Gorgeous teen with worthwhile figure sucks cock

Gorgeous teen with worthwhile figure sucks cock
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A little about me. I am in my mid 20s, Asian, and 6ft average build. i always believed myself to be straight. Then about 5 sophie dee fucked by husband brother ago, i was convinced to try having sex with a guy. After that, I became hooked on cock. I have been fucked by a handful of guys, all white, with decent sized dicks.

7.5 was the largest. But I always wondered what a nice black cock would feel like. Recently, I was searching the internet for a nice black guy when I scrolled across the sexy black TS. She had a nice body, very passable face.

I was so intrigued. I immediately contacted her and we got to talking. She was visiting in town for a couple days, and had her own hotel room. I agreed to drive to her. 40 minutes later, I pull up to her hotel. As soon as she opens the door, there stands this gorgeous black beauty. We do our introductions, and I find out her name is Jen. "You seem nervous," Jen said. "You are incredibly sexy." I replied.

With that, we embraced and began to make out. Her body in my arms felt incredible. She had a toned stomach with nice C cup breasts rubbing up against me. Her ass was nice and firm. As her tongue pressed into my mouth, I returned the favor. We stood there passionately making out for a few minutes before I worked up the courage to start undressing her. I started with her skin tight top, revealing her bra-less breasts.

I made my way down to suck on her amazingly hard nipples as she moaned in pleasure. Jen removed my shirt as I came up for air. My hands then made their way down to her tight jeans. I rubbed around her crotch over her pants feeling her large bulge. I could feel it slowly getting harder as I stroked it through her pants.

As i undid her jeans I reached down to get a hold of her cock. Damn it felt huge in my hands.

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I got on my knees eagerly pulling her pants and underwear down, and her massive cock popped out at me. "Oh my god! Your cock is fucking huge, and its not even fully hard!" "thanks" "I think its already bigger than any cock i've had." I began stroking her thick cock and it grew in my hands. I knew it would be a challenge to suck on it, but I tried anyway. I lick up and down the bottom of her growing shaft before I take her uncut dick in my mouth.

It's so thick I only can get half of it in. But I can still feel it growing as I bob up and down on her dick. After a few minutes of head Jen asks if I'm ready to get fucked. I blonde schoolgirl fucked hard by her prof her now 9.5 inch cock out of my mouth and see I cant even wrap my hand fully around it. I got really nervous, but she promised to go slow. I quickly take off my pants, and she lays me on my back so she can lube up my ass.

Jen laid on top of me kissing me passionately as I felt her cock pressing against my tight ass hole. The pain i feel is so intense, and she barely has the head in. She slowly worked herself in and out as my hole slowly accepted that massive cock in.

Once inside, the pain immediately went away. All I felt was how full my ass was and pure pleasure as she slowly goes deeper and deeper in me. With one more push, I feel her balls slap against my ass and I know her entire length is in me. She quickly picks up her pace fucking me in missionary hard and deep. We continue like this for what felt like 10 minutes, till she pulls out and turns me over.

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I got on my hands and knees my gaping ass hole feeling empty as fuck. I beg her to put her cock back in me. She obliges and starts fucking me ass from behind with a vengeance. I couldn't believe it but I was in heaven. I was screaming and moaning with pleasure as she fucked my ass hard. I then felt my own cock hard as a rock start and my balls tighten. As she continues to pound my ass, I blew the biggest load I had in a while all over the bed.

Jen started to pick up the pace as I knew she was close.

"I want your cum in my mouth baby" I moaned. "I'm gonna cum!" she yelled. She pulled out of me, I quickly flipped over opened my mouth wide as she shot rope after rope of her thick cum down my throat.

It tastes so amazing, I made sure to swallow it all and not waste a drop, Including sucking and licking the remainder off her softening cock.

"Jen, that was the best sex I have ever had." "thanks. I'm glad you liked it." "I dont know why I havent tried bigger cocks sooner. I've been missing out" She laughed and deeply kissed me as we lay in her bed.

My legs were weak, and we were both out of breath. "It's too bad you are only here for one more night." "well lets make this night memorable" We would go on to fuck 2 more times that night, before I went back home. Since she wasn't from the area, I would never see or here from her again.

But I always remember how incredible my first big black cock felt. After this happened, I have completely become a bit of a cock slut. I have met up with numerous black trans women, all with big cocks. Before that night, I had been with only 7 guys. Since then, 2 yeas later, I have had well over 50. swallowing every load they had.