Cadence science experiment caused her to orgasm uncontrollably

Cadence science experiment caused her to orgasm uncontrollably
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I have taken into consideration all off the constructive critisam and i didnt read though the last story but I will this one and correct any mistakes made thank you and enjoy. I attended wyedean school and was not really open about my sexuality then.

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it was year nine and I was in Foriegn languages and in my class was this boy his name was alister but he prefered to be called Ali we were assigned to groupes to do a French task and I was put in a group with him a little background on ali he was 14 at the time was very slim and tonned a very attractive deep voice and he had reddish blonde hair but he was a good looking ginger to me. I was quite a shy boy back then and I was told to sit next to him and he starts off the conversation Ali: hey I'm Ali and you are?

Me: um. I'm uh.

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B. Uh I'm brad After eventually managing to stumble my words out I went an almost radiant red because I was so embarrassed but ali just laughed at it and giggle "cat got your tougne ah brad" I just giggled and shook it off Ali: so do you know what the work is about I was too busy daydreaming about other things? Me: typical.

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You have to uh. ( he was staring in my eyes which made me stutter) um. You have to learn the. The sentences for the oral test next week.

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Ali: oh right. what kind off oral test would that be then brad? Me: uh you know the one where mrs Watson asked you a bunch of words Nd stuff Ali: haha brad your so stupid I was being silly never mind. Me:Your Such a queer haha Ali: no but you wish Jenny gagged and aggressive fast fuck nina north gets used and d was don't you huh? Me: what! No shut up ali get back to work After that embaressing and wierd convasation with ali the bell rang and then the teacher set us homework to last the entire weekend, this was all I needed.

I had planned to go and see some friends over the weekend because it was a birthday party so I had to blow that off which I wasn't happy about but you know how school is. I got a message on facebook from ali and I thought this is a bit odd I only met him today what's he messaging me for, the message read " hey :).

Um I was wondering if i coulld have your number so we could text about the French work ? X" I kinda had a thing for ali so whenever I would see him in the corridor between periods I would go all red faced and hot flushed and start to breath uneasy so I kinda knew I liked him so theres no harm in giving him my number after all. So I reply giving him my number and about 3~4 minuets later I get a text " this is my number BRAD ;) I really enjoyed our conversation in French today :) xx" I was a little surprised because we barly spoke much in French so how could he have enjoyed it?

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I replied anyways saying " me too" he replied almost instantly with " I'm finding the French work very difficult could you give me a hand with it? Xx" I was abit taken back with this because I was like um he's ok at French and never seems to struggle but I replied saying "yeah sure but texting isnt that a lame idea It could take forever" I was a little shocked at his reply he put " well I could come around yours if you would like?

Xxxx" I was instantly excited by this and was like " yeah sure I live at so and so street And whatever else he needed to know" he said he would be over in an hour :) After thinking about things I was wondering weather or not he was gay because during class I noticed he would glance over at me or send a smile across the room before group work If I looked but he was always with girls so ii wasnt sure if he was or not so I just let it slide KOCK KOCK KOCK?!!!!!!!

It's not been an hour yet so I went to the door and to my surprise ali was there with a cute smile Ali: hey my mum gave me a lift hope you don't mind me being early? Me: no no of course not it's cool come on in After he entered he took his shoes off and smiled at me and I noticed he didn't have a bag with him so I asked Me: um. Ali where is your French work?

Ali: oh um I left it in the car shit sorry we could just use yours? Me: yeah thats cool I don't mind I've jus got to run to my room to get it After running to my room I decided i would get changed look and smell good so i said to ali Me: make yourself at home I'm just gunna grab a shower and change Ali: hey brad can I sit in your room?

Me: of course just come on up By then I was already in my tight boxers with nothing else on when ali came in the room he was a little startled to see me like this and I said I was sorry but I'm pretty open with my self so hope he didn't mind he just stared at my chest and six pac but i was tensing but you could notice so cuties plow lovers butthole with massive strap on dildos and splatter love juice anyway I entered the bathroom got washed up and got back to my room which when i went in ali was on my xbox looking though a memory stick i left in by mistake and there were pictures of me naked and there was some of my friend Nathan messing around when we were younger ( that's a different story) he turned my tv off when I made a sound outside the room he was red faced when I walked in he said in an almost breathless voice Ali: that was a quick shower Me: yeah I wash up pretty quick.

So wanna go downstairs and start the french work?

Ali:uh brad I was being nosiy and I found some condoms on the bedside table. Your not gay are you? Me: if I am does it matter ? Ali: no that's great uh I mean that's cool Me: look ali I saw that you had seen my pictures on my xbox and I saw you rubbing you cock though your jeans did you like what you saw?

Ali:look I lied about wanting to come here to study i came here because I heard you gave Ben C a BJ By pastoral and he said you were amazing and I'm bi sexual and I want you to suck me so much Me: uh that's not true Ali looked at me in my towel and said " I guess you'll need some persuading won't you" so with that he removes his top which showed the chizzled body i had imagined whilst masturbating about having him in my bed and now i was getting the opportunity to do so.

after telling myself this was a bad idea i then decided that maybe i should give it a go since he already knew about ben.

once ali had his top off he slowly walked over to me and kissed me ever so gently i returned the kiss but much more aggression i pushed him onto my bed and started to slowly move down towards his nipples, ali started to softly moan my name saying things like "oh yeah bite my nipples brad yeah like that" i was as hard as ice my dick was throbbing every time he moaned my name i though i was going to bust a load every time i made my way to his jeans and i could see the bulge where his dick was and boy it looked huge for a fourteen year old.

i undid his button ever disgrace that bitch hangover in florida the fucking slowly as to tease the living hell out of him because i had already got him so worked up once i had his jeans undone ali made one last comment " wait a minuet" after saying that he stood up pulled his jeans off then his underwear reveling a 7 inch uncut beast i was really chubby and oozing pre-cum he walked towards me stood inches away from my mouth and grabbed the back of my head i opened my mouth and tried to take as much as i could into my mouth once i had all seven inches in i brought it straight back out, i started to play with the head with my tongue ali started to moan quietly but would say things like :ahhh yeah just like that keep going baby" again i dived in taking all seven inches into my mouth ali grabbed the back off my head and started to fuck my face while softly moaning but everytime he would thrust and hit the back off my though his dick would throb and it made me grag after about three minuets of intense sucking ali pulled out and sat in the edge of my bed i crawled over to him and started to jack him off really fast while licking his balls his breathing started to become more rapid and louder i drove sraight back onto that throbbing memeber and started to make a nosie with my throat to give him extra pleasure after this he started ramming his sexy cock in and out my mouth his breathing getiing harder and faster like " OH YEAH YEAH OHHH YEAH THATS SOOO GOOD OH SUCK IT BRAD YES YES YES!!!!

OH YEAH IM CLOSE KEEP GOING OH YEAH SHIT OH YEAH LET ME CUM IN YOUR MOUTH PLEASE IM GUNNA CUM YEAH YEAH YEAH YEEEAAAAHHHH OH FUCK IM CUMMING" with that he shot 8 loads of hot warm cum in my mouth and i gladly swolled every last drop, after he calmed down he said that was amazing and he loved every second of it and would love to fuck me next time.

i looked at the time and said we bettter get some work done. I know this isnt the best stroy i have rushed it but i would love positive and negative feedback and if anyone has any ideas on improvments please do im open for them x