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Mean big black dick for eva karera
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Fourth Report I am ashamed that it didn't take long for me to have sex with Ali. The way it happened, I suppose she had sex with me. I had very little choice, looking like she did, my body just took over, leaving my brain and judgment back in the world before this island.

She drove me in her jeep along the smooth roads, pointing out landmarks and areas of interest along our way. Every subtle bounce on our way shook her chest, sending waves through her cleavage. I tried not to stare, but I'm only a man. When you put a big pair of bouncing tits a foot from my face I have to look.

It didn't help that when I looked away I could see beautiful pregnant women enjoying their bodies and finding the most comfort and pleasure they could. I was in such a deep trance that I was totally unaware of our surroundings. Ali was talking the whole time about the island, the girls and where my group should be interested in studying but my thoughts never wavered from her swollen figure and swaying tits.

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I had turned on my tape recorder, so at least my study wouldn't suffer. I was finally jolted back to earth when Ali parked and stopped talking. I shook my head clear and looked out onto the landscape Ali had brought me to. I must have really been far off, since I was now on top of the mountain above the breeders' campus.

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I rubbed my eyes at the far, lush vivid tree lines interwoven with modern buildings and curvy roads. We were straight across from the beach, people frolicking and swimming. Ali had picked a great spot, we had to be fifty feet up and only a dozen feet from a mild waterfall, constantly roaring and bubbling in the background.

The hot sun beat down upon everything, bringing an intensely hot, tropical sheen to everything. Ali leaned back and rubbed her belly in slow circular motions. Her small hands moved around and around, bringing a wide Cheshire grin to her face. She did this for a long time as we sat there enjoying the view and the natural calm. I was weighing my responsibility against the beauty of my companion, a tough fight going on in my head. Ali broke the silence saying the babies were kicking, pulling my hand in to feel.

She moved it for me in the same circle around her globe, only 4 and a half months but still firm and full of life. This continued with her cooing softly at the feeling and resting her head back on her seat.

A few more rubs and coo's turned to gasps and gasps to moans. Her nipples looked like they could pierce her shirt and she bro seduce petite virgin step sister to fuck her anal stroking her hips back and forth in her seat.

I knew what I was doing, the pleasure this was giving her, but I never even thought about stopping.

This felt right. Ali was big and bloated and very obviously horny and I wanted to do anything, to do everything to satisfy her in that moment. She finally moved my hand up to her double-d breast and I squeezed it to her delight, feeling its hefty weight and the milk sloshing within it.

I guess me grabbing her like that gave Ali all she needed and with surprising quickness for someone her size she sat up and pulled me into a wet, hungry kiss.

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She rammed her tongue deep into my mouth, holding my head in both hands while I grabbed her belly. She pulled back and paused enough to pull her top off, her round tits bouncing down onto her belly before attacking me with another intense kiss. She was overwhelming me, pressing into me so hard I was nearly falling over.

We were pretty cramped in her Jeep and what we both wanted to do was going to need a little more room. We clumsily piled out of the car and I led Ali around to the hood of her car where I helped lift her up (with her giggling and oo'ing the whole time) and perch her plump ass on the hood. She massaged her breasts for a moment before bringing a hand down to her shorts.

She traced a finger along her pussy, her wetness starting to seep through, her head flinging back like it was on a spring. Looking at this I stripped off my own shirt and lifted her up and she peeled the shorts down her legs, revealing she had forgone panties with a bra.

She finally was able to masturbate with purpose, rhythmically gliding her finger in and out of herself. She motioned me in close and whispered to get naked and "come get her". I fully believe not a man alive could have resisted her. I stripped down, my now fully erect penis springing from my underwear. Ali eyed me up and down, biting her lip and kneading her breast before leaning back and spreading her legs.

I grabbed around her hips and guided myself into her, the wettest, hottest pussy I'd ever felt. So tight it felt like she was vacuuming the cum from my balls. She groaned loudly as I entered, her bare pussy pulsing with the pleasure she was feeling. Ali tattooed girl has fun with a neighbor trying her best to thrust back onto me and I was eager to fuck her.

I couldn't even think straight, the xxx story bhojpuri actor akshra singh was so intense and thick in the air all I could think was fuck her fuck her fuck this big pregnant goddess and cum all over her huge tits in her waiting mouth.

I was building momentum as well I ould despite an awkward angle and Ali was lost, climbing toward an orgasm. Her pussy was dripping down onto the hood and was making loud, wet noises with every thrust. My cock had never felt bigger, I would have sworn I was driving up towards her throat but I wasn't getting any complaints. I felt the need to hold back until Ali had cum.

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After all, she had started this, she deserved to finish. I was in paradise, but I knew it would be tough to finish with her trying to keep her balance on the hood of her Jeep.

I pulled out and told her to hop off. She did with a sexy fling of her hair and rubbed her gravid form, from her breasts to her belly to her hips to her belly to her tits again. I grabbed her by the hair, took a kiss from her and spun her around before caressing her tight ass. She arched her back and pressed back into me before I bent her over and she spread her legs again, bracing herself against the Jeep. I finally slowing down enough to look down and realized my penis did look noticeably bigger than it ever had.

I didn't question it, I welcomed it and swiped the tip along her lips until she was shuddering and dripping again. I plunged back in with one stroke and Ali screamed out a loud "O", echoing across the valley.

Now everything was perfect and we thrust against each other, racing towards orgasm. I was doing everything I could to fill her, smacking her smooth ass and gripping her long hair with authority. Under this kind of assault she could only last so long until her pussy contracted hard around me, spraying pussy juice against our thighs.

I had no chance against her intensely spasming body and felt my cum shooting into her. She somehow had the clarity to pull forward, releasing my dick, turn around and aim the rest of my load at her tits. I came more than I think I ever have, rope after rope, until my ejaculate dripped down onto her baby belly. I collapsed onto the truck, unable to handle the pleasure I had felt.

Ali stayed under me, surprising me with a quick suck of my penis to get any remaining seed before rubbing my cum into her belly in the same slow, loving motions that had started us in the first place. We sat on the ground and looked out over the midday sun, my arm around her, her head tucked into my arm for a while before deciding it was time to clean ourselves up and reenter society.

Before we got up, Ali did say something to me worth noting. "I guess you earned a little something after that," she purred contently. I told her I thought I had, reaching around to grab her breast again. She swatted my hand playfully before continuing "Not that. I was going to tell you my belly measurements. 42 inches as of last night at my doctors.

I guess a little big for only four months, but I guess quadruplets will do that. Also, I've been told I massive black dick for petite mila jade interracial pornstars to have some of the biggest tiny-people of all the girls." It was a nice piece of intimacy for her to finally stop teasing me with her "secret", and I kissed the top of her head before helping her up and re-dress. We made our way down the mountain the same way we came up, but unfortunately I was beginning to remember my duty here to study the people.

I guess you could call that studying. I will, because I certainly don't regret it.