She had her hair done to cum

She had her hair done to cum
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A whole week at Aunt Chrissie’s. Episode One By: Tom’s Mind Part I of III Today was the day. Today was the day where the whole family would head up north for a whole week. And when I say the whole family I mean the whole family. Everyone from, grandparents to cousins. We where going to leave in exactly 10 hours. Personally I did not want to go. Last time I when up there Yoga xxx sex stories story japanese got so sick I had to spend the rest of my rare vacations from school in a hospital bed.

This year I had a plan. My plan was to fake an injury, so that I would not go. This year I had a plan. My plan was to fake an injury, so that I wouldn’t have to go. Pathetic?

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Yeah I know. But if I got lucky I would be able to stay home all alone. This would be great since I could masturbate as much as I would like to. I could even try to buy a couple of porn movies on Pay-Per-View.

Anyways my sister was grabbing her bag and heading to the van when I “tripped” and fell. I grabbed my knee and started acting my way to victory. My mother came rushing outside and helped me up. I told her it hurts like hell, and that I was real sorry that I could not go like this up north. She brought me downstairs and we entered my room. She slowly put me on my bed and razed me pant leg up to take a closer look at my knee.

Of course it was not scratched or anything but Huge tits blonde coach tribs in gym fitnessrooms yogabanging told her it hurts like hell, and the best part is SHE BELIVED ME!

So she went up stairs and had a word with dad. She later came back downstairs and told me what was going to happen. “Ok young man this is what’s going to happen, your aunt Chrissie has an elbow injury so she won’t be going up north with the rest of the family. So I’m going to drive you at her place, that’s where you’ll spend you week. Will come and pick up on Sunday”. Great, just what I needed, an adult. Aunt Chrissie was pretty cool, but still she was still an adult.

So my mom packed the rest of my stuff and we hoped in to her car. We took the main sex father in law xxxcok, and passed a few streets and in 20 minutes we where knocking on her door.

Aunt Chrissie opened the door, and invited us in. She told us that the rest exquisite doll is flaunting her gaped tight fuckbox in closeup the family left early so that they could arrive be for dark.

My mom kissed my on the forehead and said her goodbyes. Less then 30 seconds she was off. Aunt Chrissie was pure gorgeous. She had long brown hair. That she usually tided up in a ponytail. She had beautiful deep blue eyes.

She also was wearing a white cotton bathrobe. Her amazing all natural breasts were sublime. A perfect 34D cup. “So it’s just you and me isn’t it?” she said calmly. I was just starring at her amazed at how she looked. Usually I never got to see her like this but now wow! She just stood there holding a cup of coffee. She told me to take my stuff upstairs and take Albert’s room for the week. It was right next to her’s. I unpacked my stuff and placed all me clothes on the floor in seven neat piles.

Then I heard Chrissie say “Time for dinner” I rushed downstairs and glanced at a clock. Six o’ clock. Damn time passes fast sometimes.

She was placing the lasagne on the table. I grabbed a chair and sat down I started eating. “So, umm got any girlfriends she say” she said with a thin smile on her face. “Umm no not right now, but why do you want to know” I said puzzled. “Oh nothing just wanted to know that’s all.” She said Dinner was great and I went in to the washroom and locked the door.

Fuck was she hot! My chest was pumping oxygen, my hand were getting sweaty. And my dick was as hard as a goddamn rock! I scavenged for anything in the cupboard that would be a good lubricant. Bingo! Chrissie’s hand lotion! Not the best but it would do. I unzipped my pants and then opened the hand lotion bottle my dick was throbbing like made every time my heart beated.

I squirted some lotion in the palm of my hand and rubbed it on my dick. The feeling was so good! I started rubbing slowly then faster. But then a knock on the door. “Tom, what are you doing in there?” she said “Umm, umm nothing Chrissie” just finishing ill be right out.

“Ok, I need to take a shower” she said I was now washing my hands. After I put the lotion bottle away. And pulled up my pants. My dick was still throbbing. A placed my shirt in a way that my massive boner did not show all that much. I opened the door and there she was waiting. A thin smile on her was on her face like the one a dinner time.

I exited the washroom and went in to my bedroom. Chrissie closed the door. I shoved my hand down my pants and started to masturbate. It’s been a whole week I hadn’t ejaculated and it was killing me. After 10 minutes Chrissie came out. This time she was wearing a fucking black see through nightgown with pink flowers on it.

My cock was cry. I felt like crying to. For god sake was she doing this on purpose? Hopefully not. Because all that incest stuff can get you arrested and all that shit. But another part of my brain was wishing she was. My sex drive was stronger then any other time in my life. Nudist beach brings the best out of two hot t walked towards my room and entered hers.

She came back out only a few minutes later. She stopped and looked at me over her shoulder with that damn thin smile again. I was so caught up in the moment I forgot I had my hand shoved down my pants with a freaking boner the size of the empire state building. She walked downstairs and entered the kitchen.

I quickly zipped my pants and followed her. She was in the kitchen making some coffee. “Umm Chrissie, I can explain you know. It’s been a long time and well” I said before she cut me off. “Don’t worry about it Tom. Here come follow me.” She said moving towards the living room.

She sat down on the leather couch, and sipped her coffee. She told me to sit down beside her. As I sat down beside her she crossed her legs exposing her thigh. Her nightgown was extremely short barely hiding her pink panty. She put her cup of coffee on the table and looked at me. “Tom, I know you a teenage and you have nadiya gul xxx storys pushto these hormones running around your body like if it’s a fiesta.

And you don’t need to be ashamed of that. You should feel comfortable when masturbating. That’s why I have a little game I would like to play. That is if you would like to…” she said and again with fucking smile. “Umm, what kind of game Chrissie?” I said pretending to be puzzled unless I was picking up the wrong wave.

“Oh it’s a great game. Ever since I saw that boner of yours when you came out of the bathroom I said wow. Ok here’s the game. We have a whole week ahead of us right? Yeah, well I was thinking of…” She slightly paused “Go on” I said “ Well ok, I was thinking we might get naked and walk all around the house naked for the whole week.

Well you know never put on close. And also never close any doors so we can always see each other, and the best part is. You can masturbate as much as you want anywhere in the house. I don’t mind if you get sperm all over the floor or walls or even the furniture, as long as you pick up after yourself.

And also you can get lucky. If you know what if mean.” She said I was just so fucking surprised to her my very own Aunt say something like that to me. I managed to get the words all right out of my month but man was a surprised. “Really? You don’t mind? Oh I knew you would say yes” and she started bouncing up and down, so that her boobs would bounce up and down.

She then stopped and looked at me.

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She untied her ponytail and slowly started to slide her shoulder straps from her nightgown. The nightgown fell to her stomach, and exposing her perfect all natural boobs. She moved her hands behind her back to undo her pink bra. As soon as she placed her hands in back her bra popped off.

My dick was throbbing like never before.

I was the luckiest guy on earth. I removed my T-Shirt and unzipped my pants. There was a huge bump in my boxers due to the fact that my cock was just so fucking hard. Chrissie slowly stood up and the nightgown plummeted to the floor, so did her bra. She removed her pink panty, showing off a really nice pussy. Her pussy had a bit of hair but it was groomed really nicely.

She didn’t look so bad after two kids. What I’m I saying she looked perfect no one could tell the she ever boor two kids. She fingered herself for about ten seconds, and then licked her finger. She then looked at me with her deep blue eyes slowly licking all the wetness from her finger.

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She grabbed my boxers and slowly removed valentina nappi gets pussy fucked by girl in fauns fursuit. A small look of astonishment on her face when she saw the size of my boner. She quivered slightly. Her full lips trembled. She then bit her lower lip. She then did something so great (if you ask me) I will still remember to this day. Her face approached my dick and she started to lick it.

Her tough felt so warm and wet on my dick. She then moved up the shaft and started licking luxury anal games with brutal dick tube porn G-Spot. Her lips engulf the tip of my cock and she started to direct her lips down the shaft. It moist feeling was so goddamn amazing I was sure this was a dream and that I had really injured myself while falling way back home. But no my aunt Chrissie was actually sucking my cock.

I felt like shooting the biggest load in my life right in my aunt’s mouth. This was amazing. “Oh you like this don’t you?” She said with my cock half down her throat. “Oh yes Chrissie it feels so good” She tried to smile but she couldn’t. She pulled away from my cock and saliva drooled down my cock, same for her chin. “Ok your turn” she said getting up, and lying down on the couch.

She spreaded her legs apart showing off the nicest pussy in the world. “Show me what you made of Brother and sister love sex she said rubbing her pussy. I knelt down at approached her pussy. I’ve already smelt pussy once and boy did it stick like fish, but Chrissie’s pussy smelt like some kind of flower. I started licking the inside of her pussy and the outside lips.

I put one of my fingers in her pussy and Chrissie moaned. Then I put two in she moaned again. She started to rub her boobs together. Licking her nipples and slowly massaging her clitoris. She was so wet she started dripping on the leather coach. She then licked her fingers and continued masturbating. After about 10 minutes of intense licking she stopped, got up and slowly stretched. “It’s late Tom you should get some rest, you can sleep in my bed if you would like to” I was so fucking horny I didn’t want to stop but alas I had to.

I went up and entered Chrissie’s room. But just then I remembered some thing. “…Your aunt Chrissie has an elbow injury so she won’t be going up north with the rest of the family….” I stepped out of the room and looked at Chrissie she smiled back and flexed both arms showing no injury.

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You bitch I thought to myself…you bitch… A Whole Week at Aunt Chrissie’s By: Tom’s Mind Episode One Part II of III The nest morning I awoke to the sweet smell of pancakes.

I got up and went downstairs. Chrissie was still butt-naked and she had a spatula in her hand. “Good morning Tom, how about some pancakes?” She said flipping two pancakes on to a dish. “That would be great” I said looking do to find another massive boner. Chrissie’s cheeks became a little pinkish and she wouldn’t stop starring at my cock.

Personally my balls were fucking killing me. After all the excitement from last night I generated so much sperm that it hurt. She just finished flopping her last pancake on her dish and she was walking towards the table. I followed and sat down at the table. She just starred at me. The she said “Come here stand right beside my Tom.” I had no idea what she was going to do but what ever it was it should be pretty good.

So I stood beside her really close too. She the spitted in her hands and started giving me a freaking hand job! I was just amazed at her fucking sex drive. She started speeding up and massaging the head of my cock it felt so fucking good. It’s always better when someone else does it for you.

The she took my cock and rubbed it between her to beautiful boobs, and spit one my cock again. It was fabulous. The sensation of her boobs and her moist warm slimy spit made me wanna ejaculate so fucking hard that I just couldn’t keep it in any longer. “I’m going to cum I moaned, I’m going to CUM!!!” I yelled the last part because I was so fucking close to my climax. Half a second later all my muscles tensed up and I started ejaculating, but just as I was doing this Chrissie took my cock at her plate and aim my cum onto her pancakes.

Thirty seconds later I stopped climaxing. I was sweaty all over the lia and anastasia blow a thick rod place.

My balls were saying thank you Tom. I went back to my chair (opposite side to Chrissie) and sat down exhausted and relived. Chrissie on the other hand was just smiling back at me. She took her knife ant fork and cut a piece of pancake covered in cum, really a lot of cum was on those pancakes.

I just starred at her slowly putting the cum drenched piece in to her mouth. Once completely in she started sucking on it like a piece of candy. A bit of cum fell on her perfect breast and she grabbed her boob and liked the cum off with her cum covered tough.

I was amazed at to what I was actually seeing. After 10 minutes she completely ate her pancakes. I on the other hand did not even touch mine. She got up at went to my side of the table at French kissed me. Her beautiful deep blue eyes just gazed at me as if she were in a trance.

After the kiss she picked up my plate and brought it to the sink, and then she sat back down at the table. “Tom your cum is superb! My hubby’s cum is getting old and it’s losing a lot of its young fresh taste, and he does not ejaculate as much as you do…” as she said this she licked her fingers.

“Well thank you Chrissie, I’ve been keeping that load in for about a week I guess I never really had the chance to ejaculate and I’m glad I didn’t till now.” I said pretty confident of myself.

“So Tom, today I need to go shopping for some close at the local store, and for some condoms.” Chrissie said “What! Condoms for me?” I said surprised “Yeah, I don’t want you blowing a load that big in my pussy now do we.” And plus it’s for other things to.

So we got up and got dressed, Chrissie told me that if we truly have to get dress we can but we are not allowed putting any kind of underwear. That didn’t bother me all that much, so I went downstairs but on my old muddy sneakers. I turned around and saw Chrissie coming down the stairs. She was wearing a lime green shirt and some blue denim jeans.

We could clearly see her nipples descargar xxx mujeres mionas porno the thin shirt, and we could also se a slight camel toe where her pussy outta be. This was a side of Chrissie I never imaged seeing.

Of course I had the occasional dream about her and me, but never anything like this. This time Chrissie did not tie her hair at all.

I really liked it like that. So we got into the car and drove off. Half way there Chrissie told me to rub her pussy.

With out any hesitation I did. I was massaging her fucking pussy like there was no tomorrow. She smiled at licked he lips, and bit her lower lips. She kept flexing her ass, she was enjoying this allot. When we got in to the stores parking lot, she told me to stop. We unbuckled our seat beats and got out, entered the talking phone calls and xxxnxxx. When we got in everyone looked at Chrissie she just smiled and continued in to the store, she went to the back of the store and then went to the pharmacy.

She asked me what size I need and I said I have no idea. She put her index finger under her chin in a thinking position and said you need medium.

“Wow you really know you cocks.” She just smiled and we then went to pay for the box. The condoms were extra lubrication with thin lining and cherry smell and taste. Allot of ideas came rushing into my head all at the same time about what she could do with the condoms.

After Chrissie paid, we got back in the car and drove off to the women’s clothes store. We both went in. Inside I found thousands of pairs of fucking amazing thongs so fucking thin, I just started day dreaming of my favourite porn star in this thong I started getting hard so I stopped immediately.

I found Chrissie in the Lingerie section. She was looking at a really nice piece. It was totally black with some nice work on the bra which was integrated in the whole piece. From what I could see from a distance was it had a small clip wear the pussy is located.

So that you could just open the clip and fuck that cock. While Chrissie was talking to the seller, I allowed myself to get entranced by the beautiful ladies here.

One of them was wearing a short skirt and she had no panties on. Her husband was only a few meters from her and he had a heavy build. He looked strong enough to bash me face inward. So I stopped looking at his wife. I was walking around the store and found a small porn shelf full of lesbian stuff. I grabbed a magazine and flipped through the pages. I got a massive boner and the tip of my cock started to hurt.

That massive ejaculation was too much, for me to handle I needed to give my prick a few hours to recuperate. Chrissie found me and said we were leaving. We got in the car and drove off to the local video store.

“Ok tell me what kind of porn you like and ill go rent it.” She said. “I want to see you masturbate” that was blunt from her but who cares I was having the best fucking time in my life! I told her what I wanted and she got out. As she was walking towards the store entrance I saw her Jeans were caught in her ass. It was such a hot thing to see. Anyways 10 minutes later she came out with the movie. She got in the car.

She handed my the video, a classic Girls sleepover party. We drove back to Chrissie’s place. The day went on slowly, I went to sleep when we got back. The I played some video games. Later in the day Chrissie came back down stairs and asked if I wanted to take a bath with her. I said “ Hell Yeah!”. So we both went upstairs and entered the bathroom.

She had lit about five candles. And she put a few peddles in to the bath. I got an instant boner and the my balls were telling me we’re back in business. Chrissie got in to the bath and sat down, and extended her legs. I followed her and sat on to of her legs. She smiled and started to lick her breast. The light reflected off of her wet breasts and the smell of the lavender candles made me so horny.

Chrissie started fingering herself vigorously and the water splashed a bit. I started to stroke my cock, Chrissie grabbed some baby oil and gave the bottle to me. I squirted some out and started to stroke my cock with it. The fucking sensation was amazing, Next Chrissie grabbed a razor and some shaving cream and asked me if I wanted to shave the little hair she had left on her pussy.

I grabbed the razor and carefully started to shave she continued to lick her boobs. Once I was done she wrapped her legs around my back and grabbed my cock and shoved it up her pussy. She didn’t start fucking me no she just let my cock sit in side of her. We started to kiss.

At one point she started sucking on my tongue. About half an hour later we got out. And dried our bodies (I dried her’s and she dried mine.) Then we went downstairs and ate lunch.

The rest of the day Chrissies gave me the occasional blowjob, luna bright in the virgin braceface diaries I had the occasional pussy licking experience. Man is Chrissie great A Whole Week at Aunt Chrissies Episode One By: Tom’s Mind Part III of III The rest of the week was as spectacular as any other day of the week.

There was this one day where it was “Stick you finger up Aunt Chrissie’s Pussy Day” good student take care of her family was a great day. Anyways tonight was the night when my parents are suppose to pick me up. I when up stairs and Chrissie was waiting for me on the bed dressed with that really cute piece Lingerie that she bought at that all women’s store.

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She made a come over here sign with her index and I obeyed here. I climbed on to the bed and she pulled out the box of condoms she bought for me. She opened a pack and carefully placed the condom on my erected cock. Then she unbuttoned the small pussy opening and I fucked her the old fashion way for one whole hour.

Every time I pounded her tits found bounce up and down. At one point she ejaculated this liquid all over my chest. She was breathing very hard at that point and her neck was all sweaty. Her pupils were so dilated and she tensed up like a rock for about 5 minutes. After her orgasm she pushed me off the knees and started licking all of the pussy juice off my chest. I tasted it too, it was so goddamn sweet. I loved it. After that we both took a quick shower together and got dressed (finally).

She put on black pantyhose and a skirt and a black blouse. She tied her hair back really nicely, but not in a ponytail though. At eleven thirty my parents arrived, accompanied by Chrissies husband and her kids. I took a last glance at Chrissie she smiled, and then she did something surprising. She took her index finger and rubbed her blouse where her nipples would be and then licked it.

I quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen her but was relieved to see that every one was still in the coming home sunny leone xxx bf story faking sex stories black guyg so no one had seen her. Later at around mid-night got I got in to the car with my parents and my sister Tiffany (she’s a bombshell) and left for home.

*This is a pure work of fiction created for the sole purpose for entertainment this piece of work should not be taken into any false judgement and be flagged.

More are on the way guys and girls!!!!!! By: Tom’s Mind