Propertysex conservative landlord finds out tenant is cam girl

Propertysex conservative landlord finds out tenant is cam girl
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Chapter 36 DOCUMENTING HER DEGRADATION Much of Laura's free time now was spent being photographed by Daniel. He had created a website for her called "Laura The Fake Lesbian" at, and he had her record a video intro for it. In the intro, she was topless, with her brother's sperm visible on her tits and face. She spoke in a giggly, breathless bimbo voice, and said, "Hi, I'm Laura!

I pretend to be a lesbian to make boys jealous, and I love the taste of my girlfriends' cunts, but really my favourite thing is being raped by men. There's nothing better than having a boy cum inside me while I scream and cry! Tasting sperm makes me happy and I love drinking piss. Why don't you come inside my website and enjoy my degradation?

I'm just a silly like fake lesbian and I want to make *you* happy." Part of Daniel's goal for the website was a "full documentation of Laura's degradation" - it would show Laura doing each and every slutty thing that might arouse a paying customer. The first series of photography, therefore, was a set of photos for each outfit of clothing Laura wore. There was an initial process of throwing out any remaining clothes Laura had that Daniel didn't agree were slutty enough for her, although there were few of those left.

When he was done and had only a small collection of outfits left, they went through each one by one. Daniel would first photograph Laura wearing the outfit, pouting, preening, then get her to a striptease out of it, ending with her naked, spreading her pussy for the camera, and then masturbating.

This was fairly standard porn site material. He did this for each of Laura's outfits. The next set of photos replaced Laura's regular urination over the next few weeks. For each pair my farnd hot mom harie in batrum panties Laura wore, he took video and photos of her wetting them, both as part of an outfit, and while wearing only underwear.

She would blush as she pissed into her panties and Daniel filmed her. In the last set, Laura started out naked, kneeling with the outfit piled betwen her legs. She would piss on the outfit, thoroughly soaking it with her urine, then dress it in, and end the set passionately kissing either Erica or Taylor in her piss-wet clothes.

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Erica and Taylor got the same treatment during this period. Laura and Daniel both had fun with Taylor during her first weeks in the house. Laura would fuck Taylor while Erica watched, commenting on how Erica was more stupid than Taylor, less pretty than Taylor, less fun to rape than Taylor.

Then she would give Taylor to Erica to play with, and watch her former girlfriend savagely take out her misery on the other girl, dominating Taylor, grinding her pussy against Taylor's face, abusing Taylor's cunt and clit for fun. Daniel fucked Taylor almost non-stop.

She was quite clearly not consenting to anything happening to her, but was equally obviously not going to resist or try to get help. Daniel had discovered there was nothing better than raping a pretty girl, and the more obviously rape it was the faster he orgasmed. He rarely came inside her without first making her cry. When Laura had pissed on the last of her outfits and worn it for the camera, she thought this phase of the photography might stop.

She was wrong. The next phase was to take all the same photo sets again - but in public. Daniel would drive the girls out to reasonably busy roads and perform the same stripteases while passing drivers watched.

Sometimes people would pull over for a better look. Each of the girls got naked, spread their pussy, and masturbated multiple times while people watched. And then they had to long haired black tranny babe strips off pantyhose and jerks tube porn themselves in public in each outfit.

These photos were taken at cafes, in public streets, in shopping malls, and he had the girls photograph each other for these so he would not need to be nearby and associate himself with the loose-bladdered sluts. He found the girls were almost embarassed to have to show such a clear public interest in a urinating girl as they were to be the ones wetting themselves.

That continued into the final phase, as the girls undressed in public, knelt over their clothes, urinated on them, and then dressed again.

This public humiliation reduced Taylor to tears nearly every time. Erica simply performed her tasks obediently. Laura felt like she should cry, and she did blush, but mostly they just made her wet. That was the kind of slut she was, now. The next series of photos were masturbations.

He filmed each of the girls fingering their pussies around the house, in the back and front yards. Then he moved on to objects. Each of the girls were required to cum from every object in the house.

He filmed them bouncing on the fixed dildos, then rubbing up against doorknobs, bench corners, bedposts. Each movable item in the house went into their cunts.

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Laura spent a long afternoon with her collection of flirty anime-girl figurines. One at a time each of the big-titted skimpily-dressed slut heroines was pushed up her fuckhole, their irregular shapes and hard edges causing new and interesting combinations of pain and pleasure each time.

When she was done with the whole set, Daniel raped her, and left his cum in her cunt, and made her do the whole collection again, this time bathing them in his semen as she rammed them in and out of her rapetunnel.

He made her put them back on the shelf still soaked in sperm and cunt juices, so that every time she saw them she'd remember what she'd done with them and how disgusting she was, and next to them he put a framed photo of one of them going into Laura's dripping cunt, so visitors would know too - it was the one that looked most like Laura, big-titted and pink-haired and obviously a whore.

He had them masturbate in public too. In cars, on buses, in restaurants, on the road, while walking and jogging, at the beach, while shopping for clothes. He made it so that every place in Laura's life, she had a memory of fucking her fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt, and she had a memory of horrified disgusted strangers watching her do it, and those memories were recorded and kept on a website so that strangers could picture her fingering her cunt in any place of their choice.

Every dinnertime became a documentation opportunity too. He had the girls cook a different meal each night - naked of course - and photographed them eating it in a variety of ways.

Super hardcore after that she gets down on her bare knees and deepthroats his it like a dog on all fours out of a dog bowl was the easiest way, of course, or being hand-fed by Daniel and nuzzling the morsels of food out of his open palm.

But some nights he had them dip their tits in the food and then lick the food off their own tits or each others' tits. Other times he had them push the food up their cunts and masturbate with it inside, then dig it out and eat it, or 69 each other and eat the food out of each other's pussies. Not all the food was tasty, of course - he had them go through the degradations using cold bolognaise, spam, brielle for backroom casting couch then eventually wet, slimy chunks of dog food.

Laura had a moment of self awareness about what she had become as she lay on her dining room table naked eating chunks of wet cunty dog food out of Erica's fuckhole, and it horrified her, but at the same time it triggered an orgasm, and she bucked her cunt happily against Erica's face and let the bad thoughts go away.

Eventually the sexy blonde minx masturbates in the car masturbation toys documentation progressed to even more degrading meals, and now each meal was required to involve piss or cum.

Sometimes Daniel would ejaculate on their meals before they eat, leaving gooey sperm topping the dinner in front of them. Sometimes he would merely add pig cum that he had sourced from a local farmer.

The girls would eat the spermy food, or smear it on their tits, or push it up their cunts, and he would photograph and video them. Other times he would just fuck their cunts and then have them add the food afterwards as his cum dripped from their pussies. Likewise, he would piss on their food, or have them piss on their own food, or serve them a glass of warm piss to drink with dinner. During this time, he started a practice of beating their tits with a belt until they cried after any dinner that had not had piss added to it.

Smoking daddy first time dylan returns home one day to find a warm rump babe chilling out they came to prefer food with piss in it, and became nervous and skittish if they were forced to eat anything that didn't taste of urine.

He taught them as they were sixty-nining food from each other's cunts to piss into sexy beauteous gf demonstrates oiled body hardcore and massage other's faces. This was easy for Laura - her sessions at the Mayim Clinic around this time had begun conditioning her to urinate on the face of any girl who was licking her cunt - and the other girls soon learned to do the same. One of Daniel's favourite videos from this time showed Taylor and Erica naked on the dining room table, locked in a 69, moaning sluttily, eagerly licking dog food out of each other's fuckholes while intermittently pissing.

Laura sat to one side, pushing chunks of dog food into her pussy as she masturbated, then pulling them out and eating them. Afterwards she would lick up the puddle of piss on the table while repeatedly orgasming. When it came time to move this part of the degradation to the public realm, the girls resisted.

Daniel ended up having to buy a cattle prod, and repeatedly use it on their tits and cunts, until they tearfully agreed to do what they were told. Even in all this, it never occurred to hot babe with huge booty always gets a real orgasm of the three girls to run away or fight back.

By now they had accepted that their life would consist of abuse and sexual degradation and that other people would make decisions about what they would and would not do with their bodies. And so it was that Laura and Taylor walked into a McDonald's one morning wearing short skirts, high heels, sheer tit-hugging tops, and no underwear, with Erica following at a distance and taping. Their faces flushed with arousal, as they had just edged to the brink of orgasm in the car outside, the girls went to the counter and ordered Big Macs and took them to a booth.

In the booth they spread their legs and proceeded to push the hot, soft burgers up inside their cunts. Taylor was crying as she stuffed junk food into her twat in public. Laura, by contrast, orgasmed as she felt the bread and meat push into her fuckhole. Both girls began to masturbate, fingering their clit with one hand while fucking the food in and out of themselves with the other.

As their arousal grew, they lifted their tops and exposed their tits to the restaurant, then they climbed up on the table, arranged themselves in a 69, and began to nuzzle the cunty food out of each other's slut-nests. A crowd was watching at this point in mixed disgust and arousal. People cheered for them, calling them sluts and whores, encouraging them to lez off with each other. Laura heard the sound of phone cameras snapping photos of the two whorish sluts licking each other out.

It felt right to her, even as to a deeper part of her it felt so violatingly wrong. This was what lesbians were for, she knew - they were made to display themselves to men, to perform and degrade themselves for male pleasure.

She was nothing but a fuckpuppet doing what came naturally to her. She felt a splash of warmth on her face, and knew that Taylor had started to piss.

Laura responded by relaxing her own bladder, and the two girls pissed into each other's mouths as they ate sodden burger out of each other's cunts and the crowd watched. Both girls orgasmed several times during the degradation. When they were done eating, they cleaned up as Daniel had instructed them to - soaking up as much of the puddle of piss on the table as they could with their clothes, then rubbing their bare tits in it, then dipping their hair in it, before finally licking up the remainder with their tongues like good little sex kittens.

They sexrajwap com xxx storys utuobe staggered out of the store, sodden and disgusting and flushed, and Erica drove them home. In and around their other degradations, Daniel fucked them, of course. He raped each girl in each room of the house, in the car, in the yard, in public locations, taking care to cum in their mouth, on their face, in their face, on their tits, in their anus and of course in their cunt, filming it each time.

Laura soon found it normal to be raped by her brother, to have her brother ejaculating inside her, to eat her brother's cum out of her lover's cunt or her slave's cunt. He documented the girls receiving pain, too.

It started with each of the girls receiving a bare-handed spanking each day on her ass. Laura found it confusing - there was pain, but it also made her cunt soaking wet. It felt good. Some of it was the pain, and some of it was the position it put her in, bent over her brother's lap, naked, a mixture of sextoy and helpless child. Taylor seemed to find sexual pleasure in it too. Erica merely submitted, allowing Daniel to use her without objection.

When Daniel found the girl's cunts wet at the end of the spanking he would usually fuck them. Sometimes he fucked them even if they weren't wet. Slowly Daniel moved on to paddles, and eventually a rattan cane. The cane left marks, even when he just lightly drummed it across their asses, and certainly when he struck them with it viciously.

Laura almost always cried when he used the cane on her, and her ass was tender for days afterwards, but still her traitorous cunt got wet and still she orgasmed when he raped her afterwards. And all of it was videotaped and uploaded to her website.

Once the girls had gotten used to the pain of the cane on their ass, he started on their tits. He would make the girls kneel nude, either offering up their tits with their hands, or with their arms behind their back and their tits jutting forwards, and then he would beat their tits. Again, he started with his hands, and then moved to a leather belt and then the cane.

He made them masturbate through the cane the first few times but afterwards he found their cunts would juice up without stimulation and at that point he wouldn't let them touch themselves anymore.

Laura deliberately thought her sluttiest thoughts as the cane left red welts on her boobs, because the pain was so much more enjoyable when she was horny than when she wasn't.

The endorphins made having her udders abused almost fun. After the tits came their cunts. He would get them sopping wet and then spread their legs and beat their pussies.

The cane hurt here worst of all - he took a special pride in landing the cane directly between their labia, right on the nub of their clitoris. From the point this abuse began, Laura almost always had raised welts on her vagina, which made the inevitable subsequent rape excruciating.

And always, of course, after every abuse, the girls would thank him. Laura did this by instinct. "Thank you for making me cry from the pain in my slutty whore's cunt," she would babble. "Thank you for hurting my wet lesbian twat for your pleasure, just like I deserve." The other girls had to be taught, but the cane was a good teacher, and soon they had just the same instincts as Laura. The spankings were not the only pain Daniel gave them.

The girls learned that if they displeased him they would get a sharp slap across the face. They learned that being slapped was a normal thing that happened to sluts like them, and that it was an appropriate way for a man to tell them that they were disappointing. He also got extensive use out of the cattle prod. A quick zap to a girl's tits or cunt was usually enough to get their obedience.

When a girl had really displeased them, he made them fuck the tip of the prod, sliding it in and out of their pussy, in a terrified mixture of fear and arousal.

When they orgasmed, he would discharge the prod into their twats just as they came. If they took too long to orgasm, he would discharge it for longer, and several times. The girls learned to fear their own orgasms, but also fear taking too long to cum. The mixture of desperation and confusion on their faces made the prod-fuckings some of the most popular videos on Laura's site. The best part, of course, was making Laura watch the videos of Taylor and Erica fucking the cattle prod at the same time as she was fucking it herself.

Watching the other girls cry as the cattle prod raped their twats made Laura sopping wet, and when she watched them orgasm and heard them scream as the electricity discharged into their orgasming fuckholes, it made her orgasm herself, and then immediately receive exactly the same pain.

And she knew she deserved it, for being the kind of perverted lesbian slut who got aroused by watching this happen to other girls, and she knew she should be grateful for the pain, and she babbled her gratitude to Daniel, thanking him for shocking her a boyfriend exchanges her girlfriend for cash, for degrading her, for making her cry, and her brother acknowledged her gratitude by leaning in towards her, kissing her on her stupid lips, squeezing her big stupid whore udders until they hurt, and then gently starting to rape her.

(To be continued.)