Girls teasing each other and having sex pussy rubbing and lesbians

Girls teasing each other and having sex pussy rubbing and lesbians
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There was this kid over the back of our yard; his name was Taylor. He was around twelve years old and though he didn't appear to be anything special I knew I had to have him, he was shortish and had brown hair streaked with blonde.

I was seventeen of medium height and thick brown hair. I often wondered if he used to tease me with his body by taking off his shirt and wrestling with my neighbour or cousin of the same age. I would watch him through the curtains as he came down to the house to visit my younger brother, he would come inside and then I would sneak out to admire his shoes.

In some cases he would wear thongs which got me a little excited because I could see his feet. My fantasies were quite simple; to take him and stuff him with the juices he so regularly made me waste. But they were only fantasies and I could never have done anything; I was the golden child. He had troubles at home so I seen him almost every day, at times he would visit and only I was home.

My mind raced at the possibilities, until one day when Taylor knocked on the back door wearing only a pair of skimpy footy shorts. His bare feet wriggled as I pulled the glass back, his face was stained with tears. "Is your brother home" he sobbed, obviously trying to hide the weakness in his eyes. He looked up at me and that's when I found I had to have this boy; he had been driven to near destruction but I could make him feel wanted once more, my lust took a hold of me and my pants became tight.

"He's in my room, um, on the laptop" I moved aside to let the lamb through. As I closed the door I looked over my shoulder to glimpse his small arse. I knew what I had to do, I adjusted myself and half running half walking I caught up to him, my door was closed and as he opened it and walked inside he peered around and finding the room empty went to turn; he pivoted and found that I stood a foot away blocking the entrance.

"He's not in here" he said in his girly voice. "My mistake" I announce, I step aside to let him past me and as he brushes past I feel possessed. My arms have a mind of their own as they reach out and pull down the boys pants. Before he could realise what I had big boob sex in the office clinic I grab him around the neck, he is wearing tiny blue briefs. My dick becomes really hard and I jab my crotch into his back.

He squeals and tries to squirm but I cover his mouth with a big hand and gently whisper in his ear.

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"I'm going to enjoy this" I laugh and jab him again with my tool. By this time sweat had begun to form and fall down the boy's body, I kiss his cheek. Taylor finds his legs again and struggles to kick me off but I wrap one of my legs around him and he stops fighting. "Good boy" I said softly. I find some rope underneath my bed, left over from a previous science experiment and work quickly to tie my boy's arms to the head of my bed.

His legs, white, slender and feminine flail about uselessly. He isn't making any audible sense his cries are hysteric, I tear a piece of duct tape and before I put it over his lips smear my tongue across his mouth. His green eyes have a look of terror but I can't go back now. "Relax Taylor, I only want you to feel loved again" his body stiffens as I put a hand to his chest, and he lies still.

I nod and pat his head to praise his good behaviour, and then I remove my shirt, socks lexidona lesbian pussy play for lexi dona and big boobed rachel evans pants and stand before him in my boxer-briefs.

A defined outline sticks up in them and as I part Taylor's legs he kicks me in the face sensing what I am about to do. I recoil like a snake and fuming I cast a flat palm across Taylor's face. He gives a muffled cry and I cast it back over the other side of his face.

His face was red and tears had begun to fall again. "Do that again and I won't be so easy on you got it?" I rub my face where his foot had contacted my jaw. I look down at his feet and bring one up I smell it, it is perfect. I rub it against my chest and my underwear, and then stroke it against my face, I suck the big toe.

Taylor flinches but I bring his right foot back up and lick the top of it. War rages in my pants as I place it back down and repeat the process with his left foot. "I'm ready now, if you do what I say I won't hurt you; ok?" I say in a baby voice, he nods understandingly.

I tear the tape away from his mouth, he breathes deeply but I swoop down and French kiss him. He lets me do it. I place my hands on his hips and rub them, then I take hold of his briefs and rip them off him, I smell the inside, an ecstasy of young flesh. Then I turn my attention to him, he is lying there eyes closed, mouth slightly ajar. I extend a hand to his cock and grip it; he immediately responds by arching upwards, I enjoy watching him like it and I rub it a little more.

It is small and circumcised; he had a few little blond hairs growing around it. He opens his eyes to see what I am doing, I play with his tiny balls and he begins to smile.

"You like that don't milf sarah vandella loves licking cadence lux wet pussy I mock him. He scowls at me but doesn't answer.

I stop touching him and turn my attention to my own meat, as it tries to escape the prison of my underwear, I release it and find Taylor staring, he looks at mine then at his and back again.

My cock is only seven inches uncircumcised but to him it is huge, his little pecker stands at around three. "What's the matter never seen one this big?" I smile.

"Yes, my brother's but his isn't as big" he says. I nearly fall over; my cock reaches its maximum hardness as he talks about spying on his brother. I bring my cock to his face and it sits only an inch away. I pull the foreskin back ready.

"Suck it" I demand. He just looks at it; he looks up and down and says "No". "No?" I repeat "That wasn't a choice it was a demand", I bring my hand up to slap him and in response he reaches his lips over the top of my rod and begins to take the head. I moan because I was still a virgin and hadn't had any experience before.

He could only take an inch or two because he was so small but I rammed it down his throat causing him to gag, I sat on his stomach as he blew me, my eyes were rolling about as he licked the top of the head.

I bent down and sucked his mouth then returned my cock to his lips before I hastily untied him.

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I suddenly pull out and without hesitation I stick my slippery cock into his young virgin girly boy hole. He screams as I enter him, I shove a pillow in his face to shut him up, his muffled cries were only turning me on more. I pump his arse and realise that my fantasies were all coming true; in and out I fuck him like a rabbit until I feel myself stiffen up. I pull out of him and lather his back with my cock, his arse is red and sore and he keeps trying to put his hands over it to stop me entering again.

I ignore his attempts and brushing his cute hands aside Two black cocks for an ebony beauty stick my rod back in him, this time he arcs up into my thrusts, he moans softly from exhaustion and as I feel his dick from under him, pre-cum seeps from it.

I pump into him hard and use one hand to jack him off, he tries to push me away but I slap his back, he gives in and I watch as he collapses and shoots onto my bed. I pick him back up and continue to fuck him doggy style.

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"I'm going to cum" I pulled out of him again and turn him around, his face is covered in sweat and tears and as I pumped my cock I grabbed hold of his dick, I can't hold it in any longer and with a heavy moan I sprayed all over his young chest and face. "Suck it clean" I say feeling like I'm in a porn movie with my slave. I quickly got out my camera and snap a few shot of Taylor eating my cock and licking up cum then I pulled his head up by his hair. He finishes and looks at me with red puffy eyes.

"And if you ever tell anyone, I'll show them these pictures of you being gay" I laugh at him because he was too young to understand really what I had done. With that I slapped him on the arse and two beauties in fetish gear sodomized and anal threesome sex him to go otherwise I might want more, he goes to grab his clothes but I stop him.

"Leave them, go home naked" I say, I would use them later to jack off. He wastes no time in running from my room, he ran out the door and up the yard, and jumping the fence he disappears. I feel accomplished and begin to clean up; all the time pondering what I had done…and when I would do it again.