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Massive boobs ebony whore gets slammed hard by huge cock interracial and masturbate
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This is a work of fiction and nothing more please feel free to send me feedback: [email protected] FF Fdom inc Mummy Whore Chapter one My life was to change dramatically when I agreed to house sit for my mother whilst she took a weeks holiday.

My name is Julie and I am 19 and could be considered to be attractive, I have shoulder length brown hair with a straight fringe. I am slim with average sized breasts and love to dress to make the best of my body. My mother on the other hand is Margaret though she prefers to be called Maggie. Looking back now I suppose that she could be described as a milf a new word I have discovered along my journey, or should I say our journey.

She too has brown shoulder length hair and is a little plumper and shorter than myself but at the start of this story she is divorced from my father 46 and dresses rather dull and conservatively. I turned up at her house letting myself in, I put my bag in her bedroom and went to make a cup of tea. While the kettle was boiling I took a look in the fridge and freezer which I found were empty. "Great" I thought no food in the place.

My temper was not helped when I had made my tea and sat at the breakfast bar where I found a note asking me to do her ironing. When I had finished my tea I went into the laundry room and saw a pile of ironing that had to be at least three feet high.

I went ballistic how dare she make me do her ironing, and not even leave me any food when I was there house sitting for her as a favour. However I did do the ironing resenting every moment of it. I was then hungry and so braved her local supermarket which was teaming with people.

I hate food shopping at the best of time, but this shop had to be staffed by the slowest staff anywhere. And my mood was again not helped by finding a dent in the door of my car. A dent I wouldn't have got if the stupid bitch I called my mother had left me with something to eat. By the time I got back to her place I was a powder keg of anger. I ate an uninspiring microwave meal and poured myself a large vodka. I thought I would check my facebook page so sat at her computer.

After I had checked and chatted with a few friends, I became bored and not noticing how much vodka I had drunk whilst chatting I decided to have a look at what mother had on her computer. I admit I was drunk and still angry or I would never had been so nosey.

Much of it was normal stuff people kept sultry jade jantzen and priya price sum their pc, family pics etc. But hidden inside a folder was another folder labelled "my stuff" when I clicked on this I opened a Pandoras box of my mothers inner most thoughts and desires.

Never would I have thought she would be so kinky behind that conservative facade. Nor would I have believed that I could be so engrossed and turned on by the thought of my mother reading and looking at what she had in this folder.

Every perversity I could think of along with a few more I had never knew, existed here. But they all had a theme of lesbianism. "Hmmm I wonder if mom is a dyke then" I thought in my uneducated way. It had struck me that mom had not dated since her divorce so was this the reason why? I couldn't really see my mother as a lesbian and had never seen her close with anyone recently, she just seemed to potter on working part time sister brother at dining table a local shop and staying at home.

Most of the files were stories she had saved plus some videos. I didn't look at them to closely at that time knowing that I had plenty of time to study those at my leisure. However I decided that if I was to find out if my mother was a practising lesbian I would need to hack into her emails. I quickly found her email address on one of the stories I had found, as someone had emailed it to her.

I found the login page and would only have to find the password now. I looked around the computer for any pieces of paper, but found none.

In an inspired guess I tried my name with no luck but when I entered my name with my year of birth I was ecstatic. There were loads of emails which all appeared to be from women. I soon found from reading through them that she was sharing fantasies with these ladies.

One of the most recent ones caught my eye when I looked through her sent mails. " Dear Mary. Thank you for your message and our last chat which I found most exciting and erotic.

Your so lucky to have found a woman to hold and to love and I lie in bed wishing that I had the nerve to take a chance and go out and find that special woman. For now everything I want from life is but a dream. And you must get tired of me saying how much I want to try sapphic love but make no in roads to fulfilling what I feel is my destiny in life.

I beat myself up every time I see a beautful lady in the street or my neighbour who I think maybe a lesbian, or my own daughter. The things I desire so much but cant't bring myself to try and get closer to in an intimate way. I sometimes think I am going mad, some of the fantasies I have get so extreme, I have no one to talk to about this apart from your good self and a few others here in cyber space.

I really value that believe me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, if it wasn't for you I think I may have gone mad or killed myself by now. I know that sounds dramatic but my needs not being little slut and busty neighbor love to make out on the couch smalltits pornstars has made me feel so down and depressed.

It is only when I read your kind words that I do not lose hope that I will find that special one. All my love as always Maggie xxxx" I must admit I cried when I read that the first time, to know mom was that unhappy and lonely.

First class amateur couple get hardcore anal show was only on the second reading that I picked up that she desired both her neighbour an older woman who I always called Miss Jones, and myself. I was shocked turned on and disgusted within a few minutes.

Miss Jones I could just about understand, though she was nearly 60 years old she was in great shape and dressed very classy, but always in things that made the best of her body.

Yes she had a few lines on her perfectly made up face, but yes she was a nice looking lady. But for my mother to desire me too, that was just to much to take in. I decided to go to bed, so I printed off one of moms stories by random stapled it together and along with the last of my bottle black teen caught masturbating then fucked vodka went up to moms room. Pulling back the duvet I found the bed had not been remade with clean bedding as moms nightie was lying there.

To tired to find my nightie I just stripped off and lay on the bed. I poured a last vodka and began to read the story. As it happened it was a lesbian story of an older woman dominating a woman of my mothers age. Was this where Miss Jones had come into my moms mind?

I wondered. The older woman had found the lady in a compromising position of bondage and had taken photographs and blackmailed her into becoming her slave.

All sorts of punishment and humiliation followed in the story and I found myself rubbing my pussy at at times sniffing moms scent from her nightie. Once I had finished the story and drank my vodka and brushed my teeth I found it getting colder in the bedroom. I slipped moms long satin nightie over my head and settled for sleep. I found I couldn't sleep I was tossing and turning all night, the thought that mother desired me in a sexual way was so exciting, as were some of the other things that I had found on her computer.

I could smell mom on the bedding and the nightie and dreamed that I was making love with my mother and found that I was rubbing my pussy through the nightie. I was gripped by a sudden realisation that I was rubbing my pussy thinking of my mother with the same piece of fabric that my mother rubbed her pussy thinking of me.

I came hard sweating and immediately felt ashamed of myself. I showered which helped me feel more sober and returned to bed sleeping with more erotic thoughts going through my head. I woke the next morning feeling horny, my vodka hangover adding to the sexy dreams I had had during the night. As a naughty idea came into my head, I looked in mothers laundry basket and put on a set of her dirty underwear and one of her tshirts as well as one of my short skirts.

You must understand as you read this that I was not adverse to a bit of girl on girl fun, I had played around a little at sixth form college with both students and even one of the lecturers.

I was positive at that point that mom knew nothing of my sapphic adventures, so why had she begun to think of me in a sexual way? I fixed myself some breakfast and put on a pot of coffee as I felt that I would be sat infront of moms computer for some time. I began by looking at some of the videos she had been watching but found no common thread it appeared from them that she was interested in most forms of lesbian sex.

The stories she had been reading though did suggest that along with incest of which there was a high percentage, she also liked to read stories with a theme of domination or humiliation. There were other stories there too which were quite extreme, but I will come back to those later. So if my deductions were correct my mother was a lesbian submissive slave wannabe.

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I discovered how wet the stories were making me when I got up to get another coffee. As I walked back I saw Miss Jones, my mothers neighbour come out of her house to head for the shops.

She looked elegant as ever, her feet in three inch black heels and wearing a tight pencil skirt. In her leather gloved hand she held a long cigarette which she brought up to her perfectly bright red lipsticked mouth. She saw me through the window and gave me a wave which I returned. "Mmmmm" I thought "I can see what mom sees in her". I sat back down at the computer giving Miss Jones no more thought for the time being. I decided to look more closely at moms emails Printing out all her incoming mails as well as the ones she sent.

It lela star and sativa rose sharingbig cock a while but soon I had them all in order of time and date. I soon discovered that these women mom was chatting to, she had met in various lesbian chat rooms.

The early mails were much the same just basic hello how are you I am such and such. After a while there was left a core of three women mom talked to the most. I sorted these out and concentrated on them. The first lady I chose was referred to all the way through as Mistress S, this was obviously the one mom was sharing her submissive side with. Mom discussed how she had always had a repressed submissive side and had always fantasized about giving up all control to another, but throughout her marriage had never had the chance.

But now she was free and getting older she felt the need to explore these feelings for real. They discussed various punishments, and scenarios for roleplays, the dreams mom had and how she could find her own mistress. Some of humiliating things mom wanted to explore were pretty way out, and in my mind at that time pretty gross. The next lady whose emails to mom I began to read was also a mother. With this woman mother was sharing incest fantasies. This really made me feel uncomfortable.

Reading how my mother was looking at me as a sexual fantasy was quite unnerving.

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Of course at the time I had never thought of mom in that way. The idea was so alien. They discussed how they desired their daughters and how they could make things happen, though of all the ideas I couldn't remember mom trying them out on me. The last lady that I began to read was obviously the one mom koko amaris play strippoker with old guy to the most by the ammount of pages of emails I had in my hand.

They also talked of dominance and submission as well as incest. They appeared to be on the same wave length but where as it appeared mom had not yet had any experience this other lady had plenty. This other lady who called herself "Mary" was active as she called it with her daughter and she also had a mistress. Mary looked like she was really encouraging mom to live out her fantasies. One set of words jumped out at me when I read "thank you for the pics you sent me of your daughter, I can see why you want to get close to your Julie".

Mom had obviously sent this woman pictures of me but what bloody pics? I logged back into moms computer and searched for that email. The photos mother had taken of me looked like they had been taken with her mobile phone. I can remember the night they were taken as we had gone out for a meal and a drink at an up market wine bar.

That night I had been wearing a nice leather dress, a dress as I remembered now, mother had treated me to on one of our many shopping trips. I shuddered now to think that mother had bought me this dress and other things with an ulterior motive. And the thought that she knew about the contents of my panty drawer and probably lay in bed dreaming of me in them.

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I stood up away from the computer disturbed by the revelations I had been reading. As I poured out some more coffee I heard a sound from the computer. I stood infront of it for a second before I realised that as I had been reading that email, the messenger system was open, and mother had an instant message from Mary, the woman she had sent the pictures of me to.

I was frozen what should I do as if an unknown hand was pushing me forward, I sat down and clicked on the message. Mary "Hello Maggie hows things thought you were going away?" I stood mesmerized, but again as if my actions were not my own, my hands moved to the keyboard. Maggie "Hello Mary how are you?" Mary "I am fine how are you?" Maggie "Good thanks" I knew nothing of talking to this woman and was at a loss to what I should be saying.

Maggie "What are you up to?" Mary "Not a lot hun, just reading a few stories and seeing who is online" Maggie"Great same here" Mary "I take it you have not seduced that gorgeous daughter of yours yet?" Maggie "Can I tell you a secret Mary" Mary "Of course, please do tell" Maggie "Iam not Maggie this is her daughter Julie, mom is still on her hols, and I have found her dirty secrets" I filled Mary in on what had happened for me to find the files and moms emails, she asked me how I felt about it and what I was going to do next.

I told her I just didn't know at that point. Mary began to tell me about herself and her daughter it began to sound so erotic, and Mary made it sound so loving, sexy,illicit and and taboo. She invited me to switch on the webcam as we talked and I was soon looking at an attractive lady in her mid 40`s.

Seeing Mary on cam reassured me that although what we were talking about could be seen as perverted, the people taking part were just normal everyday people.

It made me feel that if I decided to go down this route that I wouldn't suddenly grow horns. We chatted for quite a while and I told her about my experiences with other casual teen sex linda weasley first date facial and she told me some of her exploits with her daughter and others.

I began to get horny touching myself as I typed, Mary did the same. My pussy started to get wet as Mary took off her top, exposing her breasts to me. I was getting so horny and needed some relief. I kicked myself for not bringing my bag of toys with me not thinking I started to rub my breasts through my tshirt as I talked to Mary. I had forgotten to close the curtains and looked up to see Miss Jones waving to me on her way back from the shops and on her lips I could see a smile.

I managed to wave back feeling so embarrased that I had been caught. Mary asked me what was happening and I explained about Miss Jones walking past. She asked if it was the neighbour that mother was interested in and I replied that it was, she then asked me if I found Miss Jones attractive. I told her that in a strange way I did that Miss Jones is always well dressed and was quite elegant.

As we talked about the woman who was just through the wall from me my arousal increased as I thought of Miss Jones in a sexual way. For the first time I was picturing what Miss Jones would look like naked and then I could see Myself making love with this older woman.

I excused myself from my chat with Mary and decided filmou a trepada com a esposa no motel e caiu na net go an visit Miss Jones, my heart was pounding.

The smile she gave me as she caught me mauling my breasts gave me the encouragment to at least see where a visit to this elegant sexy older neighbour would lead. The idea was still in my head as I showered and dried my hair. And the heart pounding excitement was so thrilling as I looked through my clothes hoping to find something to wear that would be classy but sexy.

I had not brought much with me and had to grab a few things from my mothers wardrobe and drawers. Eventually I felt ready and sexy enough. I had found a black cord skirt which was above my knee and showed my ass off well. I had also put on a white blouse sheer enough to show my lacy black bra underneath as well stockings suspender belt from mothers drawer and a pair of her black high heels which I found quite sexy in style.

Still horny I stood by the door for a few moments gathering my courage before I opened it and walked the short distance to Miss Jones home. I knocked on her door and nearly lost my courage and ran back to mothers. But before I could Miss Jones opened the door.

Her perfect lipsticked mouth opened into a welcoming smile and I was beckoned in. I was taken into her lounge and shown a seat Miss Jones said she would get some tea and I looked at her lovely bottom in her satin pencil skirt as she walked away from me.

I stood and pulled my skirt up a little at the back, my plan was to let my skirt ride up as we talked. Miss Jones soon returned and poured the horny babes at the bar have fun into a fine bone china cups.

She sat in a chair to the side of me giving me a fine view of her legs in what were fine expensive stockings. Miss Jones took out one of her long cigarettes offering me tat skank face sprayed cumshot and bukkake I accepted and smoked as I watched her take a drag of her own,she looked so sexy smoking in a seductive manner, and it focused me on her thin red lips.

Miss Jones said it was nice of me to visit her and she had hoped that I would drop in to see her as she hadn't seen me for such a long time. I told her that I had meant to visit before and when I saw her this morning that I had decided to come. I slipped myself forward in my chair feeling my skirt ride up, as I did Miss Jones crossed her legs. I heard the whisper of her stockings as they rubbed against each other. Miss Jones had a pair of heeled backless shiny patent slippers on her feet and she dangled one off her painted toes.

"Yes Julie I hoped you would come to visit when I saw you through your mothers window this morning on my way home" The stakes were suddenly higher we both knew that Miss Jones had seen me playing with my breasts. There was a new tension in the room. My mind was whirling trying to think how to take things further.

It was obvious that a compliment was in order to let her know I liked the look of her. Miss Jones lit another cigarette and again I was transfixed by how sexily she smoked. "Yes well when I saw you looking so nice and elegant this morning I just knew I had to see you too Miss Jones" "Oh please do call me Eleanor, Miss Jones sounds so formal and I hope now your a bit older I hope that we shall become very close friends" Eleanor got up and offered to make a fresh pot of tea.

After her last words and the way she said them told me that there was a sexual chemistry in the air. Now all I had to do was act on It. Eleanor returned to the lounge and poured me a cup of tea, as she leant across me to put my tea on the table at my side her head was close my mine. I noticed she had redone her lipstick whilst in the kitchen. Her eyes gazed into mine and I looked back deep into her eyes. Knowing it was now or never I leant forward bringing my lips to meet Eleanors.

Eleanor kissed me back and I put my hand on her shoulder to hold her close to me. Eleanor broke this kiss and stood back, straightening herself, she looked down at me and smiled. She took my hand and pulled me up to stand infront of her. Again we kissed, her lips felt so soft and her lipstick tasted so nice.

I felt so calm and relaxed and excited to be with this elegant older lady. Our breasts moved against each others. We parted from our kiss and smiled at each whenever she thinks of bananas lucy bell the atmosphere in the room was so sensual and electric. Eleanor took me by my hand to lead me upstairs to her bedroom. As we kissed Eleanor started to undo my blouse and I hers.

Once out of our blouses we cupped each others bra enclosed breasts, enjoying the weight of the flesh through the material. Although I had had liasons with women before I don't think I had felt so much at peace as I did at that moment in time, everything felt so right. Time didn't seem to matter there was no need to rush, though I was eager to see more of Eleanors body. I moved my hands down to Eleanors hips feeling the clasps of her suspender belt, from there I let my hands drift around to grasp Eleanors buttocks, what perfect size and shape I thought.

Eleanor did like wise, she smiled as she felt my own suspender clasps "oooh you sexy young thing" she declared and pecked me on the lips. I began to undo Eleanors skirt and let it fall to the floor, now just in her lingerie Eleanor looked stunning she really did have a great body, yes maybe her breasts had a small amount of sag, but most women would have killed for that body in front of me.

Eleanor didn't disappoint in her choice of lingerie either, she had a lovely bra,panties and suspender belt set, all in lilac coloured satin. I felt such a scruff with my cobbled together outfit but Eleanor didn't appear to mind as she undid my skirt and pulled me onto her bed.

I couldn't keep my hands from exploring Eleanors smooth satin clad body. We kissed with increased passion and excitement each exploring the others body. I undid Eleanors bra releasing her breasts to me. I kissed her nipples, feeling them harden in between my lips. I heard Eleanor gasp and felt her fingers dig into my buttocks pulling me closer to her. My leg went between Eleanors and soon we were rubbing our pussies on the others stockinged leg.

Our breathing was getting harder and a smell nasty czech nympho gapes her tight snatch to the strange pussy was pervading the room heightening our arousal. I started to kiss down Eleanors stomach and down onto her satin panties which displayed a nice wet spot.

I got a small taste of her pussy as I kissed the spot and the smell was divine. I couldn't wait to taste more of her pussy and began to pull the panties off Eleanor, she raised her hips to let me take them off.

And I soon saw the glisten of her juices on the hairs surrounding her pussy. where as most of the time now you would expect a hairless or trimmed pussy Eleanors was as nature intended. Maybe I would remedy that in the near future I thought. But as I moved to lick Eleanors pussy I found the way the hairs held the juices from Eleanors pussy increased the aroma.

And when my face was in the midst of it with my tongue tasting the juices from its source, I found the feeling of the juices on her pubic hair against my face strangely erotic.

I felt Eleanors hands in my hair holding my head against her pussy and heard her words of encouragement. As I expected Eleanors pussy tasted delicous. "Come little one let me get a taste of that pussy of yours". I sat up and pulled off my wet panties and moved around settling my pussy on the lips of my latest lover.

Its often said that older women are better for the experience they have gained in life, and there was no way I could argue at that time. My body gyrated involuntarily from the way Eleanor lapped and licked at my pussy. I was still twitching away as I leant forward and attempted to give back the pleasure I was receiving from Eleanor. I pulled open Eleanors lips licking every inch of that moist passage sucking at her clitoris licking its hardened nub, feeling Eleanor shudder as I did this.

I concentrated on her clit, as I slid a finger sex with hot large tit beauty pornstar hardcore her opening.

Just as I thought Eleanor couldn't give me anymore pleasure than I was receiving at that point in time, I felt one of her fingers grazing against my asshole. The thought of that perfectly manicured and painted digit against that opening was intoxicating.

When she began to push against my hole and felt her finger enter my rectum I nearly screamed with joy. This was rapidly becoming the most intense sex I had ever had and I was not going to be out done. I moved my tongue off Eleanors pussy and began to tongue at her hole.

I heard Eleanor mutter "yes,yes,yes" as my tongue licked at her ass. Encouraged by her shouts I wet my finger and pushed into her hole, switching my tongue back to her pussy. If only I had known lesbian sex could be this good I would have stuck with women and not wasted so much time with guys. Eleanor was incredible and I knew I would be back for more from this older more experienced woman.

Already I knew the orgasm building inside me was better than any I had had before. When it did break I did something I had never achieved before, I squirted! yes unbelievably I squirted right on Eleanors face which was enough to send her over her edge.

It took many minutes of me twitching and making uncontrollable sounds for me to come down from the high. Once I was back in control of my body I turned around and saw my juices covering Eleanors face. I kissed her and licked some of my juices from her face before kissing her again. We both smiled broadly at each other and cuddled together kissing and stroking each other. Eventually Eleanor suggested we showered before coming back to bed. Eleanor showered first before slipping into a long satin nightie she handed me one and I went into the shower.

Even without the hot water I was glowing from the most intense sex I had ever experienced. One thing I now knew was that Eleanor had done this many times before.

Oh what time I had wasted living next to this woman not knowing what she was capable of. What sex I had missed out on, I kicked my self for being so blind to what was next door to me all those years that I had lived at moms. I slid the nightie on and returned to the bedroom lying on the bed to wait for the return of Eleanor.

I heard her coming up the stairs and smiled at her as she came into the room carrying a bottle of chilled white wine. She sat on the edge of the bed and poured the wine handing me a glass, we clinked glasses and shared a kiss. We settled sitting up in bed as Eleanor handed me a cigarette we lit up, sending spirals of smoke reaching for the ceiling.

A slight chill in the room made my nipples harden against the satin of the nightie which felt nice whenever I moved. "So julie tell me what made you so excited in your mothers lounge this afternoon that you started playing with your lovely breasts" ?

I decided to tell Eleanor everything that I had found out about my mother in the last two days. About her fantasies both for me and Eleanor herself. I also told her of some of mothers other kinks and how she yearned to be submissive. Eleanor thought for a short time before asking what I planned on doing about it all. I informed her that I had not decided anything yet but I did find the possibilities exciting. I also told her that I was quite content being with her.

Eleanor went quiet and I was a little hurt when she told me that I was welcome to come and visit and have sex at times, but she did not go in for relationships. She preferred to be a free agent and had a few friends that she just met up with for sex and games as she called them. I was shocked at this as I had always thought she was so quiet and more reserved.

I think that Eleanor could see my hurt and bewilderment, she took my hand and said she was charmed by my interest in her but she had long given up relationships. She also said that she was not the woman that I thought she was.

She told me not to be to shocked but before she moved next to mothers nearly twenty years before she had been a teacher at an all girls school. Eleanor lit us both some cigarettes and went on to explain that she had been caught with two of the girls. To save the school from scandal she had been paid off rather generously and moved next to mothers.

Eleanor said that from that day on she had indulged her interests and found having a partner held her back from the freedom being single gave her. I thanked her for her honesty and told her that I hoped she would let me see her from time to time,and that the afternoon we had shared was such an eye opener that I wanted to explore the sapphic side of my self alot more.

"Julie darling I hope I'am not speaking out of turn but why not explore things with your mother as she wishes. I have met a few women that have shared an incestual relationship and they have all found it exhilarating.

And from what you have told me your mother is submissive you could have her doing what ever you want and whenever you want it. In fact Julie, you could own your mother and have her as a real full time sex slave all to yourself" Eleanors words did shock me at first but as her words sank in a little I started to come round to the idea of having mom as a slave. The idea of actually having sex with her was still a bit hard to swallow though, I had never thought of my own mother in such a way.

As we talked Eleanor started rubbing my pussy throught the satin nightie. Eleanor was telling me the things I could do with a submissive slut like my mother. When she suggested that I could even make money out of her by whoring her out my interest peaked. As a student cash was a little scarce, now here was a way of paying my way through college.

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Eleanor and I made love again that night and I fell asleep with the thoughts of whoring out mother. We woke the next morning and chatted a while.

I told Eleanor that my only concern at the moment was that I had no experience of domination play. She told me that she might be able to help there, and for me to go back to mothers and think whether I really wanted to go down this path. Eleanor gave me her phone numbers and we parted with a kiss and cuddle.

I went back to mothers intoxicated by the experience with Eleanor. I guess I was floating in the clouds, so happy and at peace with everything. After drinking a coffee I had a nap dumb spouse helps their wife fuck blowjob the sofa dreaming of future possibilities. I was rudely woken from my slumber by a text message from mom. As I read it my mood changed it told me that she wanted me to do a big food shop ready for her return.

It also let me know that she had emailed me the list. On opening the email I was struck by the length of the list and angry that she had left me nothing for while I was there and no cash to buy all the groceries. Right I thought to myself you have pissed me off enough if you think I am going to let you get away with this you have another thing coming.

I called Eleanor and told her that yes I was going to go through with the plan to make mother my slave and whore. Eleanor had told me of a friend of hers that was a dominatrix, the idea was for me to have a session as a slave to experience what it was like to be a slave.

And then to assist this lady for a day. Eleanor told me that she would contact the Mistress and hot blonde jessa rhodes gets a taste of jizz back to me with a time and location.

While I was waiting for the call I was to get a school girl uniform together. Grabbing my bag I went into town to look around the shops and get together what Eleanor suggested. I also went back to my own flat and got a few more bits and pieces my make up etc and some of my sexier clothing. Back at mothers I must admit I was nervous and scared of what pain I maybe subjected to. But the anger at mother was still in my mind and I was determined to go through with the path suggested by mothers dirty emails and stories.

To take my mind off the waiting I showered and began to do my make up, I went for quite a slutty over done look, a look I had never done before and it took me a few attempts to get it to my satisfaction.

I was itching to wear the slutty uniform I had put together, but held back instead just throwing a few things on and logging onto moms computer. Rereading her emails and looking at some of the stories had me on the brink and I was glad when Eleanor phoned, me giving me the time and address to go to.

I rushed up the stairs and freshened up. I booked a taxi and started to put on my sexy school girl uniform, wondering if the uniform was Eleanors idea given her past? I put on the sexy underwear I had bought especially for the teen gives a blowjob to this big cock, white stockings, and black ankle socks, suspender belt, bra and panties.

A crisp tight white blouse was next and a very short tight skirt. The look was completed with a school tie and a pair of shoes. I managed to touch up my make up and hair just as the taxi beeped outside. I threw on a longish jacket and sat in the back of the taxi giving the driver the address. I was relieved to find that the taxi company had sent a female driver. The driver was in no way attractive but as she made small talk I noticed her eyes in the mirror taking in my short skirt and stockings.

Being so horny I opened my jacket and my legs letting the driver see more of my outfit and the damp patch on my panties. At one point I thought she was going to crash the taxi, I felt so naughty but before I could tease much more we had reached my destination. She gave me a card with her number on asking me to call her when I was ready for my return journey. I thanked her and walked up the path heart pounding in my chest to the door to this dominatrixes house.

I rang the bell and waited and waited, she was obviously in no rush to let me in. I felt so exposed, dressed as a slutty school girl in this residential street with cars going up and down it.

I heard footsteps coming down a hall way inside and the sound of the door being unlocked. Before I lost my nerve and fled the door was opened to reveal a pleasant looking lady in her mid 40's.

She was wearing a long leather coat and she welcomed me in, taking me through into her kitchen where I saw Eleanor dressed the same. I was told to sit with them at the table and given a glass of wine. The Mistress introduced herself as Clara but told me to refer to her as Mistress at all times. We discussed the reason for me being there Mistress Clara explained that it was important for a dominatrix to have tried being a slave to understand the experience and to know what any punishment felt like.

"Julie why don't you stand up and show us that school uniform you are wearing" Eleanor told me. I stood and removed my jacket. I felt so self concious standing there with the two womens eyes on me. "Mmmm very nice Julie turn around show us all" Eleanor was obviously enjoying the view, maybe, I thought it was bringing back memories for her. "Bend over dear show Aunty Eleanor your pretty panties" .

By now I was feeling so embarrassed showing off in my uniform in front of the two ladies. Mistress Clara placed a leather collar around my neck and lead me into what she called her playroom. This was through a door from her kitchen and down into her cellar. I was amazed by all the equipment and cruel looking implements she had hanging from the walls.

Mistress Carla took off her coat revealing a leather corset panties and thigh high boots. Eleanor also took off her coat and looked stunning in a pvc catsuit clinging to her body like a second skin.Around her waist was a wide shiny belt, and her delicate feet were in a pair of black ankle boots with a high heel.

Maybe I will tell you of the events that day another time after all this story is supposed to be about my mother not me. Just to let you know that I found the day intensely sexually exciting, interesting and stimulating. On leaving Mistress Claras I was given a dvd of some sessions she had done with her clients to watch as well as some domination magazines to read. This I was told was my homework for the night as the next day I was to assist her in a days work.

I enjoyed the days work with Mistress Clara and felt confident In my ability to take charge of mother although I was still not sold on the idea of sexual contact with her. The morning before mothers return I went to Eleanors house as agreed. She had been kind enough to offer to help me with a make over and some shopping ready for my transformation into my mothers owner.

Eleanor as usual looked so elegant, looking at her I realised that I had fallen in love with her, a love I knew she wouldn't give back but I was happy to know we could share special times together.

After greeting each other with a kiss and cuddle we sat and had a cup of tea whilst Eleanor quizzed me on my day with Mistress Clara.

I told her that I had learnt alot and was confident I could control mother. We made plans for the days events, and decided that we would start with a trip to the hair dressers for a radical change to my style. I had always loved aubrey with her knee socks lured her guy into hard sex hardcore brunette Cleopatra look that Elizabeth Taylor had in the film, and decided that I would have my hair coloured jet black and cut in that style.

Eleanor had shown me what I could do with eyeliner before to achieve a more dominant look to the Elizabeth Taylor version. The hairdresser did a great job, and we travelled further into town. Make up was bought and then Eleanor took me to where she bought her lingerie. Trying on the expensive items on under the watchful gaze of Eleanor was such a pleasure and I began to feel so special wearing such garments.

The next shops were for everyday clothes, never again would I slob myself into Jeans and tshirt. I was to follow Eleanors example and become an elegant younger version of her. The sex shop that Mistress Clara recommended took some travelling to but it was well worth it. Their selection of toys and punishment items were extensive and my student overdraft was taking a pounding.

How ever I didn't mind as if my plans worked out, I would never have to worry about cash ever again. The part of the shopping trip I was most looking forward to was now here buying outfits in leather and pvc.

Eleanor had been so kind to lend me her pvc catsuit that she had looked so sexy in, for my days work at Mistress Claras and I knew I would have to buy one of my own. I felt so sexy wearing it, feeling my own body throught the material. Eleanors eye for detail was so makes my boobs shake and pussy wet having with me that day, and I was confident that all the outfits she helped me choose were well worth the expense. On our way back home an idea struck me and I sent a text to a friend of mine I knew I could trust, arranging to meet her at mothers in two storys of the xxx hot sex alia bhatt. I took the purchases into mothers home and began to clear her drawers and wardrobes of her boring clothing.

Only gear that would suit her status as my slut could stay. Soon Sue would be here, so I showered and dressed in the new elegant me clothes. When Sue arrived I swore her to secrecy before telling her of my plans for mother.

The reason for me getting her in on my plot was that she was a computer wizzard, and I needed a website building to advertise mom as a lesbian slut whore. Sue didn't believe me at first until I showed her some of moms emails,once she had read enough she agreed to help me out.

We found a few sexyish snaps of mom to put on there as a start but it was evident that new ones would be needed. Sue soon had the site up and running and she surprised me by saying she had had a girlie crush on my mom in the past and would love to help with some more photos. I was also surprised that Sue had lesbian desires, I had always thought her so straight and studious. We shared a glass of wine and gave Sue the first chance to go though mine and moms old clothes, moms old clothes would be in the bin by morning!

We arranged for Sue to come back to do the photos and I went to bed to rest before mothers return. I woke early keen with excitement. I tidied the place through and got all the toys and my outfit ready for later.

I made a coffee and read some more of the smut on mothers computer just to get myself in a sexy mood. I sent mother a text asking what time she thought she would get home, and in her reply she let me know she would be back here in about three hours, giving me plenty of time to get dressed and psyched up.

I ran a bath, nice and hot and took a glass of champagne with me. As I soaked I ran through the various ideas for later in the day and mothers future. I phoned Eleanor and told her that I was ready to get out of the bath and to let herself in.

She was coming to get my hair perfect and do my make up and also give me some encouragement before I let nerves get the better lee chae dam sex cine me. I dried myself off and heard Eleanor enter and come up the stairs. I poured her a glass of champagne and we kissed and hugged in our welcome. We sat on moms bed and chatted which was a nice way to relax, and I soon felt the butterflys dissappear. Eleanor looked at the clothing I had chosen and approved of my choices.

She fingered the black satin basque we had bought together enjoying as I did, the cold smoothness of the material.

I looked at the clock and began to panic,would I have enought time? Eleanor stood me up and began to fit me into the sensuous under garment. I shivered at her touch and the coldness of the satin. I sat on the bed and started to roll up the expensive stockings up my legs. As I looked down I was very pleased with how my legs looked in the fine luxurious stockings. Eleanor again stood me up and fixed the suspender clasps to the stockings. Eleanor had me step into the matching panties, and as she pulled them up my legs she stole a kiss and lick of my dampening pussy.

I felt such a thrill from my mature lover and looked down at her grinning perfectly made up face. Now I was in my lingerie we took a breath and a drink of the champagne. As mother had secretly taken a photograph of me in my leather dress I had chosen to wear that today. I thought that it had enough of a fetish/dominant air, but was familiar enough to mother so that she would not know what was happening when she first walked in. The aroma of leather hit me as I took the dress from its packaging the cleaning company had wrapped it in.

Eleanor sat me at the dressing table and combed out my hair before doing my make up as I have already described. A wide leather belt with squares of polished chrome went around my waist. And then the final piece of the jigsaw my new leather knee boots, these I was especially pleased with. They fitted so well and had fine Italian tooling at the top.

The heels were made of chrome as was the tip at the toes. We just had enough time to have another drink together and a cuddle before we heard moms key in the door.

There was no rush as Eleanor had locked the door from the inside. I composed myself as Eleanor left through the back door. Taking a few deep breaths before walking down the stairs I went to seal mothers fate. I unlocked the door and went straight into the lounge area Mother came into the lounge dumping a case before going straight back out to grab another. She hadn't looked at me at all or even greeted me. My anger rose at this snub which helped me get in the proper mood. Finally mother came back in the lounge locking the front door behind her.

As she came in she came up to me attempting to hug me, rather than return the hug I kept still and turned from her attempt to kiss me on my cheek. I did notice though her try to get a sniff of the aroma from my leather dress, and didn't her hand linger just to long on my dress? "Be a love and get me a drink" she asked noticing the glass of champagne in my hand. Certainly I thought and went into the kitchen returning with a steel dog bowl with bitch written on it.

I placed the bowl of water at my feet with the word bitch clear to mothers view. I watched her face go through a range of emotions puzzlement,fear maybe understanding and then she blushed.

"Whats the matter mother don't you want your drink? Isn't this how a slave should drink its water?" Mothers blush deepened. "Whats going on Julie, I don't understand". Oh she knew all right I could see her eyes all over my body and my boots and there get off on my canadian ass milf shandafay a glint of excitement in her eyes. I walked over to moms computer and turned the monitor back on.

Up came moms emails. "Are you still going to play the innocent mother? When you pissed me off this week with your demands, and not leaving me anything to eat in the house, I thought I would take a look around and guess what I found. My mother is a perverted lesbian slut!" Mother looked down at the floor crying a little ashamed at what I had found. "Im so sorry Julie I just got so lonely.

I just started to fantasize and I suppose it got to far" "It may have mother but now you will have to live with the consequences, you are now mine to whore out as I see fit, to use and abuse, to punish,degrade, humiliate and fuck with whenever I want. Like it or not mother your fantasies are about to come true, I have you mother, all that is on this computer has been copied by a friend and is in safe keeping".

Mother sobbed more and couldn't meet my gaze. I knew I had her now, just where I wanted her. "Now bitch you stink, get upstairs and shower, then we will begin your training". Mother carried her cases upstairs and I sent a text to Eleanor to let her know of my progress. I heard the water running in the shower and gave mom a few minutes to herself. When I got into the bathroom I turned the water to cold and heard mom shout in protest.

She didn't brave the cold for long and burst out from behind the curtain searching for a towel which I had hidden. "Now mother have you cleaned your stink from your body"?. she nodded that she had.

I told her that when she talked to me she was now to refer to me as mistress. "Now I will ask again are you sure that you are clean"? Mother looked at me quizically "yes mistress I am sure I am clean". "Well bitch your wrong, how could you be if that is still full" I pointed to an enema bag hanging from the shower rail. Mother shook her head "no no please I don't know what is happening to me mistress this cannot be right, please stop these games I know I did wrong Julie but I don't deserve to be treated like this I am your mother".

"Yes well I didn't deserve to have my mother taking pervy photos of me without my knowledge, and for you to send them to others over the internet. Further more you just called me Julie again not mistress" This was it By taking appropiate action now I would show mother I meant business. From the side of my boot I pulled out a riding crop and struck mother across her back. She shouted in pain and tried to hide but had no where to go.

I managed to get another good swipe across her ass. I loved the way the red mark appeared before my eyes. I grabbed mothers head and pushed it down until she was kneeling on the floor. I took the enema nozzle and wet it with my saliva before telling mom to relax and shoving it into her ass. As the water began its journey into mothers bowel I went to her front.

I kicked her knees apart and placed the cold chrome tip of my boot between her pussy lips. As the water from the bag made its way into mothers bowels I rubbed the chrome tip of my boot up and down her pussy lips. Mother was in discomfort from the water filling her bowels but at the same time she was getting aroused by the smooth cold metal of my boots. She began to thrust her pussy against it, and I watched with a fascinated satisfaction. Mother was really squirming now from the water in her bowels, which made her rub against my boot even more.

"Please mistress I can't take any more of this enema I am going to make a terrible mess mistress" I dragged mother towards the shower and allowed her to pull out the nozzle but told her to hold the water until I gave her permission to expel. From the medicine cabinet I took out a vibrator and held it against moms pussy.

This was a no win situation for mother, I knew that with the sensation of the vibrator she would lose control and expel the foul water from her ass. This I knew because I had no intention of giving her permission to expel first. I didn't have to wait long with the vibrator on full and after rubbing against my boot mother began to lose it and the water blasted from her ass.

I had never seen anything like it before and was amazed by the power as it rushed out of her ass. I made mother lick her juices off the tip of my boot and just as I could see she was enjoying it, I put the nozzle back in her ass and refilled the bag. As the water again began to fill mothers bowels, I sat her on the toilet seat.

I handed her a razor and a can of shaving foam, she was instructed to shave her pussy, and I left her to it and returned downstairs to send another text to Eleanor and to refill my glass. Eleanor had sent me a text back saying she was glad things were working out well and I gave her an update.

While I was there I sent a text to Sue too. I savoured the refreshing champagne before walking back up to the bathroom. Mother had finished the shaving and the bag was nearly empty I refilled it and waited watching mother squirm.

As mother squirmed in front of me I picked up the vibrator I had held against moms pussy. As she looked at me, I made a big scene of licking her juices off it.

I lifted my dress and pushed the vibrator under my matching soft leather panties and held it against my own pussy. I had no intention of letting mother see my pussy yet, I wanted to tease the bitch abit longer before I gave her that treat.

I was getting carried away with the feelings from my pussy, and the pent up need for release as I played with the vibrator, and forgot all about mothers enema. I was rudely interrupted from my play by her begging me to let her expel the foul water from her bowels. I pulled the nozzle from her ass and made her go into the shower to expel the water once again. Once she was empty I informed her that this would be the first thing she did in a morning.

I made her shower again to get clean from any lingering foulness before I handed her the razor again and made her shave any stray hairs from around her anus. Once she was dry I had mom stand infront of me with her legs well apart and her hands on top of her head.

I took some baby oil and put it on my hand. As I walked towards mother her face went from a look of misery to one of lust as she guessed what I was about to do. I rubbed a small amount of the oil over her pussy. One to stop her getting red and sore and two to check that she was as smooth as I wanted her to be.

Mother gasped at my touch, I knew that although she was feeling ashamed and humiliated at the moment, that it was what she had been craving for. Mothers eyes glinted up at me from my touch and her breathing got heavier. I took my fingers away and lightly oiled her ass too. I was satisfied with how mother had shaved and was ready for the next phase.

I told her to crawl after me into her bedroom to get dressed making sure her eyes were on my sexy boots and the cruel looking chrome heels. Once in the bedroom mother looked for some clothing, but all I held up was a leather collar with a piece of chrome on it engraved with the word bitch. I placed it around mothers throat and padlocked it in place.

Her only other clothing she would be allowed for now, was a pair of high heeled ankle boots at 5 inches in height I was sure mother had never worn any heels this high before. And I was looking forward to watching her struggle to walk in them. These also had a padlock on them and mother was fitted into them.

As I locked the padlock I looked up and saw that mothers pussy was glistening with her juices. I told her to join me downstairs and went on ahead, I knew she would take a while to come down the stairs in those heels.

I sent texts to Eleanor and Sue who I knew were eager to know how things were going. When mother came into the room I made her open another bottle of Champagne and got her to bring me one. I did allow her to have a glass knowing what effect it had on her. I knew she must be parched by now and would soon drink it. For some reason champagne always went straight to her head.

I allowed her to pour another glass for herself which she drank half of. I wanted mother to be relaxed for the next alexis fawx and aryana adin get fucked pornstar and knockers of my plan. Shock registered on her face as a knock came on the door.

I knew she would think that the worst was over and that we would be indulging in some sort of kinky sex by now. But I had other plans for mother yet. "Well slut go and answer it, do you think the door will answer itself"?

She looked at me pleadingly "but mistress I am not dressed I can't go to the door like this" I laughed at her discomfort "oh but you will slut or jamie valentine and dillion harper horny threesome sex young old pornstars for your insolence and do make sure you open the door fully slut" Mother teetered on her heels to the door,and I laughed at the way she looked struggling to walk properly.

She did indeed open the door fully to a nervous looking Sue. Mother gasped realising it was one of my childhood friends that she was now exposing herself to. Sue walked in dragging a finger across mothers pussy as she walked past her. Sue walked up to me and we kissed a welcoming kiss. Sue kept her hand on my ass as we looked at mother. "So Jules how is the whore coming on, have you taught her any tricks yet"?

"No not yet Sue, but I have a feeling she will be a quick learner" I Sent Mother to fetch us more drinks as I looked at Sue, she really did scrub up well. I had lent her my new black lycra dress and it clung to her body so well. she had a wide pvc belt on which matched the shoes on her feet. When mother returned with the drinks we made mother kneel infront of us with her hands behind her head.

Now was the time things were going to get interesting, from behind the sofa I retrieved a riding crop which I handed to Sue, and for myself a long dressage whip which I flicked across mothers nipples. I had decided that although mother had got the job of being my whore she had not had an interview for the position. For ease of reading I will relate the conversation thus. Julie "so mother tell me how long have you been a lesbian" Mom "I am not a lesbian Julie, please believe me, I just got reading stories on the internet and just got more and more interested that is all" Julie " so you are telling me that you have never been with a girl or a woman sexually?

Think carefully before you answer. We will soon be able to tell if you are lying" Mom "no Julie I haven't its all just been fantasies that have got out of control.

I admit that I am curious but the opportunity has never come up and I don't have the courage to go to gay clubs or join dating sites" Sue "so you thought it would be ok to drag your daughter into your sicko fantasies and share her pics with other lesbians then" Mom "I know, thats what makes me feel so ashamed of myself, Julie I am so sorry I did that can I please just say sorry, and get back to how we were I have learnt my lesson, honestly and I won't do it again" Sue "well I think its gone to far for that hasn't it Julie (I nodded) Julie hasn't shown me all the files yet, but from what I have seen you have become truly perverted.

Thankfully Julie has come up with a plan" I got up from the sofa and turned the pc on as it buzzed into life I turned to mother. "Well you see this mistress slave thing goes a little bit deeper than you may think mom". I motioned to the computer screen after pressing a few keys. "You see mother Sue has been kind enough to set up a web site just for you.

Well for me I suppose as it will be me that profits from it. Come over on your knees and take a look". Mother shuffled over and soon saw that the site was advertising her services as a lesbian whore.

She was mortified when she saw the services that she was offering too. "You can't do this Julie I am your mother not a whore this has all gone to far now, stop it. I will not become a prostitute for your revenge" "Oh and why not mother, all we are doing is finding you the kind of ladies you have been looking for all this time.

And also letting you be the slave that you wanted to be". All this time I noticed that mother had kept her hands behind her head in a submissive pose. I also noticed that her pussy was wet again. I got Sue to stand up and moved behind her, I lifted her dress at the front and dipped my hand inside her panties. Sue sighed as my fingers glided over her damp pussy. "Well mother it is obvious to me that you desire this more than you are willing to share.

Your hands are still behind your head and you are clearly aroused. Just as well as your first customer is here already. You didn't know did you that all those years ago when Sue and I were young teens that Sue here had a crush on you,Or did you? I think therefore it is only fair that Sue gets to test drive my new slut. Especially when she has been so kind to build our website". I whispered in Sues ear that I would take a few discrete photos for the website and then let them get on with it, once I was satisfied mother was going to behave.

"Ok slut over here and start to taste your first pussy. As mother approached I pulled Sues panties all the way down and let her step out of them. Sue held her dress up and opened her legs wide. "Ok slut lick my henti sex story of mistreated bride episode 4 shoes for me I want to see if your tongue is fit for my pussy".

Lovely victoria swinger giving tugjob and footjob like a pro

Without any hesitation mother did as Sue commanded. I began to take some snaps and decided that mother needed to be seen in a more submissive light. So as she continued to lick Sues shoes I opened one of the toys I had bought. At the same time I got some lube which I spread around mothers asshole. She shuddered at the coldness of the lube in her most intimate area and tried to turn her head around to see "eyes front bitch". I spread some on my finger and began to slide it in and out of her ass.

The toy I had bought was a butt plug with horse hair coming out of the end, when I saw it I thought mom would look so cute with it sticking out of her ass. I spread lube on it, and began to push at her rosebud, twisting it as I pushed.

Mother started to move her ass from side to sheena ryder gets drilled in various positions as I fed it into her ass. A quick smack on her ass cheeks stopped that behaviour. Gradually the plug began its journey, despite the muffled moans and complaints coming from mother.

Once I was satisfied I stood back and took some more pics. Sue spread her pussy lips and ordered mother to lick her pussy. I watched as mother without any hesistation, moved her mouth over my childhood friends pussy.

Yes I thought it may have been all fantasy mother but there is no stopping you when you have the opportunity. I made my move to leave Sue to her fun with mom. I thought that Sue would enjoy herself more with out me being there, so I had arranged to go and see Eleanor. Sue related to me later what happened in my abscence. Sue took mother up to the main bedroom and had mother undress her fully, leaving just her stockings and shoes on.

Sue wanted to taste the pussy she had longed for all those years ago and so they got into a 69. As she tongued mothers pussy she tugged at the butt plug jutting out of mothers ass, Teasing the ass muscles holding it in place. Sue knew she had my permission to use mom however she wished, and so she became more animalistic. She lightly bit and nibbled at moms two hot babes lick their orgasmic pussies bondage boobs biting harder and harder as she got carried away and slapped mothers ass as it hovered above her face.

Sue was enjoying the feeling mother was stimulating in her pussy and asked mother to add her fingers. Mother did rubbing at Sues clit as she continued to lick at the open lips of my friend, her fingers sliding into Sues inner treasure. Sue was finding it hard to hold back her orgasm and was ready to explode. She turned mother on to her back and sat astride mothers head, lowering her soaking pussy down to meet mothers lips.

As her passion rose and rose, she rode mothers face harder and harder. Sues juices smearing across moms face. As she rode mothers face she pulled at moms nipples and slapped her breasts,reddening the skin. With her other hand Sue played with her clit. Soon she was ready to cum and cum she did, her pent up lesbian desires finally having chance to be released, apparently she screamed the house down, and infact Eleanor and I did hear her through the wall from next door.

The only rule Sue and I had agreed on was that mother should be denied her own orgasms.

And so once Sue had came she put leather cuffs on mothers ankles and wrists. She then cuffed mothers hands behind her to the ankle cuffs. Sue lit her self a cigarette and fetched herself a drink. When she returned she studied mothers bound form, thinking back to how she had fantasised about her when she was younger, and how now she had easy access to her target of lust. When Sue was ready she undid the wrist cuffs from the ankle cuffs and stood mother up. Around mothers waist Sue fastened a one of the strap on dildo sets we had bought.

Once she was satisfied that it fitted well she made mother lie on the bed. She secured mothers hands and feet to the straps we had fitted earlier in the day. Mother now lay face up stretched out in an X shape with the dildo jutting up from her waist. Sue took out a pair of nipple clamps and adjusted them on moms nipples, watching as mom gave away the pain on her face. Sue positioned herself on mothers mouth and ordered her to lick. As mother tongued my friends pussy, Sue played with her own breasts and nipples.

Once she felt herself getting nice and wet she leant forward and started to suck on the dildo close to mothers pussy. The aroma coming from messy foursome with wild euro attractive babes helped turn Sue on even more. Sue had got the dildo slick with her saliva and moved so that she was facing mother. She held the head of the dildo against her own pussy, moving it up and down the crease of her sex.

Sue started to feed the large dildo into her waiting pussy, moving the rubber cock in and out of herself. Lowering herself up and down, taking more into herself with each movement. Soon Sue had the whole length of fake cock in her pussy. Sue began to ride the strap on wielding slut beneath her. If mother showed any sign of being pleasured by the friction of the straps between her legs Sue soon stopped it by pulling on the chain holding the nipple clamps together.

Thus Sue was able to get a good fucking from mother without the slut getting the relief she craved. Sue couldn't help herself though, there was something about mothers tits that made her want to slap them. And slap them she did as she fucked herself on the slut beneath her. Mothers breasts soon turned a nice shade of pink then red with the onslaught. She started to complain but Sue stopped that too by forcing her wet panties into mothers mouth.

Sues orgasm when it came, she described to me to be the very best she had ever had. And that she must have stayed on top of mom for a good five or ten minutes after the last throes of her orgasm subsided. Eventually she calmed enough to take herself off the sweating slut. She took her panties back out of mothers mouth and gave mother a deep lingering kiss and removed the clamps from her nipples.

Mother gave a shout as the blood came back into her nipples which was not helped by Sue rubbing them. Sue put the duvet over mother and went for a shower. She dressed and came round to Eleanors to tell us all about it. Mother was left in the dark tied to the bed all alone in her house, not knowing when someone would return and free her from her bonds.

We all had drinks at Eleanors and chatted none of us believing how well the events of the day had gone. We shared a toast to our success and plotted what we were going to do with her next.