Lovely chick having coitus with her lover

Lovely chick having coitus with her lover
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all I remember is falling asleep and waking up around 12 am still in jessicas arms. "Finally decide to get up sleepy head?" "Yeah, and have you been up this whole time?" "No just woke up a few minute before you. You dremt of a girl.hurting you. Is there something to the scar on your leg and the one I saw on your lower neck?" I sighed and explained dubai and the fight at the park. She was shocked and held me closer. "I know these people.

They are very dangerous sam." "I know that…but I can stop them I swear." I felt her rub my hair. "Do you remember when I baby sat you?" "Baby sat me? I was like twelve and you were so young. hardly a baby." "You still are a kid!

So young and well, ok you've grown up and im kinda turned on by it. You are what I never though and its immensely attractive." I looked at her with interest. "What? You got the hots for your old sitter?" she said matter of factly. I laid there curled up to her, feeling her emerald eyes scan my body. I leaned in and kissed her. "Hows that grab you?" she pulled me close and bared her teeth. "You don't wanna start that. Trust me." I smirked and laid back down. "Coulda just said no.

not any reason to get aggressive." "Its just that Im in the mood more than ever and I don't wanna risk getting knocked up or anything in college especially." I looked at the clock and sighed. It was two in the morning and I had orientation at eight so I jumped into my own bed and curled up, finally falling asleep.


Saaaaaaaammm? WAKE UP GODDAMNIT!" I jumped up and I swear I hit the roof. "What the hell? Did I over sleep?" No but almost now get up and get a shower. I have to leave early for class." I got up grabbed a towel shampoo soap and my clothes. I got to the shower and hopped in singing, "hells bells" by ACDC.

As I stepped out I noticed something was off. I got dressed and stepped out into the hall and headed to orientation, but I felt like I was being followed or watched. I got to class and took my seat at the back of the auditorium and waited. "Hello everyone I am doctor miller and I am the head master here at this academy.

Now I am going to pick a random name from our list of freshmen and ask what defines leadership. Annnnnd mister samuel smith?" I looked up and raised my hand. "Stand for us and come to the podium young man." I walked past a sea of people all staring me down whispering. God I was sweating cannon balls, not bullets. "Leadership, it's a quality that isnt in everyone constantly but we all have it.

A leader is some one who takes claim for their group and or partners actions and successfully leads those people to a goal. Its basically the ability to make the calls to benefit the group and when its time to act a leader must do so." "Thank you. You may be seated." I walked back to my seat getting high fives and handshakes from people who I didn't even know. Then I was stopped by peyton.

"Atta boy, come by the west hard insertion for moist legal age teenager hardcore and russian theres a thing going down.

You should speak on behalf of the freshman, if you want to?" "Yeah man what time?" "Be there at 10 sharp and look nice." I nodded and headed back to my seat.

The lecture dragged on till twelve and that was it for the day.

I walked back to my room and saw a note on the door for me explaining to not cause trouble due to my special gift, what wave of breakfast lunch and dinner I would have and general campus rules. I crashed onto my bed and scrolled through my phone. No notifications yet so I laid down for a nap not an hour later I woke up and saw jess at the foot filthy playgirl hels her stud to cum pornstar hardcore my bed changing.

"Uhm hello? Mind warning me?" she spun around and crossed her arm. "Typical kid peeping on someone like me. If you wanted to see you could have asked, silly." she uncrossed her arms and I swear I felt my jaw hit china.

"I uhm they uhhhh…will you go to peytons party with me tonight?" I just said the first thing on my mind. "Well of course. Now what do you think of them? I think they're a tad big, they are D's but I don't know." I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my bed and kissed her.

"Youre athleticly built and have huge tits nothing about you is too big or too small. So stop" Her face turned bright red. "God just fuck me." I ripeed my shirt off and started kissing my way down her neck slowly working my way down to her waist and I slowly pulled her leggings down. "Please eat me out sammy please!" I slowly slid my mouth over her pussy holding her down. To say the least she was a squirmer. I slid my tongue inside her and I felt her thighs clamp down on my head.

"Fuck im already cumming!!" I felt her squirt all over my face, and my sheets. "Come up here and fuck me, now." "Yes maam." I bent her over my bed and slid into her as deep as I could.

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mature cougar slut black cocks fuck and facial "OHH my shit jess!" I started fucking her as deep as I could grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. "OH fuck baby just like thatharder!" I picked my pace up.

I could feel how wet she was. Literally like a slip and slide and I couldn't keep this up much longer. "Fuck jess im gonna cum!" "I am too sammy! Don't stop. Please!" I kept fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. Right before I came she stood up still on my cock and held me in place as we both came.

"Ohhh fuckin shit baby fill my pussy upppp!!" we both came I fell onto the floor panting and shaking. "Cant walk MEDIC!!" she started laughing and stood over me placing a foot on my chest. Youre mine. All mine and if any of my friends want a piece then youll do as I say. Got it sammy boy?" I nodded and she helped me up. "Cmere big boy." she pulled me onto her bed and wrapped us up. "I wanna cuddle." she curled up to me and kissed me on my cheek.

"So do want us to show up as a thing at this party or what jess?" "Id like to be wrapped all around you sweetie." she grabbed a hand full of hair and bit her lip. "Oh myyyy." We passed out and I swear I had the best sleep in months.

I woke up around 7ish and got jess up after getting bitten and slapped. I was feeling a tad weak and I grabbed a blood packed out of the minifridge and chugged it. I paused to think about what I wanted to wear and grabbed a long sleeve guy harvey, khaki jeans and my boots. I changed and turned around to see jess in a sundress that was shorter than my attention span. "Oh wow you look stuning!" "I don't know about that." I grabbed her hand and smiled.

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"Hottest babysitter ever." "Oh that's wrooong sam!" she started laughing and gave me a hug. By the time I finished her hair and nails, somehow didn't fuck up, we started walking to the west dorms as we got closer I could see a horde of people who were drunk high or straight up cross faded.

"Well then&hellip.i just became far more nervouse." "Don't be you got it!" we walked into the main corridor and peyton grabbed me by the arm and held it up. "This man here shall speak for all of us fresh man and that's about it!" he hit the ground laughing.

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I grabbed a beer raised it and smiled my widest smile. "Man I don't really don't know what to say but I do know what I feel. I feel like all freshman should drink when they doubt they cant suzy rainbow and kristina miller lesbian scene by sapphix young teen with upper classmen!" I shotgunned my beer and tossed it into a trash can. "You think I did ok on the speech?" "You did better on the beer, but it was a cute way to say lets get drunk." she kissed me and grabbed a smirnoff.

"Now then lets get fucked up." "Go go go go go!" I was upside down on a kegbarley conscious when I fell over from drinking too much. "Alright boys hes done get im to my room he can mellow out there." I woke desperate amateurs bbw paige fitness first timer personal trainer layla big boot in a room with a blonde headed girl sitting on the bed looking at me.

"Good youre awake we were worried about you." "W-we?" "We." a tall woman with jet black hai stepped out of the door way. "Ya know I think he makes a good fuck. A little tiny but I bet hes got some bomb dick eh tiff?" "Hehehe lets find out." I backed into the head board and shook my head. "N- no you, im not ok with this cmon." "Oh please its sex of course youre ok with it." I tried to protest and I tried to get up but I was trapped when I heard the door click.

"Please yall cant im seeing some one!" jess walked in right as I said it. "No. tiffany, mariana get off of him now." "Or what bitch? Youll friend fucks wife creampie her pussy hubby sloppy seconds about it like you did carson?" I grabbed one of them by the arm and looked at her dead in the eye. "Im no toy bitch and im sure not any fuck toy or game to be played.

So step off bro." gorgeous teen rides on a long dick walked out and I put my head in my hands.

"Heeeey hey hey its ok sam. Im not mad." I looked up tears streaming down my face. "I havent heard from them in a week. Not lauren lexi samantha or their mom. Its like I was just there for the hell of it and when I was gone they forgot about me." I was a blubbering mess, crying snotty mess. "None of my friends have even wondered where I was or if I was even still alive.

I feel like I have no home, no family or anything." "Baby what about your parents?" I doubled over. "Please&hellip.dont they think im dead and the worst part is I was at my own funeral&hellip.i thought I should be&hellip.and to be honest a lotta people miss me. People who I never knew." "I cant imagine what that's like…and what did they say to you that made you cry like this?" "Nothing I just wonder if anyone even fucking cares that I exsist or that I don't anymore." "Well I do.

And you may be that dorky kid I used to tease about being short and nerdy but I still care." I felt my phone go off and I looked. It was a text from the girls. I put the phone down and kissed jessica. "Im gonna go to the bathroom ok?" "Ok." I read the text when I was walking to the bathroom. They were appologizing about the lack of attention and wanted to come see me, they said they loved and missed me and hoped things were going well.

I got a second text from lexi and she explained that they were with emily helping run the buisness and had been all over europe and that they were coming in one week. I texted them back saying I was so happy to hear from them and that I couldn't wait. I walked back into the dorm room and saw jess propped up against the wall naked with a huge grin on her face. "Hey cowboy." "Hey little lady." she walked up to me and grabbed my collar. "I bet you think im a big bitch for stopping those two huh?" "No no im glad you did." "Good now get on your knees." She pushed me down and grabbed my hair.

"Pussy is the most important food in a diet of a growing boy. And I bet youre growing alot right now." I sunk my face into her cunt and fuck I was in heaven.

I couldn't stop I wouldn't stop I wanted her all to myself. "That's it sammy eat my pussy like you mean it! Ohhhhh shit!" "Cmon baby fuck the foreplay better yet fuck me!" she tore, literally tore the shirt off of me and bit my neck drawing blood.

She was going insane, so tried to match her and did the same. She moaned in my ear and pulled me onto the bed. "never had full on vampire sex have you?" "No no I havent." "Boy you are missing out!" we locked eyes and all I felt was the urge tofuck as hard and as fast as possible.

She opened her legs and smiled. "Cmere and get i-" I was inside her before she could finish. "OH MY GOD! YESSS!" I couldn't even speak I would just moan and grunt. "Cmon baby fuck me harder!

I want you to break me!!" I didn't let up I couldn't I don't what was coming over me but I had to fuck her until I came deep inside her. I could feel myself getting closer, and I felt my body go into over drive. "OH MY GOOOOOD YEEEES CUM BABY!" I came as deep as I could inside her and I felt her cum harder than ive ever felt anyone cum that hard, ever.

"I cant move jess…" she smiled and wrapped her arms around me. "Just take a breather baby youll live." I slowly got up and got dressed and helped her get dressed. I carried her on my back to our dorm room. I felt like fucking shit probably hungover. "Here lay down. Let me get you some water." I grabbed her some water and held her head up. She closed her eyes and was out like a light. I plopped down on my bed and stared up into the blackness and sighed.

I felt my phone buzz and I looked down. "Hey man its peyton thanks for coming. I hope you had a blast fam." I put my phone down and slowly fell asleep.

I woke up the next day and went through the day like any other I got back to my room by 1:00 and went on to lunch. I got looks from people as I grabbed my food and hell I didn't even know why. I sat down and didn't even bother to look up. "well well well.

Mister im too good for us." I glanced up and almost spit my blood out. "Shhhhh its ok. Im sorry yall are some dumb sloots who arent going to amount to shit." I quipped at them. "What ever. Mariana lets go. Hes clearly a pussy." For the next few days nothing interesting happened. Me and jess fucked a lot, granted but it was like high school. Then the girls arrived.

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I hadnt seen them for almost a month now. I had told jess everything by now and she wasn't happy per-say but she understood. When I saw them they looked stunning. Fur coats scarfs, like a million bucks is what they looked like. Then theres me. Boots, jeans, sleeveless john deer shirt and a dirty hat. When they finally spotted me I was swarmed. "Oh my god sammy how have you been?" "Are you ok? Are you eating ok?" I finally got to speak.

"Im fine yall I like it here pretty well and I have a great room mate. She helps with all my math and sciences." "Wait she?" lauren glared at me and pursed her lips.

"Sam I swear if she-" "No she hasn't tried to mess me up or nothing in fact shes been like my body guard of sorts." Lexi stepped in front of lauren and hugged me. "Its just good to see you." she kissed me on the cheek.

"So samanthas got this boyfriend that claims to know you. Maybe you should ask her?" I looked at samantha and smiled. "Who is it sam? Tell me." "Well his names taylor. Blonde headed kinda your height drives a big white truck?" "Oh my shit taylor lawrence!

I havent seen him in ages!" "Hes so sweet and he makes me feel like, well im his world." "As he should. I knew he would make some girl happy." Jessica walked out from our room and cleared her throat. "Everyone this is jessica. Shes my room mate." I could feel the tension.

I mean it was like a field of hatred I guess. "Well sam were gonna go out to eat tonight. Want to come eat with us?" "Yea sure I don't have any homework or anything." "Good lets make it a date." Lexi kissed me on the cheek and they walked on through the campus. "Saaaaam?" "Yeah jess?" "Where did you meet those&hellip.creitens?" "Hey now those are practically family! They are great people!" "Those are the SMITHS!

They are the most power hungry vampires I know. They have tried to gain supremacy over the twelve for a century." "Wait a minute. What?" "They are not to be trusted. By any stretch of that word." "They have been nothing but good to me jess.

I have no reason not to trust them." "Well youll see trust me. Our familys have been at odds since petite teen ria gets her pussy pleasured formed the twelve. All because my grandfather is the leader.

And they only want you to lead their clan, do well as a leader and replace him. That's why they need you. Your power. Your leadership." "I don't see it. I want to change this community. Stepmom joins in on a threesome session the better. Orginize those who are lost and try and recruit more brains into our community.

Matriarch type shit." "Whatever sam, im going to mika's tonight, she needs help in her economics. Ill see you tommorow." I watched her walk away and just stood there soaking in this…lie?

Could she be so wrong? They had the throne of the community and the he left. Maybe emilys husband saw the end goal. Cockwell inc porn action tube porn them to have supreme dominance? Wipe out humanity? Who knows. I just wanted to forget it. Dinner rolled around and I got cleaned up and grabbed my keys when I heard a knock on my door. "Cmon in its open!" "How do I look?" lauren was standing there in a skin tight blue dress with cream pumps.

"The girls are waiting sam. Cmon you can stare at me later." man I felt under dressed. I was in my best blue jeans, button up polo boots and that's it. I always felt so out classed. I followed lauren down to the parking lot. "Aren't we taking my car?" "No silly we have a limo! Its down the parking lot a ways but we can catch up on the way." she licked her lips and pulled my hair.

*inside the limo* "Mom that jessica bitch is gonna ruin all of this planning! What the fuck! We have to take her out shell take sammy and shes…well shes gonna tell him. FUUUUCK!!!" "Alexis calm down. Ill have her taken care of. Trust me." "You better mom. Im not giving up on this. We deserve the crown." Samantha said playing with her hair. "Sam will follow along. And I know he wont miss her either trust me. Hes got it made with us. And even better. If he does run.

Who will he turn to? We have candy alexa flashes her big juicy tits and screwed in public on a leash and his parents think hes dead tattooed british teen does it all having fun with the camera for the first time its all gonna be ok. Shes gonna be dead by tommorow and he will hear no more of this bull shit girls." *in the parking lot* "Cmon sammy I know you want it." "I do lauren…pretty please suck my cock?" "Mmmmm maybe after dinner tonight.

If youre good." "Ah you fucking tease. You got me all pressed up against this car for that? Not fair." I was grinning ear to ear. "Cmon im starving lauren." we got to the limo and I caught the tail end of a convo between lexi sam and emily.

"Well doesn't everyone look nice? What were yall talking about?" "Oh just you and how much you've changed. You look like you've been eating well and that were so proud of you." she gave me the tightest hug ive had in a while and I missed these hugs. We drove a few miles till we got a little outside time square and stopped at a nice italian place.

It didn't look too crowded but also was high profile as fuck. "We have reservations so lets get to it." we walked in and had a seat close to the center of the room. "Man I feel under dressed. Like a hillbilly at the hilton." emilly laughed and rubbed my back.

"Don't worry well fix that while were here. Were going to upgrade your wardrobe!" we took our seats and got settled in. "The red special please sir. For all of us." "The red special? Whats that emily?" "It's a long established item across the world. Blood carefully mixed in the food we eat to provide the correct amount of nutrition." As we ate I began to wonder about what jessica had said, my mind was so crossed up I couldn't think straight all dinner.

"So sam? Whats your little room mate doing tonight?" "Shes out at a friends dorm tonight. She seemed upset and I don't know why, but anyway im just so happy to see yall again! I have missed yall so much." "We have missed you too, but sam youre not eating? Is everything ok?" "Me.yea im fine just a long day is all." "Well don't worry. You can stay with us tonight I already cleared it with your techers and as long as you make the grades they don't care." "That sounds wonderful emily where are yall at?

I gotta get clothes and shit from my room." "Were two miles from this resturaunt in a brownstone on the east end. Heres your key and please be safe coming over." "I will you know I always am." we talked for another hour and I finally finished my food and we left. I was so twisted and just worried. I wanted answers but if I asked id get shut down and just fucked, it was all fucked.

I simply packed my shit grabbed my keys and left. When I got to this house appartment, whatever it was I had just made myself stop thinking about it and wanted to enjoy my time off from school. I walk into to emily and samantha arguing about someone foiling something or ruing a plan. "Whoa what the fuck? Chill yall. Whats the matter?" they both snapped their heads around to me and looked shocked.

"Well im bitching at mom for dropping the bomb about shopping cause we wanted to surprise you so badly. It was perfect!" "Granted I did drop it but still its no big deal young lady and don't ever catch that tone with me again!" "Cmon sam lets just sit here and watch tv, while miss smart ass goes and cools off." Emily and I sat on the couch and flicked on some chick show and I started yawning.

"Wheres lauren and lexi?" "They went out to a club for a little bit and said not to worry that they would be back soon." *in mikas room, number 554 at robershaws academy* "Man fuck this economical bullshit I wanna be a damn doctor not a stock tradin bitch!" "I know mika but its all a process same thing I tell sam. We've been at this for hours and its so fucked." There was a knock on the door and jessica got up to answer it.

"Hell-" a shot rang out and it hit jessica in the middle of her head then another on her right eye. She fell to the ground dead by two holy bullets. Yhe door busted open and they grabbed mika by the neck.

"Forget we came in here and act like this was all a shock. No one came into this doorm." her eyes were glazed over and she could only nod. "Cmon sis lets get home before shit hits the fan." *Brownstone on fifth and east* "Oh sam fuck yes!

Eat my fucking pussy baby." I was currently face deep in emilys pussy shooting for a fourth time in a row she would cum. "Please emily can we fuck? Im so hard." "No sir not tonight but tommorow most definatly. Now shut up and ea-" we heard the door unlock and I shot up and onto the couch wiping my face off while emily composed herself.

"Were baaaack! Hello sammy boy!" lexi and lauren swooped in to hug me and shower me with kisses. "Well hello to you two as well. How was the club?" "It was pretty dead and all the guys!

Ugh! Fucking dogs. I had to punch a few of them." "They regret being a douche?" "OH YEAH! Fuck them. All I need is sammy…" lexi slowly moved her hand up my chest.

"Hey now learn to share!" lauren jumped all over me and I felt emily push us to the floor. "God damn calm down, wont be no fuckin shit near me. Yall need to get a room!" My phone went off and it was peyton. "Hey bro whats up?" "Man im so sorry. I don't know who or how but jess…shes been fuckin shot man." "Shes what? How no one just walks into that school!" "I know man im so sorry.

Were holding a school wide meeting tommorow at 2:30. im so sorry man." the phone went dead and I just started crying.