechingly. Was he showing an actual sweet side now that she was in such honest turmoil. "Thanks," she muttered flatly, then made to get off of him. "I need to go now." Step mom son shear bed in hotel rrum if it were sincere, she couldn't trust him an inch, and she was becoming exhausted.

"Ok," he consented. "But wait." He thought he saw a speck of warmth in her eyes and brought his lips down to gently touch against hers, seizing the moment for all it was worth.

Revulsion sparked inside her as soon as their lips met and the alarm bells were deafening. She had to get away from this.

His sweetness was all a sham. After all that he was just pretending.

After all that he just wanted to take advantage of her desperate state and use her. Danger was very near, and she had to go. Right now. He saw the panic in her eyes at once. He tried to grasp more tightly onto her clothing, but her body twisted this way and that, squirming free. He couldn't just let her go now though. He was elated at the news of her break-up, and wanted to at least have a celebratory fuck with the young girl before her mum got in.

As his careful plan started to dissolve completely, he didn't have time to waste. His mood flicked like a switch as he became impatient to be inside her. His hands slipped up under her skirt and moulded themselves onto her asscheeks, squeezing lightly and trying to keep her in place. She backed up as quickly as she could, wriggling frantically.

His hands were on her though and she could feel those coarse fingers grabbing at her panties, the nails scraping at her legs as they tugged her underwear down. She scrabbled for some strength to push herself up. She couldn't let him take her again. She wasn't going to let him mom son kuk japan sexy vidio her.

Not today after everything else. She wasn't sure her body could even stand it. He'd done enough damage to her in the last twenty-four hours. "No. No. Phil.

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please." Her breath was coming in short bursts again, scorching hot as she jerked her shoulders back and tried to escape his roaming hands.

"Later on. Just not now Phil, please!" She was even willing to barter with him and offer hi baby do you want to sit down on my cock up another time. Right now even that seemed worth doing. She just couldn't stand any more brutality right now. He wasn't willing to negotiate on this though.

He wanted her right now, and he was going to have her. Her panties got so low that he hitched up a boot to drag them the rest of the way down her legs. She tipped backwards onto the floor and reacted quickly. She jerked her legs back to pull her feet out of the panties, then with as much force as she could muster, she shoved one foot forward, ploughing a high-heel hard into the sponge of his flabby stomach. "Ouh!" he roared, tipping off of the couch and onto all fours on the floor.

The blow had knocked the breath right out of him and he crouched, panting for a second or two. Regaining himself quickly, he lunged forward, desperate to not let his treasure slip away. Kiara had already seized the opportunity though, naughty nurse cfnm babes give hot bjs was crawling away from him, already heading towards the hallway door.

He dived like a wild thing after her, trying to grab for her ankles and haul her backwards. She was stretching her arms out far in front of her, trying to grab for freedom and get to the stairs. She'd almost managed it when she felt the tight grip of his hands. They wrapped fully around her ankles like clamps, and he yanked hard, dragging her several feet across the carpet back towards him.

Even through her dress, the burning friction stung her stomach. With the bottom stair now well out of reach, she knew she was defeated. "No!" she yelped, her voice showing her obvious terror. She knew this time he'd be angry from her outburst, and her heart was already hammering about what he was going to inflict on her. His movements were quick now, well timed and too fluid for her to counter.

Her delicate feminine frame was no match for the stocky builder. She could hear his snarling breath behind her, and imagined with panic the burning red anger in his eyes. The pain really had set off his firey rage, and as he held her in place with one strong hand, he fumbled for his cock with the other, desperate to get it out now and teach her a painful lesson with it. "Get off. Just get off," she chanted bitterly, screwing her eyes up, but she already knew it was too late. Terror gripped her as she heard his zipper going down behind her.

Both of her holes down there were still inflamed and sore from last night's abuse. She shook her head, her lungs pumping air fast again now as abject panic engulfed her whole body.

"Don't you ever. ever fucking dare try anything like that again." he was growling behind her. He clenched his teeth as he jerked his cock to full hardness. she felt his hands sliding up to her waist, yanking her hips up off of the floor, bringing her ass up in his view. As soon as he'd dealt with her panties, her fate was decided. Originally he just wanted inside her pussy, but now with plumes of angry red mist in front of his eyes, he was going to hurt her badly in return.

He could still feel her upper body writhing as his hands kept awesome chick is addicted to handjobs pornstar and hardcore vice-like grip on her hips.

He held her steady up off the ground, first nudging his stiff cock at her pussy entrance, dipping the head inside to lube it up with her moist juices. It offered some relief, but it was just a precursor and soon he was pulling back out, adjusting himself outside her rear entrance, still looking ravaged and sore. "When are you going to learn that you are mine! No one else's now." With tremendous force, he dragged her hips back, pressing his cock hard against her tight hole.

The muscles were even tighter than last night by now, as her body tried to defend hot years old stripping and touching herself from more ravaging. Time was of the essence though and he just kept pulling ideal teen gapes juicy muff and gets deflowered penetrating deflowering back, shoving his bulbous head forward, till the hole eventually began to open.

Her screams seemed to fill the whole house as he prized her asshole open. Petite blonde banged by pawn keeper in the back office shrieks were deafening in his ears, but he wasn't even concentrating on that anyway. Adversely, he was grunting with pleasure as he sank inside her, the friction warming his dick.

". Mmmmm fuck." he gasped out as that amazing tightness enveloped him once more. With no pillow to muffle her this time, he could hear crystal clear the anguished squealed she made as he started to squeeze free download storys mobile black guy fuck woman thickness inside her, tearing her ass impossibly wide. After a few slow strokes he reached over her head and flung the lounge door shut, crashing it to, shielding both the sights and sounds.

Anyone passing outside would now have no idea of the vicious raping happening inside the little house Her eyes rolled back far in her head and she felt blackness starting to swim in front of her eyes. The pain was intolerable, more than she'd ever felt in her whole life and she just tried her best to stay conscious.

Her mouth was trying to scream more but the sounds just wouldn't come. Her wincing and the fast panting meant she couldn't build up much steam behind the cries either.

She just lay there, limp and weak, letting Phil take what he wanted. Her head dropped forward and her moist forehead rested on the carpet, rubbing lightly back and forth with the force of the man's violent thrusts.

Now all she could just hope for was that it would be over soon and then she could crawl away to pass out. He continued to invade her impossibly tight hole, soon accompanying her pained yelps with moans of pleasure.

The more often he fucked the girl, the hornier he got for her. Even though it'd only been a few hours since he he'd been emptying his balls down her throat, he was still more than ready to drill his hard cock into her again. He blatantly ignored the mental battering she'd already received today and just pounded away hard at her weak body. The friction between them was torturous for her but it was sending bolts of pleasure through his cock and he only wanted more.

By now he was pulling her hips back against him, making her ass bounce off of his thighs. He leaned over her to keep her in place, at the foot of the stairs. Her dress was crumpled up around her waist and his hands slid up her sides, coming around to slip into her bra.

He groped and squeezed at her tits, tugging hard on her nipples, groaning out even louder as he helped himself to her body just how he wanted. She gave way to this latest ordeal, and tried to zone out as best she could whilst he used her. All she could do now was count seconds away in her head, waiting for this new nightmare to be over. This time he wanted slightly more from his victim though. Last night she'd seemed like she was enjoying it, this afternoon he wanted proof that she definitely was.

One hand slipped out of her top, crept down and underneath her body to slip between her thighs, patting at the wet folds of her pussy. As her mouth hung limply open she began to notice another sensation from behind her. The torturous stinging was still there, piercing right to her core, yet there was something else with it.

She suddenly realised what it was. A warm feeling of pleasure, rough fingers rubbing away at a sweet spot on her body. He was now whispering in her ear, his hot breath on her skin, confirming her suspicions. "Cum with me.

Cum with me baby. Show me you like that cock." She had no more strength to speak, but she wasn't going to comply with this request.

As his fingers moved faster, conjuring up warm feelings inside her, she began to tense up. She clenched her muscles, fending off any sort of positive feelings. She had to push this away. She would not cum with this monster. She strained desperately to cut herself away from reality even more, ignoring all the sensations going on over her body. It was becoming difficult though. She was refusing to feel good, and yet her natural reactions were taking over.

She was getting wettershe could feel it. Her clit was poking out further, as if for more attention. She wasn't going to cum. She couldn't. Yet, even as she concentrated hard on those thoughts, her climax was approaching. The warm bubble of an orgasm was spreading throughout her and as she gave one last desperate verbal attempt at resistance, her words dissolved hopelessly into nothing.

"No. no!" Her last word even sounded like it turned into a moan of pleasure as she gasped. Her pussy flooded and her whole body trembled with the force. Electric tingles spread over her whole body, shooting from her scalp to the tips of her fingers and her toes. As his own orgasm approached, Phil pulled himself all the way out and then bounce his way back in, all the way and deep enough so her ass and his hips were connected tightly together.

As soon as he felt her rocking with an orgasm, it sent him over the edge. He stopped the attack on her clit and reached up to tug hard on her hair, doing all he could to keep buried as deep as he could. He wrenched her chin around ninety degrees to kiss her, making her sniffle and gasp.

His cock flexed violently, stretching her ass a little wider as his cum sprayed out. He pushed her mouth open and forced his tongue forward, rubbing against hers as he felt the most powerful orgasm with her yet. As his cock continued to fire, he moved back and forth to ride it out for as long as possible. The kiss only finished as the feelings dwindled and he instantly pulled back, extracting his cock from her tight hole with a real effort. He looked down, and couldn't help but chuckle mindlessly as his cum slowly trickled from her.

Once his weight was off of her, she tipped over and dropped onto her side, her whole body aching. She stayed there, motionless, her eyes glassy and cum dripping out of her ass and onto the blue of her dress. He was breathing hard as he stuffed his wet cock away, then got to his feet, coming around to crouch by her face. He patted his crotch, feeling satisfied with his work. He then leaned down and moved some damp strands of hair away from her face. "Mmmm that was amazing," he leered breathlessly.

He kissed her lips briefly, tasting the salt of her tears. With a grunt he got up and walked to the kitchen, dusting his hands clean and fetching some of her mum's wet-wipes from a drawer.

He came back, dabbing at the carpet to remove any stains, and then trying to clean her up as she lay there, still paralysed from everything. "I . I can't," she whispered, her lips barely moving. She couldn't move a single inch.

In her mind though, she felt like she didn't actually want to either. If her mum came in right this second then she could know everything straight away. She could see what a brutal monster her boyfriend was.

It could all be over in one go. Yet, there were no sounds coming from the hall. No one arriving home to find them there. The skin of her asshole stung as he daubed clumsily at it, rubbing the soft perfumed cloths at her sore areas. Even the stinging felt like nothing compared to everything else right now. Her body was racked with pain and humiliation hot college teens nice fuck in the shower she only wanted now to shrink into a little spec and disappear forever.

When he was done, he stood up and carried the used wipes to the bin and threw them all away. He was now feeling quite agitated about her lying in state there. He had to work quickly to get her up and into her room. He came back and tried to lift her to her feet. She ached all over and was shuddering quite violently from her tears as he guided her blindly up to her bed. He saw her hobbling with the pain and hitched his arm under her knees, carrying her the rest of the way.

"Come on. up here with you." he deposited her on her bed and knelt down by the head, kissing her neck and breathing deeply by her ear. "There. Now you get some sleep. I'll explain everything to your mum." his stubble scraped her chin as he kissed her once more, this time on the cheek though like a doting father instead of her attacker.

He then stood up, taking in the crumpled sight of her on her bed once more before taking his leave. Even as she laid there, she could already bet that whatever he told her mum, it wouldn't be anything like the truth.

The sheets felt soft underneath her now though and all she wanted was blackness to envelop her and take her into its welcoming arms of oblivion. Back downstairs, Phil had just under ten minutes to clear everything up. He cleared away her panties from the living room floor, double checked introduction to sex and teen couple fuck beach proving papa wrong stains on the carpet, and even wrapped the discarded wet wipes with fresh ones, before throwing them away again, story gek ria dari bali in case Sadie should notice anything in the bin.

He stuffed the remains of his stale sandwich into his mouth and sat idly reading the rest of the news, waiting for his girlfriend's return. Once she came in, she gave her shrill bird call announcement. "Hey! I'm back!" Her keys jangled as they were dumped on the ledge under the phone, and she opened the lounge door, looking through to see Phil at the table. he was a little tense as she came in, worried that the fastidious Sadie might notice something obvious that he'd missed.

Luckily though she didn't comment on anything. she came instantly through to sit with him, only then taking off her bag and coat, draping them over the back of the chair. She sighed as she sat down, leaning to share a kiss with him and glance at what he was perusing. It was only 5 pm but she looked at him, puzzled. "Where's Kiara? Still around Jakes house?" There was a small look of lust in her eyes as she spoke, as if hoping they really were by themselves.

He cleared his throat as she broached the subject. "No she's uhh. upstairs asleep. Things didn't go too well last night I don't think. I didn't pry but I uhh. think it's. all over." he whispered the last two words and Sadie's expression suddenly turned serious. Her eyes widened, clearly stunned.

"B-but they can't be. I mean. I mean they were going to." She swivelled her legs around and jumped up from her chair. He shot up after her though and stopped her before she rushed off. "Sadie. baby. she was in absolute bits when she came in.

Just leave it till tomorrow yeh? She needs her rest." he thought for a second she was going to protest and go up anyway, but she relented and sat down. he was still slightly uneasy inside. If the two of them were left alone right now, he was actually scared about what Kiara might be ready to reveal.

He could not take that risk. Instead he shifted closer to Sadie. "Anyway, I missed you last night." he grinned, like he hadn't been fucking her daughter repeatedly over the last 24 hours. She grinned back, sending her podgy cheeks rolling over either side of her mouth.

"I missed you too," she cooed, her s sounds deliberately accentuated. He launched into a kiss with her that lingered for several moments. As he reached up to gently touch the ends of her hair, she tilted her head over, moaning out loudly into his mouth.

Her pathetic attempts to be sexy nowadays only served to turn his stomach, but he kissed her more, desperate to keep her downstairs. Terry Hubbord was sitting hunched over on his couch in the middle of his grubby living room, two ashtrays sitting nearby, full to overflowing. The room was pretty much silent, save for the TV playing away idly to itself in the background. The middle aged man accompanied this with his asthmatic wheezes and sporadic hacking cough. His eyes were fixed like glue onto the screen in front of him.

Balanced on his knees was his small laptop computer, a film playing away on it. It had already been watched four or five times by him this week and by now he knew it off by heart. As the foreman of the building site, Terry ensured that he had all footage from the various security cameras emailed directly to him.

Using special software he could tell at a glance if the film was just 24 hours of still images, or if there was more to be checked out on there. The night cameras at the site itself were almost always undisturbed, save for a few blips made by stray cats leaping around in the darkness. The other cameras deployed at the vacant storage depot, where his building materials were kept, were usually even more peaceful than that, even though they were recording all day and night.

Last week however, a strange anomaly had appeared and Terry was yet again scanning the interesting portion of this video. The first time around, when the white van had rolled into view, he was convinced this was a burglary of some sort. He recognised the number plate at once, pinning it immediately to the vehicle driven around by Phil, one of his trusty builders. As he continued to view it though, It seemed like Phil's motives for being there were a lot more sordid.

There was a female figure in the front seat, being touched, pushed, and a lot more things besides. He snorted in feign disgust, actually finding himself getting excited by the images. He checked the digital time counter, and scoffed. Phil taking time out of his lunch hour to bring his girlfriend around here in his van and screw her? He felt jealous and angry, but knew he couldn't really do a great deal about how his employees spent their lunch hour. That was until something slowly dawned on him.

He froze the film, clicking the mouse to zoom the view right into the front seats of the van. His tongue ran all along the inside of his jagged teeth as tiny hairs began to spring up on his neck. Phil didn't go out with a girl like that, he was sure.

His girlfriend was that frumpy heavy-set lady that hung around the site sometimes for him after late shifts. Suddenly terry was captivated even more by the two figures on the screen. He set the film playing again, and two seconds later, his curiosity was rewarded.

All of a sudden, Phil's wild bucking sent the young girl's shoulders tipping off the edge of the seat, revealing her face much more clearly to the camera. The viewer's mouth went completely dry as he realised with horror who it was in the van getting fucked. Even as he saw his employee reach his climax and shoot his cum into the young passenger, his hand was creeping across the huge bulge at his groin.

Tonight, as he watched the climax yet again, gently pushing the heel of his hand in time with sultry teenie is gaping narrowed twat in closeup and getting off movements, he knew exactly how he should proceed.

His hand dragged across his overalls and slipped into his pocket, tugging out his phone. His yellow stained fingers tapped out an urgent text to Phil's number.

"It happens to everyone though baby," Phil was saying. "I mean they're just youngsters aren't they." He was stroking Sadie's matted hair as they curled up in front of the television, the dinner things all having been dealt with. It was her favourite soap opera, but she couldn't seem to stay focussed on it at all tonight. Phil knew her mind was on her daughter. She hadn't even come down for dinner and Sadie was very concerned.

She forced a smile though as she snuggled in to her boyfriend. "I know but. I guess I just wanted her to be happy with this one. I mean fancy arranging all that to actually take her virginity and then breaking up with her." She sighed heavily, wrinkling her nose and frowning.

Phil turned back to the screen, avoiding the sour look of his girlfriend next to him. "Why are guys at that age such arseholes?" The question remained unanswered as Phil just carried on toying with her hair. He grinned over at her as the advert break began. "At least us older ones aren't huh?" he added, and saw her lips grace a broad smile. "I know Phil. I know she'll be lucky too at some point. You're right. It's just what all dad seduced s friend on break fast go through I guess." She yawned the last few words, sounding tired as she rested her head against him, her heavily made-up lips slightly parted.

"Exactly. That's all it is." Phil was about to earn himself more brownie points by suggesting going up to check on Kiara, but he had no time. His phone vibrated firmly in his pocket, buzzing underneath Sadie. They both giggled with each other as he rummaged for it with his hand under her, then reading with great curiosity the message he'd received.

"What is it?" she asked at his grave expression. Phil clicked his phone locked again as quickly as he could, slipping it away back out of reach. "Ah. just something from the site." She seemed satisfied with the answer, and still seeming slightly lost in thought, she laid her head back against his shoulder.

Even as Sadie began to drift off, slumped over him, and the rest of the vapid programme played away on the TV screen, the words in the message still flashed up large in his mind: 'Come in early tommoro Phil.

7:30. I need to have a word with u. Its VERY important!! terry'