Big bos xxx story sex stories lambay laun walay

Big bos xxx story sex stories lambay laun walay
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Nelson was dancing with amber when he remembered he didn't lock his jeep. Amber I well be right back she nodded. Nelson slowly walked up to goddess of oral pleasures interracial and ballsucking house trying not to knock anyone over there must have been over a 100 people there there were girls dancing with guys grinding an they were having wet T-shirt contests hell he even saw some girls giving guys head and having sex" Cody bro.

where you at " yelled Nelson. A random girl pulled him to aside an asked, are you looking for cody ? He yelled yeah, he is upstairs making out wit Kim Bella I think he is really drunk because he was with gabby not to long ago, don't tell anyone I told you OKhe shook his head , Nelson ran up the stairs, when he finally got up there he saw cody get slammed up against the wall.

Kim Bella was all over him an cody was some what in joying it. Nelson yelled bro. "what the fuck if gabby sees you she well kill you an her", he turned when he heard amber yell at Kim to let go of cody but she ignored her.

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cody tried to push her off with out hurting her, at that moment gabby walked out of the bathroom she was drying her hands with a towel. She looked up an started freaking out on everybody Nelson grabbed her pinning her against the door she was so angry all of a sudden Nelson lost grip an she got loose. Amber yelled at Nelson to grab her, by then the music stopped everyone was in the back yard. Nelson grabbed amber's hand an ran down stairs with her to the back yard.

When they walked out they saw gabby an Kim Bella in the middle everyone had circled around themcody was begging gabby for them to leave he was yelling at her that he thought it was her( right be for this happened cody was in the room with gabby he finally asked her out she was so happy she told him hell yeah an kissed him then told him i well be right back okay she chhattisgarhi xx story sex stories jabardasti went to the bathroom kimbella had slipped in pretending to be gabby ) shut the fuck up you liar its over cody we are done.

Everyone started yelling kick her ass gabby an at that moment she popped Kim right in her mouth, she hit the ground gabby started kicking her yelling get up bitch get up an fight.

Nelson an cody ran an tackled gabby to the ground giving Kim the chance to run inside. "Everyone needs to leave nowright the fuck now "everyone turned amber's brother's had came home from being deployed.

Are you all fucking death they yelled everyone by then started running sweet ass blonde marsha may gets a ride and fucked by dudes cock pornstar and outdoor the carsit had suddenly gotten quite except for the sound of cars trucks an bikes taking off.

Nelson was about to walk off with gabby an cody when amber stopped him an kissed him, its okay there my brothers said amber Nelson was shocked he didn't know that she had brothers, older brother's that were marines. He turned to say sorry buy amber cut him offjay I am sorry I didn't think this would happen its my fault please let them go I well clean.

Jay looked pasted her an saw gabby he asked her is this true she shook her head no then what happened. Its our fault Nelson an Cody said, they looked at all three of her brothers when they said this, "then start cleaning our house now" Andy told them in a strong deep demanding voice.

( amber's brothers are jay, the oldest Andy, then nelly ).

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They both nodded an ran to start cleaning an picking Nelson cody said in a nervous voice I am sorry bro. Its okay cody but what happened "I was upstairs with gabby we were drinking an I just came out an told her I love you gabby well you be my girl she told my hell yeah an kissed me but when I was going to tell her about us going to camp for a few months she told me to hold up. Then next thing I was in the hall with Kim all over me. I feel like a loser right now gabby probably hates my ass we are not even together we lasted what 3 minutes, this shit sucks bro.

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an amber's brothers are fucking huge dude I was about to run he laughed. It was around 4am when they got done cleaning Nelson saw amber standing in the hall way waiting for them, Y'all young touch aunt under table sleep in here she told them in a soft voice.

They hurried up an walked to her room, "where are your brothers at I don't want them mad or anything if were in here, Nelson said". Its fine she smiled (by then cody walked way an was already in the guest room with gabby ) Nelson are you OK I have been trying to call you.

He shook his head, then come on come lay down.

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Nelson was in shock she wants me to sleep with her, he walked to the bathroom to changed he, slowly got under the covers he laid there she cuddled up right next to him.

He loved how she felt how her body was so smooth an the way her hair smelt was amazing to him, he slowly rubbed her thighs an played with her hair.

She loved the feeling he was giving her she let out a little moan as he caressed her thighs she was getting wet as she thought about him kissing her body an feeling him inside her. Nelson started thinking about how he wanted her so bad he wanted to just kiss her an suck her perfect tits an spank that heart shaped ass she had he loved her, he felt him self getting hard as he thought about her.

He suddenly felt her rub his dick he panickedamber he softly said what are you doing.

Sshh its OK she started to kiss him passionately then kissed her way to his neck giving him love bites, he loved it he felt him fat hairy wet pussy close up getting harder.

She slowly kissed an licked her way down his chest to his dick. She started rubbing faster he throw his head back closing his eyes, he let out a deep growl " oh god ' amber. she pulled down his shorts she was amazed how huge he was this was her first time ever seeing a dick but she wanted him she wanted to please him she nervously asked him, Nelson I am not sure how to do this can you tell me how