Mfs doll ive cum back masturbator and soloboy

Mfs doll ive cum back masturbator and soloboy
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Pete and Amy Part 3-1, February 10th, 2017 Hello everyone.

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It's me again. The events of this night were profound for me. It took me almost a week before I decided I was going to share them here. Some of the events in this story are very taboo and so please look at the tags above to decide if you will read this story or not.

The events in the second half of the story were the extreme highlight for my night and the reason I took some time to process before deciding to share them. I have dabbled in Dollification a few times, but it was never done properly or my owner was not as serious as I needed him to be. This night, I met an amazing owner and he was another excuse to avoid doing something that has been on my mind and the original intent of visiting Pete and Amy this night.

I hope you enjoy. On this wonderful Friday, I finished up Forensic Anthropology and had butterflies in my stomach. Amy had texted me earlier in the week to see if I wanted to come over on Friday and have some fun after going to the bar for a little bit.

She told me what she had in mind as the main attraction for the night because of my reaction a couple weeks earlier. We talked about it, discussing how things first happened to me. I explained that when I was younger, I had taken a shower and went back to my room. As I walked in, I just let my towel hit the floor, knowing Mom and Dad were downstairs and had no reason to come upstairs. Fell back onto my bed and began thinking about Robin and everything we had shared over the past few years.

I began to feel that familiar tingle in my nether region and reached down to rub myself. My fingers slipped easily into my folds as I rubbed smoothly up and down my wet little kitty. I was enjoying things immensely and felt something bump my leg. My eyes popped open to see my German shepherd "Franklin" watching my hand. I panicked and jumped up to shut my door, afraid my parents or even better, my brother may catch me masturbating. As I walked back to the bed, Frank jumped up on the bed and lay down.

I sleep in the nude and have slept beside my dog for some years nude. His fur felt incredible against my bare body and nothing untoward had ever happened. That was until this evening.

Not thinking anything of Franklin being on the bed with me, as I had masturbated in close proximity to him before with no incident, I went back to my previous activity and was enjoying it. My fingers and right hand were beginning to get a little tired and I was about to get up and grab my trusty hairbrush. Just as my hand was about to give out, I felt something brush my outer lips. My eye flipped open rapidly to see Franklin standing beside me with his body, pointed past my head with his face and my kitty.

As I was about to shoo him away, he licked me again and this time, his tongue dipped between my folds and it felt amazing.

At this age, I had been eaten out by my cousin "Katie" and my best friend Robin quite a few times and this felt unlike anything I had experienced before. I put my hand back over my pussy and began to rub it again because those few licks made me so much wetter. It seemed the more I rubbed it, the more Cricket yanker mayanti langer sex storys tried to get his muzzle beneath my hand.

I gave in and moved my hand away as he buried his tongue deep into my slit and licked me so incredibly long and hard. I have never felt anything explore me the way his tongue did. I felt an incredible amount of guilt and shame but in those few moments of lust, I let it happen.

I let my dog take all of my juices he wanted and it felt so amazing. As I laid there, my guilt started getting stronger and I was about to make him quit when my asian milf bdsm anal fisting and bukkake extreme bondage orgasm hit me like a truck doing 90 miles per hour. It was fast and intense and where my legs had been bent at the knees over the edge of the bed, they were now straight out in the air, shaking uncontrollably as I began to push Franklin away.

Franklin did not want to budge so I managed to put my feet on the edge of the bed and push myself toward the head of the bed. He followed the source of his excitement and by then, my orgasm was on the downward slide but still feeling incredible.

I was now in a more comfortable position and decided to let Franklin continue. As I laid there with my eyes closed, enjoying the automatic orgasm that I felt building, I decided to try music to put the thoughts of what was happening out of my head.

I look to one side for my phone and earbuds then the other. As I looked to the other side, I looked up and saw Franklins cock over halfway out of its sheath.

I stared at it as he continued licking my hot little cunt and I could feel it getting hotter by the second. After staring at it for what seemed like forever, I reach up to touch it with my finger. I could see a small bead of fluid on the tip of his shaft.

I slowly and gently touched his shaft and the bead of liquid shot away from his body and onto my bed. I saw another bead forming and remembered I'd changed my sheets just today, thoughts flew through my head at a million miles an hour and I almost pushed him off the bed, but I didn't, his licking felt so incredible I didn't want to interrupt it. Instead, I wrapped my hand around his cock.

To hopefully contain the liquid, as I did that, I realized it was slippery and had to be precum. I slightly pulled him over a little and let a drip hit my shoulder to keep it off my bed. With my other hand, I ran a finger though the droplet on my shoulder and held it to my nose, it had no real smell and just then, I began to feel another orgasm coming on fast, I shoved my finger in my mouth and tasted the liquid.

Not unlike a man's precum, maybe a little saltier, and slightly thinner. I reached up with my free hand and got some more. Sliding my fingers into my mouth as my hips began bucking against Franklin's muzzle, I got a much better taste, and I found it not bad at all. I ran my tongue up the palm of my hand and spit in it. I stretched my hand out and wrapped my free hand around his cock, to give my other hand a break. Just as my other hand replaced the first, I felt a slight thrust from him as he pushed his cock into my hand.

Thinking he was only shifting his weight, I slowly slide my hand to the base where I felt a slight bulge. During the time I had been touching him; his cock had grown from a light color and roughly the size of my thumb in diameter up to the size of maybe four of my fingers squeezed together.

The color shifted to a dark red and many small veins were visible under the skin.

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I was amazed at his size and shape. It looked nothing like the cocks I had sucked from boys I hung out with. He began thrusting into my hand more and I felt his precum start to spray out more frequently. I slid my hand down to let him coat my hand before sliding back up. I decided I didn't want to change my sheets again so I pulled him closer and let him shoot his precum onto my chest.

This got me hotter and I bucked harder into his mouth. After five or so more seconds, he stopped licking. His hips, however, did not stop moving. Back and forth in my hand and more and more precum sprayed onto my chest and ran down my wrist and forearm.

I switched hands again and ran my tongue up my arm to my wrist. Tasting every bit of the fluid I could. He was still thrusting into my hand and my arms got tired holding them up like that.

I felt another orgasm hit me like a tons of bricks and I almost screamed. I bit down on the heel of my hand to keep quiet as my legs shook and my belly and pussy quivered. I dropped my free hand down to cover myself because I was extremely sensitive and had to block him from licking me further into a coma.

I could feel my hot little cunt pulsing as my orgasm continued and then slowed. I felt things were over and tried to figure out how I was going to get off my bed without dripping his precum everywhere on my sheets.

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Just then he started licking my belly and chest. This felt incredible too. He licked every inch of my belly and my tits, cleaning his precum from my body, but he was still producing more.

I noticed he was closer and decided to raise my head and swing it around under him. I though this position might help keep my arms from getting sore. A drop hit my lip from above; I stuck my tongue out to lick it off my lip. Just then, he started licking my pussy again. This time he seemed to be darting slightly inside. He was going to drive me crazy again. As I closed my eyes and rolled my head from side to side, I bumped into his legs. I slowly opened my eyes and saw his huge, fully engorged cock above my face.

I don't know what came over me. I was in complete ecstasy as I raised my head, I am assuming, out of pure animalistic lust and stuck my tongue to his shaft. All I can think of to explain it was a slight metallic taste, not bad and certainly nothing like I imagined. To be honest, I don't know what I imagined. I licked the full length of his shaft once, then twice and the third time, I could not hold back and ran my tongue around the blunt tip and sucked it back into my mouth.

I felt his precum start squirting into my mouth and I slide my lips up over his cock and each time, taking more and more in.

He was humping my face faster and faster as he hit the back of my throat. His precum was building in my mouth and throat and as I almost gagged, I involuntarily swallowed and that was enough to get his shaft past the gag point. I slid back out a little before sliding back in and swallowing again as it hit the spot. I could feel my nose bumping into his sheath and I felt the bulge start to expose itself and slide out of its protective covering.

As I lay there, being pleasured and eaten by my own dog, he was fucking my face. The thought ran through my head about how it would feel to be watched, to be on my front lawn with all the boys in the neighborhood watching me suck my dog's huge cock, a cock much bigger than their own. I imagined one of them moving closer to try to take advantage of the naked blonde nympho on the lawn and Franklin stopping his licks long enough to look and growl at the invader, the male trying to tight pussy likes huge weenie hardcore blowjob his toy from him.

I then realized the master had become the pet, the bitch. I snapped back into reality as I felt his bulge bumped my lips. As he kept pumping his cock forward and into my throat, I could see what I now know was his knot and it grew to a size somewhere close to the size of the tennis balls he loved to chew up so much.

I know it couldn't have felt good to be bumping into my teeth so I wrapped my hand around his knot for some control and I felt him getting faster and faster, both licking me and his piston like strokes into my mouth. I was breathing hard and grinding my pussy into his mouth and I could feel his teeth brush against my lips every now and then as he was trying to lick every drop of juice from my pussy.

His hips began humping faster and faster, forcing his cock deeper into my throat as I struggled to keep his knot from slipping into my mouth past my teeth. Just then I felt something warm hit the back of my tongue and slide into my throat.

Another spurt hit the back of my throat and I realized he was cumming in my mouth. When I started this lust filled act, I never thought about taking it this far, but I was on my third or fourth orgasm and I didn't care. I considered just letting his cum flood out of my mouth and down my cheeks, but I remembered my sheets again. I let him get to a point sliding in where the involuntary reflex kicked in and I swallowed. Not big enough to all of it but on the next inward stroke, another swallow.

It almost seemed like I had as much in my mouth again as when I started swallowing. The taste had bene slightly saltier than a man's cum and maybe lightly more pungent. I decided I had tasted worse human cum, but I had tasted better also. I just let him continue fucking my mouth until he quit cumming and stood there clicking me to another orgasm. My ass raised straight up from the bed as I pushed my pussy into his face one last time before my legs stiffened one last time and I felt back to the bed as my feet slid straight out, my legs shaking and my pussy throbbing.

I slid my mouth from the doggy cock and ran a finger across my lips to milf kayla quinn fucking big black dick interracial some cum into my mouth as I licked it from my lips to swallow.

Franklin took a step forward and laid down on his side to begin cleaning himself while a slight wave of shame hit me for what I had done. I gave in to pure lust, I pleasured a dog, I was pleasured by a dog. A dog I loved very much, but never in this way. In a way never meant for a human to love a dog.

Guilt soon gave way to panic as I could not remember how much time had passed. Was it an hour, two hours, longer? Still in a panic, I got off my bed and walked toward the door, grabbing the towel I dropped on my way in and wrapping it around my body and walked toward the door. Franklin at my side and all I could think was his huge cock still hanging out and giving away our activities to my family just downstairs.

I leaned down and looked and everything was neatly put away and he was ready to go downstairs. I walked quickly to the bathroom and yelled downstairs to let Franklin out in the back yard as I stepped in and closed the bathroom door behind me. I got in the shower once more for the night and rinsed off quickly and ran my fingers through my hair, feeling for anything Franklin may have left. Everything felt clean and I couldn't help but rub my very lubed and wet pussy a few times before deciding I had wasted enough water for the evening.

I jumped out, dried off and put my hair up in the towel. I grabbed another towel from the closet and wrapped it around myself before stepping into the hallway to see my mother coming up to see why I had taken another shower.

The first thing I thought of was my period. I told her as I was putting lotion on; Awesome blonde teen fingers ass on webcam masturbation noticed some slight spotting and went to the bathroom to clean up. She was good with that answer and grabbed a light bulb explain Dad had broken one in the garage as she walked by.

I had never thought anything like this would happen in all my years of sleeping with my dog on my bed, next to my naked body. The experience had been repeated a few times in the last few years and every time, the feeling of guilt hits me until I realize I did not force him to do anything and I did not force myself on him.

I only gave him someplace to put his cock. He did the rest as he wanted. I had often wondered how his cock would feel in my pussy and I always denied him when he was turned in such a way he could have mounted me.

The knot was always a fear for me. I knew what it was for after reading a bit about breeding dogs. He was a Purebred AKC registered German shepherd and we charged for his services.

If only I knew how much money I had swallowed over the past few years, I might be amused or amazed. Now here I was, in 2017, talking to a friend I found out has the same fetish. A pure white German shepherd named Thor. He had bright blue eyes and almost snow white fur. He was bathed frequently in the shower with Amy and who knows what other activities went on, but I was not one to judge. Pete would carry Thor out to the sidewalk when it was raining so he could use the bathroom. The dog was pampered.

Amy noticed how I had looked at Thor when he came in the room, she again saw the look on my face when he stuck his nose in my ass and licked me as we walked naked toward the bathroom. She heard the quiet "yet?" comment I made when she said I was not for him. She was now asking me if I wanted to try Thor. I told her I would think about it and I took a few days, mentioning it to a couple people on the forums I trusted hoping for answers or approval from someone who had no business giving me approval on anything.

I decided I would go to their house on Friday and they would help their dog fuck me silly. Plans were made and only Robin and a couple people online knew of those plans and she begged me to be careful. Robin had been the only living creature on two gorgeous legs to ever know of my activities with Franklin as she had watched me one night when she stayed over.

She masturbated as long as she watched my dog pleasure me and as I pleasured him. She said it was the most primal and carnal thing she had ever witnessed and she loved every second of it.

It wasn't until recently I shared my activities with anyone else and those were only a couple people online here. Friday came around and I had butterflies in my stomach all day. I was jittery and nervous and after class, I went back to my room to wait on the girls to show up for our weekly ritual.

We took our showers and I helped Shave Maddi as she had not decided to wax completely yet. We finished up and I chose a pair of loose fitting jeans, a thick sweater and my high heeled, black leather, ankle boots. They gave me a few inches so I did not look so little next to my friends, especially since they all decided to wear heels as well.

Because of my busty milf picked up for outdoor sex, I was preoccupied with many thoughts all afternoon and evening until we got to the bar. People kept asking if I was ok and I would snap out of it and tell them "Yeah, I'm fine, just a lot of things on my mind." I drank several shots of vodka, had a long island Ice tea, and a Jager bomb thinking the extra alcohol may ease my nerves.

Just then Pete and Amy arrived and she greeted me with a kiss and a hug and whispered "Are you sure about tonight?" I shook my head and said "As of right now, I think so, but I can always back out, right?" She laughed "of course you can, we will never force you to do anything unless there is a safe word established beforehand, and even then, you have the safe word" With a grin from her perfect lips and twinkle from her emerald green eyes, I knew everything was going to be ok.

Robin walked over and started talking to Amy and Pete and I went to the dance floor and danced. Pete henessy anal creampie in one of her first scenes p in for a kiss and then whispered in my ear if I was still ok with the plans for the evening.

I told him of course and that if at any point, I would let them know. He smiled and told me "Of course, all you have to do is let us know and that will be the end of it." You are precious and we will not do anything to hurt you. I got a tear in my eye and with my arms wrapped around his neck and a little hop; I pulled myself up and kissed him on the cheek, telling him nobody has ever called me precious other than family. Amy met us and told me Robin told her to please watch me and make sure I was ok with everything.

Amy promised her that if she felt anything was wrong she would put the brakes on. We danced and had a few drinks, I drank a little more than normal, I think as a way to loosen me up a little. We had fun and hung out with my friends.

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I introduced Amy to Maddi and they hit it off, talking about me and trading secrets no doubt. I asked Pete and Amy if they were ready to head out and they said yes and asked if I was anxious. I just told them I wanted to get out of the bar before I got wasted and would be of no use to anyone.

With that, I gave Maddi a passionate kiss, told her to be careful with whoever she spent the night and to send Robin, Charlotte, and I the usual texts and map and GPS screenshots. I let her know that I probably would not be home until morning. She told me she might head back to our room soon and maybe see if Robin or Charlotte wanted to go back with her. I suggested maybe asking another girl from our group back, Katie, and Maddi got a little twinkle in her eye with and her lips curled hairy spread hairy kim and cleanshaven janet a small grin.

She asked if I thought she might go for it, I told her it couldn't hurt to ask, she's been sitting over there all night, just talking and not even looking at guys. I told her "Katie told me in class earlier in this week that she liked you and thought you were really cute, and for the record, Katie likes girls more than guys. So I think she might say yes." I gave her another kiss and turned toward Amy and told her I was ready, we held hands and walked toward the door and I stuck my arm out to grab Pete on the way.

We arrived at their apartment and were greeted by Thor as soon as we opened the door. He just up and put his paws on my shoulder and licked my face clean of anything I may have spilled on it since my shower earlier. I laughed and Pete grabbed the leash to take him out. Amy began kissing me and leading me back to their room. As I walked in, I saw the new frame for the pleasure swing and walked over and sat in the seat.

Amy walked over and asked me if I wanted to play in the swing or if I had other things on my mind. We began making out again while I ran my hands up and down her back to grab and squeeze her incredible ass.

Just then Thor came bounding through the door, jumped on the bed with a tennis ball in his mouth and dropped it in front of me. I grabbed it and just as I was getting ready to throw it out the door and down the hall, Pete walked in and told Thor to go to the bathroom. Pete said he was going to bathe him real quick and for us to get comfortable. Amy led me to the bed and pushed me backwards. As I fell, she fell on top of me, letting her hands slide up under my sweater and groping my tits.

I rose up on my elbows, kissing her as she started raising my sweater to expose my breasts and made it clear she wanted me to take it off.

I grabbed the bottom of my top and began raising it over my head and she grabbed for the snap on my pants and began to undo them. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and brought it over her head as she held her arms up. I tossed it on the floor while she stood and turned around and sticking her ass out, simply saying "unzip me." I grabbed the zipper and pulled it down as her skirt fell to the floor. She climbed up on my lap to straddle me as she began kissing my neck and giving me gentle nibbles with her lips on my ear.

I slid my hand down her belly and into her panties as I began running my fingers up and down in her slit, making her wetter with each stroke. I rolled her over onto her back and I was now straddling her as I leaned in for a kiss horny milf banging with teen stepdaughter and boyfriend sucked her tongue into my mouth as she twirled it around my own.

Kissed her chin and down her neck as my hand found her wet little pussy and started rubbing it harder. I ran my tongue down her neck to her breasts as I sucked a nipple in and ran my tongue in circles around it. I gave it a gentle little bite before releasing it and kissing down her belly and finally to her pussy.

I slid her underwear down her hips as she lifted her butt for me to bring them off completely. As my hands slid them past her knees and down her legs, I let my face fall right between her legs and I locked onto her hood with my lips, and tongue, teasing her little pearl hiding beneath. I raised her legs to slip my shoulders under her knees and gently pushed her further up the bed so I would be able to climb onto the bed too.

I kissed her inner thighs and ran my tongue between her folds, enjoying every taste I could manage before dipping my tongue inside and forcing her to change her breathing pattern.

After a few minutes Pete opened the bathroom door and Thor ran into the room in circles. Pete was in his boxers and made the comment about us starting without him. I wiggled my ass at him and told him to get to work and he ran his fingers down my ass to my wet pussy.

Rubbing back and forth, making me wetter and sliding his fingers in felt so incredible. Amy raised her pretty chick teasing two cocks at shooting hardcore and cumshot and dug her heels into my back, forcing my face back into her pussy harder as her boyfriend began slipping 2 fingers in and out of my pussy before adding a third.

It felt so filling and incredible that I started moaning into Amy pussy as I ate her out. I felt something poking at my asshole and as I glanced back, I saw Pete sucking on his thumb and moving it back toward my ass.

I felt him plunge three fingers back in and a few seconds later, I felt his thumb pressing against my little pink ring.

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I gently pushed myself backwards onto his hand and thumb, forcing it deep into my ass as he began to fuck me like he was holding a bowling ball with three fingers stuck in one hole and his thumb in the other. I kept rocking back on him trying to get more into my holes.

Just then I felt Thor leap onto the bed and his fur rubbed my side as I remembered the feel of fur against my skin. I shivered for a second as he pushed in closer, I raised up and he must've smelled Amy on me and began licking my cheek and lips.

He glanced down and replaced my face with his own and began licking Amy's juices from her pussy and stretching his tongue all the way down to her milf gets a nice close up of her snatch as she began breathing deeper and bucking her hip upwards tell Thor "Tongue fuck me you bastard, tongue fuck me!" And as if on command, he began licking harder than before.

Pete was still finger fucking my wet cunt and asshole at the same time and I was in heaven. I just kind of fell over on my side watching Thor and Amy have their fun while Pete had his. I laid there beside Amy's feet and wanting to do something, I grabbed her foot and kissed the top of her foot and her ankle. Just then, I saw Thor's cock hanging out of the sheath and that lust took over. Amy saw me looking and lifted her leg to put it on my back and push me toward him. Pete placed him free hand on Thor's back just above his tail and patted him lightly.

I reached up and touched his shaft before holding my hand up to let his precum landing in my palm before rubbing it over his shaft and wrapping my hand around it firmly. I began jacking off this beautiful dog as he started to hump my hand. I kept stroking Thor and as I looked, I wanted more. Laying on my side, I moved my face closer and Pete grabbed my knees to rotate them upward so I was on my back. He grabbed Thor's hind leg and allowed me to slide under the dogs hind quarters.

I raised my head as my hand pointed his huge doggy cock toward my face as I licked and twirled my tongue around the head of his shaft before sliding it between my lips and taking him fully into my mouth. Pete was rubbing my clit again and from the little I could see, he was stroking his own cock. Feeling bad for Pete since Amy was being eaten and I was sucking a huge cock, I slapped my pussy with my free hand and Pete took it as a sign and began running the head of his dick up and down my wetness.

After several strokes, He pressed against my opening before I used my legs to pull myself toward him slightly to force him inside.

Thor was not as aggressive with his humping as Franklin was hot teen dick the importance of spending time was only making subtle inward strokes while I did most of the movement.

I felt his knot and it was huge, pushing closer to my mouth as I kept my hand around it to manage the situation. I continued swallowing his precum and it would build up and I let some trickle down my cheek.

After few more strokes I felt his hind quarters start to twitch as he blasted my throat with his cum and I let it run down and swallowed as much as I could. All this time wanting to know what it would feel like inside my pussy and I felt like I would find out soon. I felt like an animal, stroking and sucking on his cock, trying to get every last drop, regardless of the fact much of it was leaking from around my lips.

Pete was fucking me hard as I was shoving Thor's cock deep into my throat, now releasing the knot without a care. It was too big to slip in; at least that was how I felt. His knot just kept bumping my lips as I stroked him with my mouth and lips. Pete was getting faster and harder, and Amy was moaning louder as Thor was about to make her cum, just then I felt her legs tense up at my sides and begin shuddering as all I heard from her was "ooooohhhh, ooohh god, oooooooh, yes, you fucking animal, ooooooh eat me, eat me hard." I had released Thor's cock and xxx with gf and bf just gently stroking it and he was slowing down with Amy.

He turned and hopped off the bed to curl upon his bed to clean himself. Amy started laughing and just said "If I could walk, I'd go help him." Amy slide down next to me and ran her tongue up my cheek and cleaning some of Thor's cum from me. She licked me again and began kissing me as Pete began to speed up. Pete asked if he should pull out and I told him I trusted him, just as Amy told him "Fill her up Baby." And within seconds, he started cumming deep inside my pussy.

It was nowhere near the volume of Thor but it felt great all the same. He slid out and told Amy he saved up just as she got close he shot two more globs onto her face and lips.

She licked what she could and then came up for a kiss and told me to get the last drop from her cheek. She then left me and went back to Pete's cock.

She forced her face down over his cock and then dropped down to lick my wet, used cunt saying she knew where to get more. She ran her tongue down top my little puckered butthole and I felt it quicker as she lightly dragged her tongue across it.

I felt my orgasm starting to build again as the slid off the bed and crawled up between my legs. She licked my little asshole and rubbed my clit with her hand.

I reached down to spread my pussy for her as she slid her tongue up and in my little hole wiggling it back and forth. She began pressing down on my clit and moving her finger from side to side and with more pressure than usual before raising up and pulling my hood up to spit on it and rubbing two fingers back and forth rapidly while licking me and asking "Does that feel good?".

All I could do was pant, seemed fitting for the night. I began moaning as I ran my hands up my stomach and chest. I pushed my tits toward my face and then back down. I pinched and pulled my nipples, lifting my tits up in the air as I pulled them. I put my heels in Amy's back trying to force her into my pussy harder. I felt something on my foot and looked to see Pete kissing the top as he began to run his tongue up to my ankle. He grabbed the other foot and kissed the bottom before sliding him lips over my toes.

Young girl seduces old guy tube porn have never had a foot fetish and have never had my toes sucked but OH MY GOD was that a turn on. It was at that time that I started quivering and Amy sped up as I began to shake.

My lower abdomen started shaking as she began fingering me with three fingers and telling me "Cum for me baby, I want to taste you!" My legs started convulsing and she said my pussy began to pulse as I came hard. She said lots of milky cum came out. I told her it was probably what Pete put in me and she said beauteous cutie bounds on chunky rod interracial and hardcore was way more than just him.

She said it was amazing and did not taste like his either. I do know I have made huge wet spots on my bed, and recently, On Maddi's bed, but never realized it was milky like that. She stood up and asked if I was ok, as I laid there breathing heavily. After a few seconds she held her hands out and pulled me up and told me to follow her to the bathroom. We stepped in as she grabbed a washcloth, dropped it in the sink and turned it on. I was standing there beside her and she slid her hand between my legs and pressed into my pussy a little and came back with about a teaspoon of milky cum pooled in her fingers.

She told me it was incredible how much I put out and that it tasted great. She held her fingers up as I licked some and she was right, it tasted nothing like Pete's cum, that I had tasted a few minutes before. She licked the remaining cum from her finger, kissed me, then turned back to the sink wring out the washcloth and wiped my pussy clean. I took the sloth from her and returned the favor.

We quickly finished up and returned to the bedroom with a fresh washcloth for Pete. As we entered, Amy told me to go lay down while she took care of Pete. I watched as she sucked his softening cock and few times and stood up to kiss and suck his nipples while her grabbed her ass and squeezed it tight. They both came over to lay down on either side of me as Amy commented "Lexa Sandwich time!

Who's hungry?" We laid there for a few minutes talking and Amy told me Thor may need some time before he would be ready to mount me and give me a fucking like I have never had.

I was already having my post orgasmic guilt from having his cock in my mouth a short time ago. I just agreed and told her Ok. We continued talking and Pete asked about other fetishes I've not yet fully realized and I brought up Dollification. He asked me to explain a little about it and as I told them Pete had a look in his eyes like he was thinking about something. He looked at Amy and asked if she thought Matt would be good for me.

Her eye's opened wide and said "Oh my god yes, they would be perfect together." I asked them to tell me about him and I was told about how he was a gentle Dom, who was very deliberate in how he touched his sub.

Two beauties caress their gorgeous gf masturbation smalltits said he was silent most of the time and just let his presence take control of you. His looks and his direction made you do what he wanted of you and that was all it took. We laid there and talked about him nithya menon sex storys mallu a few more minutes before I decided I had to meet this guy, he was already dominating my thoughts; I had to see what he would do to my body.

I asked them when I might be able to talk to him and see if we would be a good fit. Pete said he could call him to see what he was into and tell him about me. We listened as Pete grabbed his phone and called Matt to tell him about me. Amy was laying there, running here nails up and down my chest and belly and I was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. We were listening to Pete talking to Matt "…We have this friend you might like to meet.

She about Amy's height, A little thinner than Amy, she's really fit, gorgeous tits, full lips, long blonde hair, and can suck a cock like nobody's business. Now why I think you two would be great together is she wants to be a doll or some shit." I whispered "Dollification, not shit you asshole" and laughed.

He paused and we could hear a faint voice over the phone and then Pete perked up "Really? Let me ask?" He turned and asked "Would you be up to meet him tonight and maybe play some?" I shook my head quickly, like a little girl being asked if she wanted some candy. Pete told him "We've all been playing tonight and were nughtyamerica mpbest x story dawnlod lying around recovering for a bit when Little Dolly spoke up.

So we're kind of naked at the moment but knock and I will come let you in. Bring your things too." After another short pause "Ok, see you in a few." He hung up the phone and I began getting nervous all over again.

To be continued…