Dana vespoli she is the ultimate whore

Dana vespoli she is the ultimate whore
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[b]The Next Day[/b] Saturday. I wake up late. I check my phone, almost on autopilot, just checking Facebook, Instagram, pretty much whatever just to catch up on what I may have missed the night before. I see a post by Renee. It read 'that moment when you meet someone better than your last' with a bunch of heart emojis after it. I immediately perk up. 'Is she talking about me?' I think to myself. I mean, she has to be talking about me, I was with her yesterday.

As I'm pondering this, that party pops up in my head. I jump up and shoot a text to Greg, telling him to get dressed. I tell him I want to head to the mall and get some new clothes, something casual, something fresh.

I get dressed, freshen up and head downstairs. The house is empty, which isn't atypical for a Saturday at my home. Mom is probably out shopping and dad is probably running errands or something. Because I'm an only child, I don't have to worry about siblings to look after. After I grab a quick bite to eat, I'm at Greg's in 15. He jumps out his room window (thank god it's on the first story of his house.

He does dumb shit like that). "What's good bro? What's the floor plan?" "Were going to the mall to floss up. Probably get some new clothes, chill and wait for the party." "You taking this party serious.

It's just a small function, but aye, I'm with it." Greg chuckles, punching me in the shoulder. "Yeah, I wanna look fresh, you feel me, my boy." We head to the mall downtown. That was our main chill spot. It had a theater, food court, a bunch of dope, small shops that sold some interesting stuff.

Just a cool place, unlike most conventional malls. We get there, and park. Despite it being 10, it was already kinda packed, so we made our way to a few stores that had what I was looking for. Casual and fresh. The first store we hit was Jacksons. They had a bunch of clothes designed by local artist and wanna-be fashion designers. As I'm picking through the racks, Greg is chatting up this cutie by the register.

I chuckle as he is trying to get her number. Slyly, he saunters back to me, holding his phone, showing off the latest number in his collection. "Yeah bro, she chill as fuck. She go to Rosemont. Said she was just bored and she was just killing time, so I invited her with us." "Bruh, with who, I aint got gas to be running around the city, making pit-stops everywhere." "Nah bro, I got you on gas, I just got paid yesterday, and she said she don't stay but a few blocks from you, down the street from that burger joint.

Come on bro, look out for your mans." "Alright, but you better hit that tonight, cause I don't like wasted time." We look around a few more stores. I ended up getting this black and red jacket with some shoes to match, some basic dark jeans and a few shirts from Jacksons.

Greg kept it simple with a few plain colored tshirts, and some simple black shoes. We head over to the food court, which surprisingly was pretty tame compared to the rest of the mall. A few couples here and there, some groups of friends chatting it up. I get a small Blonde animated slut giving oral sex animation hardcore lunch and Greg gets this wrap. As we are scanning for a place to sit, and catch a glimpse of this chick eyeing me.

I don't think nothing of it, but subconsciously I position myself so that I can look at Greg, and see her looking my way. As we sit and eat, I keep catching her looking my way. "Yo, bro, be chill, but I think that girl over behind you, four tables back, is staring at me hard." He nods, and gets up to throw some trash from the table away, right next to where she is sitting. He walks back over, as smooth as he possibly can. "Yeah, bro, she is eyeing you hard.

She didn't even turn when I walked past her. You gonna go up and talk to her?" He asked, sitting back down in front of me "Naw, she probably is just zoned out or something.

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She could just be in her own world or something. " As soon as I said that, she gets up and walks away. I can't lie, I was captivated. The way her hair just flowed. Jet black strands of silk draped her shoulders.

The way she walked was that of a runway model. With authority, yet grace. It was elegance personified. And before I knew it, she was gone from my sight. Mentally I'm kicking myself for not taking a chance, but I suck up, along with the last of my food and drink, and decide to head back to Greg's place. We play his Xbox for a few hours, mess around with his cat Lola, having her chase a laser pointer around the room. After a few hours of dicking around his house, we decide to get ready, making sure our outfits were on point, we smelled nice, and we even gave each other minor line ups so that our hair looked pretty fresh.

Greg shoots a text to the girl he met at the brunette beauty aimee ryan pussy gaped by big brutal dildos, Katy, and she sends the address to pick her up from. One final look in the mirror, and we are out the door.

"Aye, bro, should we get some condoms or some shit?" Greg ask. "I mean, maybe. I was kinda joking earlier about fucking that girl, but I mean, it's better to be safe than sorry." "True." He mutters. After a quick stop at the gas station, we are in front of her house, waiting in her driveway. A few short moments later, she exits the house, and I must say, my boy Greg was a lucky man.

She was a cute white chick, a little thick in all the right places, and glasses that framed her cute face. She hops in behind Greg. "Hello, I'm Katy." "Hey, I'm Mike. This is my car". Why the fuck am I so awkward. "Are you ready to have a dope time tonight?" "Hell yeah! Your friend Greg here is such cool guy." She says, while rubbing his arm. "Yeah, he is the coolest, isn't he?" No one caught my sarcasm as Greg and Katy ignored me and slipped into a conversation I assume they were continuing from earlier.

I pull off and after what felt like a long 20 minute drive listening to them aggressively flirt with each other, we arrive at a huge gated house. "Damn, you guys said a party, not a banquet!" Katy eyes was wide.

The guard came up to our car. "Names." His voiced through the car. "Uh, yeah, I'm Mike Hill, This is Gregory Grey, and she is our plus one." I said, pointing around the car. "Ok, you check out, head to the left, it's a few spots you can park at over that way." He said, passing me a sticker to put in the window.

"Damn, that dude is fucking huge. Hate to see him in a dark alley." Greg said, staring out the back window. We park the car, and make out way around to the door. As we get closer and closer, music is pouring from open windows and we here the chatter of what sounds like a gang of people inside.

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Greg and Katy start speed walking to the door and disappear inside, as I follow behind. Inside, it looks like a night club. Music blaring, the bass is reverbing in my body, lights dancing with what seems to be an endless crowd of people, and I can feel the positive energy in the air.

I make my way to the kitchen, in hopes of finding a beer and to scope out the scene. I find the beer, and I also find Inez, chatting it up with her friends. She spots me and a smile streaks across her face and she rushes to hug me. "Mikey, oh my god, you made these girls aint loyal bubble butt and deepthroat I was ever so worried you wouldn't come. Did you find the place okay?" Inez was from the UK, but I have no idea where she learned to talk like a 1950 southern wife.

"Yeah, it's pretty easy to find the biggest house on the street. Your security guard is also kinda hard to miss." I chuckle. "Oh, don't mind Giorgi, he is a teddy bear. Well. I'm glad you came.

Please, help yourself to the drinks and there is some food out back. Enjoy yourself! Now, if you would excuse me, my girlfriends and I have some men that require our presence." As they saunter off into the sea of people, I make my way to the gigantic refrigerator. Inez was not messing around, she had more options than your standard liquor store in there.

I make my selection and head to the back yard to continue my surveillance of the party. That's when I catch her, the girl from the mall. I stare as I see her smiling with what looks to be her friends. It was radiating from across the backyard, almost drawing me in. Before I could walk across to speak, I was cut off by a pair of hand shielding my eyes. "Guess whoooo!" said a high, lovely voice. "Um, are you a bill collector, because I don't have the payment right now." I said jokingly "No silly." The hands let me go and I turn around to see Renee.

She was draped in all black. Black tank top with black legging that showed off her best asset. "Hey, I didn't know you was going to be here. I would have picked you up if you would have said something." "Yeah, my friends dragged me here, they wanted to get some unnecessary dick.

I didn't know you would be here, because I would have dressed a little better for you." "No, no, you're a sight to behold. I'm loving the all black," And at the same moment we said cause I aint got time to match. "Lol, I didn't know you liked that song." She said, grabbing my hand and leading me back into the mansion. "Honestly, I don't know too many people that know that song." Before I know it, she leads me to the middle of the room with everyone dancing and she starts grinding on me.

It was a Drake song that was playing, so I caught the tempo and followed her movements. I drink my beer and grab her hips and vibe out for an undisclosed time. After a while, I can feel myself getting hard, and I think she noticed, too, because she was becoming more aggressive with her movements.

Before I know it, she is turned around and is kissing me. I don't know if it was the beer kicking in, or my dick taking control, but I was all in. my arms wrapped around her waist and our tongues are wrestling for dominance. "Babe, you are getting my so turned on right now." She says with this gleam in her eye. "I want you so bad right now, but first, can you grab me a drink?" "Sure, I'll be right back." As I head to the kitchen and grab myself another beer.

Some party dudes challenge me to a chug contest, to which I oblige. I down my beer, then they hand me another. At this point, I'm confident, so I down that one in one go, too. They cheer and make fun of their friend who lost as they head out the kitchen. As I'm trying to make Renee's drink, I realize that I haven't seen Greg since I came in the house.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I start to search around. I make my way upstairs and see people walking in and out of rooms. So, I start to check the doors no one touched. I keep going down, and round a corner and get to the end of the hall, the last door, and I hear a familiar giggle. Super cutey receives drilled hardcore and massage Katy. The door is ajar and I peep in, and what a sight I saw.

Katy and Inez were topless, making out hard. No lie, I get rock solid hard. Then, I see Greg appear from what looks to be the bathroom with nothing but underwear on.

"Yooo, he is a champion!" I whisper to myself. He grabs Katy and starts to kiss her, and Inez joins in and I'm in awe. I start to question if I should walk away or not, but as Katy and Inez start to finish undressing, my body decides to stay because I get even harder. Inez lays on the bed, fully nude, and Katy gets inbetween her legs and starts to lick her pussy. I look around to see if anyone is looking, and to my luck, I'm the only one in this part of the corridor.

I look back and Greg is kneeling on the bed with his dick out and Inez is gobbling it down her throat. The sound coming from her were damn near angelic, maybe I was drunk, who knows. I could feel my hand start to unzip my pants, as if it had a will of its own, and I grabbed my throbbing member, and start to stroke my dick to the scene I was witnessing.

Greg grabbed Inez's head and starts to shove his dick further down her throat. She gagged, but accepted it as he pulled him closer. Katy stood up and crawls up the bed and lays next to Inez, and she positions herself to where she can suck on Greg's balls.

I'm at my maximum hardness, cause I'm fully beating my dick in the hallway. "Dog, what the fuck is happening? Am I really jacking off right now? What the actual fuck?" I whisper to myself as I watch the scene continue to unfold. Greg pulls out of Inez's throat and her gestures for Katy to get up. As if under a superb brunette enjoys sucking and fucking grandpa s cock, Katy flips over and bends over in front of Greg, with her titties waving over Inez.

Greg, in one swift motion, slides his dick in her luscious folds. The sound that came from Katy almost made me nut right then and there. It was so primal and rough. I had to control myself, or my cover would be blown. I take another quick glance around me to be sure I was alone. When the coast was clear, I go back to the action.

Greg is pounding Katy at this point, her ass jiggling with each thrust, her moans filling the room, and Amateur hairy chick shows off her goods is fingering her lovely pussy, in my direct view, as she suckles on Katy's boobs.

I can barely believe what the fuck is happening in front of me, but my hand is pumping my dick, with no input of my own, just all primal urge. Greg pulls out momentarily, and then he drives his dick into Katy's ass, and she arches her back, and slams back. He begins to pound her faster than before, grabbing her waist and gripping for dear life. I start to cum all over the door, getting weak in the knees as I try to keep standing.

Rope after rope of nut hits the door as I watch and listen to the scene in front of me. Greg is slamming hard into Katy and Inez is fingering her pussy, and she starts to moan as her orgasm hits her hard, Katy follows suit, then Greg, pulling out and jizzing all over Katy's back and ass.

I try to gain my composure and tuck myself back in and zip my pants up. "Bruh, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck." I continuously repeat to myself as I walk back down the hall. "Did I just, no, no, I didn't see shit. That was all a drunk hidden cam in strip club lapdance. Nope, naw.

I didn't see shit." I try to convince myself. I continue around the corner, then, as if god set this moment up himself, the girl from the mall is standing at the top of the stairs, looking at her phone, blocking my only exit. Before I could turn and head skinny blond amateur webcam blue yellow in the other direction, she looks up and starts to walk towards me.

Fuck. "Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have a phone charger I could borrow?" She says. I was entranced by her eyes. They looked hazel, but with flecks of gold. It was amazing. "Uh, yeah, but it's, like, in my car." "Even better, I need to get out for a second, catch a breath. You don't mind do you?" How could I pass up this moment? I'm a believer that chances make champions, so I'm gonna take this chance to become a champion. "Yeah, sure, I think I need some fresh air, too." We make our way downstairs and dance our way through the controlled chaos that is the party.

As we are making our way out, I see Renee talking to some guy, or more so he was trying to talk to her, and she was ignoring him, with her friends laughing at him, from what it seems. I figure she is fine and not even thinking about the drink I was supposed to get and continue my way out to my car. I get to the car, and we plop in and both make audible sighs. She plugs her phone into the car charger and relaxes in the seat.

"How rude, I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. Names Gabriella." She extends her hand to me and I take it in mine. My god was her skin soft. "Nice to meet you Gabriella, my names Mike." "Yeah, sorry to just impose on you. I just had to step outside for a moment. My sister brought me here and I sort of lost her lol. I think she met up with some of her friends and forgot about me.

Imma sunny lone saxy story sunny leone xxx story sunny leone xxx story call an uber and head home." "You're not having a good time? This is a pretty lit party. I even know the chick that's throwing it. She spared no expense." "No, it's not the party, it's just the fact that I really don't know anyone and it's kinda hard to get to know a bunch of drunk people, especially when you just moved here." "Oh really, did your family just move here?" I ask.

"No, only me. We all are from Texas, but when my parents and sister moved up here, I decided to stay with my aunt on her farm. I wasn't really ready to move yet. I just got here less than week ago. Not to sound weird, but how old are you?" "Me?

I'm 18, in my senior year at Ecorse City High. You?" "I'm 18, as well, and this must be fate because I start there on Monday." She said, snapping her fingers and pointing at the same time, which made me chuckle.

"Cool, cool. Um, you want me to give you a ride home, save you some money, that's only if it's cool with you?" "Yeah, sure, that would be great. My phone is still charging, piece of shit, mind if I see yours to put the address in?" "No, go right ahead." I say, unlocking my phone and turning on the GPS for her.

She types in the address and boom, down the driveway and onto the road we go. As we ride, she goes on to tell me more about herself and her life in Texas.

She told me that down there on the farm, she and her aunt would spend their free time riding horses and tending to crops. She told me stories of how she used to chill out in this old treehouse and watch the stars because the sky would be so clear at night, something I really couldn't relate to much because of living in big city with cloudy skies. She even went on to tell me that her aunt got sick, some age related illness, forcing her to giving the farm to a friend and Gabriella to move up here.

Gabriella said its to be expected, because of her aunts age, but she is really gonna miss the clear skies and the horseback riding. I was so invested in her tales of Texas life that I didn't even notice that we sitting outside her house for an hour. "Wow, its 11:27. Shit, I forgot I left my friends at the party.

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I gotta get back." I say, beating myself up on the inside. "Yeah, shit, I'm sorry for holding you up with my stories." She apologizes. "No, no, I liked the stories. Let me walk you to the door." I say, getting out the car. She gets out and I follow her around to her back yard. "I don't want to wake my parents, and my room is in the basement, so win/win lol." She giggles and she fumbles around with her keys.

As I look around, I notice where exactly we are. "Yo, this may sound weird, but that tight blonde govibra toy sticking out hole turn it on for action next my house right there." I say, pointing directly across the backyard towards my yard. "Whoa, were are back to back. That's crazy." She says, finally opening the door. "Well, thank you, kind sir, for getting this girl home safe. You really didn't have to do that." "It's no problem, I'm just happy to help.

I guess I catch you in school on Monday?" "Yeah. I'll catch you Monday." She says, then leans in and hugs me, and I hug her back. She smelled of strawberries. We let go and she heads in and I make my way back to the car. I smile to myself for not only taking the chance, but for doing a good deed today. Yay to me. I start the car and head back to the party. To my surprise, it's still as packed, or even more so, when I get back. I greet Giorgi and he points me to a spot to park.

Time to head back into the chaos and find Renee.

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The bass is going hard to some EDM song I couldn't place, the crowd is in full party mode, as if they weren't already. I snake my way through the crowd of drunkies as I look for Renee. I finally see her, in the corner arguing with the guy from before. As I get closer, she notices me and points in my direction.

"What's going on, everything ok?" I yell as I stand next to her. She begins to speak, but the guy starts up yelling. "Yeah, we good, bruh, you can back the fuck up and fuck off somewhere." I can smell the cheap tequila on his breathe. brad shot jennifer and ariellas face nicely, she is clearly not feeling you, just step off and find another girl to bother." I say as I step between him and Renee.

"Oh, you wanna go? You sure about that?" he says, shoving me. Now, I don't know if it was the drinks I had earlier making a second round through my system, but I shove him back even harder. "You really need to calm the fuck down and walk the fuck away." I said, looking him in his piercing eyes. That's all it took to set this meat head off. He takes a swing, I duck and counter with a few body shots. A space forms around us as we start to brawl.

He throws a few more drunken swings, only connecting one of them with my right shoulder, as I weave the rest. The crowd around is pulling out their phones and recording. I try to keep a level head, as Renee is still behind me and I don't want to trip and get caught with a lucky hook to the jaw. I go for a few jabs, all landing damn near flawlessly, and finally a right hook. He stumbles back into the crowd as they push him back in.

I motion behind me for Renee to get out of the crowd to a clearer area, but unfortunately the guy notices and lands a good shot on my ribs. It felt like a sledge hammer. I rebalance myself and catch my tempo again. Jabs to throw him off with hooks for power. Finally, he drops his guard and I throw a hasty uppercut. It connects, and he is down with the crowd roaring in excitement.

I look over and see Giorgi coming shewillcheat cuckold husband watches wifes pussy get destroyed with Inez. "Oh my god, what is going on?" She screams.

"This dude was bothering Renee, and tried to fight me for her, I guess." I say, pointing to the guy as he is being pulled up by his friends. "I'm so sorry, Mikey. I believe you. Giorgi, please remove our troublemakers from the premises." Giorgi without a word, grabs the guy from his friends and drags him to the front door and throws him out like a ragdoll.

"Damn." I chuckle to myself. To my amazement, the crowd goes back to partying like nothing happened. I make my way to the backyard for some fresh air and find Renee sitting alone, texting on her phone. "Hey, um, its getting kinda late. Want me to drop you off at the crib?" I say, pulling a chair up next to her. "Yeah. That would be nice." She says, putting her phone in her bra. Why can't girls just use pockets? "Did you know that guy?" I ask. "Sorta, but not really.

I don't wanna talk about it right now." She says, still looking down. "Ok, I wont press it. If you got everything, we can head out." She nods, and we head to my car and we leave.

The ride home was silent, with the music on the radio filling the dead air. I pull up in front of her house and she sits for a moment before looking at me. "Thank you for standing up for me. I really appreciate it. Like seriously, thank you." She says, grabbing my hand. "What? You don't have to thank me. That's what I'm supposed to do. It burglars make mom and son fuck be weak of me to just turn away." She leans in and kisses me deeply.

I put my hand up to her cheek and kiss her back. It starts getting heavy as we feel each other up and kiss. She breaks away and opens the car door.

"I wish I could fuck your brains out, but its getting late and my parents my might get suspicious of a random car parked outside for too long." She says stepping out. "Heh, its okay, maybe soon." I say. She smiles and heads in the house. I would be a liar if I said everything was fine, but I had this weird feeling scratching at the back of my mind. Something was off. Maybe the liquor was bothering me.

I put my car in drive and cruise to my house, just listening to the sounds of the night.