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Beautiful tifanny munches a big dick and her pussy gets fingereed pornstar and cumshot
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Her perfume let me know she was there before she pulled up a stool at the bar. It was one of those cheap, sickly-sweet brands that seems to hang in the air like a fog. I turned to glance at her. Nice rack. Yeah, not the first thing you're supposed to notice about a woman, but she made it hard not to, with that loose blouse that left most of it hanging out there. No bra, either. Once I got past the obvious, I had a look at the rest of her. Mid-twenties by the look of her, although the older I get the harder it is for me to judge ages.

Nice face, oval-shaped, pretty, with maybe a little too much makeup. Brown eyes framed by heavy eyeliner, with eyeshadow that almost matched her eyes. Red lipstick on a wide, pouty mouth. Red hair, the dark kind, not flame-red, hanging just past her shoulders. I took a peek lower, saw tight shorts leading into a pair of really nice legs. What I could see of her ass on the barstool looked tight and round.

I licked my lips. And couldn't quite shake the feeling that I'd seen her before. I'm not all that far from sixty, and chances like this don't walk up and sit down next to me every day any more.

I wasn't about to waste this one. I waved at Nikki, the bartender. "Another JD?" I nodded, looked at the woman on the stool next to me. "And whatever she's having." "Southern Comfort, on the rocks. Thanks." She smiled at me. It was obvious that she'd expected that when she sat down. Nikki smiled, too, but her smile had an edge to it. "I'm Lou." "Teri. Long blonde hair and a sweet tight, I wish you could still smoke in a bar." I laughed a little at the non-sequitur.

"Patience, woman. We'll finish this next round and then sneak outside." I gave her conspiratorial grin, thinking that a trip outside might get me more than a smoke.

We didn't waste much time with small talk, just concentrated on putting away the drinks. She did say something about liking a man who could hold his liquor, and I complimented her taste. Other than that it was mostly some not-very-subtle looks and hints. We finished up that round pretty quickly, and I waved my pack of cigarettes at Nikki to let her know where we were going. Didn't want her giving away our seats at the bar. Teri walked in front of me as we headed for the door to the alley, moving with the grace of a dancer even while balancing on four-inch spikes.

And that made me realize where I'd seen her before. She was a dancer at the local strip joint a few blocks down the road. When she was working she wore even more make-up, which was probably why I hadn't quite recognized her at first. Well, that and the fact that when she was working I wasn't looking at her face much. Yeah, I wasn't really spending a lot of time looking at her face now, either.

Out in the alley, Teri leaned against the brick wall. I slipped up next to her, and let my hand run over her ass, down between her legs. She wiggled her ass under my touch. "Hey, I thought you wanted to have a smoke." She looked amused. "Yeah, baby, I want you to smoke this." I already had my dick out of my pants, pointed skyward.

Another amused look. "It'll cost you, big boy." That was no real surprise, either. I pulled a fifty out of my pocket, waved it in front of her face, watched her eyes get wide. If I was willing to pop for that to get blown in an alley, she might get some real money off me by the time the night was over.

I shoved the bill into her blouse between her tits. "That should get us started." This time I had the amused smile. "Mmm, yeah, I think so." She didn't waste any more time, just dropped to her knees in front of me and wrapped her lips around my cock. She was good - really good. Of course, she'd had plenty of practice. She alternated between taking me deep into her mouth, to the back of her throat, and doing short, quick bobs up and down just past the head. When she sucked hard it was like she was trying to turn me inside-out.

She flicked her tongue on my pee-hole, and her hands were busy stroking my shaft and fondling my balls. Paid for or not, this was the best blow job I'd had in quite a while.

After about ten minutes I felt my balls starting to twitch. Normally at that point I'd tell a woman I was ready to cum, in case she didn't want it in her mouth, but I wasn't going to give a whore the option.

I grunted a couple of times, shoved my dick as deep into her mouth as I could get, and started pumping my cum down her throat. Teri never even twitched, just gulped down every drop. I could feel her throat working around the head of my cock as she swallowed.

It felt magnificent. Once I'd dumped the last of my load into her mouth, I reached down and helped her to her feet. It couldn't be easy getting up from your knees in shoes like that. She was smiling, no doubt thinking about the fifty bucks she'd already made and hoping for more. "Hey, why don't we go back in so you can wash that down with another drink, then go back to my place for a little dessert. And, I know, it's going to cost me." Teri's whole face lit up, she licked her lips and grinned.

I could practically see the dollar signs dancing behind her eyes. That was all right. I intended to get my money's worth. I topless bikini teen catches and sucks voyeur up my jeans, she brushed the dirt off her knees, and we walked back into the bar. I got a roll of the eyes from Nikki when we sat back down.

She'd seen this from me before. She didn't say anything, though, just brought us another round. We took a little more time on this one, but not too much. When we finished I tossed some bills onto the bar for Nikki and led Teri outside.

It was only a few blocks to my place, so we conquering a thick male dick hardcore and blowjob. The bar was one of those neighborhood places that got its clientele from the surrounding area.

Teri surprised me by actually talking. "So, do you like kinky stuff?

A lot of you older guys seem to want to get freaky." "That's because we were sexually repressed when we were younger and we're trying punished by your tutor for jacking off get it all out now, while we still can." I was grinning, but it was only half a joke. "Actually I can go either way. Right now I just want to get laid." She laughed.

"You and the rest of the world. You gotta use a condom, you know." "No condom. Or no deal. I'll pay extra." This one was non-negotiable for me. "Well, okay, but you can't cum inside me." I knew the part about paying extra would be enough for her. "No problem, I'll just pull out and shoot it all over your tits." "Mmm, that sounds good to me." Teri liked her work a little bit too much, it seemed. When I got her home I led her straight to my bedroom. She stood by the bed, waiting.

I pulled out my wallet, extracted three hundred-dollar bills, and dropped them on the table by the bed.

"That enough?" I knew it was a lot more than she was used to. And I figured she'd try to take me for more. "Uh. I don't know." Without even hesitating I took out two more hundreds, added them to the pile, and raised an eyebrow towards Teri. I could see her chewing on her options. I could tell what she was thinking - she figured she'd hit the mother lode, an old guy so desperate to get laid that he'd pay her an outrageous amount for it. She was trying to work out if she should try to hold me up for more, or take what I'd already layed out and not take a chance on blowing the whole deal.

The five bills was too good to pass up. "That'll be just fine." She was smiling brightly, the smile that only money can buy. She started unbuttoning her blouse, while I went to work on stripping off my clothes.

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She took it slow, teasing, like the dancer/stripper she was, even though she didn't need to at this point. I didn't mind, I like a show as much as the next guy. Her body was tight, the way a dancer's should be.

No surprises there, of course, I'd seen it all at the strip joint and she hadn't had all that much of it covered up tonight. Those big firm tits were real, unusual for a stripper. They were plenty big enough, and hadn't started to droop, so I guess she hadn't needed the boob job yet. I stepped over to her, nuzzled my face between those nice tits, and slid my hand between her legs, letting one finger slip into her pussy. She wasn't used to this from a john. "Why don't we just get on with it." I couldn't tell if she was annoyed or just surprised.

"Hey, I'm paying good money for this. Besides, there's no law shaved twat acquires pounding hardcore and blowjob says you can't enjoy it even if you get paid for it." Mainly I wanted her to be good and wet when I slipped it to her. I knew good and well that if she enjoyed herself it would be because she was making lots of money. When I felt her juices starting to flow in her pussy I pushed her back down on the bed and climbed on.

She spread her legs wide. I wiggled the head of my cock around her pelvis until I found her slit, then plunged in full blast in one shot. She was nice and tight, and I could feel her pussy tighten around me as she flexed the muscles in her belly.

The dancing was definitely good for something. I braced myself with my hands on her shoulders, and fucked her hard, deep, and nasty. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and that was all I had to worry about. For once, I didn't have to be concerned with whether my partner was getting off or not.

She had that far-away stare of a professional doing her job. Although I had a sneaking suspicion the way Teri's hips and belly were gyrating against me, that she was having more fun than the typical whore. Sex sunny lione seaxxxxxx sex stories I was right when I got the feeling she enjoyed her job a little more than she should. I was grunting, she was panting a bit, and I could feel that churning inside that said I was not far away from an explosion.

I drove into her hard, making sure my cock was all the way up her cunt. My balls tightened, and my cum streamed out into her. She struggled to get away, a wild look on her face. "Fuckin' bastard, I told you not to cum in me!" She bucked her back and hips, trying to throw me off, but I was too strong for her, kept her pinned to the bed. She wasn't likely to give up, but it wasn't going to matter soon.

My cock was still hard even after cumming, something that didn't happen very often. I took advantage of it and began to pump in and out of her again, even harder than last time. I was looking into her eyes, and the thousand-yard hooker's stare had been replaced by fear. And the fear was getting stronger. I drew strength from the fear, my cock pounding Teri's cunt, my fingers digging into her arms, keeping her from striking out at me the way I knew she wanted to.

There were tears on her face now, cutting tracks through the makeup, making her eyeliner run. "You god damn prick, why are you doing this?" The fear now was turning to panic, and was mixed with confusion. She hadn't done anything wrong and japanese stepdaughters rape sex mi understand why this was happening.

"Because I can. Because it makes me feel good. Because you walked into the bar at the wrong time." None of those a sloppy blowjob from a tattooed tiny teen marsha may pornstar and bigtits explained it, of course. I wasn't sure myself if there was an explanation. And it didn't matter anyway. "Don't worry, it'll be over soon." She seemed to know what I meant, because her face was now swamped with full-on panic.

Her body thrashed in another futile effort to free herself. I moved my right hand from her arm to her throat, curled my fingers around it.

She tried to scream now, a little late for that, she couldn't get enough air. She beat at me with the arm that was now free, but it didn't have any affect on me. I squeezed her throat until her face started to turn white and her muscles relaxed, to the point where she was just ready to pass out, then I relaxed my hand. She gasped, sucking in a huge breath, her body shuddered. I was still fucking her, slamming all the way in with stebro wastes no time in fucking stepsis daisy stone stroke.

"Please. stop. I'll. give you back. the money." She was still trying to catch her breath as she talked. I wondered if she knew there was nothing she could do or say now that would change things. I put my hand back on her throat, squeezed, harder this time. I could feel another orgasm getting close, so I needed to get on with things.

I moved my other hand to join the first. I didn't need to hold her, she was too weak to struggle now. I squeezed, released, squeezed, released, watching her eyes bug out, then roll back in her head. I had to time it right, I wanted her to feel me cum inside her again, wanted her to feel my semen wash through her cunt. I know that I'm close now, that it's time to finish this. I force my cock fully inside her, the first shot of cum boils out into her. I squeeze hard now, with both hands.

Teri's eyes open, shoot one last plea to me. It's no use. Her eyes glaze over, her ashen face turns purple, her body twitches. I can still feel spasms in her pussy around my cock. I finish emptying myself into her, and a few seconds later her body goes limp.

I can feel things crushing in her throat. I keep my hands around her throat a little longer, just to make sure, then let go, stand up, my limp dick slipping out of her. I stare down at her body, then turn as I hear the door open. Nikki stands in the doorway, not looking too pleased.

"Are you done?" There's an edge to her voice. "Yeah, just finished." I'm breathing hard, winded. "Good. And remember, this time you're cleaning up your own mess. And hurry up, I want to get to bed." I turn back to Teri, start doing what I need to do.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to be very nice to Nikki for a while this time.

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