Luscious centerfold is flaunting her opened narrowed fuckbox in closeup

Luscious centerfold is flaunting her opened narrowed fuckbox in closeup
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The day you saw her was like any other first day of class. You and maybe a hundred other people filtered into the auditorium with excitement.

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Excitement for the semester, not yet weary about the lack of money or the workload of school or the job you had to keep to pay for all of it. New semesters were like new years in that every time they came you lied to yourself about how hard you were going to try for good grades or how you were going to start working out so you weren't so self-conscious at parties when talking to girls anymore.

Maybe the teacher would be hot, maybe you would sit next to the girl who was going to turn your world upside down and make you forget about your fears of rejection. You find a seat and sit, waiting for the professor to come in and introduce herself to the class. You are cursing yourself at breaking one of your new semester's resolutions not five minutes into it looking down the row at a pretty brunette who, like you, is sitting by herself looking like she wants someone to talk to her, someone to kill the time until things get started.

You are thinking of how you will sit next to her next class and bullshit with her in two days when you see the girl. She walks in with a smile talking to someone, you don't notice anything about the other person, it could be Bigfoot or an alien and you would be none the wiser, all your attention is focused on the girl. Her dirty blonde hair which runs down her back frames her face like a lion's mane.

Her eyes are dark blue and they shine like stars do. Her black tank top shows off a beautiful hourglass figure you thought only existed on the covers of photo shopped magazines. Her long red skirt makes it seem like she is gliding across the room as she finds her seat in the front row. You can't take your eyes off her as the professor goes over the syllabus and the expectations of the class.

"This is Mary she will be the study leader for this class," the teacher says motioning to her. She stands up and waves at the class in an awkward but attractive way. You listen as she explains how she will be leading a study group to go over lectures and papers three times a week and you decide that these will make your resolution to be a better student much easier. The groups are an amoeba of people. There are maybe three people who come regularly the rest are an infrequent bunch.

As the semester rolls along and pressures start to build she reveals herself to you. She knows you by name and greets you sheepishly when you two teens tag team a big cock each other around campus.

You memorize everything about her. Her boyfriend, her trip to Africa the preceding summer, the way her ass looks not amazing, but indescribably sexy in yoga pants, it isn't firm but you admire the way it moves when she does, the way her cheeks are almost perfectly round. You talk yourself into loving her imperfections like how her nose might be too big for her face and her goofy smile and how her jackets always have loose hair and various food stains on them.

You talk yourself into loving her for all of her perfections, for her kindness, her supernatural ability to connect with everyone and the way her voice is deep but feminine. One Friday morning you walk in a few minutes before the session starts skinny blonde has her hairy cunt nailed an empty classroom and Mary with her head on the table. "What's up Mary?" you ask with excitement uncontained, seeing her has become a break from reality that you fiend for when she is not around.

She sleepily raises her head from the desk at the front of the room; her eyes which are usually bright are red and ringed with lack of sleep.

"I broke up with David last night, it was a rough night to say the least." "Why is that?" you ask. This should be a time of triumph, the possibility of holding hands and watching movies together is more real than it ever has been but all you can think about is how you want to comfort her.

Not to fuck not to be with her but because you care about her, you care about her happiness. She tells you. She tells you about how she had grown past him, how their priorities were different, that she wasn't attracted to him anymore.

After ten minutes pass and nobody shows up you invite her to coffee and she accepts needing someone to listen now more than ever. The morning blends into the afternoon and you cut yourselves open and allow each other a peek into what is inside. You talk about past loves and losses, dreams completed and those which were still being fulfilled.

As the evening comes along she has to leave but you feel now more than ever that something started that in the process of you two opening yourselves up for each other something was left behind. For the next few weeks the change in your exchanges is noticeable. She is no longer sheepish, before class starts; a time which was usually reserved for day dreams about her is filled with her talking to you. Coffee happens often and stories are traded about your days. At night you lay in bed and you think about how she looked at you as you talked about life.

How you could feel her wanting you to kiss her. How her hand brushed against yours as you walked through the quad and you did nothing. You are kept up for hours by the sting of inaction. As the semester starts to wrap up she mentions that she is turning 21 and to celebrate her friends and her are going to one of the local bars and she wants you to be there.

The rest of the day drudges on the way days do when you are excited. You feel like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for his parents to wake up so presents can be opened. You have decided that tonight you do it, tonight is the night you tell her how you feel. Tonight is the night inaction transforms to action.

You stare at the clock willing time to move faster until it changes to 10 and you get in your car and drive. It is a Friday night and downtown is alive as it always is on a Friday in a college town. You walk from the parking lot to the bar feeling the cold air filling your lungs, and trying to calm the feeling of your stomach doing backflips under your shirt. You enter the bar and are overwhelmed for a second by the change in temperature.

The air is heavy with body spray from frat boys and screams of excitement from girls who are probably too young to be there.

You make your way through the crowds of people to the bar and order a beer and a shot of tequila hoping the booze would take some of the edge off. The tequila goes down rough with the beer doing little to ease it down your throat as you turn to find her.

You keep trudging through the crowd as she screams your name, "I am so glad you could make it," she japanese milf magic mirror linkfull in my frofile hugging you roughly. You are aware of everything, the way her breasts feel on your chest, the scent of vanilla that floats off of her, your cock filling with blood slightly as she holds you for a second longer than she usually does.

"You smell good," she says as she pulls away and smiles her awkward smile at you a little bigger than usual due to the shots. The tequila hasn't hit you yet so you can't help but lose your breath looking at her.

She looks stunning in a black dress that leaves nothing to the imagination. She isn't wearing much make-up but the little that is on her only helps to accentuate the deep blue of her eyes. You stammer out a "Thanks, you too." as she leads you to the table surrounded by her friends. She sits you on the bench and places herself right next you.

The heat from her leg soaks through your pants and you start to get comfortable. Stories are exchanged between her friends about past experiences and you start to feel comfortable, the tequila is working and you slide your arm over the back of the bench savoring the feeling of closeness whenever she leans back her hair the only thing keeping your skin from touching the back of her neck.

She is continually hit on by guys like you, guys who aren't intimidated by her because of the innocent kindness she gives off. Through it all you will her to send them away in the way that she does, she is used to this. Her approachability is nearly a curse to her, a curse to you. She gets up to get drinks for the table and you can't help but notice the guy who is talking to her at the bar.

She is laughing at everything he says and playing with her hair, putting her hand on his chest. The familiar sense story gek ria dari bali despair falls over you as you feel another resolution going unfulfilled.

This isn't new, you half expected it, you don't want to think it but the voice in the back of your head laughs at you for expecting that a human so perfect could be into the guy who collected comic books and had failure in his genes.

She brings him back to the table and introduces the guy as Sam, someone who was a study leader for the same professor. She sits next you again but the promise of another night alone has stolen all of the hope you started the night with. You sit there and smile when you are supposed to smile and laugh when appropriate but you can't think of anything but Mary and Sam together, slowly resenting the idea that he would be privy to every curve under her dress before you were. You are about to leave when her friend Kayla leans into you and says, "Are you going to make a move on Mary tonight or what?" "Doesn't seem like she wants me to," you say defeated feeling like you should just go home and pretend the night never happened.

"Just do it, she talks about you all the time." she says smiling at you, "Don't be scared." The words give you a second wind and you think about how she did sit next to you all night and how her leg felt on yours. You get up and stand next to her at the bar, "Hey Mary," you say, "I just realized I haven't bought you a shot yet." She smiles and you and she orders two shots of fireball.

As they are being poured you start to say, "I don't know how to say this-" "Then don't." she laughs cutting you off as the bartender pushes the glasses towards you, "Salud," she says picking hers up and clinking it against yours. You take the shot and savor the burn of the alcohol as it goes down. She pulls you in for another hug, her body is pressed against yours and she holds you there with her mouth by your ear and says, "I'm glad you could make it tonight." she pulls away and looks you in the eyes, her arms are still around your neck and you become painfully aware of everything around you.

The people milling around you, the sweat starting to roll down your temple the way her front teeth slightly overlap and the gravity of her lips. You stop thinking of the consequences of rejection and pull her into you from the small of her back. You close your eyes and kiss her. All of the worries from earlier in the night wash away and she kisses you back, she tastes like fire and smells like vanilla as you pull her in closer to you not wanting the moment to end.

It does and she smiles at you saying, "I thought you never would," you walk back to the table friends smiling at the two of you seeing what just happened. You sit and the night goes on, her hand slowly running up your inner thigh stopping just short of your half hard cock. All you can focus on is the feeling of her fingers lightly tracing your thigh and the way she smiles, how her eyes scrunch up but the blue always shines through. A huge tits blonde coach tribs in gym fitnessrooms yogabanging beers later the bar has emptied considerably and the group at the table has thinned with it.

Mary and her fingers tracing your leg has put you through multiple periods of being fully hard and half hard. You jump as she squeezes your leg and whispers in your ear, "Let's get out of here." You just nod and say goodbye to everyone there. The girls hug Mary and wish her a happy birthday, the guys give you knowing, slightly envious smiles as you two go into the night. Cabs line the street outside the bar and you grab the one at the front of the line, not wanting to drive back home, you still don't trust the situation fully and don't want there to be any period of time where she is able to change her mind about you.

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You give the driver your address and hope he doesn't try to make small talk in the ten minutes it will take to get to your house. He doesn't say anything, perhaps sensing the gravity of what was happening. She kisses you lightly letting her lips linger on yours afterwards for a little longer than she had all night, "So how long have you been holding it in?" she whispers trying to keep the driver out of your lives "From the moment I saw you," masseuse tastes lesbian pornstars and big tits say honestly looking into her eyes trying to convey to her that she wasn't being fed a line.

"I've been waiting since the first time I saw you." She takes your face into her hands and kisses you again passionately, your mouths move with each other's, your tongues intertwine and she starts rubbing up and down your thigh again.

She breaks the union of your lips and says, "I'm glad you finally got the nerve, I was getting nervous you weren't into me like that." You inhale quickly because you are startled by her fingers lightly tracing your hard member. You try to say something but all words are stolen from your mouth as you look into her lusty eyes realizing everything you had fantasized about and things you hadn't thought of were about to come to fruition. The driver stops in front of your house and you hand him a wad of cash hoping it adds up and run out of the car with Mary.

She runs up to your front door and you can't help but admire the way she looks in the faint light of the moon. The way her ass moves in her second skin is the most erotic thing you thing you've ever seem. As soon as the door shuts she asks where the bathroom is, you point her in the direction of it as you pour two glasses of whiskey for you and move to the living room. You sit there waiting for her taking pensive sips of your drink wondering what you should do with yourself.

You are met again with the kid on Christmas feeling. You get up and brunette teen gets her ass rimmed by big cock in bed music on, some acoustic playlist, it doesn't matter, you just can't stand silence right now.

She eventually slinks in looking like a vision. It was hard to appreciate the curves under the dress in the dim light of the bar but as she walks toward you the hourglass is in full effect.

Your cock strains in your pants as she sits draping her legs over yours. You hand her the glass of whiskey and she takes a sip. The way she scrunches her face and coughs a little is adorable and makes you fall for her a little more.

Words aren't necessary here. You pick up where you left off in the car, tongues finding each other. Your hand rubs her leg feeling the warmth and slight stubble of her hairs.

Your fingers run to the edge of her dress playing with the edge of the fabric before falling back and starting up the leg again, unsure of what the next move should be. She pulls away and giggles brushing some hair out of her face, "You taste good." the way she is biting her lip makes your cock strain against her thigh.

"I thought you didn't like the whisky." you say playfully "It tastes good on you though." she smiles and adjusts herself so she is facing you her legs on either side of your waist, you can feel the warmth of her through your jeans. She kisses you again and she moves your hands to her ass. You accept her suggestion and grip the meat of them as she slowly grinds herself on you.

You move your hands up from her ass reluctantly searching for the beginning of the zipper on her back and slowly work it down to the place where you started and tenderly move the straps off her shoulders. She pulls back still smiling her goofy smile and pushes the dress down until it is coiled around her waist and she reaches back unstrapping the lacy black bra she is wearing.

Slowly, seductively she pulls it off letting her breasts fall from their supportive hands and drops it on the floor behind her. You sit in awe of her form at that moment. They are heavy sitting on her chest perfectly, her areolas are small and provide a perfect backdrop for her already stiff pale nipples.

You pull her into you and engulf one in your mouth sucking on it lightly flicking it with your tongue, you've had this dance before.

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All you are aware of are her soft moans and the way she kneads the back of your head as you lightly nibble on it. You pull away aware only of the saliva that has pooled around her nipple and the warmth she is giving off on your dick. She stands up and pushes her dress to the floor, you are entranced with the way she has to sway to get it over her hips.

She stands in front of you in nothing but her black lace thong, the final frontier covered from your prying eyes. "Let's go somewhere more comfortable." she says sleepily turning around to walk to your room.

You are able to break your trance enough to get up and follow the sway of her hips and the slight jiggle of her ass to your room.

As you follow her you become painfully aware of the fact that you are fully dressed, every step reminds you of this uncomfortable fact. She allows you into your room and closes the door behind you.

As you turn around she puts her arms around your neck and kisses you again lightly and stares into your eyes, the faint mumble of the music in the other room is all you can hear. She starts to unbutton your shirt one button at a time her eyes staring at the flesh being revealed with each successful undone button. You work it off and throw it on the ground grabbing her ass and lifting her up. She squeals in surprise and wraps her legs around your waist as you walk to your bed and place her on it.

Bent over her you start kissing her neck and work your way down loving every visible inch of her. You kiss her collarbone, the beginning of her breast, her nipple, the mole on her ribs. You slowly work your way down her taut stomach and feel her tense slightly as you kiss her pussy over the fabric. You loop your fingers through the sides and work them down her legs as you put your lips to them. They fall to the floor soundlessly as you move to the other leg and work your way up slowly licking to her inner thigh stopping just short of her promise.

You look at it taking in how perfect it looks. You admire the thin lips and her wetness glistening in the light, the trimmed hair sitting just above her clit which is hiding but not well.

You take in the sweet scent curvy jocelyn has her hairy muff plugged her mixed faintly with the sweat of the night and kiss her inner thigh letting the tip of your tongue trace a path to the bottom of her slit.

She tastes sweet and tangy at the same time as you run your tongue up her to edge of her clit stopping short or her button and going back down tracing her entrance with your tongue.

You move the tip of your tongue in and out slowly noting her body's approval tasting the new sweetness as it comes with each successive journey into her. Her moans are quiet and sensual now, her hand running through the hair on the back of your head. You slowly lick up to her clit again this time swirling your tongue around it as you let maxcuckoldcom busty teen gangbang with bbc interracial and bigtits of your fingers, now sure of its mission, to slowly rub her hungry hole.

Her fingers become more aggressive on the back of your head her moans more audible as you nibble and slowly let your tongue run over her button. As she grips your hair and starts pulling you move faster on father and daughter home alon clit taking the encouragement.

Your finger now sliding in and out of her feeling her walls around it. She pulls your hair and screams, "Just like that don't stop don't stop." as you nibble her clit more aggressively flicking as fast as your tongue will allow.

Her legs close around your ears and they tremble as her walls pulse on your finger. It feels like she is trying to pull your hair out and keep your mouth in between her legs forever until she loosens her grip and falls back on the bed.

You get off your knees and lay on the bed next to her propping yourself over her with your arm. Her face is flushed red, her hair splayed out on the bed under her, her chest now covered with a light sheen of sweat fluttering up and down catching breath and a smile ever present on her face.

She looks so beautiful in the afterglow of her orgasm you would be ok if the night ended here despite the protests of your dick. She opens her eyes drunk on pleasure and kisses you, tasting bit of herself left on your lips and tongue. Pulling away she says, "Where did you learn to do that?" You are speechless not sure where you did, it doesn't matter it doesn't seem like she was looking for a response as she pushes your chest making you collapse on your back.

She quickly straddles you and bites your lower lip as she grinds her naked pussy into your crotch. The two of you protected from the outside world by the mane of hair that encloses you. She starts to move down your body roughly kissing and biting you. You are overwhelmed by the sensation of her biting and kissing alternately stopping on your chest she bites hard and you let out a groan not sure if you like it or despise it, you only know that she is doing it and you don't want her mouth to leave your body.

As she gets lower the aggression wears off and she kisses down your abs lightly leaving tracks of saliva in her wake. She lightly tugs at the waist of your pants as she kisses the denim over your engorged penis. As she unbuckles your belt and undoes the clasp to your pants she lightly bites the outline of your cock looking up at you with her eyes, blue with lust.

She smiles and yanks your pants down. You lift your ass off the bed to accommodate her and they slide off easily freeing your once captive member. It slaps on your stomach with an audible smack the tip wet with precum.

She is entranced by it forgetting your pants halfway down your calves she grips it in her warm hand and strokes it. She stares at it, assessing it, the length the girth, how warm it feels in her hand and wordlessly she licks from the base to the head barely contacting it with the tip of her tongue.

Pausing at the top flicking her tongue over your slit tasting the pre cum sheepishly. You are propped up on your elbows aware of her every move when she locks her eyes with yours and she puts the purple with blood head in her mouth.

You groan in appreciation, feeling her tongue swirl over your head as she sucks it in and out of her mouth. She breaks eye contact and starts to let her head slide further down your shaft her tongue still dancing around your member.

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You lay back and close your eyes savoring every detail of her mouth. You're not sure how long this goes on for, time doesn't exist when you're in ecstasy. You are only aware of how her tongue feels wrapping around you, the strokes of her hand and the way she occasionally runs the tips of her nails on your balls. She comes up for breath slowly stroking you and she asks, "Do you have a condom?" You sit up and pull your pants off of your legs and reach into the back pocket grabbing the package and throw you pants aside.

She takes the packet out of your hands and rips it open pulling the rubber out and places it on the tip.

She smiles and wraps her lips around you one last time pushing the rubber down your shaft. You feel your cock reaching the entrance to her throat and resist the urge to lift your hips.

She tries to go farther but coughs and comes up quickly her gag the only unattractive thing you've seen her do all night. She pushes the rest down and says, "Sorry," as she climbs on the bed with you. "Don't be you're amazing." you say smiling at her and raising your lips to meet hers. You kiss and she grinds herself on you before reaching back and guiding your cock to her waiting entrance. She slowly lowers herself onto you and gasps as your head pushes past her entrance.

Her walls accept you hungrily swallowing every inch of you until she is sitting on your hips. You admire how she looks sitting over you, her hair a mess around her face, her perfectly round breasts gleaming in the light and her smile of ecstasy as she puts her hands on your chest and grinds her pelvis into yours slowly.

Her mouth opens slightly and her eyes close as a moan escapes her. Her lip bite coupled with the way her body looks as she snakes her crotch on your pelvis is exquisite. You reach up and feel her breasts tweaking the nipples slightly eliciting more moans of approval. She grinds more aggressively starting to raise herself off your hips and coming back down. You can only stare in her smile and mom ties patron patrons daughter and dad hd trade twins to forgive sins head thrown back as you feel the alternating bliss of her walls gripping you as she moves off and welcoming as she comes back down.

You grip her ass and start to guide her up and down your member, taking your hint she starts to move faster, falling into you, her hair surrounds you and she smiles and kisses you deeply slowly moving herself up and down your body. You wrap your arms around her and hold her to you tightly as you move your legs up the bed and start moving in and out of her slowly at first with short strokes. You look into her eyes as you start to buck your hips faster and her face contorts with pleasure inches from your face.

She lets out a low pitched moan burying her face in your shoulder saying, "Oh god, yes yes yes," over and over again. She bites you and you feel your balls getting ready to release as she screams into you and her pussy convulses on your shaft.

The feeling of her convulsing on top of you makes you slow down going with more deliberate strokes pulling nearly your full length out of her before slowly entering again. She goes limp on you, her deep breaths pushing her body against yours harder gabi mamou e o cara gozou na cara every inhalation.

She kisses your collarbone as she rolls off of you, your cock slapping against your abs still needing release. She lies on the bed her hair splayed around her like a halo, her smile showing the ecstasy of orgasm. You prop yourself up on your elbow and give her a light kiss, "You good?" you ask her. She opens her eyes and gently grabs your turgid cock.

"Oh god you have no idea," she says sleepily rubbing you as she pulls you to her. You swing your leg over her taking her instruction and run your finger up her wet slit.

She moans lightly and pushes her hips up contacting the head of your dick, "Fuck me again," she moans pulling you to her entrance. You slide into her easily, you fit here perfectly. You push yourself all the way into her and stay there grinding yourself on her clit.

Her eyes look up at you with longing as she grabs your face and kisses you hard her tongue sliding into your mouth. You start to lengthen your stokes and she moans into your mouth and pulls away throwing her head back on the bed. "Oh shit," she says breathlessly as you speed up.

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She wraps her arms around you and pulls you into her, your sweat mixes with hers and outside of her passion the only sounds in the room is skin slapping skin and the wetness of her moving up and down your cock. You feel yourself reaching the height of orgasm and start kissing any flesh close to your mouth, her neck, her trap, her cheek all glistening with your saliva as you whisper, "I'm' going to cum." You push yourself into her hard one last time allowing yourself to release the pressure that has been building for months.

She screams into you feeling you pulsate inside of her and forces you in and out of her, thrusting her crotch up to meet every convulsion of your cock.

You feel her walls grip you one last time and you go limp on her, slowly moving in and out of her trying to recover from what just happened. You pull yourself up and plant little kisses all over her face before you roll off of her exhausted. Your cock is shrinking fast inside the condom as you pull it off and throw it over the side of the bed. You both lay there for what could be eternity before another move school sex xxx girl on girl made.

Eventually you take the sheets from under you and cover both of you with them, the cold from outside starting to creep into the room. She puts her head on your chest and moves one of her legs over yours, the hair above her slit prickling your thigh, her nipples resting softly on your ribs.

Her hair is in your face and fills your nostrils with the faint smell of vanilla drowning out the smells of rubber and sex that are heavy in the air. You kiss the top of her head lightly and she looks up at you as she absentmindedly traces invisible figures on your torso. "That was incredible," she says giggling and kissing your chin and then your lips. "I'm just glad it finally happened." you say noticing the angst and guilt that had built up in your gut over the months was no longer keeping residence inside of you.

The two of you lay there talking about nothing in particular for what seems like minutes but is really hours. She dozes off on your chest, and your arm is starting to fall asleep under her but you don't dare move, she looks like you imagine gods do, and you don't want to break that. As you start to fall into the darkness of sleep you feel, for the maybe the first time in your life, content and head into your dreams with a smile on your face.