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Slim teen gets that big dick in the pussy
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Note: There's no sex in this one. Some of this is real, some of it is fake. Thanks for reading my first story. -------------------------------------------- There I was standing there in line waiting to get my schedule in the West Gym.

My name is Sonny, and it was the week before I started my senior year. It was just going to be like any other year I went to register. Bring my paperwork, pick up my books, take a picture, get my schedule and pick up my ID with a student handbook. Blah. It was WAY to early in the morning.

Oh will you look at that. I got a reduced schedule (less than 7 classes), I got 6 classes. Good stuff. Anyway. A bit about my self before I move on. Im 5'10, hair in 2 big puffy pig tails, mixed, somewhat athletic build from tossing rifles and flags in colorguard. My cock is only 7 inches, but hell it was enough to make any guy scream my name. People say that when I walk down the hall I look like the kind of person who'd mug them . but then they got to know me and now they say I'm just a big teddy bear.

i also have 14 piercings including my tongue, arm, and chest. Back to the story. I picked up my crap, and headed outside to the student union (aka the patio). I sat rika hayama rides cock like a maniac on one of the benches and waited for my ride to come. I plugged my headphones into my sidekick and started listening to Coldplay. It was making me drowsy, and i decided to slide my sunglasses on and snooze for a few minutes.

But a few minutes turned into an hour. By now, the patio was filled up with seniors comparing classes and catching up from their summer breaks. That's when i saw him.

but only for a quick moment. He was hispanic, about 5'5, and had a giant red shirt on. From a distance he was sexy as hell. I shook it off and walked home. My sidekick started ringing. It was my best friend Delilah. "Shit," I thought to myself, "not this bitch." I hit the call button. "Hello?" "Hey bitch what's up?" "picked up that shit from school and heading home. you? "At school now. there's this kid you gotta meet." *About to walk in my yard* "Uhh huh.

Dee, honey I told you, you're not allowed to hook-up up anymore. Remember when you hooked me up with McKale? The Pastor's son? "Yeah. and his dad almost found out you guys screwed in his truck! ahahaha good times" "You're nuttier than squirrel shit sometimes, but thats why I like you.

Girl let me call you back" She hangs up first. Thank god, that bitch can talk for HOURS about non-sense. I take a vanilla primetime out from my pocket, light it, and suck in a decent amount of silky goodness before I unlock the front door. ***First Day of School*** "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!" Thats all I could think as jumped out the shower and speed walked to my room.

Clothes started flying all over the place and music started blasting through the house. What better way to start the day than some Alicia Keys right? I found something I actually liked and threw it on. I grabbed my bag, wallet, phone, iPod, chapstick and keys and rushed to the car. School started at 7:30 and it was 7:15. There was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to be late on the first day. I get in, and speed off into the sunrise. Well, no, not really, my school is only 3 miles away from my house.

But still, I was on that Nascar status. I pull up to the security booth, flash my school ID and license and find a parking space.

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I literally jump out of the car and take off running to my first period. Being the kind of person I am, who the hell wants to be late to color guard when it's the first thing you do in the morning?

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This kid, right here. I get there in time and get through all the introductions. The bell rings and I go to 3 more classes before I go to lunch. I meet up with my groupies (We call ourselves the "Black Fab Five") and headed to the student union to find a short lunch line. But wait. I saw him again. there he was, the kid from registration. He was standing with a girl.

I got a good look at him. Kind of short, spiky hair, stocky and muscular build, Green Eyes, and the brightest smile ever. It was just dreamy. Hell, I found myself standing here in the pizza line with my mouth wide open. Kyshah - "SONNY! Damn! Now, back to this bitch I fought last week." Me- "Oh.

Uhmm He's cute" Delilah - "He's Onion, or some shit like that" Me - "He's r e a l l y cute." Meeka - "And? Oh thats right, we're all dikes and you're a fag" Me - "Damn right" Milla - "Uhh. I like dick, thank you very much" The boy caught me staring at him and flashed his perfect smile before giving me a dirty look. I looked away like I got mad. But that was a lie. If I was a lighter shade I would have been blushing". We all ate lunch and I went to my other 2 classes.

6th period I got assigned to be an office aide.

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So I go to the front desk and he was already behind the counter. Oh god, was He an aide too? I tried not to look at him but i felt him staring me down. Mrs. Joan told me to come around and sit with him while she went to the snack machines. he looks over at me and says "Hi".

"Hey" "So. uhh. you an aide or something?" "Yeah, Attendence Desk." "Me too." It was an awkward moment of silence before Joan walked back in with a bag of chips.

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We got our briefing and whatnot. It only took us a few minutes before we were taking calls and all that jazz. I couldn't hardly keep myself from staring at his bubble butt while was bent over filing permeant records.

This was going to be one hell of a year.