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Slutty amateur big ass hottie gets fucked
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It takes true nerds to casually fall into playing improv games on a weekend night once video games had gotten old. Danica's dad was on a business trip in Santa Fe, which was strange since he was unemployed, so we could use his apartment for as long as we wanted. Luckily, Danica's dad was one of those conveniently oblivious dads who drank enough to have plenty of alcohol around enough not to notice if a good amount was missing but not so involved with drinking that he kept tabs on his booze.

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So we stood around in his kitchen, four very nerdy high school guys and a girl, drunk off our asses and improvising a scene wherein an employee had to explain to his boss why he was late. "I was trying to get here but a pack of rabid hamsters attacked me&hellip.they tried to bowl me over with their balls…" We all cracked up at the word 'balls.' Mikey, the tardy employee had to figure out the reason he was late based on what we were miming to him.

"And…my shirt was wet& mean I was painting my shirt." Gary and I were desperately trying to mime "dry cleaning" to no avail. Gary gestured that I should take off my shirt so we could better show Mikey "dry cleaning," so I took off my shirt, and in my drunken stupor continued to take off my pants.

We continued using dick instead of cue for hot pool mime "dry cleaning" by holding up the articles of clothing and treating them in whatever way it occurred to us dry cleaners might, applying chemicals here and there. Everyone was laughing at my lack of clothes, and they eventually abandoned the scene in favor of watching me dance around in just my underwear. We made our way over to the couches to lay down watch a horror movie.

"Where are my clothes?" I asked, but no one could remember where we had put them. I had an inkling that I had dropped them right where I had taken them off, but frankly, I enjoyed the cool air on my stomach.

"I feel weird being the only one in my underwear," I lied. "Poor guy," said Dennis. "A show of solidarity for the unclothed?" The rest of the guys complied, and stripped down to their underwear.

We all looked at Danica. "What?" she squeaked. "I am quite comfortable the way I am." It only took one or two "Come on&hellip."s from the guys for her to join us in bareness, sporting only a hello-kitty bra and matching panties. "Danica, we all took off our bras." "But…" Feigning reluctance, she removed her pink garment to reveal two smallish but very firm breasts. "Don't worry, Danica," I said. "I will protect you from their wandering eyes." I proceeded to drape my arm across her chest covering up her nipples.

We started the film and turned off the lights, and in our drowsiness, we all became very engrossed. It did start to get very scary though, and several times, Danica would jump in fright and whimper, prompting Gary and Mikey to mock her relentlessly.

At one point, she leaped into me, trying to reach her arms out to grab me but instead scraping her fingernails across my face. "Aww," I said.

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"It's ok, come here." I pulled her onto my lap. I realized it was not a bright idea when I started to get a stiffy from a girl sitting on my lap, and my stiffening penis lodged itself between her butt cheeks.

Although in denial, I finally had to come to terms with the fact that she obviously felt my member creeping up beneath her, but she was polite enough not to say anything. Instead, she started gently rocking back and cute honey gets screwed on the bed, quietly enough so that the other guys didn't notice at first.

After a while, she started breathing a little bit harder, and I could feel her panties getting wet, as my member had slipped out of the fly of my boxers. When she turned around to face me and started rocking back and forth on my lap, the other guys started to take notice. "Hey, what's going on over there?" Dennis asked. "Is that you, Gary and Will? I told you to jerk each other off when you guys are alone." Everyone laughed. Danica leaned in to lock lips with me, and upon releasing, her lips smacked in that signature way that could only mean Danica's lip gloss.

"You know," said Dennis, "this couch is getting pretty cold." "Yah…," the other guys agreed, and they all crowded onto our couch.

All at once, six additional hands began probing Danica's body. Two hands from two different boys each grabbed on of her boobs, while two homogeneous hands groped her butt cheeks. Danica reached down and moved aside her panties so that my penis could slide right in. She started rocking every which way, sending me into heaven.

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Soon enough, we had forgotten the movie, and the guys had torn Danica off me, placing her gently on the central ottoman and tearing off her panties. Mikey peeled off his underwear, got down on the floor and gently slipped into her. Meanwhile Gary straddled her neck and started fucking her mouth. The rest of us stood around Danica and started stroking ourselves. For almost an hour, we traded places until all of us had deposited our contributions into her pussy.

Wherever we ended up, we fell fast asleep. When we woke up, we couldn't figure out why we were naked.

I had vague pictures of myself taking my clothes off for the sake of improve games. "What we do for art…" I said.