Sexy lesbos fill up their big butts with cream and ejaculate it out

Sexy lesbos fill up their big butts with cream and ejaculate it out
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Experimentation and Exploration part 1. I am waiting in my room for my parents to leave. It's 5 am in the morning on a Saturday and my dad and step-mom are going away to Barbados for a few days to celebrate their four year anniversary. My dad remarried when I was 14. With this marriage something came along with the step-mom- a stepsister.

She was waiting for me, in her room. We had been having sex for a few months now. Ever since a trip to our parents ski cabin, we've been exploring our sexuality and trying new things. At first it was different positions, then new places and now we were going to take another step.

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The tension in my cock was almost unbearable. We had not been able to get together for almost two weeks. To make things worse, one night when we thought we had the place to ourselves, we went on-line and ordered a surprise box from a sex shop.

After getting all worked up about our order, we got naked and had started to make out when we heard the front door open. The week that followed was hell. We teased each other, every chance we got. There was a firm understanding between us. No sex with the parents in the house. So every naked glance we got was torture. One night she walked passed me in the hall and pushed me into the wall.

She had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing her robe. She molested and forced reluctant client during massage it and I saw her perfect tits appear. Putting her hand on my quickly hardening cock, she whispered into my ear, "I picked up the surprise box from the post office this morning" and walked away. To get back at her, I showered next. I gave my cock a few strokes to get it nice an hard, wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to her room.

I opened the door and she turned to look at me. When I had her full attention, I dropped the towel and slowly bent over to pick it up. Wrapping it around my waist again, I walked away. The look in her eyes was, to put it mildly, lustful.

The moment comes and I hear the front door close. I hold my breath for the next noise that will set us free, the car pulling out of the driveway. We had been fooled before. Jacky, my step-mom would most times forget something and rush back into the house. As soon as I hear the engine start, my heart starts beating faster. Next I hear the car start driving.

Finally. Since I sleep naked, I was ready, more than ready to go. My cock was standing straight out and I rushed into the hall.

The times we had slept together, we were both naked so I assumed she always slept like that. Either I was mistaken or she had decided to dress up, as she walks out of her bedroom shes wearing a see through teddy.

It shows off her body perfectly. My mouth drops and it feels like my cock just got even harder. "Looks like my little stepbrother is rearing to go, and hasn't anybody ever told you it's rude to stare?" she said with an impish smile on her face. She walks over to me and takes my raging hard-on in her hand.

We kiss deeply after which she squeezes my cock and whispers, "I've been waiting to get this inside of me, all week." She turns and leads me into her room by my cock. On her bed sits the box. "Sorry, but I've opened without you, I couldn't resist." I stroke my hands over her body and ask, "did this come out of it?" "Yes." "Then you are forgiven. What else is in there?" We kneel in front of her bed and open the box. We both reach in. I pull out a whip and she has a tube of lubricant.

Then a pair of handcuffs come out, some massage oil and finally, his and hers, butt plugs. We each hold our own plugs and look at each other. They're cone shaped, starting small at the top and then widening. Sitting on a small stem and a wide circle to make sure they you can get them out.

"You want to put them in? I think it'll be sexy to have you fuck me, while we have these in us." We move the rest of the stuff off the bed and I tell her to bend over. Not wanting her to take off the teddy, I slide it to the side and start applying the lube to her ass. "Be very gentle, I've never had anything up there before." "Just tell me if it's too much." I apply a generous amount of lube to the plug and place it at the entrance to her ass.

Slowly I push. I see her opening up and giving way to the plug. I take my eyes of her ass for a second to see her gripping the sheets. I stop for from moving forward. "Does it hurt?" "In a good way, keep going." As the plug moves deeper she arches her back until, with a slight flop I see her ass close around the stem of the plug. She moans in pleasure.

"How does it feel?" "It feels full, and sexy. Your turn." I assume the position on the bed and get the same treatment as I gave her. Lube is applied to my ass and the plug. It feels fantastic, having her fingers in and around my asshole, so I give a small moan of appreciation. Then I feel the cold and wet latex of the lubed plug start to push. I have the same reaction as my stepsis and grab the sheets of the bed.

"You have to relax." With the plug only a small way in, she tell me to get on my knees. Kneeling beside me, she starts to slowly jerk me while amature cant take the huge dick down on the plug. I feel my ass giving way until finally I hear a slight plop and feel my ass close around the stem.

"How do you feel?" "Horny and filled up. I don't think I'll last very long." "That's okay, I won't need much to cum." We are kneeling in from of each other as we start to make out. I kiss her deeply and our tongues do their intimate dance. I lay her down on the bed and through her teddy I start kissing, from her neck to her breasts and down to her pussy.

With every move I make, I feel the plug in floozy wants to have greater quantity sex ass pushing against something that has never had this kind of attention. It feels good, too good, so I decide, I better make her cum first, because once inside her, I fear I'll cum within seconds.

I move the teddy to the side and start to lick her lips. Being overly horny makes one impatient. I attack her clit and insert a finger in her pussy. She moans, "No, play with my ass." I pull out my fingers from her pussy and start pushing on the plug. Seconds later, she explodes. I lap up her juices while her body is going through the shocks of orgasm. When she calms down, I look up at her, my tongue still buried in her pussy, she moans, "get up here and fuck me." Condoms were no longer necessary.

Sam is on the pill and a few weeks ago we had sex for the first time without latex protection. My cock glides in her without any effort. In missionary position we start motioning our sexes into each other. "How. does. yours. feel?" "So good… I… can't hold it… much longer." "Cum inside me&hellip.

Fill. me. up." My ass clinches around the plug and I feel every muscle in my body start to contract.

The orgasm comes up from my toes and with deep thrusts I let go inside her. When one of the finest orgasms I've ever had ends, I collapse on top of her.

Both of us breathing heavy for the next couple of minutes we enjoy our closeness and ride out the sex wave. When we come to, I'm still inside her.

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I lift myself onto my elbow and we come face to face. In between kisses we have an after sex debrief. This has become one of our little traditions after trying new things. "That was intense." "I've don't think I've ever cum that hard." "I felt that. I'm pretty sure when you pull out, a massive amount of our love juice will leak out of me." "Did you cum, while we were fucking?" "No, I was extremely horny, but cumming twice in that short period of time is impossible." "Sorry about that." "Don't be ridiculous.

I had a fantastic morning fuck." "So was there anything, besides the not cumming a second time, that you didn't like?" "No, what about you?" "The plug inside me pushes on something that makes it almost impossible for me to hold out on cumming. Does it do anything extra for you?" "I felt a pressure building up and it was fantastic during orgasm. I definitely want to try it again when you have more stamina." "That's a deal." "Before we try again, maybe we should get some sleep, it's only," I look over at the clock, "five thirty." I pull out of her and as expected a large amount of fluid makes a wet spot on the sheets.

We remove the sheets from the bed after which she asks, "do we sleep with them in or out?" "I think we better take them out." With that I bend over. She puts one hand on my ass and the other on the plug and asks, "ready?" "Yep." With a slow pull she removes the plug from my ass. And the tosses it in the surprise box. I remove hers and we lie down in a spooning position.

"Do you realize, you just got DP'ed?" "I guess I did. We might have to try and get something other than latex in there pretty soon." I would get all worked up about her anal comment, horny french amateur slut sodomized in threeway with papy nudeinfrance papy voyeur I'm just too tired.

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Naked, wet and stretched out we fall asleep. We're awakened by my ringing cell phone. It's in my room, but since we hadn't bothered closing any doors, I've heard it go off several times already.

"Fuck, why did you leave that thing on?" "My mistake, sorry. How can I make it better?" "I'd like a shower and some breakfast." Ignoring the phone we get up and head to the bathroom.

Under the running water we make out while cleaning each other. Then suddenly she grabs me by the back of my head and pulls me to attention, "You know what I want, now clean, bitch." With that I let her push me to my knees and pull my head to her pussy. I waste no time, and with my fingers and tongue I clean her. When she's satisfied, she pulls me back up again and licks the juice off my face and tongues.

"Good job, bitch." "Aren't we bossy this morning?" Smiling, she turns off the water we get out. We dry ourselves off and put on our robes. Downstairs I start breakfast while she reads the paper.

"Shouldn't you check your phone?" "Could you get it for me, I don't want the eggs to burn." "Fine, but only because I need arriea fererra lesbian boobs massage to fuck some more today." She comes back down and hands me the phone while at the same time sliding her hand into my robe and around my cock. "Here, find out who wants you as much as I do." She goes back to the table and pick up the paper again, while I check my messages.

There all from the office. I'm about to check my voicemail when it rings again. I answer and it's my boss telling me to get into work, right now. He says I've caused some sort of problem that needs fixing. When I hang up and look over at my sis, she can instantly tell from the disappointment in my eyes what's going on.

"No!" "I'm sorry, but our experimentation will have to be put on hold for a little bit." Slouching down on her seat, she crosses her arms and under her breath, mumbles, "fuck!"