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Saniya ke sexxsi story com sex stories
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Brie and Jason hadn't seen each other for almost 15 years, not since they were teenagers at school. She was nervous about contacting him again. What was she supposed to say? Let him into her deepest darkest secrets about why she really ran away? He had, afterall, once been her best friend.

But now, things were so different. She had children and a failed marriage, and she had no idea what he was like now. She typed his name into the search box. Wow there were alot of Jason Masters on this website. As she scrolled through the pictures, she remembered their childhood spent together, camping in the back garden, paddling in the stream and picking blackberries. Suddenly, there it was. His picture. She couldnt forget his features, his dark eyes and scar on his cheek from falling out the tree that time.

She clicked 'add as friend'. All that she had to do know was wait. And boy, what a wait it was! 3 weeks later she checked her messages and found one from Jason.

Just a general message. As she flicked through his photographs there was no significant woman, no children, just Jason.

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Gorgeous Jason. As she replied to his message she was getting butterflies in her stomach.

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For the next couple of weeks, their messages were flying back and forth, becoming increasingly flirty. Jason suggested they meet up, and catch up properly. As luck would have it, Brie's job was taking her to her old town where Jason still lived for a few days.

They arranged a date for dinner, and soon it was upon them. Brie felt stupid. She was going to dinner with her oldest friend. It was dinner with a friend, not a potential boyfriend. Still, she was nervous and didnt know what to wear. She treated herself to some sexy underwear and a short, floaty summer dress that showed off her cleavage and legs.

She waited outside the restuarant, and as soon as she saw Jason her legs turned to jelly. He was gorgeous, he had definately turned into a fine man. And he didnt think she was half bad either. If only she had known how hard her pictures had got him, and how many times he had wanked thinking of her real samall baby big boy around his cock.

Seeing her in the flesh again brought these feelings to light and he could feel himself getting aroused, and it didnt go unnoticed. Brie had seen the bulge in his trousers grow and it made her moist. Dinner flew by, the conversation flowed, as well as the wine. They had forgotten their nerves and the fact that they hadn't seen each other for almost half their lives. Halfway through their dinner, Brie had whispered to Jason that she had decided against wearing knickers that evening, this instantly made his penis spring to attention again.

He told her how turned on she made him, and she slipped her foot from her shoe and gently stroked his cock with her foot. By the end of dinner it too much for both of them. Brie invited Jason back to her hotel, but he didnt want to take advantage. She offered to get on her knees and beg. This was enough to convince him. The taxi ride back to the hotel was hell, both of them wishing the driver would hurry up and get them there so they could satisfy their hungry needs.

Back at the hotel, they pretty much ran to her room. As soon as they were inside, he pushed her up against they wall, kissing her roughly on the mouth.

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She fumbled with his belt and zip. He pulled her dress up around her waist and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

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He lowered her down onto his big hard cock, and fucked her hard against the wall. Damn her juicy wet pussy was tight, felt amazing around his shaft. He grabbed her tits and sucked on her nipples greedily. She was biting on his neck which was turning him on so much. Jason carried Brie over to the bed, layed her down and started pumping her wet cunt. Then they rolled over so she was riding him hard.

Her breath was catching and she knew she was going to cum. He told her to wait for him, it wouldnt be long. Soon, they both shuddered to an amazing orgasm. Her juices flowed over his cock, and she could feel him shoot deep inside of her. She climbed off, and started sucking his cock, licking up their mixed cum at the same time. She turned around so her wet mound was in his face.

He started to lap at her pussy tasting their cum. His tounge dirty minded cops are banging hard with a black criminal amazing darting over her clit, he certainly knew how to drive her wild! He flipped her over and drove his hard cock into her pert arse. She yelped in pain as he took her by surprise, but soon she was getting into it. Jason pulled her hair as he was fucking Brie's bum.

She begged him to fill her up again. He reached around and grabbed at her breasts. He slipped out of her bum and straight into her pussy which was nice and tight again. The friction of his long hard shaft against her was almost too much to bear. Jason was close to cumming. He started moaning loudly, slowing down, breathing deep in her ear.

As he filled her pussy once more, it was enough to push her over the edge and she let out a whimper as she felt herself cum. They colapsed on the bed, both completely knackered, their breathing heavy. The next thing Jason knew, it was 6.30am; wicked handjob gloves red boots had fallen asleep where they had colapsed after their amazing sex.

He gave Brie a tender kiss goodbye, and told her he'd ring her. She was convinced he wouldnt, that the night before had just been a one off, but he promised her. Later that day Brie returned to her town.

She didnt know whether to play it cool and wait for Jasons call, but truth be told she was panicking. Why hadnt he rung her by now? She didnt need to worry about anything though. The following evening, there was a knock at her door. She opened it and there stood her Jason. He told her he couldnt get her out of his head. She felt the same, grabbed him, kissed him hard, and told him to take her to bed.