Hot girls blowjob and some of them have sex with nasty man

Hot girls blowjob and some of them have sex with nasty man
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Stephanie, at my school, is the hottest girl there is. At fourteen she only had A sized Breasts, but her adorable face and thin waist made her an ASSet to any fuck-happy male.

Now, my school is small, only a hundred people or so, so the bathrooms are one person and for either sex. Today was "Fun day" where we had water guns and baloons, when I had to go to the bathroom.

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Upon opening the door I caught a glimpse of Stephanie stepping into the bottom of her bathing suit with her top off. Noticing enough to feel awkward, I patiently waited outside for her to come out, when I heard her yell.

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"Hey, can you get me some toilet paper from the supply closet?" After returning from the supply closet I told her I had it and she told me to open the door and hand it to her.

Upon opening the door I saw her sitting, totally naked, on the toilet. I stretched my arm out to give it to her when she said, "I can't get up, bring it to me?" So I walked over to her and handed her the toilet paper when she closed the door and stood up.

"Did you like what you saw?", she said, and looking to my crotch, "I guess so." "I.really didn't see anything." "Well, I don't let everyone 'not see anything'", she spoke.

"But." "But nothing, you saw me, I see you, now", she was getting kind of pushy, so I complied. First I took off my shirt and motioned to her as if saying, 'Is this enough?' knowing it was not she shook her head and said, "All the way, ass hole" So I stripped all the way down to my boxers when she said, "Let me see" Hearing this, I removed my boxers to free my ultra hard hard-on which I had built up.

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Upon seeing it she walked over and said, "So this is what a dick looks like" "You have never seen a dick?" "Of course not, my parents are extreme religious fanatics" With this she began fondling my penis around and asked, "What does it do?" "Well, it fucks" "Fucks?" school didn't teach sex ed, "Its quite a fun aftertime, want to try?" She shrugged, "Sure" "okay, first, you want to put it in your mouth and suck as you go up and down on it, k?" Taking my penis in her mouth she began moving up and down, up and down, until I felt as if I was about to come and said, "Stop" "Why?" "Because this is the really fun part, lay down" She lay down on the tile on her back and heather vandeven strips and rubs her pussy for her fans twistys up at me, "Now what?" "Spread your legs" "What for?" "I am going to show you.", I grinned.

With this she spread her legs to show me her almost bald pussy and labia spread apart before my eyes. Getting down on top of her I took her legs and put them on my shoulders as I placed my penis against her pussy and slowly pushed until I was part way in and said, "Get Ready and go" and thrusted, only to hear her moan and see tears, but as I thrust more she began to smile and talk to me.

"This is kinda fun" "Just wait, lets try a new position, straddle on top of me" And with this I began to lay down as she crouched on top of me and placed her pussy onto my dick and said, "Now what?" "Kind of bounce up and down" As she began to bounce I felt highly turned on as I began to meet every one of her bounced with a thrust of my own until I felt myself about to come and decided I didn't want it to be over like this and threw her off me only to descend my penis onto her head and hump away until I ejaculated in her mouth and she swallowed.

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After recovering from ejaculation I got onto my knees and began lapping away at her amazingly sweet pussy until I found myself toungue fucking her and her back arching with orgasm at which point I told her to flip over.

Once Over I began licking her ass all over and sucking the skin to my mouth before licking as far into her ass as I could, then getting her pussy from behind.

Feeling my dick harden again I told her to stand up and get against the wall. Now, I pinned her against the wall and began humping away at her when she latched her mouth onto mine and our tongues explored each other's mouths. Losing my once aquired concentration I burst cum into her pussy.

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Standing up I said, "Well, You have been fucked, knocked up, swooned, screwed or as we call it.S.E.X" Now, she realized what she had done. If only she had had sex education.