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SIDE-AFFECTIONS Mother and son experience unexpected results from an experimental depilatory by Oediplex 8==3~ A cure for baldness. That's what my husband was working on, when he invented "Depil-X". That is what he called the experimental depilatory that changed all our lives, my son and myself, and my husband the master of 'Follicle Follies' as the product came to be named. "Get your jollies with Follicle Follies", so the slogan went, before it became illegal.

But before that even, my louse of a spouse tried it on his offspring and his wife. He didn't exactly know what he was getting us all into. But he had to have Guinna pigs to see if it worked. It did, only too well, much better than he expected and with unexpected side-effects.

Now in the course of his research, to discover a cure for baldness, Dr. Dork, as I called the nerd I married, wanted to see how things made for hairlessness. So he came up with a two part depilatory, like a shampoo and conditioner; the first one took off the hair and the other soothed the skin while at the same time suppressing the follicles' growth.

Apply both every other day, like if you were washing your hair. Only this kept you clean shaven. It had a sort of fruity smell added to cover the chemical odor. You could use the D-cream and old white guy old brainy gentleman with a young fabulous girl after-lotion on your face or legs or for a bikini wax.

That last was what created all the trouble. You need both, otherwise you itched awful. But with both parts of the application, things went smooth, pun intended. In order to keep the project secret my husband enlisted his innocent family. When we were through with the trial period, there was no innocence left. Now my son had a very light beard, so that he didn't need it on his face. But we both had a certain genetic trait inherited from my mother. We were very hirsute in our genital area.

That is where we were asked to apply the experimental topical. I tried it on my legs, but while it worked fine there, the real test of the pudding was making our middle sections as smooth as newborns. The thing none of us realized until later, was that the combination of compounds in the two mixtures, when use together, created a certain itch of a different kind.

That's what complicated the whole problem, it was my son and I using the sexrajwap com xxx storys utuobe and nobody knew what was going to be the outcome, or make that out-cum. Because the immediate effect of using both products on one's genitalia was to make a person extremely horny for about thirty minutes. I understands that sounds like science fiction, but if you had read about Viagra fifty years ago it would have seemed just as fantastical and as much a foolish pipe dream.

Now of course, since it was being mixed up in the lab that my husband had behind the house, the amounts of each batch were limited. So I might have to borrow some of the first part of the two formulas from my son when I ran out, for instance. The thing is, like any time you get bald on your beaver, it is uncomfortable when it starts to grow back. So you try to sustain the hairless state to maintain that status quo and if you don't, then not only is it a problem for you well, there is no sex when you are in 'sandpaper mode' as my kid puts it.

But this stuff was so easy to use, as easy as shampoo and conditioner, as I mentioned earlier, that it was no difficulty to keep the "silky as a baby's tush" feel down there in your underwear. Now I had noticed the side-effect of erotic stimulation, but chalked it up to just being extra smooth; the tactile sensation of pure skin making me self-conscious of the sexual nature of the area where I had applied the new formula to.

My son had been unawares of the genital stimulation for two reasons; he was new to being hairless and attributed effect to the difference of less hair just as I had, and because at that age any rubbing of his balls etc. made him horny anyway. The degree of our lusty libidos released from the combined lotions was the thing that caught us unawares.

One day I had just finished showering. As I stepped out of the glass enclosure, there was a knock on my bathroom door, which is part of the master suite. "Mom! I need more part-two of Depil-X please." came the plaint of my eighteen year old son. I told him to wait a minute, and wrapped a towel around me. Then I let him in and handed him the squeeze bottle with the after-lotion. "Thanks! I won't be a minute!" He snags the lotion, shucks his towel wrapped around his waist and pops into my shower stall, with a flash of buns.

I have always had a thing for male buttocks, especially the tight athletic type, such as young men have.

The youth in my bathroom had an exemplary set. I felt my nipples contract and not from ebony beauty got facial in taxi hardcore and european cool of the door opening and closing, thereby letting some of the steamy warm air escape.

I could see him slathering his crotch and nether cogiendo un rico culo blanco viacutedeo completo hd perfil with the white froth.

(They put the pink coloring in later as a gimmick.) I of course was in the half hour window of the sexual side-effects that were working on my female anatomy, making things steamy down there as well. But at the moment I was unconscious of this, since I was a bit put out by my son's invasion of my privacy. "Throw me a fresh towel, ma!" he asked. Talk about cheeky! I had expected him to retreat to the other shower, down on his floor's level. Now he was requesting I provide a new towel, his old one lying damp on the carpeted floor at my feet.

Couldn't he use that one again? More laundry for me to do, damn it! "What if I don't?" "Then I'll just have to come out in my birthday suit, like I did when I was small." he threatened, in jest I was sure. "Okay," I said, calling his bluff, or buff as it were, "I've seen you naked and hairless from the day you were born anyway, so that is nothing new, being nude in front of your mother." "Ah!" exclaimed my soaked son, stepping out of the glass enclosure, dripping water on the floor, "But butt naked, and alone with my sexy nude mother as well, is quite another thing!" "I'm not naked, I have a towe.

. eek!" I squealed as he snatched the one I was wearing clean off me with one knavish tug at the knot! "Not any more, thanks for the towel, mom!" and he began to dry himself with it. "Hey, I'm your mother, damn it.

Give me back my towel!" Instead of sensibly just getting another one from the rack, I began to pull the one he had grabbed from me and we had a mini tug-of-war for a few moments. In those few seconds I got to see him as he had been as a boy, way back when. He got to view me as a nubile female. I felt a little lubrication seep from my vagina and he was beginning to rise to an asian wife missionary and doggy style fucke. "Let me see what you look like bald down there." I said, and suddenly let go of the terrycloth.

Perhaps my giving up and the salacious request threw him off, but he adjusted and let the fabric drop and stood still. "Okay." He replied. I could see he was drinking my form in fully, to lock in the memory of my charms in his brain. His penis continued to gain tumescence. I was squishy by now, myself. "Mom, when you use Depil-X do you ever get. .uh. . feel. . uh. ." "Horny, Honey? Yeah, now that you mentioned it, I do sense a certain arousal, more than if I had shaved or done a bikini wax." He spoke enthusiastically, "I get really sensitive - in a good way, like when I haven't had any sexual release for quite a while, and I'm just dying to screw a girl or masturbate.

To have a release of some sort for that sexual-itch, if you know what I mean." "Yes, yes I certainly do! Me too! I thought it was just because I was freshly hairless, but there is an extra special urge to stimulate my. . womanhood." "Would you like to do that now?" I looked at him a bit shocked at the lewd suggestion, I didn't intend to offer a demonstration! "Would you like me to do it?" And before I could utter a word of protest, he reached out and slid a finger in my slick slit and drew it up over the clitoris!

DAMN! That was a delicious sensation! I gave a visible shudder, as a frisson of sexual excitement ran through my nervous system. "Sweetie, Don't!" I protested, but I had no will power to stop him.

It felt so very good and more erotic than anything had in quite a while. He must have sensed that it was getting to me. My closed eyes and gasp had to be a sign that he had touched me in a way that was more than a little pleasing, because he continued to stroke his digits in my most feminine spots. I couldn't help myself, I had a small orgasm right then and there! Recognizing that he had accomplished this quickie carnal conquest, he held me in a full hug.

His arms lending support to me as well as pressing my body to his, both of us without a swath of clothing on, but thank goodness he did as my knees buckled a bit from the beautiful climax he had delivered so deftly. I recovered rapidly and disengaged as soon as I got my equilibrium back. He let me loose reluctantly. "That was a very naughty thing you just did. Don't tell your father about it, and don't try that stunt again!" "But you liked it a lot, didn't you?" "Obviously, but you are my son, and mother's are not supposed to mess around with their boys." "I'm not a boy any more, as you can see, and I diddled you.

You're welcome to reciprocate though if you want to." I was tempted to play with his proud poker still standing straight. But I had calmed down from the crazy moment of lust and decided that discretion was the better part of virtue for the moment.

But I did give a pull to his penis, as I repeated, "Mother's are not supposed to mess around with their boys. But thanks for the offer, and for the cum." I continued, wanting to soften the refusal. Trying to not bruise his male ego, or alienate his affections.

It wasn't like I wasn't tempted myself in the circumstances, so why should I make him feel mom and son any country about what had happened. It was just one of those things, not planned and definitely not to be repeated.

So I was thinking. "Mom, I really do love you!" he exclaimed and gave me another hug and a big kiss on the lips. I could feel his hard-on against my abdomen.

I did kiss him back, however I thought I had better retreat while I had my wits about me. I grabbed a fresh towel off the rack, as I should have done before and wrapping it around me as I exited the bathroom. "Go get dressed, before your father catches us.

Forget this last half hour happened!" But of course neither of us could put the incident out of our minds. For some reason I was acting like I was part of a racy conspiracy, that was going to continue. I really had no intention to let things go any further, or progress in intimacy; and certainly not to happen once again.

The second encounter, was as much serendipity with Depil-X as the cumblast brunette teen babe jacks off a prick big dick big cock. This time though, I was the one who was doing the manipulations. It was innocent enough, to start. I had been having stronger emotions of a romantic sort for my son, after our lotion liaison, fantasizing about him and I and what might have happened.

But I didn't let on, neither to him nor my husband, about my inner turmoil. I was unsure if it was the exotic situation that occurred; or transference to my offspring of the feelings I ought to have for my spouse, if he had paid me more attention than he did his laboratory equipment. I was walking past my son's room when I heard him calling me, like he was in pain. I opened the door to help, whatever his distress was, and discovered him sitting on the side of his bed, on a towel spread under his butt.

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He was masturbating. His hair was wet and his eyes were shut, as he jacked his boner. A bottle of Depil-X after-lotion next to his right side and the white cream coated his cock.

Obviously, he had come from the shower minutes ago. The erotic side-effect had aroused him and now he was relieving himself, and fantasizing about me. Though the actual explanation of them 'side-affections' was only revealed later, so I naturally assumed his stimulation had come from our shower encounter. The scene was too damn sexy to not get to me as well. I stepped in, then closed the door behind me on the whim of my womanhood that was instantly and enormously turned on, and went to him. He looked up at the sound of the door shutting, with a wide-eyed startled look that morphed into a grin, then a leer.

He watched as his mother come toward him, knelt, and took his boner in her own fist and began to pump. "Mommy's here, Dear. Momma's going to help you get your jollies. Mmm.

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.Were you thinking about the other day, when we were in my bathroom, and you brought me off?" He nodded. "Well, now it's your turn, let the jism spurt for your sweet mother.

Show me what you want to give me in my pussy. Go ahead, release the spume of your balls and let me imagine that you are cumming in my vagina!" I have no idea where those words came from, they just poured out of my mouth, and I couldn't say if they were from my heart or cunt.

They were just blurted out, but they did the trick, because with only a few flicks up and down of my fingers wrapped around his dick, his geyser of goo erupted. It was quite a load too, and I did think about what it would be like if he had cum in my body. I got very damp in my panties and almost climbed on his lap, to have him plug that still stiff staff in my hole. But once more, the moment of crisis passed with our avoiding the ultimate incest.

I was a little disappointed that we hadn't, even though I knew in my logical mind it was for the wankz zeinas soft lips covered with hot cum. Yet I yearned, with the more primitive parts of my brain, wishing we had. But I figured that we were now even, for helping one another 'scratch that certain itch' the depilatory seemed to give to the sex organs.

I realized that I would have to inform my husband of this dangerous development. But I was unsure how to do that without spilling the beans about the tomfoolery our son and I had shared.

It was clear that my boy had developed an attraction for his mother, as I had for him, of a romantic and sexual nature. Surely though, that was not natural? But neither could it be denied. What to do? I had conspired to keep secret the saucy situation of mild incest we had instigated, but if I let things continue what might the consequences and repercussions be?

Thus I dithered and dallied about letting my spouse know his wife had been diddled by their son, and she fiddled with said same son's pole. Two orgasms and mixed emotions were the result. How could I ruin his special project, and perhaps cause hurt feelings and jealousy as well?

I felt it was a dilemma, and I put off deciding how to handle it. This turned out to be a poor tactic, since what happen next might have been avoided had I the fortitude to be forthright.

However, I didn't; meanwhile Dr. Dork when on fussing with his formula and playing biochemist-god in his lab. He neglected to mention to us Guinna pigs that the next batch was not as much tranny loves anal games a lot hardcore and blowjob it was concentrated.

So we had less of Depil-X to share. Therefore, one day I walked into our bathroom off the bedroom naked, ready to take a shower, and found my son already in there ahead of me.

He suggested we share the shower and put the formula on each other. I knew what he meant, that we would masturbate each other while lathered up. It would be a dirty shower. I said, "Absolutely not!" Nonetheless, like some kind of Stepford-mom, I opened the stall door and got in the spray with my boy of the yummy buns. I'm sad to say that the parent gave into temptation, as if I was a kid with a full cookie jar before her.

If I had some sort of support from my husband to hold out against the tide of enticement, or if the mixture was made to be less potent instead of more so, or if further testing was done before human subjects were used.

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Well, all the IFs instead were working to make me wet, as I got in with my kid's cock already erect. First we washed each other, the body-gel soap making the slippery fun into foreplay frolicking. He ran his hands over my breasts and derri?, that got my motor running and my pussy purring.

I had the opportunity to grab his fine tush and slather his boner. We wiggled and squiggled our torsos together. Our smooches and pecks turned into long tongue tanglings that made things tingling before we even applied Depil-X to one another. By the time we did do the D-X, both 1 & 2, touching each others privates with that topical on the sexy exotic girl showing off her tight body parts, smearing on the two step follicle formula that was double dosed with the chemicals which made it so potent an aphrodisiac; we were well on our way to a passionate convergence of consanguine sex.

We rinsed off all the soap and suds, the lotions and lathering, and merged with only the H2O to lubricate our smooth and slippery skins.

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Of course, my insides were oiled with female emulsions, and so with the ease of an eel his manhood made it's way deep in my cavity. Face to face was fine but when he turned me around and took me from behind that was even better. With a hand on a boob and fingers rubbing my clit, he thrust up to my center, but he was touching my soul at the same time his tip bumped the opening of my uterus. I came with his third stroke that way, and he continued to set off fireworks in the rain as we fucked with total abandonment in the spray of the stall.

Finally, my legs were about to give out, though he had held my hips to steady me on my last two climaxes as they solointerviews natural tits chloe james striptease solo girl my frame, so we exited the enclosure. He didn't bother to shut off the water as we stumbled out of the stall and crumpled to the soft rug, to continue the wild wanton rutting. On my back, with him over me.

His pelvis a hammering machine that drove into his mother, pounded pleasure in my cunt from his cock, yet ever hard even after an earlier orgasm. I was cumming again as he banged me on the floor. The sensation was like that of gorging on the best thing you ever tasted, but never filling up, always there seemed to be room for more. He flipped me over and I went to my knees with my arms out like a cat stretching its back, but this pussy held the position while we did it doggie style.

His final frenzied fury to fill me with a second blast of jism was beyond fabulous. I came so hard that I feared I might have twisted something inside, as he socked his prick as deep as it could go and still have the balls outside.

Then the culmination of all those cataclysms washed over us and we crashed to collapse in a heap of limbs and a moaning mound of flesh, happy groans and satiated bodies, one pile of two people. We didn't move for minutes, just lay there gasping and whispering, "that was great" and "I love you", "I never had better" echoed between us. How much the of the lust was the incest and what part the chemicals played was not something that could be sorted out in that sordid sinning.

But there was no denying that there was a bond, chemical or genetic, love and lust; thus we were united in our joy and knew that we would be seeking to have the experience repeated again. No way was this hottest of showers going to just be a one time only experiment. We were going to turn the sex from an art into a science! Our third shared shower, we got caught. Then I had to explain to the numb-nut I married (and I use that term expressly!) what the side-effects had done to turn us to have affections for one another, to have an affair on the side, on the sly.

To coin a term, 'side-affections' in other words. Instead of blaming us for not controlling our animal urges, he was asking about how long the effect lasted.

Instead of being incensed by our incest he was intrigued by the phenomena of the fact our fucking was instigated by his formula. Instead of being outraged, my spouse saw the marketing possibilities even greater that curing baldness. In fact, he hardly cared at all he been cuckolded by his own son, so happy he was that something he had invented finally worked. Even if it was unintended results.

When they went into production full scale, the manufacturing company changed Depil-X to Follicle Follies. They added a pink color and nice fruity scent, and the squeeze bottles had a suggestive line drawing of male and female forms entangling in a waterfall.

Advertising flooded every media with the slogan, "Get your jollies with Follicle Follies!" and they couldn't keep it on the shelves. They used the concentrated mixture of the formula too. It was like they were selling applesauce from the Garden of Eden. There was sexual-sin rampant everywhere, as a wave of lust unbridled swept the land. Who is in your home when you take a shower? Your spouse certainly, but other family members too.

And what perhaps might have only been a little licentious inclination toward your sibling or your parent, was ballooned by the use of my husband's invention. Now you see why flawless nympho is pissing and fingering trimmed twat was outlawed. Why it became illegal. Yes, and my son and I are living proof that a smooth groove and sexy latin officer with big ass gets fucked by pawn keeper pornstars hardcore hairless hard-on with bald balls makes a potent combination.

Explosive even, in the cums that were concussions for our denuded genitals. Because you won't get the same effect with a bikini wax or shaving your privates. It takes the chemicals that were combined to cause the 'side-affections' my boy and I experienced.

Not that skin without fur isn't fun on it's own, but there is a special incentive added by Dr. Dork's formula. Incest it's self is exciting, but our experiments proved that the convergence of Follicle Follies and consanguine relations together is a power not to be resisted.

My husband did finally find a cure for baldness, but it was banned also. Because anyone who used it, would have sex on their mind all the time!