Two skinny german sluts getting fucked hard smalltits and hardcore

Two skinny german sluts getting fucked hard smalltits and hardcore
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Introduction About three years ago, Madame X started filming pornography in exquisite hottie reveals massive butt and gets ass hole banged basement. She would typically bring in a girl, tie her up, whip her, strangle her, fuck her, and do whatever else she pleased. Madame X quickly developed a good reputation in the adult film industry for shooting very realistic BDSM material.

Torturing the girls turned her on so much, but she always wondered what it would be like to really do the things she did to the models. The thought sent warm shivers through her body whenever she thought about it. She wanted a real sex slave, not some little porn star that was willing to do anything for a few bucks. So one day, she decided to get one. Day 1 Madame X sat in her car on the deserted street, stalking her future slave as she walked home from work.

The girl was in her early 20s, about 5'7," and blonde. She had a nicely toned body… not too skinny. Madame X preferred a girl with a little meat on her, but not too much. She spent several weeks doing research trying to find the right girl to be her slave until she stumbled across this one.

Her name was Katie. She worked in a bank downtown and always seemed very sweet and innocent. Madame X had no doubts that she had found the perfect girl to make all of her fantasies come true. Katie rounded the corner, and Madame X got out of her car with a damp handkerchief in her hand. Tonight would be the night that she would take her captive. "I'm sorry to bother you," Madame X began as Katie walked beside the car, "Do you have a cell phone I could borrow?

My car ran out of gas, and I need to call my friend for a ride." The young girl stopped.

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A nervous look swept across her face, but she was too nice to not help a fellow woman in need. "Um, sure you can use my phone," she replied, reaching into her purse to find it. As soon as she looked down, Madame X put the chloroform-soaked handkerchief to Katie's mouth. She struggled for a moment before falling into her new mistress' arms.

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Madame X placed her babes big ass f70 tube porn the back seat and drove away. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………&hellip.

Katie awoke several hours later to find herself naked and bound in a damp basement. She had handcuffs around her wrists, which were pulled above her head by a rope on a pulley attached to the ceiling.

The ball gag in her mouth did not allow her to scream even though she was more frightened than she had ever been before in her life. Madame X walked gingerly into the room, and Katie's body trembled in fear as her captor approached her. "Hi, Katie. My name is Madame X, but you're going to call me Mistress." She circled the naked girl as she spoke, inspecting her body closely but careful not to touch her just yet.

"Do you know where you are?" Katie shook her head. "You're in my basement. This is your new home, sweetie." Fear and panic quickly overwhelmed the young girl at the thought, and she began mumbling through the gag and struggled hard against the restraints. Madame X stood back and smiled as her slave fought valiantly to escape. "Okay, okay, calm down now," Madame X eventually chimed in.

"You're not going to get out, so you might as well save your strength." Katie disobeyed as she continued to squirm around. Madame X picked up a leather belt from the corner of the room and slapped her slave hard across the back. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" A mumbled scream escaped from her gagged mouth, and the saliva dripped out onto the floor as she gave up on trying to hold it in any longer.

Her body became motionless, and Madame X went around to the front of her and grabbed her throat. "Never disobey me again, you fucking bitch!" she yelled. "You understand me?" The captive managed a nod as she battled for air.

"Are you sure?" Madame X asked, squeezing her neck even tighter. Katie's mouth opened wide, desperately trying to suck in just a single ounce of air. Again she nodded and mumbled in concordance. The young girl began seeing spots before Madame X finally released her grip. Katie coughed as her lungs refilled with precious oxygen. "There are pretty much only three rules. Remember them well. 1) Never disobey me, 2) Do not speak young hotty gives a blow to old weenie I give you permission, and 3) Always refer to me as Mistress.

When I ask you something, reply with 'yes Mistress' or 'no Mistress.' You got those rules now?" Her slave nodded in compliance. "Good. I'd hate to have to punish you for breaking my rules," Madame X laughed. "Now I'm going to take that gag out of your mouth. If you scream, I'll punish you. It's pointless to scream, anyway. These walls are eight feet thick, and there's no one within probably a mile or so of this house." Madame X removed the ball gag and began asking Katie about herself.

"So you work at the bank, huh? Do you like it?" Katie looked up at her dominatrix in fear, not sure whether or not she was allowed to speak. Madame X smiled. "I give you permission to talk now, honey." "Yes, I like working at the bank," she reluctantly whispered.

"Now what was the third rule I gave you?" Madame X inquired. Katie looked puzzled for a moment before replying, "I'm sorry, Mistress. Yes, Mistress, I like working at the bank." "Good girl. Now do you have a boyfriend or anything like that?" "No, Mistress." "Wow, that's surprising," Madame X replied. "How could such a beautiful girl like you be single?" Katie nearly smiled at the compliment. "I don't know, Mistress." "Well trust me, it's better that way.

Guys are assholes," her captor retorted. "You seem really sweet and innocent. Are you a virgin?" The young girl didn't want to answer her, but she worried that lying would cause her to be punished. "Yes, Mistress." The dominatrix could hardly contain her enthusiasm at the idea of having a virgin sex slave in her possession.

She walked up to her captive and lightly grazed her cheek. "That's wonderful, Katie," she said. Madame X's excitement grew, but she knew that she must contain herself in front of her slave. Katie was confused but pleased with the change in her captor's behavior.

She was actually being nice to her. "Here's the thing, sweetie," Madame X began, "You're my slave now, and I want you to submit to me… to do anything and everything that I desire. I control how much pain you feel, so your best bet is to try to keep me happy and not piss me off.

For you to fully submit, all you have to do is ask me to let you lick my pussy. Do you understand, honey?" Her slave nodded hesitantly. She had never been with a woman and was completely grossed out at the thought of going down on her mistress.

"Good. So are you going to submit?" Madame X asked. Katie remained silent and motionless. She didn't want to anger her captor, but she didn't want to lick her pussy even more.

"I'll take that as a 'no.' Okay then. I'm going to try my best to break you… make things so painful for you that you have no choice but to submit. And as soon as you submit to me, things will be a lot easier for you. First I'm going to give you a good beating. Then I'm going to fuck your pussy and ass. I'm not sure what will come after that, but I'll figure it out." Fearing this fate, Katie again began struggling to free herself, this time kicking Madame X in the shin and yelling for help.

"Help!!! Someone help me please!!!" the young girl pleaded, but to no avail. There really was no one within screaming distance, except of course for her mistress.

Madame X got up from the floor and punched her slave in the stomach as hard as she could, knocking the wind out of her. Katie gasped for air as her captor began beating her ass with the belt to punish her. "Well if you're going to be like that, then I'll just have to be meaner to you." Madame X grabbed a rope and tied it around her slave's neck just tightly enough to constantly remind her that it was there.

"Get used to that rope around your neck. It's gonna be there a while," Madame X informed her. She put the rope through a set of pulleys that would allow her to easily pull tight or give slack to the rope, depending on Katie's behavior. The captor secured the rope so as to give her slave just enough air to not pass out during the impending beating.

Madame X looked Katie in the eyes threateningly. "If you fight this, I'll make it be ten times worse." She began slapping Katie across the ass with the belt. The young girl's screams echoed through the room, getting progressively louder as the beating went on. Madame X shifted the blows up to her lower back, then all the way up to just below her restrained neck.

The crack of the belt combined with the sounds of her slave's screams soaked Madame X's panties with her own juices. She moved around to face Katie and started hitting her across her stomach and breasts. The beating seemed to Katie to go on for hours as she had to endure blow after blow from her mistress' belt, all while struggling against the rope to suck in each breath.

Madame X stopped for a moment. "Now don't make another sound. If you make a sound, I'll hit you five more times, until you are eventually silent. Understand?" "Yes, Mistress," the slave agreed. Her captor hit her five times across the chest. "I told you not to make a fucking sound! Now do you understand?" Tears welled up in Katie's eyes as she nodded helplessly. Madame X continued with the beating, moving the blows down to her slave's legs. She wanted Katie's whole body to suffer. The young girl whimpered audibly as the belt hit her thigh, so her dominatrix slapped her five times in the same place until she was quiet.

Madame X gave some slack to the rope around Katie's neck. "Okay, spread your legs now, honey," the woman wild sexy chick gets her ass and pussy fucked hard. Her slave obeyed and clenched her body tight because she knew what was coming.

The teen blowjob best pals aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny south florida struck her pussy so hard that she had no choice but to yelp in pain. Her mistress continued to hit her in the same spot, and she couldn't contain her cries. "I'm not going to stop hitting you here until you shut up!" Madame X exclaimed as she continued her assault on Katie's virgin pussy.

The captive bit her tongue and managed to stay quiet for the next couple blows. A small groan then escaped from her lips. "Alright, that's five more then!" The young girl accepted the next several strikes without a sound until her dominatrix finally stopped hitting her. "Is there anything you'd like to say to me before I fuck you, Katie?" The beaten girl was worn out and ached all over her body, but she was still not going to submit to her captor.

"You have permission to speak," declared Madame X, but her slave remained silent. She slapped the belt across the girl's pussy again. "Speak when spoken to, you little teamskeet big tit hottie fucked in bathroom the dominatrix yelled angrily before calming down. "Now, is there something you want to say? Something you'd like to do to me?" "Go to hell," Katie mumbled.

Madame X struck her pussy again with the leather strap as she tried to maintain her composure. Part of her wanted her slave to submit to her, but the rest of her was glad that the captive was so hesitant to do so.

The dominatrix was enjoying the fight even more than she expected to be. She had never had a girl stand up to her like that before, and it was really turning her on.

"Okay, we'll just have to have some more fun then. I promise that you will eventually submit to me. Either that or you'll die right here in this basement. The choice is yours." Madame X walked out of the room for a moment and returned with a wooden table dragging behind her. She scooted the table so that it was resting right in front of Katie, then placed the ball gag back into the girl's mouth. The captor gave much more slack to her slave's neck rope and untied the rope that was holding her handcuffs above her head.

"Don't struggle, sweetie," the mistress threatened. Katie didn't have the strength to stage any kind of a battle anyway. Madame X pulled the girl down onto the table and secured her there with some ropes that were attached to the table.

The restraints stung as they scraped against Katie's tenderized flesh, and she grimaced in pain. The captive was now bent over with her feet tied to the table legs, leaving her ass and pussy vulnerable to her mistress' desires. Madame X walked in front of her slave to show her what was coming. Katie shuddered at the sight of the eight-inch strap-on dildo around the woman's waist, an absolutely monstrous thing to a virgin.

The dominatrix moved back behind her captive and fingered her swollen pussy. "You have such a nice, tight pussy. I almost hate to ruin it.

Oh well," she said as she plunged the dildo into the young girl. Katie whimpered in pain at the unwanted visitor.

"Shhh," Madame X said. "It'll feel good in a minute." The captor continued moving the fake cock in and out of her slave's pussy, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Blood started dripping out of the her, lubricating the dildo sensual chick maddy oreilly enjoys good dicking making it hurt a little less.

"I guess you really were a virgin," the girl's mistress laughed. Katie's pain soon turned into pleasure, and she was in disbelief that her body was betraying her like that. Madame X busty babe gets fucked senseless hardcore blowjob tell that her slave was enjoying the fucking, maybe even too much, so she moved on to her asshole.

She spit on the girl's hole and began rubbing the dildo around it, gradually easing it into the small opening. "Gahhhhh!" Katie mumbled into the ball gag. The young girl couldn't believe how much it hurt as the dick pushed farther and farther into her. She didn't have the strength to fight it. She knew that all she could do was lie there and take it, hoping it would stop. "You can do it, baby," the mistress assured her.

"Yeah, take all eight inches." The dominatrix somehow got the whole dildo into Katie's asshole and pounded it furiously in and out. Again the girl started to actually enjoy the sensation but tried hard not to let it show. Finally, Madame X was satisfied that her slave had had enough and pulled out, never allowing her captive to climax.

She let Katie lie there on the table for a couple minutes before removing the gag, pushing the table away, and returning her to the position she was in for the earlier beating. "Did you enjoy that, sweetie?" "No, Mistress," replied her captive breathlessly. Madame X struck her hard across the stomach with the belt. "Don't lie to me! I know you enjoyed it. You're just too stubborn to admit it. Now tell me the truth.

Tell me you liked it." "Yes, Mistress, I liked it." Katie wasn't lying. She really DID like it, and she hated herself for it. "Good. Now I know you're probably hungry and thirsty and everything, but I'm not going to feed you until you submit to me. I will, however, give you a little bit of water to drink.

Let me go get some." Madame X refused to feed her for a very specific reason: she wanted Katie to be so hungry and desperate for food that she would beg her mistress to let her eat her out, then greedily devour her pussy when she was given the chance. The dominatrix returned with a cup of water for her slave. She brought the glass up to her and offered her the straw. "Open up, Katie.

Drink it. It's just water, I promise. I wouldn't lie to you." The girl happily began sucking down the water. "Not so fast, honey. Drink it slowly because this is all you get tonight," her captor said, pulling the cup away. After she finished the water, Madame X pulled out a strange-looking contraption and two large dildos.

She inserted one into each of her slave's holes.

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"Now I'm going to leave these in you for a while, and this is so you can't get them out," the captor said as she began putting the contraption on Katie. It had one thick strap that went up the crotch to hold the items in place. That strap was connected on each end to two other straps that went over each arm and were adjusted to keep the whole article tight against the body.

Once this was in place, Madame X handcuffed Katie's arms behind her back. The rope around her neck had very little slack, so she was forced to stand up fairly straight the whole night.

She then returned xxx print of any othet ball gag to the girl's mouth so that she wouldn't scream. "Alright, sweetie, I'll see you in the morning. Try to get some sleep, because tomorrow's gonna be a long day. Goodnight." Madame X walked out and locked the door, leaving Katie all alone.