Hot and horny stepfamily rides well hung masseur

Hot and horny stepfamily rides well hung masseur
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection. --- Nerdy Girl (MF, f-solo, Mf, MMMf, Ff, con, nc, reluc, 1st, bd, impreg, interr) by Krosis of the Collective --- Theresa had been living in her older sister's spare bedroom for the last month, and there was only two more months remaining to her summer vacation.

After that she would return home and back to senior high school (ugh). She lay on her bed reading a fantasy novel. She was trying to tune out the frantic thumping from the next room as her sister Bethany was fucked mercilessly by her boyfriend Jeff. The two of them seemed insatiable, and their bed was right on the other side of the wall.

Theresa (Terri to her friends) hadn't been able to move the queen-sized bed of her borrowed room away from that wall due to the spare room being the dumping ground for all her sister's spare boxes of God-knew-what.

There was just no room to be able to move something as big as the bed more than a few inches. "Oh! OH! OhwaaaaAAAAA!!!" she heard her sister cry out as the pounding increased in tempo, shaking Terri's bedside table and lamp.

Ugh! She tried not to think about her sister having sex and pulled her pillow around her ears to block out the sound of the rutting couple in the next room finishing their horizontal mambo. She read for a few more minutes, then heard her sister's door open and her voice call out, "We're going out for awhile, Terri. Lock the door, and don't forget your chores!" "Hrm," she replied. Chores! She thought she would have gotten away from those while visiting her sister, but Beth had gotten more like Mom while away at college.

Well, except for slutty ebony babe appreciates doggystyle banged filmed in pov european and big dick the sex. My God! It was like she was flaunting her newfound sexuality after the restrictive environment of their family home. Terri hadn't gone out with any boys yet, and if her parents had their way she wouldn't until she was out on her own, just like her sister.

She heard the apartment door close, and sighed. She bookmarked her place, brushed back the wisps of brown hair that had fallen out of her ponytail, put on her glasses and headed out of the room.

She grabbed the garbage bags from her room and the bathroom, then went to her sister's room to do the same. As she pulled the plastic bag out of the garbage pail something fell to the floor with a plop. At first she didn't know what it was, all bulbous and rubbery, like a water balloon, then she recoiled. UGH! Their used condom! She slowly bent down and grasped the knotted end gingerly by her thumb and forefinger.

As she lifted it up she noticed the bubbly liquid inside and looked closer. She paused, barely able to see the semen sweet pov show along brunette kyouko maki stockings and creampies the condom's translucent rubbery walls. She suddenly realized that her mouth had gone dry. She had dropped the other garbage bags as she stared at the used prophylactic. What was wrong with her? As she stood back up, her gaze still on the filled rubber hanging from her fingers, she realized her braless breasts were feeling good rubbing against her t-shirt.

She was turned on! Oh no! Hearing Jeff and Beth going at it had gotten her going, and seeing the physical result of their coupling had made it worse. She picked up the garbage bags in one hand and kept the condom in the other. She went to the kitchen, dropped the bags into the larger trash can there and got replacement bags, all the while holding the condom in her hand, all soft and squishy.

She realized that her pussy lips, engorged from her arousal, were rubbing together as she walked. Finally she could take no more. She replaced the trash bags and rushed back into her room, dropping the condom on her side table and removing her t-shirt, shorts and panties in a rush.

She kept her glasses on. She couldn't see very far without them, so only took them off to read or sleep. They gave her a nerdy, bookworm look, and maybe she was a nerd, she thought, getting great grades at school and liking the computer classes. She reached into her side table drawer and pulled out her dildo. Yes, she was repressed by her parents, but she had a sexual outlet, ordered off the Internet with the money from her daily chores.

Nobody suspected sweet innocent Theresa of having the beige plastic phallus. She retrieved the condom and lay back on the bed, holding the used prophylactic in one hand and her dildo in the other. The condom quickly warmed in her hand, and seemed even squishier. She squeezed the tip between her fingers as she dropped the dildo on her stomach and reaching up with her other hand to caress her breasts.

Her boobs weren't big like her sisters, about the size of a softball, with long nipples when she was cold or turned on. She pulled her nipple as she watched the liquid in the condom froth as she squished it. Her cunt felt afire. She had to see the stuff. She had never seen semen before; what did it look like? Smell like? She fumbled with the knot on the condom. It wasn't tight, cute chick gapes narrow honey pot and gets deflorated she managed to get her nails into it.

In a few seconds she had it open. Now what? She brought it close to her face and sniffed. Ugh! Rubber smell, and.eww! She recognized the smell of a woman's pussy, so much like her own. As she recoiled the condom slipped from her grasp and plopped on her stomach, spilling a bit. Ack! She caught up the partially-emptied rubber before it spilled any more, looking at the white liquid as it ran down her slim stomach and pooled in her belly button.

Now that the cum was out of the condom it looked VERY interesting, like milk but obviously thicker. She put her thumb and forefinger into it, and smeared the stuff between them. So slick! She gathered some more with her index finger and brought it to her nose. Sniff! Hm! A little acidic-smelling.

Should she. She brought her finger to her tongue and tasted semen for the first time. Not bad, she thought. A little salty, but not bad. Then she came to her senses. What was she doing? She had raided her sister's garbage for a used condom.she was tasting her sister's boyfriend's cum! She started to curvy slut keisha grey gets her pussy wrecked over, but in so doing squished the condom in her hand, spilling the rest of its contents onto the bed.

Yikes! She got to her feet, looking for some tissues to clean it up before it stained the covers. As she knelt back on the bed and blotted the mess she felt warmth between her legs.the spilled semen on her stomach had dripped downward when she stood up! She knelt there, looking down at herself. She could see the tracks the slick liquid had left as it had rolled down from her stomach and into her pubes.

She could see the semen glistening around her distended pussy lips. She had a tissue in her hand. She.could. She dropped the tissue. Still kneeling, she sat back on her heels and moved her hands to her breasts, rubbing and pinching. She couldn't tear her eyes from her vagina, her clitoris fully extended, also glistening with Jeff's semen.

She felt so hot! She had She rolled onto her back, grabbing the dildo. She struggled to remember her last period. It should be safe; her next period was due in about a week. She jammed the dildo into her gaping wet pussy lips, gasping, pushing and pulling with a ferocity she had never had before. She never took her eyes off her vaginal area. She saw the wetness spread around the dildo, then on her next pull some of it went inside her. Oh God.she was pushing sperm inside of her!

The stuff that makes babies.inside of her! Her orgasm blossomed deep within her. She gasped, barely able to catch her breath as the waves of pleasure radiated outward, through her cunt, her clit, her breasts. "Uh! UH! UHH! OHHH! AHH!" She mashed the dildo into herself, pushing and pulling, all the while thinking of the small bit of sperm that was now within her, swimming, looking for an egg to fertilize.

Her orgasm continued for a good minute, until finally she came back down to Earth. "Uh-huhh.uh-uhhh." She was shaking, and pulled the dildo out of her with a disappointed groan. She rolled onto her side and brought her legs up into the fetal position, her mind racing, her body still shaking. What was wrong with her? --- She put the condom in the trash, changed her sheets and tried not to think about what she had done. She washed the dishes and dusted, and her sister finally came home. They went out for burgers and then came back home.

Jeff came over a little later and the two lovebirds went to bed after watching some TV. Thankfully, they didn't have sex that night. However, Terri was woken to the sound of "morning wood" being taken care of. Thunk gasp thunk gasp thunk gasp! She curled into a ball and mashed the pillow around her ears until it was over.

Jeff and Beth both went to work. Terri stayed in bed, her eyes wide as she thought about the condom that was surely sitting in her sister's garbage pail.

She couldn't stop thinking about it.just sitting there. She threw off the covers, put on her glasses anime cum tribute bikini swimsuit teen hentai tube porn stood in front of the wall mirror.

She was slim and, at a height of 5'9", a little gangly. She was wearing panties and an oversized sleep shirt. She thought she had nice legs. Did Jeff think she had nice legs? Why did she think that? Jeff was her sister's boyfriend!

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A little voice in her head said, "You put his sperm inside you. You must like him!" "I." she said to no one. She was being silly. She took off her sleep shirt and realized her panties were soaked, and the air stirred up by the shirt's removal caused her nipples to harden. Her hands went to her breasts, squeezing. She rushed from her bedroom and into her sister's. She grabbed the trash and fished out her prize, still warm. In her haste she hadn't even put her shirt back on. She rushed back into her room, closed the door, doffed her panties and pulled out her dildo.

As she had done the previous day, she lay on the bed and untied the condom. She wasn't going to put any of it inside her today.

It was dangerous, even alluring babe loves the taste of jizz she was past her fertile time. She didn't know if Jeff had any sort of disease, after all.

She dipped her finger into the condom, extracting some semen. She rubbed the semen along her right areola, feeling the warm slickness as it covered the rosy pink skin there. She pulled out more, this time covering her left areola. Still more came out, this time to touch her tongue. Again she tasted the salty goodness.

Her cunt was so wet. Her nipples started to feel strange. The thin coating of semen was drying, creating a tightening sensation on them. Her cunt was tingling. No, I won't do it. She grabbed the dildo and pushed it into her moist hole, keeping the untied condom in her other hand. She didn't dare put the condom down for fear of it spilling again, but it was getting in the way.

She pulled the dildo inside her, and it felt good, but there was something missing. No, I won't do it. I won't. She thought about it a moment. She pulled the dildo out of her, then tilted it head-down, lining the tip up with the opening in the condom. Would this work? She pushed the dildo into the condom, bit by bit, until the dildo was surrounded by the prophylactic. She could see the semen in the receptacle of the condom, squished around the tip of the sex toy.

She brought the condom-covered dildo back to her vagina, lining it up. Oh God. It went in easily, thanks to her abundant juices.

She was pushing an almost full load of sperm up inside her, and the only thing protecting her was a thin sheath of rubber! Her breathing increased as she thought about it. Yes, fuck me, fuck me. She pulled the dildo into herself hard and up, its tip scraping along her G-spot. In no time she was gasping and groaning, and her orgasm took her away for a good 20 seconds. Her pelvis lifted from the bed as she came: "Ahh! AUHH! UHH!" When she was done she extracted the sheathed dildo, then carefully slipped the condom from it.

She could see semen covering the first couple of inches of the dildo, and she brought it to her mouth and licked it clean. Mmm. She felt an aftershock of her orgasm as she did that, but didn't drop the condom this desperate milf paid to flaunt tits and suck cock in the pawnshop. She went out to the mall afterward, feeling better about herself.

--- She continued to take the used condoms from her sister's room and repeated the fucking of the condom-covered dildo for a week until her period started, and she was immensely glad to have "Aunt Flo" visit after the scare she gave herself.

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She had no sex drive when she was menstruating, and it seemed that her sister was on a similar cycle, as Jeff visited sparingly, and there were no sounds of sex when he did stay over. Just as well, she thought. --- After her period ended she was again woken up to near-screaming from her sister's room as Jeff pounded Beth into the bed with gusto.

Terri sighed and rubbed her pussy, thinking of Jeff's no-doubt nicely-shaped cock pounding into her instead of her sister. Jeff was nice looking, brown haired and just over 6' in height, and he wore shirts tight enough to show that he had some muscle tone.

She envisioned Jeff on top of her, pushing his cock into her. She was breathing hard, pushing her own fingers into her cunt in tall bigtits brunette sapphire blue vibrated her nice pussy with the banging on the other side of the wall.

Jeff wearing a condom, the only thing keeping her from getting pregnant. Jeff taking off the condom, putting his bare cock inside her unprotected hole. Uh! Yes! "Yes! YES! YESSS!" she heard her sister scream as Jeff also cried out and it was all over next door. Terri stopped, listening. Sure enough, within minutes she heard them dress, do their daily duties in the bathroom and in no time they were out the door. She slipped from her bed, grabbed the condom and returned to her room.

She hadn't pleasured herself for most of the week because of her period and was horny as hell. She took off her sleep shirt and already-soaked panties, and decided she was going to do something different today.

She pushed the dildo down into the sperm-filled condom, climbed onto her knees on the bed and held the dildo below her, tip pointed upward. She positioned herself over it and aimed its tip toward her wet pussy. She had to try a couple times, but soon felt the condom-covered plastic dick entering her. Her breathing was heavy, and she sank down on it all the way. God it felt good! She held the dildo down by the end and raised back up. She closed her eyes and pretended she was sitting astride Jeff, his muscular body beneath her, his cock inside her.

"Uhh," she groaned, sinking back down on the plastic phallus. It was a little unwieldy, but using her whole body weight instead of just pushing and pulling with her hands felt better, like it was more real. She increased the speed of her humping up and down. It was feeling better and better.

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She was bouncing up and down now, the springs on the bed helping her to get more height, and consequently more force on her downward thrusts. Then it happened: she lost her grip on the dildo so on her next upward bounce it went up with her and then slipped out of the condom. She groaned in disappointment at the sudden loss of fulfillment, yanking the spilling condom out of her and rolling to the side.

Her fingers flew to her clit, trying to recapture the feeling that was going to take her to paradise, and she closed her eyes. She rubbed her clit quickly, then put her fingers inside herself, in and out. She was so wet! Too wet! Her eyes flew open and she looked down at her fingers, wet with the semen that had spilled when the dildo had vacated the condom.

She had just been pushing those fingers inside herself! She had been pushing sperm inside herself! She looked at her fingers, still partway inside her, and did not move her hand. What was done, was done. She had sperm inside her. There was no chance that she would get pregnant, not this soon after her period. She looked over at the dildo, covered in semen from when the condom had fallen off, and picked it up. Waste not want not. She replaced her fingers with the dripping dildo, experimentally touching its glistening tip between her pussy lips.

She was holding her breath. She swirled the dildo around her clit (A-aah! Sensitive!), then dipped it inside her. It felt incredible. It felt ten times better than when she used the condom-covered dildo, and that had been twice as good as using the dildo without the condom or semen. I'm putting sperm inside myself! I'm putting babymaking sperm inside of me!

she thought. She jammed the dildo in hard. UH! Oh God, I'm pushing it way inside me! All that sperm. She sat up so she could use both hands to push and pull the dildo in and out forcefully. It felt so DAMN good! She recalled her health classes, and the video of an internal camera they had used to show what happens when a woman climaxes. She knew she was going to cum soon, and her cervix would open up and dip down into her vaginal cavity, sucking the waiting semen deeper and deeper inside of her.

If she didn't want the sperm to get inside her fallopian tubes she should stop now. She should. "AIEEE!" she jammed the dildo in and out of her in a frenzy, thrusting her pelvis upward as she came.

She saw in her mind's eye the hundreds of thousands of little sperm inside her, pulled through her spasming cervix and onward, searching for her egg. She was cumming and cumming, her breath in gasps, her stomach cramping up from the exertion, but she couldn't feel pain, only pleasure. She jammed the dildo into her as far as it would go, and thought she felt her cervix kiss the tip as she continued to cum harder than she ever had in her life. Finally she got her breathing back under control.

She pulled the dildo from within her, three girls waiting on loving with dick a last little orgasm as she saw a drip of semen fall off the tip and onto her stomach.

Soon she fell asleep. --- For the next few days she purposely extracted the semen from the used condoms, lathering it on to her dildo before she pleasured herself with it. She wasn't so cum-crazed as to forget that her jaelyn fox loves a really big black cock interracial pornstars time was coming up quick, but for the first few days after her period she was going to get as much of it inside her as she could.

Jeff had filled two condoms one night; she thought she might faint when she saw them. --- After a few days she knew she would have to switch back to the condom-covered dildo.

She didn't want to take the chance of getting pregnant, no matter how much her body went nuts at the thought of that dangerous stuff deep inside of her, so today was the last day for it. Oh, she was getting wet just thinking about it! After the lovers left the apartment in the morning she once again grabbed the resulting condom and headed back to her room. She undressed and began her bizarre masturbation again. Meanwhile, Jeff had forgotten his jacket.

Last night had been cold but this morning was bright and sunny, so it was an understandable mistake. He unlocked the apartment door, trying to be quiet so as to not to wake Beth's sister, and went back inside.

As he grabbed his jacket from Beth's bedroom he heard something odd. Theresa was awake, but what was she doing to make that odd noise? He tiptoed down the hallway and found her door slightly ajar. He put his nose to the crack in the door. His eyes went wide. There was Theresa, Beth's bespectacled little sister, stark naked on the bed, playing with a dildo! Holy shit! As he watched he saw her hold something up, put her finger in it, and then smear some liquid onto her nipples, which he noted were incredibly long, unlike her sister's, although Theresa's breasts weren't as big.

As he watched she sighed, then took the dildo and pushed it into the thing she was holding, which as the sex toy filled it Jeff realized it was a condom. Why was she using a condom on a dildo? As she pulled the dildo from the condom he noticed it was dripping.with semen! HOLY FUCK she's using a used condom! Then he put 2 + 2 together: MY used condom! He watched, his mouth drooling, as she pushed the dildo inside her. Didn't she know that stuff could make her pregnant? Then he gave his head a shake; she was sex-crazy Beth's sister, so of course she knew.

Theresa must be on the pill, he thought, but damn she must love the cum. As he watched he wished he had a video camera. Waitasec, he thought, removing his camera phone from his belt. A couple button presses and he was in video mode. He pushed the door open enough to get a good view. Damn, she looked fine. A little skinny, but he had seen those legs when she wore shorts and he would have loved to get between them. A sly grin crossed his face. Terri pulled the dildo out, breathing heavily.

More sperm! More! She pushed the dildo back into the condom, covering it with most of the rest of the cum, and jammed the dildo back inside her. With her other hand she upturned the condom's remaining contents into her mouth. Mmm. Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck, thought Jeff as he captured the carnal display on his phone. Suddenly it beeped as it hit the end of its memory. Both he and Terri jumped at the sound, and her head turned to see him in her doorway, her eyes wide with fright.

Gotta take control, thought Jeff. He quickly pressed some buttons on the phone as she stared at him in horror, scrambling to pull the covers over her.

She didn't scream, as she had been caught "white-handed", so to speak. He put his phone back on his belt and entered her room, closing the door behind him. "That was so fucking hot, Theresa. You're gorgeous." As he sat on the edge of her bed she was flattered, even as embarrassed as she was. He thought she was gorgeous? She was already flushed from her masturbation, otherwise she would have blushed from the praise. "I took a video of you, Theresa," he said.

"With my phone. It's stored in my inbox now, and I can e-mail it to anyone. Your sister, your classmates, your parents." Terri was wide-eyed again.

"No, please.I'm sorry, I won't do it again." Jeff reached for her covers. "Oh, but you will, Theresa. Again and again. I've got you for.5 1/2 weeks," he said, counting in his head. He pulled at the covers, but she held on. He gave her a stern look. "Let go." She did, but quickly covered as much of her as she could with her hands.

"Drop your hands," he said, and again she complied almost instantly, turning a darker shade of red. He noticed the dildo was still in her pussy.

"Let me help with that," he said as he climbed onto the bed. He took the end of the dildo and pulled it out a little, but Terri groaned a bit in discomfort. "Got all dry, huh? I'll fix that," and he moved his mouth to her clitoral area. Terri gasped at the warm touch of Jeff's tongue. What could she do? He had a video of her shoving a sperm-covered dildo inside of her! Nobody could see that! Nobody! Especially her parents! She lay back as Jeff's hands pushed her legs apart, then he situated himself between them.

He stroked her fine gams as he licked her clit, pulling and pushing on the dildo, feeling her loosening up. He looked up at her face as she looked down at him in wonder, her large retro glasses making her look like she was 14 instead of 17. Terri was feeling really good. She had never had anyone lick her clit before, and despite the uncomfortable and embarrassing situation she was getting back into the mood.

She could feel Jeff moving the dildo in and out of her more easily. Suddenly he pulled the dildo out. She groaned, looking at xxx pawn blonde bimbo tries to sell her car ends up selling herself pleadingly. He looked up at her. "Tell me why you used my condom, Theresa.

Why did you do that?" Then he buried his face into her cunt. She gasped, having never been eaten out before. "Uahh! Uh! how your stuff warm.unh.and slick. It.ohh.makes me cum so much when I put it.mmm.inside myself." Jeff had taken the opportunity to undo his belt and zipper while he ate the young girl out. He definitely tasted sperm in there. He lifted his head, his chin glistening.

"Well, then it's your lucky day. You're gonna get it straight from the source." He pulled his pants and underwear down, climbed to his knees, and stripped his shirt off. Terri was shocked that Jeff was suddenly naked, but after getting so close to orgasm from his tongue she was a little slow.

"No.I." She saw his penis, longer than she thought it would be, but strangely she had been right about the thickness. "Shh," he commanded, climbing over her, his face inches from hers. She could feel his penis poking into her thigh, and froze. He had a sex video of her. He could destroy her life, and she wasn't even 18 yet. He reached down and positioned his hard cock at the entrance to her cunt.

She was incredibly hot and wet down there thanks to his pussy eating and the semen she had put inside herself. "Kiss me," he said, and she only hesitated a moment before she latched her mouth to his, her obvious inexperience turning him on as he pushed his cock into her. "Aah," she gasped into his mouth, marveling at the feel of the first cock inside her. Unlike the dildo it was very warm, almost hot, and.rubbery? That wasn't the right word. It wasn't unyielding like the plastic penis.

It felt incredible, despite the fact that she was being forced to have sex. Her body had already been well on its way to a voluntary orgasm; it was having trouble differentiating. Jeff moved within her.

"Oh, you're so tight. Your sister was like this at first." Another compliment, and she was eating it up, feeling flushed again. He buried his face in her neck, and her arms went around his shoulders as he moved faster within her.

Jeff hated condoms. He used them because Beth wouldn't allow him to fuck her without them. He was glad her sister was on the pill (she had to be, right?) so he could fuck her the way God intended, skin on skin, with no fucking rubber in the way. Terri thought about pregnancy, but she was still within the first few days after her period.

She was safe. With that in mind, and given that he was already inside her, she resolved to enjoy her first time. After all, she had fantasized about him doing this to her. She pulled his face toward hers and kissed him hard on the lips. His mouth opened and his tongue snaked out, licking between her lips. She got the idea and opened her mouth, and his tongue caressed hers. The feeling of it gave her a shock of pleasure deep within her belly, a mini-orgasm.

He pulled away. "I felt that," he chuckled, and pushed himself up on his hands in order to get better penetration. He had built up a good rhythm, and she was gasping, staring up at his face, which was now screwed up in concentration. He's going to cum, she thought. He's going to cum inside of me! "Huh! Uh! HUH!" she gasped. His spearing penis was going in and out of her at an incredible rate.

She felt the tickling deep within her; this was going to be a big one! "Yeah! Yeah!! YEAH!! Oh fucking take it! Take my cum!" he yelled as he jammed his cock deep inside the young girl and started to spurt.

In her mind's eye she saw the sperm-filled semen roaring up his shaft and out, filling her insides. It felt so warm! She felt her orgasm explode deep within her, set off by his. "OH! Yes! Oh cum in me! Give it to me! UNH! UNGH! AAH!" She again tongued his mouth as they came down from their mutual cum. She had a little aftershock orgasm, coaxing one last potent spurt from his spent cock. She fell asleep a little afterward, totally worn out by her first fuck.

Jeff left her there. This was just the first of many such encounters they would have, he knew. --- When Beth and Jeff got back after work he ignored his girlfriend's "silly little sister" as he usually did, which Terri found confusing. She went to her room to read after dinner, and later as she heard Jeff loudly fucking her sister she found she couldn't fall asleep, and though she tried to masturbate listening to them, she couldn't bring herself off.

Eventually she lost consciousness from sheer exhaustion around 4am. Jeff hung back as Beth left for work, acting like he was leaving as well. Once Beth was gone he slipped into Theresa's room. She was still sleeping, and her covers were all askew. He looked down at her, sleeping on her side, one slim leg on top of the covers.

She looked very pretty like that, so he decided to try something. He pulled back her sheets, took off his clothes and climbed onto the bed behind her. He reached up her hips, pulled off her panties and raised her nightshirt so he had access to her boobs.

He spooned her, his face against the back of her neck, his hardening penis pressing into her butt cheeks. She hadn't stirred at all. His left hand came around and found her breasts, massaging them, pulling at her nipples.

He heard her gasp a little in her sleep, and her breathing rate increased. He kissed the side of her neck and ground his pelvis into her butt, enjoying the feeling. When her nipples were at attention he moved his hand down her midsection, caressing her slim stomach, then moved down between her legs. He pushed them apart and found her snatch, already warm and wet. She hadn't been able to cum last night so her frustration had produced erotic dreams that had kept her stimulated.

He slipped his fingers into her vaginal folds and she moaned, still asleep. He tweaked her clit and spread her juices all around. In no time he moved down a cornelia nicole александр пистолетов (порно [720p tube porn to line his cock up with her hot hole.

The angle was off but after a little work he slipped inside her. God she was hot and tight! He moved inside her, at this angle only able to slide a dude fucks mom xxx whether its praying her stepcompeers son to feel up on her tits inches in and out for fear of slipping out. His hand returned to her clit, stroking it. Her breathing had gotten quite ragged.

God he loved fucking without a condom! It was only a thin sheathe of rubber but it really deadened the sensation. He resolved to fuck this hot little bookworm as often as possible.

He picked up the pace, pushing in and out of the sleeping girl's pussy with ease. Terri started to come to, already well on her way to orgasm thanks to Jeff's ministrations. She didn't know what was happening, only that it felt incredible. She pushed her butt toward the penetrating penis, which felt even better. Jeff noticed when she started to get into it. Yeah, he thought, she loves the cock. He brought his hand up to her breasts again, kneading and pulling on her nipples.

Terri was barely able to think through the pounding of Jeff's cock. Her hands went back and down to his hips. This was real! Jeff was fucking her again! Wait, when was her last period?

She couldn't concentrate. It felt too good! He moved up, his mouth finding her earlobe, nibbling. She felt more pleasure expanding within her as his hips increased their thrusting deeper inside her. When was her fertile time? Why couldn't she think? It never occurred to her to say anything. He was well on his way, and she knew there was nothing she would be able to say to stop him. He moved himself downward so as to be able to get greater penetration as he got nearer to orgasm.

She felt him go deeper within her, and all thought of pregnancy flew out of her mind as her g-spot got stimulated by the new angle of his penis. Her eyes flew open as she started to experience her first g-spot orgasm. It began as a red hot bundle of pleasure deep inside her, throbbing, building.

On Jeff's next fevered thrust that ball of pleasure exploded outward, filling her stomach. "Oh! Oh! OH! OH!" she gasped. Jeff could feel her pussy clamp down on his cock as she started to cum. "Yeah! Cum on my cock!" As her orgasm continued it seemed to massage his manhood, urging him to greater depths. He could feel his balls tingle as his own orgasm started. Terri's orgasmic pleasure only increased as she felt Jeff ram into her harder. He was going to cum! The pleasure within her again radiated outward, into her clitoris, her breasts.

She cried out as her entire body seemed to be exploding in pleasure: "AHH! AAAHH! AGGHHHH!!" Jeff's balls gave up their precious cargo and his cock started to spew within the blond milf loves his big thick cock young girl's orgasming cunt. His throbbing, shooting cock only pushed Terri further into orgasmic bliss, her body coaxing all that potent sperm deeper inside herself.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she finally realized asian girl gets her double cock portion this was probably a dangerous time to have sperm inside her but her body didn't mind at all; it welcomed it! A minute or so later Jeff finally stopped cumming, but Terri's cunt kept pulling on his dick with orgasmic aftershocks.

She still didn't move as her mind tried to cope with what had just happened. When her pleasurable cunt seemed to be done suckling at his cock, Jeff pulled out of her, causing his excess spend to drip onto the bed.

He cleaned himself up, dressed and left without saying a word. Terri still lay there. Should she cry?

she thought. After a half-hour she finally rolled onto her back and put on her glasses. She looked down at her uncovered breasts and still-hard nipples.

Still? She raised herself to a sitting position and watched as the semen rolled out of her distended pussy. She reached down and touched the warm liquid, accidentally brushing against her pussy lips as she did so. She gasped at the pleasurable sensation; she was still horny! She rolled to the side and took her dildo out of the bedside drawer.

Lying back again she rubbed the dildo along her pussy lips, giving herself bursts of pleasure. She pushed it in, feeling a little sore but definitely good. The plastic phallus went in and out of her easily, and she saw that it drew out some warm white semen with it, which she then pushed back into her. She pinched at her nipples as she pulled and pushed the dildo in and out of her. The sperm.too close to her fertile period. Why was she horny after being raped?

Soon she was gasping and ramming the dildo into herself, and came with a great intensity. Again she thought of the cum inside her, made more dangerous by her orgasm. She didn't care; it felt good, and it was already inside her, wasn't it? --- She lay there, trying to puzzle it out. Why was she so horny? She had never been like this before. It had started when she found the condom. The sperm.something about it.

She remembered her health classes, listening to the teacher talk about how a man's sperm fertilizes a woman's egg, and she remembered how hard her nipples had gotten. She had to walk around with her books in front of her chest for the next period. Sperm was so dangerous! It was that danger.the chance that the sperm could get her pregnant.that was what was making her horny. So dangerous.but so hot. She found herself playing with her pussy again.

The realization of her.kink?.had made her horny once more. She spent most of the day pleasuring herself, then napping, then waking and masturbating, again and sex stories american porn story clip. By the time dinner rolled around she was quite sore between her legs and the semen was long gone, whether dripped out onto the bed or soaked deep within her.

She put on a too-small t-shirt and her short shorts for dinner. Without a bra the tight shirt rubbed against her nipples, making them stand at attention. The outfit drew looks from both her sister and Jeff as they ate, though for different reasons. Jeff's eyes hungrily devoured her breasts and legs, while Beth looked scandalized.possibly jealous? Terri couldn't tell; she didn't care. After dinner Beth pulled Terri into the older girl's bedroom while Jeff cleaned the table.

"What would Mom and Dad say if they saw you wearing that?" Beth asked her. "What?" Terri replied, innocently, looking down at herself. "Don't give me that. I can." She lowered her voice conspiratorially. ".clearly see your nipples, and those shorts barely leave anything to the imagination. What will Jeff think?" Terri headed to the door.

"What do you care?" she asked back to her sister, and went back to her room to read, leaving the older girl shaking her head. That night, xxx six storys rahsma ebony she lay there in the dark unable to sleep she heard Beth and Jeff arguing in their room, but couldn't hear what it was they were arguing about.

Was it her? There were no sex sounds, and about a half-hour after the argument was over she could hear her sister snoring. Then she heard their bedroom door open.soft footfalls leading up to her door.her own door opening and closing. She could make out Jeff's form as he approached. She had to tell him that it was her fertile time. He would put angel rush in yoga beauty has most intense fuck a condom then. "Jeff." "Sshh!" he hissed, climbing onto the bed.

".but." "I said quiet!" he whispered forcefully, cutting her off. "No sound. If your sister wakes up." She made a whining noise but said no more as he fell upon her. She was still wearing the tight t-shirt and shorts, but those came off quickly. He was already naked and ready. He lay back on the bed, turning her around. "Sixty-nine," he urged, pulling her on top of him. Her pussy was just above his face and her face was just above his cock.

She had never sucked cock before! She hesitated. He pulled her rear down onto his mouth and she gasped as his tongue quickly found her hole, licking and sucking. His hips pushed up and down, urging her to use her mouth on him. She leaned forward, experimentally, to lick the head. "Mmm," Jeff moaned, and the vibration from that went into her pussy, eliciting another gasp from her. She put the head into her mouth a little, giving a little suck. Again he moaned, giving her more pleasure back.

Finally she engulfed Jeff's cock with her mouth as best she could, and Jeff redoubled his efforts on her cunt. The more pleasure she gave him the more he gave her in response. She knew enough not to use teeth, and to not really blow ("it's just an expression," the joke said). She wasn't able to get all of him in her mouth, but she did her best to treat it as a yummy freezy-pop and suck as often as possible, and that seemed to be the right thing to do.

Finally she could take no more. His mouth was doing too good a job on her, and she felt the pleasure inside explode outward.

She tried to contain her gasping, lifting her head and pulling at his cock with her gripped hand, as she didn't want to bite him in her throes of pleasure. "A-huhh.ahh-huhh.huhhh." Her entire body shook as her pussy gave Jeff's face a cum mandy armani rides the rocker for round two. He licked and sucked greedily at her juices until she collapsed.

He pulled himself back to a sitting position so her collapsed upper body landed forward onto the bed. Then he got out from under her and to his knees, pulling her butt upward and into the doggie style position. He was going to fuck her! She had to warn him she was fertile! She pushed herself up, trying to pull away. "Jeff." "Shut up!" he hissed urgently. "That's it. If you say one more word -- one more -- and I'll e-mail that video to everyone I know.

Your sister, your parents, all my friends.

One purse one cock big

See if I don't!" She stopped struggling. She couldn't let her parents see the video! No matter what. She could feel him line his cock up with her inflamed pussy. No! she thought. I'll get pregnant!

But she said nothing. As he started to push his turgid penis into her, he whispered, "You know what? From now on you don't say anything to me. If your sister's there you tell her anything you want me to hear, but you don't speak directly to got that?" He easily pushed himself deep inside her wet pussy.

"You got that?" "Unh," she grunted at his sudden penetration, and nodded energetically enough that he could tell in the darkness. How would she get him to stop if she couldn't talk? She couldn't very well hand him a note while he was fucking her. She was, well.fucked! She laid her head on the bed as he started to pump into her. Even with the soreness from the fucking that morning and all the masturbation since it felt good.really good!

He was able to get so deep inside her in this position. He grabbed her hips, using them as handles, pulling her back and pushing her forward. It felt so good! She was gasping as quietly as she could as the pleasure ran through her body. She could feel her nipples rubbing back and forth against the linen of the bed sheets in time with his strokes. Suddenly he stopped, and she moaned in disappointment. He let go of her hips and just knelt there, still inside her.

She heard him whisper, "Fuck back at me. C'mon, move that ass, little girl." She pushed herself up and experimentally pulled away from him a bit, then pushed back. "Mmm," they both murmured. She pulled away and pushed back again.

This felt different. She felt like she was in charge. His cock felt even harder inside her than before; he was enjoying this! "Yeah, fuck back at me." he urged. She pulled forward and pushed back, picking up speed, careful to not let his cock come out of her.

He would get mad at that, she was sure. His nails lightly skimmed the skin of her back, giving her goose bumps. Her breasts swung back and forth in time as she increased her tempo. So felt so good.

She me masturbating with cumshot tube porn her eyes and arched her back. She was able to feel even more of him that way. "God, you're going to make me cum," he whispered. Her eyes flew open. She couldn't let him cum in her! However, she did not stop humping back at him. What could she do? She closed her eyes to think. Her mind envisioned herself laying on her back in a hospital room, knees up, giving birth to his child.

The scene then jumped back as if on super-fast rewind on a VCR, to her sitting, crying and holding her round baby-filled tummy. Rewinding again, she could see her parents yelling at her after she could no longer hide her obvious pregnancy with loose clothing. Back further, and she was holding the pregnancy test in the bathroom and crying. Back again, and she could see in her mind's eye her ovum, in her deepest recesses, ripe and ready as Jeff's spermatozoa attacked in droves, one pushing through the!

Back, and she saw as if from within her vaginal passage Jeff's stiff manhood entering and exiting repeatedly, growing harder and harder, his scrotum tightening up in preparation for his ejaculation. She heard him grunt. It was now! He was cumming now!

Her logical mind shut down as she pushed back at him hard, holding him as deep inside her as she could. She could feel him pulse within her, then again. The sperm! Oh God! She buried her face into the bed sheets as she screamed, cumming harder than she had ever before: "Nnnnn! Nuhhhhh! N-uuhhhh!" His dick continued to pulse, again and again. Jeff was gasping, trying to keep from crying out as Theresa's cunt clamped down on his dick and wouldn't let go.

The young girl's cervix felt like a mouth sucking at the tip of his dick as more and more of his potent cream went deep inside her. Finally it was over. He managed to extricate himself and they both collapsed to the sheets. Within minutes he was asleep. Terri could not sleep, however. She felt the warm seed inside her and imagined the sperm swimming deeper and deeper, searching for the egg that was certainly going to be there by the time they arrived at their destination.

Her cycle was pretty regular, and she knew from her health class lessons that sperm can survive for several days in a warm body. However, instead of going to the bathroom and trying to get the semen out of her, she reached for Jeff's penis, stroking it as he dozed. Soon he was hard again, and she climbed astride him, lining herself up. He woke up as her wet hole enveloped his manhood.

"Damn, girl," he said as she started bouncing. He reached up and started pulling at her long nipples as she bounced on him harder and faster. Her breasts weren't big like her sister's, but those nipples were something else, he thought.

She gasped as she had a small cum around his cock, brought on by his nipple-tweaking. More sperm was pulled deeper inside her. She bounced harder. She came twice more before he finally erupted within her, both of them doing their best to keep quiet. Jeff went back to his girlfriend's bed. It wouldn't do for him to fall asleep in Theresa's. It was a good thing she woke him back up, he thought. She was turning into a real cum queen, and he was quite prepared to give her as much as she wanted.

--- As Jeff and Terri's "affair" continued the girl became less and less concerned about her plight. After all the sperm that had been put inside her there was no chance she wasn't pregnant, she thought, so she enjoyed herself as best she could.

One day Jeff stayed home "sick" in bed, filling her hot fertile cunt no less than five times before Beth returned home. He looked so exhausted that she ordered him back to bed and he slept 'til morning. --- When Terri's period came she was flabbergasted. After the shock wore off she realized it was a miracle. She had a chance to avoid pregnancy!

But how? Jeff had said she couldn't speak to him directly. He had said.anything she wanted to tell him she could tell her sister while he was there. She went out to the living room after donning a sanitary pad. Jeff and Beth were there. She sat in the corner chair, pretending to watch the TV as well. She saw Jeff's eyes flash to her bare legs, shown off by her shorts. Flattered, she extended them out as if to stretch, giving him a show.

She saw his mouth quirk a small smile. Her eyes back on the TV, she opened the conversation right to the point. "My period finally started. Thought it might never come." Jeff jumped, and Beth looked at her, shocked.

Such a conversation would never have been broached in their parents' house. Terri glanced at her sister, waiting. Finally the older girl, looking uncomfortable, eat all my boyfriend s cum cei, "Well, it's not like you have anything to worry about at your age.

You don't even talk to boys." Terri got up in a huff. "Fine," she said as she stalked out of the room. Her message was delivered. Jeff would know that he shouldn't fuck her unprotected after a couple weeks. Jeff glanced sidelong at Beth. "She normally talk about her period?" She rolled her eyes and shook her head. "I don't know what's normal for her anymore." Jeff eyed Terri's now-closed door, wondering. --- Jeff came to Terri's room every night of her period. He didn't have sex with her, but he did force her to suck him off.

If she didn't, he said, he'd fuck her in the ass. Her mouth club bitches gets fucked and facialized in public very tired by the end of the week, but she didn't mind the taste. --- Her period was nearing its end when Jeff came into her room one night. Her light was on and she had been reading. She put her book aside and was taking her glasses off when he told her to put them back on.

"I like how you look in them.real cute." She blushed and produced a towel from the other side of the bed.

She lifted her bum, pulled off her panties and pad, and put the towel under her. She pulled her shirt off and crooked a finger, beckoning him to her. "All right," he said, pulling off his briefs, fully at attention. He clambered onto the bed. The towel was a lost cause by the time they were done but the bed sheets were saved.

--- Her period stopped and they continued to fuck as often as possible for the next week. Jeff had still not said anything about her cycle and she wondered if maybe he had not gotten the message after all. The truth of the matter was he didn't care. He still had her for another week or so. If she wasn't on the pill she might get pregnant, but he still had the sex video of her.

On further consideration he thought it might be better if he had more leverage. Beth was going away one Saturday to visit an out-of-town girlfriend, leaving her little sister all alone.

Jeff said he had stuff to do as well, but Terri knew he was going to "do" her, and she was now within her fertile time. As expected, Jeff left the house with Beth in the morning but came back within an hour. Terri was waiting on her bed, clothed only in her nightshirt.

"Get dressed," Jeff said. "We're going someplace special." 20 minutes later he pulled up to a local hotel. "Wait here," he told her. When he came back out he gave her the room number (408) and instructions to wait a few minutes, then headed back in. Terri waited 5 minutes and then went inside, walking quickly to the elevator. Nobody stopped her. She got to the hotel room and knocked on the door. Jeff poked his head out, looked both ways down the hall and let her into the room.

It was nice, with a large bed, a window that looked down onto a pond, a door that obviously went to the bathroom and another door with a lock. Terri looked at the locked door in confusion. "Room next door, I guess," he replied to her unspoken question.

"Some people want connecting rooms for their family or friends." He sat on the bed and patted the spot beside him. She sat and looked at him, obviously worried but unable to say anything because of his edict.

He pulled a blisterpack holding an oblong pink pill from his pocket. "This is a 'morning after' pill. I saucy megane takes it up the ass your message.I'm not an idiot." She looked at the pill.

Yes! She wouldn't get pregnant! She reached for it. "Uh-uh." he said, putting it back in his pocket. "You get it when we're done here. I took a pill myself.a little blue one.I'm gonna be hard for hours." He moved her hand to his crotch and she felt his bulge. He started pulling her t-shirt up. "I know you love it when I cum in you, Theresa.

You're a real cum queen." She blushed, raising her arms above her head to help get her shirt off. He removed her glasses and continued, unsnapping her bra: "I also know you like not having any control. Without control you just take anything that happens and it's not your fault, right?" She looked down, blushing furiously, her nipples hardening in the air.

"I'm going to tie you up, honey." He revealed. She looked up at him, frightened. He unzipped her jeans and tugged them down, and she raised her hips to help. Her shoes and socks joined the rest of her clothes on the floor. He went to his jacket and pulled out several silk scarves and his MP3 player. "Scootch up the bed, baby." He told her. She complied, lying back on the pillows. He tied one scarf to her right wrist and the other end to the headboard, then went pair is having admirable sex homemade hardcore and did the same thing on her left.

She was chewing her lip in anticipation. The third scarf blindfolded her eyes. He started his music player up, made sure of the volume level and put some headphones over her ears. She was now blind, deaf and helpless. He climbed up the bed and pulled her legs apart. He pulled one ear free of the headphones and told her, "New rule.

While I'm touching you, you can tell me whatever you want.anything except to untie you or stop. Let yourself go." Then he plopped the headphone back in place. She felt him move back down, then his tongue was on her cunt lips. She gasped at the sudden stimulation, raising her pelvis. He worked his hot tongue around her pussy and clit, getting her wet. She felt flushed, full of energy. She wanted his cock inside her. With that pill she was safe, so she *could* let herself go, finally, she admitted to herself.

"Fuck me," she called out, a little loud because she couldn't hear herself over the rock music blaring in her ears. "Fuck me, you bastard!" He moved back up her and again freed one ear. "Soon," he whispered. "I have to pee right back." If she had known more about male physiology she would have realized that men can't pee while skinny blonde fucks policeman in uniform pussylick and hardcore, and certainly not after taking one of *those pills*, but he really hadn't taken one.

Jeff went over to the adjoining door and knocked. It opened quickly, admitting three men and a woman, Jeff's long-time friends Colin, Bud, Carl and Leigh. Colin was what those in the south call a "long drink of water" with dark hair, Bud was a large bald black man and Carl (short for Carlos) was a dark-skinned fellow of Latin-American descent.

Leigh was a slim woman with long blonde hair. All were in their early twenties. The guys gave knuckle-bonks to Jeff and marveled at the sight on the bed while Leigh set up siliping sex stories xnxx foll movi video camera on a tripod. Carl whispered, "So she can't hear us?" "Naw," Jeff replied, spraying each of the guys with his deodorant so Theresa couldn't tell anything was wrong by smell.

"I made sure the music doesn't have any breaks, and it'll shuffle for hours. She has no idea." Jeff watched as the other men stripped down. Jeff had never seen any of them naked before, and his eyes goggled at Colin's massive prick, which had to be 9 or 10 inches long and very thick.

The others were closer to Jeff's more average size. "Okay, pecking order," Jeff said as he sized them all up. "She's gotta get loosened up before you get that monster in her," he pointed at Colin's. "So Bud? Carl? Which of you two are first?" The two men looked at each other, then as one they brought their right hands up as fists. One, two, three, and their choices were thrown down.

Bud had paper and Carl had scissors. "Scissors cut paper. Booya!" said Carl as he jumped on the girl. Terri gasped, surprised at the sudden bodily contact.

Carl sucked on the young girl's tits, making her gasp and breathe harder. She raised her pelvis toward him, calling out, "Please!

Fuck me!" "Yes ma'am." He replied, lining his dick up with her moist hole. He pushed in, groaning. "Yesss." she hissed, pushing back at him.

He sunk halfway into her and pulled out again, causing her to groan disappointedly. He then rammed all the way into her, causing her to cry out in pleasure and a little bit of pain.

He rammed into her as Leigh filmed, zooming in to get a good shot of the young girl's nipples as they shook with each thrust. A lesbian, Leigh appreciated the female form as much as the guys. She rubbed her thighs together a little as she filmed. Carl was really giving it to Terri now, ramming her tremendously. The girl was crying out, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" in time with his thrusts. Finally he called out and thrust hard, holding himself deep within her.

Terri cried out in mutual orgasm as she felt the penis throbbing within her. She imagined Jeff's potent seed entering her body, rushing deep into her.

She gasped and cried out again. "Jesus," Leigh murmured, looking up from the camera's LCD. This girl was hot! Carl climbed off the bed and headed to the bathroom. Jeff looked at Bud's bald head. It wouldn't do for Theresa to notice his lack of hair. He motioned for him to wait, then freed one of her ears and told her what he was going to do. She nodded. He untied both of her hands and she turned over.

He re-tied her hands and pushed her to her knees, her arms and torso held aloft by the bondage. He then told her to keep her eyes closed as he removed the blindfold.

He took out a jar from his jacket and smeared the gooey contents on her eyelids. He freed one of her ears again. "Theresa, I've smeared menthol rub on your eyes. I won't put the blindfold back on, but if you open your eyes they'll burn. I want to see your pretty face, sweetheart." She smiled and blushed even more at the compliment as he again secured her headphones and put her glasses back on. Lovable teenie spreads narrow snatch and gets deflorated defloration and virginity moved the camera so she could film Terri's face.

"Damn, Jeff, she is *cute* with those specs on." "Isn't she? Okay, Bud, you're up." Jeff pushed the ebony man forward. Bud crawled up behind the gullible girl and grabbed her hips, angling her so he could get his cock in. Finally they got the angle right and both moaned as he dipped into her. He reached around and grabbed her tits as he started to go in and out. Leigh got a close-up of Terri's face as Bud bottomed out in her: absolute bliss. The girl obviously enjoyed cock.

Not Leigh's thing, but Sex xxx bef mp4 2019 enthusiasm was inspiring. Bud was getting a good rhythm going, pushing Terri up with his thrusts and pulling her back down by her tits.

He was getting quite deep into her in this position, and Terri gasped and cried out as he poked at her cervix. Jeff stepped forward. "Hold back, Bud. We need to get this just right." Bud stopped moving and leaned his head to the side as Jeff craned his neck in so it seemed that he was behind the girl instead of Bud.

He then freed one of Terri's ears. "Huh huh huh." Terri was trying to keep the rhythm going, obviously frustrated with the lack of movement. "Theresa, I want you to tell me what you want, baby. Tell me and don't stop." Then he snapped the headphone back in place and stepped back. He caught Leigh's eye and pointed at the girl's face. Leigh got the idea and shifted so she could get a good shot of Terri, her eyes closed, her mouth open and slack.

"Please fuck me. Oh God, I want to feel you moving deep inside me. Please." Bud started to pump her again. Leigh panned back a bit to capture the movement of his body and the obvious contrast of their skin while still keeping Terri's lust-filled face on camera.

"Yesss.oh yesss.I want to feel you cum in meee." Terri pushed back at Bud, starting her own rhythm. Bud let go of her and gave her a couple half-hearted thrusts, waiting as Jeff did a little dance off camera.yes! Perfect! Terri thrust back, harder and harder.

Bud closed his eyes, obviously enjoying the feel of the young white girl fucking herself on his cock. She continued: "Fuck me.fuck me.cum in me.ohh.yesss.oh.oh.ohhh.OHHH.OHHHHH." Her mouth opened wide as she cried out in orgasm, pushing back on Bud's cock even harder. "You're gonna make me cum, little girl.

Ahh, I'm cumming!" Bud cried out as he grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against him. In response to his cum, and to the camera eye seemingly in response to his voice, she gasped, pushing back at him. "Yes! Oh yes! Cum in me! Oh, I can feel it!

Yessss!" After he was done cumming Bud sighed as he pulled out of her. "Fuckkk." He rolled off the bed and onto the floor with a silly grin on his face. He looked up at Jeff. "Man, I owe you big." "Naw, man, you're helping me out." Jeff replied.

At Bud's incredulous look he said, "I'll give you a copy of the tape and we're even, okay?" Bud nodded, then shook his head in disbelief. Next up was Colin. He shifted Theresa so he could slide under her.

He was so tall he had to lean back against the wall instead of on the pillows. Jeff hoped that wouldn't cause a problem, but didn't interfere. Colin reached between Terri's legs and played with her pussy. "Oh, God, again?" she asked. "That pill is incredible." Colin had her writhing on his lap before he lined her up with his massive penis. She pushed down and he started to slip into her, but it was slow going. "You feel bigger!" she called out.

"Oh my God!" Thinking on his feet, Jeff rushed over and again craned his neck to keep the illusion going. Pulling one earphone off he said, "It's the pill, baby. I feel huge now." He then restored the deafening music and stepped back, his fingers crossed.

The rutting couple was eventually able to get half of him within her. Colin then held her hips as he pulled out and thrust his pelvis back up. She gasped loudly. He did it again, going just a little bit further up inside her. Again, and he was now 3/4 inside her. A little more manipulation of her pussy with his fingers and she was wet enough to take him all the way.

She cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure as her cervix opened up around the head of his cock. Jeff stepped forward again, once again angling himself to make her think she was fucking him. "Tell me what you want, Theresa. You're safe. Let it go. Tell me what you really, really want." He stepped back. The camera zoomed in.

She raised herself up, torturously, then sank back down on Colin's huge cock slowly. "I want.I want you." She thought about it. No chance of actually getting pregnant when she got that "morning after" pill, so she could take as much dangerous cum inside her as she wanted.

She increased her movement atop him. "I want you to." Did she? Did she really want that? She thought about all the times he had cum inside her when she was the most fertile, like right now. She was bouncing harder. She had little to no say in the matter before.

She was in charge (despite being tied up). She wanted.wanted. She was bouncing hard on Colin's lap now. "I want you to make me pregnant!" She screamed out. "Give me your baby! Fuck me! Fuck me!" "Holy shit," everyone else in the room said at once.

The girl was bouncing hard now, Colin's prick routinely penetrating her cervix but she didn't feel any more pain. She realized what she had been hiding from herself this whole time: unprotected sex.the sperm.all leading up to the profound revelation that getting pregnant from her sister's boyfriend was what she wanted most of all. Whether this desire was borne of sibling rivalry or some deep-rooted perverse love of the idea of getting pregnant out of wedlock with a forbidden man, it didn't matter anymore.

She would fuck him until she got herself pregnant on his cock, and the consequences be damned. "Cum in me.cum in me.don't you.want to.give me.a baby?" She was driving herself harder and harder onto Colin's prick, her mouth open. Finally Colin could take no more, leaning forward to kiss her deeply as he exploded within her. She passionately kissed him back as she felt him spurt further inside her than ever before, her pregnancy all but assured by how deep the sperm was being rocketed into her fertile young body.

"Ahh yes! YES!" Terri orgasmed again, her entire body going rigid. She felt like she was electrified, the spasms rocking her body until she could take no more and she collapsed, as much as she could with her hands still tied to the bedposts. Everything was quiet except for the sounds of heavy breathing. Terri didn't move so Colin squirmed out from under her. As he cleaned himself up, Jeff went to crazy hardcore orgasm first time art imitating life the unmoving girl.

"Unconscious," said Jeff finally. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Jeff untied Terri's hands and rolled her onto her back. Leigh could take no more. "All right, all of you, group sex old man with young girl. It's my turn now." The guys all looked around at each other, stunned.

"Move it!" Leigh shouted, tossing Jeff the camera and shooing them through the connecting door. She locked it behind them. Jeff waited a few minutes and then tried the door quietly -- definitely locked. He had a key to the hallway door of the room, but the way the bed was angled Leigh would see it open.

He chewed his lip as he considered what to do. Finally he remembered that the window and drapes in the main room were open a bit when he came in.

He headed to the window of the adjoining room, opened it and stuck his head out. There was a ledge.

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He could see the next room's window only a few feet away. Jeff quickly went over his plan with his buds. He then tied a bed sheet around his ankle and handed the other end to them. He climbed onto the ledge, camera in hand, making sure not to look down, and scurried as carefully as possible along the ledge. Sure enough, he got a good view into the room.

Leigh was naked and lying on top of the unconscious Theresa, kissing her. Jeff could see them on a 45 degree angle from the rear so there was little chance he would be detected. He brought the video camera to bear and started recording. Leigh was now sucking on Theresa's breasts, nibbling on the magnificently long nipples. God damn, Jeff thought to himself. Leigh was skinny but had a nice rack herself, and legs to die for. Shame she kept them hidden by jeans and cargo pants.

After a few minutes Leigh was astride Theresa's hips, stimulating herself with her fingers as she again french-kissed the sleeping girl. After a few minutes Leigh sat back up on her knees and started massaging her own boobs with both hands, grinding her crotch into Theresa's. Even at this range Jeff could hear her sighs of pleasure. Leigh then lifted one of Theresa's legs up high and over her shoulder, allowing a better connection between their vaginas.

She ground her crotch in hard, gasping. Jeff zoomed in. "Holy fuck," he whispered under his breath. --- Carl, Bud and Colin had tied another bed sheet onto the first so they could get as close to the door as possible to hear what was going on while still making sure Jeff didn't take a header off the ledge. They could hear Leigh's muffled gasps of pleasure, and then she cried out in orgasm. The guys' cocks were rock hard again. Bud was on the floor, trying to see something, anything, under the door.

All he saw was carpet. Suddenly there was a loud cry from next door: "Oh fuck! OH FUCK!" Then there were footsteps and a slamming door. Thinking that Jeff had been caught, they started to reel him in. A few seconds later Jeff crawled back into the room.

"Aw shit! Did she see you, man?" Bud asked. "We're dead meat!" Jeff looked like the cat that ate the canary. "Naw, man.I'm cool." Colin asked, "Did the girl wake up?" Jeff sat on the bed, holding out the camera's screen toward his friends. "Nope." They gathered around to watch the screen. They saw the naked Leigh molesting the passed-out girl. They saw Leigh pull Theresa's legs apart so they could rub cunnies.

They saw her mash her pubes into the sleeping girls as she gasped in pleasure. Then they saw it as the camera eye zoomed in: the glistening whiteness of semen running out of Theresa's slit.

"Oh shit!" said Carl, unable to tear his eyes from the screen. Leigh mashed her cunt into Theresa's, grinding. There was no doubt that the cum slipping from the unconscious girl's fuck hole was now being insinuated into Leigh's, and the gay blonde had no idea of the danger she was in. The video continued. Leigh was now pulling her pelvis back and pushing forward, acting like she was fucking Theresa with her clit.

Every time she pulled away more white seed dribbled out, only to disappear as she switched tactics and ground her pelvis in again. Then Leigh cried out in orgasm. The sperm she had unknowingly pushed into herself now had a clear path to her inner depths. She continued to grind her cunt hard into Theresa's as she came down from her cum. As she flopped down onto the bed she reached down to play with herself a little, then stopped when she felt the large amount of wetness down there.

Then realization dawned on her pretty face: "Oh fuck! OH FUCK!" She bolted into the bathroom and slammed the door. The video ended. "Uh uh uh." gasped Carl. Wetness spread out from his crotch as he came in sweet legal age teenager likes it doggy style pants.

Colin's mouth was open and drooling as he stared at the camera's screen. Jeff pulled the digital cassette out of the camera and put it in his pocket, then went out into the hall alone. He opened the door to the main room. He made sure Theresa was still unconscious and knocked on the closed bathroom door.

"Leigh?" He could hear her sniffling but there was no answer. He opened the door slightly. No response. He pushed the door open all the way to find the naked blonde sitting on the toilet, trying to drain the sperm out of her. She looked up at him, either forgetting she had no clothes on or not caring any more. Then she looked hopeful as she remembered: "You said you had a 'morning after' pill for Theresa, right? I, uh.need it." She pointed down at her wet crotch and looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

"Oh.shit, yeah," replied Jeff, fishing in his pocket. He extracted the blisterpack, popped it, and handed the oblong pink pill to her. She jumped up, scarfed it down and swallowed it with some water from the tap. Jeff couldn't help but admire her cute ass as she bent over to drink, but quickly looked back to her face before she turned around.

She hugged him, the closeness of her naked body making his hard cock give a lurch. "Thanks Jeff." Then she got dressed and they went back next door. The guys didn't let on about what they had seen. After Jeff promised them all a copy of the tape, they high-fived each other and left. Leigh was looking more relaxed. Jeff returned to Terri and undressed. He got on the bed and took her headphones off. As he wiped the menthol rub from her eyes she woke up. "Ohh.Jeff?

Did I fall asleep?" she asked groggily. "You passed out. I was worried." He kissed her full on the lips and booby housewife exposed doing naughty with uncle returned his passion. He moved her hand to his erection, rock-hard from watching her and Leigh (most likely) get impregnated.

"I think I have one more round in me," he informed her. "Ohhh Godd." moaned Terri as she lay back to receive him. "Sloppy fourths" (or lovely teen adrian maya pussy creampied by hard man meat it fifths because of Leigh?) was a different experience, with all that semen and Colin's massive tool having opened her up earlier, but twenty minutes later he erupted within her, both of them crying out in pleasure.

Jeff had no doubt that her baby would not be his. Colin's, probably, although Carl got in there first. Still, not his.that was the important part. She would tell her family that he was the father when the shit hit the fan and he would deny it, but Beth would break up with him, which was fine because he'd had enough of her anyway.

When the child was born he would insist on a paternity test, if the baby's skin color didn't immediately clear him, and he'd be free and clear. He even had plans for that video of her crying out for cum as she was being fucked by several men who were obviously not him.

Jeff explained to Terri that she would receive the "morning after" pill back at the apartment, and when they got back he quickly grabbed another of Beth's pink muscle relaxant pills and gave it to her, making her feel better just like Leigh. Jeff shook his head at the young girl's gullibility. --- After all the semen that Terri had injected into her throughout the summer you would think that there was no chance she wouldn't get pregnant. Well, you would be wrong! She went home childless but fulfilled.

Jeff stayed with Beth for months waiting to hear something, anything, about her sister, but after six months he finally broke up with her. He had started trying to get Beth pregnant when his time with Theresa was up, but he realized that it just wasn't the same. He just didn't have "the spark" with the older girl.

Incredibly enough, Leigh got pregnant from the encounter! She kept the bronze-skinned baby girl (way to go Carl!) and named her Theresa.