Messy foursome with wild euro attractive babes

Messy foursome with wild euro attractive babes
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Recently Dave had gained a new teacher, Miss A Watersmith. She was a brilliant teacher, well student teacher, in his view, but his view was usually of her ample cleavage.

He would sit every day and stare in wonder at her without looking away or looking like a stalker. The strange thing was neither Dave nor Miss Watersmith had ever realised that this was happening. Miss Watersmith had recently moved to the area to get away from her parents, who she until recently still lived with. She had been studying to be a teacher for a good few years and was only a few weeks away from completing her course.

She'd never known why but she had always loved teaching teenagers. They always seemed to give her attention she didn't get very often anywhere else. She wasn't stupid though she knew why she got the attention. It was all down to her amazing looks. She wasn't very tall, she had brown hair, a wonderful ass and large, but not obscenely large, breasts.

Deep down she had always had a bit of a fantasy to have sex with a student. She didn't know why she just did. Maybe it was the danger of being found out that turned her on and made her want to do it.

She didn't know. Monday mornings were always hell for Dave. He always woke up stiff and absolutely shattered. He was most definitely not a morning person. This Monday was no exception and it was possibly even worse than usual. He woke up a throbbing hard-on. He vehement sex with seductive luscious babe hardcore and blowjob he couldn't just jerk off as he was usually late for school anyway, he didn't want detention again.

He stood up and went out to have a shower. As he walked out the door his mum walked straight into him. He only had an old dressing gown on and his hard-on was just visible. "Oops, sorry" Dave's mum Christine said apologetically. "It was my fault" Dave said to his half naked mother. Christine had obviously only got a few minutes ago as she was only wearing a very skimpy and almost see through dressing gown.

He looked at his mother to see her look up to him as if she had been distracted. He walked off silently to the shower. As he walked down the hall he realised that his cock was now throbbing even harder than before. Once he was in the bathroom he instantly forgot about his decision to let it fade away and just get ready. He instantly whipped his gown off and began pumping away at his cock. He still knew that he had to relieve himself of this raging hard-on soon or he would be very late.

He was on the verge of cumming when dona bell and sandra shine lesbian adventure noticed a shadow at the door. He knew what it was, it was his mum. His dad had left them a few years ago and ever since then he had been realising that his mother had a lot of sexual needs to be filled. He had never actually seen her do anything but when he actually thought about it he wasn't disgusted by it like he thought he should be but became desperate to stick his long, hard cock in her tight pussy.

He had spend so long looking at pictures he had of her on beaches and in pools and every one of the pictures gave him a raging hard-on. Once he knew that his mother was listening in he began to get even more turned on and eventually began making small groans under his breath until he heard her go off to her room.

He was happy now as he had just cum all over the bathroom and his mother was going off to jerk off as well. Dave knew though that he had to go, so he quickly grabbed some food and got dressed. He had always kissed his mum goodbye since he was 4 so he ran up the stairs to go and find her.

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He walked into her room too find her completely naked and getting dressed. As he saw this he couldn't help but stare at her for a second. He quickly composed himself before he made a complete idiot out of himself. "I'm off mum" he said quickly. "OK" she said just before pausing "Come here" she continued as she opened her arms stepped forward to hug her son. Dave hugged her back and then gave her a kiss on her cheeks. He was going to pull away when his mum then went to kiss him on the lips.

Dave kissed back and the quick peck, became an extended kiss. They both started kissing for slightly longer than they had meant because they were slightly amerced in the moment. Then Dave forced himself to pull away. "I should go" Dave said with a tone of embarrassment to his voice. "Yeah I suppose you should, don't want to be late" Christine replied with a similar tone. Dave quickly walked out the front door and then began sexy girl squirting when are hardcore fucked video run as he caught a glance at the time.

He ran and ran. Eventually he saw the school, although this did not slow him down. He ran straight in and then into his first class, English. As Dave swung the door of his classroom fully expecting to see a warty middle aged man, he saw a gorgeous, young woman, with perfect skin and equally perfect, family sex father ebony audirep his daughter everything.

Then he noticed his usual teacher Mr. Howlett. "Sorry I'm late Sir" he blurted out. "Yes, yes. Sit down. I was just about to go, this is the new student teacher here, Miss Watersmith, and she'll be taking you for the next three weeks.

Actually I'll let Miss Watersmith carry on." The veteran teacher said drearily before walking out. "Dave, I believe" Miss Watersmith said in her soft voice, Dave was stunned, all he managed to get out was a nod.

He sat down and the lesson continued. That lesson all Dave did was sit and stare at his wonderful teacher. He didn't move, he just said and watched.

It was possibly the least English he had ever done in years but he did learn that it is physically possible for an English teacher to be in any way attractive. The lesson seemed to go extremely quickly and before he knew it the bell went for him to go to his next class. Dave reluctantly went slowly off to his next class. A week passed and Dave had started to get bits of work done in class, but still not much. He was writing the introduction to some essay and he stopped and looked around.

His eyes eventually rested on the usual spot, Miss Watersmith. He watched her write a note. She paused for a second to think and as she did so she put the end of the pen in her mouth and sucked it slightly. Dave almost came on the spot as he saw her moist lips surround the round, hard end of the pen. She then looked over to Dave. She didn't usually look around much, she always seemed bust so when she looked up Dave hardly noticed that she was returning the look.

He then suddenly realised and timidly smiled and then pretended to do some work. The lesson seemed so long when he wasn't watching his perfect teacher.

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Eventually the bell went and Dave began to leave but then he heard a voice. "Dave can you stay here flawless czech chick is teased in the supermarket and penetrated in pov a minute I need to discuss a piece of work with you" Miss Watersmith said sweetly. Dave turned around and slowly walked towards her as the class emptied.

Dave walked up and looked straight into the wonderful eyes of his gorgeous teacher. "I've noticed that you haven't been working very much recently" She said "Sorry" He replied "I'm didn't call you here to tell you off" "Then why did you" "Because I'm not stupid and I know what you have been doing instead" "What?" Dave said nervously.

"I mean you have been looking at me" she replied as Dave stayed silent, "Well again I'm not going to tell you off. All I will say is that I find you equally as attractive as you seem to find me." She continued as Dave stood in shock at what he had just heard "Although this should not go any further than this, understood." "Yeah" Dave said disappointedly.

Miss Watersmith then stood up lead Dave out of the classroom. Then suddenly she placed a hand on each of his cheeks and pulls his face into hers and gave him a kiss. Dave suddenly realised what was happening and kissed back. The kiss was amazing and to be honest, apart from his own Mum he had never kissed a girl before. He dropped the bag in his hand to the floor and wrapped his arms around her. "You should go" Miss Watersmith said as they finished kissing.

"Hold on" Dave said as he walked over to the phone. He picked up the receiver and looked through a list on the wall then typed a number. "Hello? Ah Hello" He said in the voice of Mr Howlett, "Yes I believe Dave Steed is in your next class?

Yes well I'm afraid I having to keep him behind here for a while. Yes, he may be a while. OK thanks, bye" He finished and looked round at a gob smacked teacher. Dave walked over to his teacher and then carried on where they left off.

He placed his lips back on hers and began to kiss.

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He was beginning to feel her open her mouth so he did then same then he suddenly felt his teacher bring her soft tongue into his open mouth.

He did exactly the same back to her. What happened next was a massive shock to him, Miss Watersmith brought her hand down his back and mature hottie payton leigh takes some dick in her sweet ass his tight ass.

Then she slowly moved her hand round and grabbed his crotch to find his cock completely erect. Dave wasn't quite sure what to do but he brought a hand down onto her ass as she had to him and placed his other hand gently on her tits, feeling her warm, erect nipples standing straight out. Miss Watersmith then brung him round and pushed onto her desk forcing him to lie back. She then opened his trousers and stared at his massive erect penis, before then bending forward and placing her soft lips on the tip of his cock.

She then began to bob her head up and down on his cock. He could feel her tongue run up and town his penis and she sucked for all her life was worth. Soon Dave was brought over the top and he sprayed his hot juice straight down the throat of his English teacher. "That was amazing Miss" the exhausted boy said.

"Please, call me Anna" she replied. Anna then stood in front of him and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her wonderful breasts covered only by a very tight, almost see-through bra. She looked down at his huge, throbbing cock. She then ordered him to take all his clothes off. Not wanting this to stop he waited on her every word. He almost ripped his clothes as he tore them off his body. Anna stared in wonder as she realised the power she had over him.

As he was finishing demolishing his clothes Anna carefully undid her bra releasing her breasts into the fresh air. She stood in front of him as she pulled her mini skirt down and off. She was now only wearing a pair of brazilian slut takes it up her butt (or for you Americans pantyhose) she slid her hand onto her moist cunt as she pulled off the last remaining clothes on her.

As the two beautiful naked people stood in they now warm classroom the looked straight into each other's eyes and then rushed together. Their lips met and they began to almost suck the back teeth straight out of one another's mouths. Suddenly Anna walked backwards and lay back, legs spread on a desk.

Nervously Dave placed his hard cock into the tight crack of the beautiful and surprisingly slutty Miss Watersmith. He began to slowly push his long rod into the deep whole of his teacher. Then he slowly pulled it out. Each time he did this he picked up a but of speed and eventually was fucking her brains out. Even though Dave was a virgin, he was giving Anna the time of her life.

She loved the raw feeling of her soft inner skin rubbing against his hard cock. The feeling then, without warning brought them both simultaneously into an orgasmic frenzy of pleasure. Anna laid there her pussy raw with pleasure thinking what a difference this was to what she had when she was living seachbrazil pissing spit vomit lesbian her parents.

What she had was usually a dildo. Dave slowly got dressed and got his stuff together. "You shouldn't worry about your essay that's due, it'll be fine anyway. Just keep up the good work" the naked teacher said just before winking.

"I will"