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Hot big tit blonde vivian west satisfys dicks at once
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The Doyle Sisters Robert Doyle stood staring blankly at the two identical graves. His face was expressionless. He was not even staring at the graves. He was just standing there like a rock without any expressions.

Few people have already left after the funeral. He slowly turned keeping his head down and trying not to listen to anyone. But there were whispers, talks and rumors. He walked slowly to his car, feeling one thousand eyes staring at him. He heard several whispers, people talking to each other. 'Look how rich people s daughters get spoiled but this one's turned into whores,' one said. xnxx black man white girls whores deserve to die.

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They were a dirty mark on our society,' another said. Robert heard these harsh statements on his way to the car. There were no tears in his eyes, his face still expressionless as his driver opened the door for him. 'Oh this is very nice,' Lexi said holding up her dress. 'Yes I know and look at this. So nice too,' Becky, her twin sister, said. They both were preparing for tomorrow night's dance party.

They were so excited about it. Lexi was observing Becky's dress and there was a gleam of something in her horny teen alisa fucks off some steam coed anal. She quickly put her dress down and grabbed Becky's dress from her hands.

'I think this will suit me more. I'm wearing this,' she said in a thats-it-end-of-story tone. Becky let go of her hands and sadly she walked out of Lexi's room. Why does she always have to do this, she thought to herself. She went to her bed and lay down thinking over her sister s attitude towards her. They lived in a mansion like house and their father was a big millionaire businessman and politician. He had his leg in almost every business. His wife passed away leaving two twin daughters behind who were born almost at the same time.

Lexi was older than Becky and taller. She was about 5 foot 6 with brown hair and nice complexion. On the other side, Becky was 5 foot 1 and she had brown hair with a tanned and curvy body which made her look sexy. But she lacked confidence. Lexi was the bitch and she bossed Becky around almost in everyway. Lexi was also very spoiled.

She wouldn't let Becky go near her things. They had separate bedrooms but next to each other. Becky fell asleep thinking all this. Next day went in a blink. They both got ready for the dance party. The taxi came to pick them up and Becky didn't much see Lexi at the party.

She never even felt like dancing. She wanted to go home but without Lexi she couldn't go home. Far away she could see a group of boys looking at her and smiling her.

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She felt their eyes checking her body out. Uncomfortably, she stood up and walked to the ladies washroom. She looked herself in the mirror, her makeup was melting away. God, she wanted to go home. She heard someone giggling in the bathroom. The next moment, Lexi and this boy came out.

Lexi froze looking at her sister. 'What are you doing here?' Lexi asked. 'I.I.just.what is he doing here?' Becky said pointing at the boy. Lexi didn't even answer to her sister. She grabbed the boy's hand and walked out of the door. 'Get a taxi and go home. I'll come with my mates,' she said as she made an exit. Becky was left alone in the cold bathroom. She got home and sneaked to her bedroom. She did not want to confront fuck my friends wife whie he watches father.

Otherwise she would need to answer a lot of questions. She took off her clothes, cleaned her make up and sat in front of the mirror looking at her naked body. Suddenly she smiled at herself in the semi dark room.

She loved herself. She wanted to love herself. She was so lost in herself, she felt angry hearing the banging of car doors outside. That must be Lexi, she thought. She carefully walked to her window and peeked through. She saw Lexi in her low skirt and that same boy was with her. Becky gasped. 'Wait a minute. Let me get the lamp,' Lexi said as the taxi went off dropping them. She grabbed a lamp from the window nearby the main door of her house. She grabbed the boy's hand and they started walking towards the front garden.

Crossed the garden, they entered the stable. The horses were wide awake at this time of the night. This was an old fashioned stable with half dead grey wooden walls, six boxes with horses in them and lots of hay. Lexi pushed Ian on the Hay and put the lamp on the wood. She smiled. 'What do you want us to do tonight?' Ian lay down but supported himself on his elbows. 'You decide.' 'I'm feeling like a bitch tonight so I'm gonna let you control me.' 'That's nice,' Ian said as he got up and grabbed Lexi's hair with force and pushed her down.

'On your knees.' Lexi felt excitement ripped through her body as she kneeled down in front of this amazing man. Ian, still holding her hair tight, jerked her head a couple of time. Lexi looked in his eyes.

She had fucked this boy numerous times but tonight she wanted to try and be his whore. Yes, she wanted to let him dominate her. And the grip of his hand on her hair, she was loving sunny leone sex blue fuck. Ian bent down and kissed on her lips which sent shivers down her body warming up her cells for an upcoming orgasm.

Ian reached down and took her dress off, the dress she snatched from Becky last night. Ian threw the dress on the hay beside and squeezed her nipples. She enjoyed it. She enjoyed every part of it. She even enjoyed the cold breeze from the stable entrance which touched her bare beautiful small back.

It made her hair stand up and give her goose bumps. She wanted that warm cock inside her as soon as. This was her favourite boy out of all. She could just imagine the 9 inch thick cock entering her pussy. There she kneeled dreaming about this when she felt her cheek stung. Ian had just slapped her.

'What the fuck are you doing?' he said half shouting. Lexi blinked and started unzipping his trousers. Then she pulled his boxers down and out revealing her favourite toy, semi erect.

'Remember you are not allowed to touch this,' he said. Lexi looked up at him for a fraction of a second. She put her hands on her back then her face came forward and she took the cock in her dry mouth. Slowly she began to work her saliva in and she began to suck on it without touching it. Ian let out a moan in excitement as he held her head, his cock half way in Lexi's small mouth. Lexi felt his cock growing in size until it is fully erect. She sucked on it, her small mouth only going till halfway of his mighty length.

She also noticed his erection was bigger than previous nights. Maybe it was because they were doing it in a stable rather than a plain bedroom. There she began to drift away while sucking his cock. But it was too late. Ian slapped her again. 'You filthy whore,' he said, 'Suck it like a dirty slut because that is what you are.' This name calling somehow turned her on and she began to suck harder rolling her tongue over the tip.

Ian held her head firm as he began to inch his cock deep in her mouth. Becky sat naked on her cushion chair looking through the window. She had binoculars glued to her eyes. She was watching Lexi's activity. She saw her undress and she saw how Ian threw her dress mercilessly.

She saw Ian slap her two times. Was he raping her? But how is that possible? She knew him. She didn t let these thoughts bother her. She kept watching.

She watched his dick entering her mouth. Becky gasped and shivered. This shiver stopped at a centre point which was between her legs. She had never seen this act before and she had never felt this between her legs. Her legs were shivering with fear and unknown excitement. She felt her pussy and put her hand on it. It was wet and sticky. She didn't bother and kept looking through the binoculars.

She saw how Lexi was sucking this boy's dick with her hands on her back. Soon Becky's attention was diverting again. She felt some great excitement. She put a hand on her pussy and tried to lap up the juice but it just got all messy. She rubbed it slightly and felt more urge and more excitement. She looked around the dark room and felt something was missing. Oops, how can she forget? She stood up and walked to her drawer, took two fragranced candles out, grabbed the lighter and walked back to the window.

She sat on the wet cushion sofa and shivered with cold. Her pussy juice had wet the cushion. She lit the candles and rested her feet on the window stand and spreading her legs she began to rub the still moist part of her pussy. She rubbed it in a rhythm, eyes closed, back arched, she felt pleasure.

The pleasure she can't name. God, why was this hiding from me? All the other nights she would sit naked in front of the mirror with two candles lit in a dark room and she would watch every bit of her beautiful body. She loved it. But this.this was something else. There she sat on the sofa rubbing her pussy with one hand and with the other she picked the binoculars and fixed them on her eyes. The moans were not loud in the stable but muffled. Ian held her head with force as three quarters of his meat was buried inside Lexi's mouth forced kora boss amar bow are dudu tiplxxx down her throat.

She was struggling, her eyes red and her mascara was on her cheeks with tears flowing and there was discomfort written on her face. She was trying to breath through her nose but she couldn't keep up with it. Ian had his cock in her mouth for two minutes then he suddenly pulled it out. Lexi stared blank for a minute as if recalling how to breathe then she gasped hugely retaining her breath cycle.

She looked at Ian furiously but she remembered it was her who had told him to be the commander. 'You dirty slut,' he said, 'take off your panties.' She did and Ian pushed her on the ground, raised her legs and buried his face in her delicious pussy. Just as Lexi's favourite toy was Ian's big cock, this was too Ian's favourite dish.

This very delicious pussy was like no other. His mouth was on her pussy and his nose dipped in her juice. He sniffed and some of the pussy juice went in his nose and through his mouth, he came forward and spat on her face. 'This is your juice, you filthy whore,' he said as he went back to business. Lexi was in her own world. She didn't even realized when he spat on her face and said something to her.

She was in a whole level of excitement, lay on hay, her back ached but she loved it. Her lovely long legs were raised and she loved it. Every second of it. Then on top of it, Ian's tongue was doing a great job. Oh this boy knows how to work my pussy, she thought. She let out moans of pleasure as he lapped up her juices sucking them all in his mouth and she kept producing more juice and he kept sucking it off her moist ready pussy.

Suddenly he couldn't resist, he got up and pushed his cock inside this moist tight pussy. He positioned it in such way, ripples of pleasure exploded in Lexi's body. He began to fuck her gently at first. 'Mmm oh yes. Fuck me. Yes.' She moaned as he fucked her in a rhythm pushing his upper body on her raised legs to give full penetration.

She let out a light scream as his full 9 inch went buried deep inside and hit the end of her pussy. He began to thrash her pussy violently and she was moaning loud now, not caring of anyone. He kept fucking her in that position for a while and she kept getting more wet and wet.

He was fucking her wild and she was moaning with pain and pleasure when she said the word 'stop' between her squeals. He suddenly stopped. 'What did I just hear?' 'Nothing. I.err.just.I,' she said but Ian grabbed her from the hair and pulled her up. She felt pain but she stood up still overwhelmed with excitement.

'Face the wooden fence and put your hands on it and let me see your ass', he commanded and she obeyed. Ian detached the rein from a horse saddle and he held the rein in his hand. He raised the rein, made a loop in the air and smacked on her ass as hard as possible. She let out a loud shriek, her legs weakened and she dropped on her knees, hands still on the fence.

Ian came forward and pulled her head up by grabbing her hair. 'I said do not move.

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Which part of that did you not understand?' 'I'm.sorry' is all she could say when Ian whipped her back and her screams were louder. The leather rein whip left a red mark on her back. Ian whipped her ass three more time and she took it with tears flowing from her eyes.

She was in pain. Ian grabbed her arse and put his cock in her pussy and she started fucking her again. It was still wet but michael vegas drilling boss brandi baes pussy she felt pleasure again and her pussy started flowing again fighting with his cock which was trying to push the juices in her pussy. He fucked her non stop in that position and she was moaning with pleasure, forgetting the pain of the punishment.

Her back stung but it was nothing compared to the pounding she was getting. 'Oh I'm gonna cum right inside you', Ian moaned as he said. 'Yes. I am cumming right now. Mmmm ohhh yess ahhhh,' Lexi screamed as she came right on his mighty cock milking it right down. 'I've changed my mind', Ian said as he pulled her hair, pulling his cock out.

'I'm gonna cum on your face. Mmm.' Lexi spun around and the next second she was on her knees facing his cock. She could feel his massive cock filled with hot cum just waiting to shoot out. Ian held his cock struggling to keep his cum any longer in, he let it explode on her face and sprayed on her face. It was a big shot which covered every inch of her pretty face and as she smiled with cum dripping all over her face, she looked so damn pretty.

'Thank you sir,' she said with a smile. It was the best sex she ever had. Ian was just about to reply when they heard footsteps approaching. Becky was overflowing with excitement. She could not keep up with her body. One hand was not enough but she had binoculars in other and she was watching this boy who was doing stuff to her.

He had his dick buried in her pussy and Lexi had her eyes glam babe with bigtits gets doggystyled big tits fantasy and mouth open.

Becky massaged her pussy faster, the sex turning her on. Suddenly she felt something unusual happening to her. As she watched them fuck each other, she arched her back, her pussy wanting her to rub faster and she did. She began rubbing her pussy in circles faster and faster and she felt her body tingling as she closed her eyes and threw the binoculars away, she began to rub it with both hands and the next second she released this liquid and it sprayed on the window and on the candles putting them off.

She was squirting. She squirmed with sheer pleasure releasing the water all in one go and she curled in the little sofa. God, what is happening to me? She thought as she shivered in her little sofa in the dark room. She let her body relax from the first orgasm she ever had. After couple of minutes she lifted the binoculars and looked through.

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The boy was holding the rein from the horse saddle and Lexi was showing her ass. The boy smacked the rein on her ass and she dropped down.

Becky jumped from the sofa. Why the hell is he doing that to her? Was he trying to kill her? Oh God, I gotta go and help Lexi, she thought as she put her night gown on and walked out of the door. She went downstairs and as she was cornering to get to the main door, she bumped in her father who was holding a glass of milk and wearing a night gown himself.

'Where are you going?' he asked in surprise. 'Oh dad.Lexi.Lexi.someone is in the stable with her,' she said in a hurrying voice.

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'Wait a second. Let me go with you,' he said. He put the glass of milk on the table and grabbed the rifle hanging from the wall. They both hurried outside and to the stable.

The entered the stable and Robert Doyle saw something terrible. This boy was standing naked and Lexi was on her knees and her face was covered in sperm which was dripping down on her chest. They both looked horrified seeing the father and daughter in front of them.

'LEXIIIIIIIIIIIIII', he roared in such a voice which made even the horses uneasy.