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Hot horny milf dps herself with two big toys homemade big tits
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Gracie was, by all accounts, a good girl. She seemed quiet, but her mind was constantly spinning. When she was a little girl, many of the boys in her class liked her. She didn't understand how she was supposed to respond, and thought of them as friends.

She soon realized that the boys wanted more from her, so she became secluded in an effort to protect herself. The years passed and Gracie grew into a beautiful young woman. Her copper-brown hair tumbled past her pale, slim shoulders. A few small mom shows us how to handle a bbc 25 tube porn adorned her young face. Her large, enchanting eyes were hazel and long haired busty babe bangs big dick in bedroom soft, pink lips made the boys' mouths water.

By her sophomore year of high school, Gracie had round, firm breasts, a small waist, and long legs. She was the girl that every boy wanted, but no one could have. It wasn't that she was a prude, or that she didn't want a relationship. She simply didn't know how to act around boys. She was shy and inexperienced, but still felt the ordinary urges of a teenager.

After hearing about her friends' romantic lives, Gracie started looking online to explore. She found an entire world that her parents had hid from her. She learned about sex and the pleasure it brings, and she became more confident about her body. She shaved her pussy, wore make-up, and even bought a few sexy bras. During quiet nights, she would pull up her nightgown and expose her naked body to the cool, dark air.

Running her hands over her body, her chest would begin to move up and down faster, and her pulse would quicken as her hands moved in between her legs. When she was feeling daring at school, she would pull the front of her shirt down a little, showing the curves of her breasts.

She looked at the boys around her in a brand new light, and understood the looks that they gave her. She lacked the courage to accept a date or invitation, but she desperately wanted to be touched and kissed.

Unfortunately, there was also a lack of appropriate boys for Gracie. She was intelligent and more emotionally mature than the silly kids at school, and didn't want to give herself to a giddy schoolboy.

One day, Gracie was walking up to the front entrance of school. Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat as she noticed a dark figure. He wore jeans and a black leather jacket.

He parked a motorcycle and pulled off his helmet, revealing his dark hair and chiseled features. Smoothing back his hair, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a packet of cigarettes. Placing one in his mouth, he lit it, inhaled, and slowly blew out a cloud of smoke.

He looked around for a moment and settled his eyes on Gracie. She felt a flutter in her body, and then looked away, glancing at the people around her. All the girls were swooning at the sight of this boy, and she refused to join them. She didn't let herself look back at him and hurried into school. For once in her life, Gracie couldn't get a boy off her mind. She imagined herself touching his face, being held in his arms, having him caress her body.

She didn't see him in any of her classes, and was a bit disappointed, but at the same time grateful; she wouldn't have known how to react to his presence. As she was walking home from school, Gracie heard the roar of an engine. "It couldn't be," she thought, shaking the silly idea away, but her heart raced just the same. The roar became louder and Gracie put her head down and kept walking. The motorcycle came ever closer, and then purred quietly.

She held her head down for a moment, and then cautiously looked up and to her left. There he was, staring at her, or so she thought because she couldn't see past the shine of his helmet. Feeling very calm all of the sudden, Gracie stared back, and then the engine rumbled again as he rode away. She desperately wanted to know what this meant.

Did he like the way she looked? Did he ride away because he didn't like the way she looked? It was too much to bear. At home, Gracie ran to her room and quickly stripped off her clothes. She gently pulled on her nipples and grabbed her breasts, breathing hard as she became more and more aroused.

She imagined him throwing open her bedroom door, walking to her and grabbing her. She imagined him picking her up, kissing her roughly and putting his hands all over her body. She gasped as she touched her hot, wet pussy. She round ass lilith lee gives slippery massage already close to an orgasm, and she wildly rubbed herself, moaning and thinking of him.

She came, almost yelping at the strength of her climax. She collapsed onto the bed and lay down, panting and staring euphorically at the ceiling for a few minutes. Sitting up, Gracie realized that she was naked with the windows open, and she rushed to gather her clothes and sprinted into the bathroom. After she had regained her composure, she spent an hour trying, unsuccessfully, to do homework without feeling the strength of her desires.

As much as she tried to keep still, Gracie kept squirming during dinner as her parents asked her about school and mentioned that she seemed distracted. She made excuses about homework, and went to bed early, saying that she was tired from this and that.

She wore a thin tank top and panties to bed, but quickly pulled her panties down and her tank top up and fell back into her fantasies. They were next to a concrete wall. She was dressed in a tight dress and he wore jeans and a white t-shirt.

She turned away from him and then felt his hand upon her waist. He pulled her toward him and reached under her skirt. His other hand slowly worked its way from her thigh up to her neck and he pulled her neck back and kissed her.

Waking up with a start, Gracie looked down to see that she was now naked. Soft morning light came in through the curtains, and she looked around, finding her tank top and panties thrown on the floor. She resisted temptation when she took her shower; her breasts and pussy were sore from overuse.

Rifling through her closet, Gracie found that she had nothing to wear, despite her many nice clothes. She finally settled on a light blue shirt with a deep v-neck, but did not put a tank top underneath it, as she normally did. She also wore white shorts and rolled up the edges, covering very little of her legs. Her heart pounded as she set off, slowly, towards school. Today, she wanted him to see her, and she wanted him to want her.

The engine didn't roar this time, but hummed quietly as it approached her. She stopped walking and looked ahead for a moment.

Then she turned and stood, watching him. He turned off the bike and took off his helmet. His handsome face pleased her and his dark eyes paralyzed her. He swung his leg over the bike and walked to her. "Want a ride to school?" he asked in a deep, soft voice.

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Gracie whispered a yes and nodded slightly. He took her by the arm and led her to the bike. As they traveled, she clung to him and felt the rumble of the engine go straight through her shorts and small panties, teasing her with its vibrations.

They pulled into the school parking lot and the rest of the students stared as Gracie got off the bike. Her face was flushed and she mumbled a "thank you" and started to walk away. She could feel his eyes on her, but she focused on walking straight. Halfway through the school day, Gracie had had enough of sitting in class, trying in vain, to concentrate. She walked around the hallways of the school, trying to clear her mind.

She turned a corner and saw him standing there. He was leaning against a wall, smoking a cigarette.

He turned and saw her before she could move. Flicking the cigarette away, he walked over to her. He took hold of her wrist and led her into the first empty classroom.

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Looking around, he grabbed a chair and propped it up against the door, preventing anyone from opening it. He turned back to her and took off his leather jacket, throwing it onto another chair. Gracie's heart was in excited knots and her body tingled.

He sauntered over to her and kissed her. Her heart jumped and she kissed him back, tasting smoke in his mouth as their showering lesbians tasha and keisha anal dildo intertwined.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and he put his on her waist. Gracie could feel his hard cock pressing against her stomach while her nipples grew stiff and her pussy started getting wet. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, gazing for a moment at her young body. He took off his shirt and Gracie saw toned muscles and tanned skin.

He looked at her and said, "Take the rest off." His eyes held hers as she slowly unbuttoned her shorts. She let them fall down her legs and then stepped out of them. She felt so vulnerable, but she wanted him to see her. She reached behind and unfastened her bra, letting it too fall to the floor. Her nipples pointed straight to him and she covered her breasts for a moment, out of modesty. Then, looking at him, she let her arms fall to her sides and pushed her panties down, stepping out of them once they had fallen to her feet.

His eyes inspected her and then he picked her up and put her on the desk. He swept his arm across the desk, and various notebooks and papers hit the ground. The wood was cold against her ass, but she stayed just as he had put her. He gently pushed her torso down so she was lying on the desk with her legs hanging off the edge. He brought his mouth down to her bare pussy and pressed his tongue against her clit, making her breathe in quickly.

He swirled his tongue around, tasting her juices, and he brought his hands to her breasts and squeezed them, gently at first, and then roughly. Her chest heaved brittanya razavi and lela star she experienced something new and incredibly thrilling.

As he sucked on her little pink pussy, she gave a small cry and felt her insides convulsing. She shuddered as he continued to move his tongue around, making her more and more sensitive. Then he stood up, wiping his chin and grinning slightly. She stared at the ceiling and heard him pulling down his zipper. She looked down and saw him stroking his long cock, staring at her. Somewhat-crazed, she put her hand on her pussy and stroked it, letting him see her pleasure herself.

She moaned and slowly licked her lips. He pushed her back down and rested the tip of his cock against her pussy lips. Pushing in carefully, he soon found her cherry.

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He kissed her as he broke it, and she made a small cry into his mouth as she experienced intense pain and pleasure. The pain faded surprisingly quickly, but the pleasure delicious hot brunette cooks white cock in her pussy oven even faster.

She could feel herself trying to stretch and accommodate him, but his cock barely fit in her tight pussy. Her breasts slowly moved back and forth as he began to thrust his cock into her. Gracie's heart stopped for a moment when she heard the bell ring. The sound of shuffling feet filled the hallways as her moans filled the classroom. Her legs wrapped around his torso, pulling him into her as he arched his back in pleasure. His dark hair flopped in front of his eyes when he started to move his hips with more power.

Overcome, Gracie's pussy throbbed and contracted. Her juices flowed and he groaned as her pussy gripped his cock.

Someone outside tried to open the classroom door right as Gracie reached her climax. He put his hand over her mouth as she let out a squeal and looked at the door. Whoever it was left after one try of the doorknob. He took his cock out of her, pulled her up, and flipped her over, pushing her back onto the desk, stomach-down.

Her breasts pressed against the now-warm wood and she lurched forward when he thrust into her again. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into his thrusts, grunting at the heat and wetness of her tight pussy. "Fuck…me, ahh, fuck me," she said, feeling herself quiver as she climbed to her next orgasm. He leaned over her and bit her ear; she felt his hips slam against her ass.

She reached her hands out on the desk, palms-down, and pushed herself further onto his cock. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she shuddered, collapsing as her ass and legs trembled with pleasure.

He shoved his cock deep within her once more, and then pulled out. She felt his warm cum splash all over her back, making her smile contentedly. He put a hand on her pussy and rubbed gently. She sighed, and felt his hand leave. As she regained her senses, Gracie pushed herself off the desk and turned around to see him pulling up his jeans and putting on his t-shirt.

She stood, naked and dripping with cum, looking at him. He grabbed his jacket, gave her one last look, pushed the chair blocking the door away, and walked out.