Teen ebony ex girlfriend rubbing cream on body smalltits and amateur

Teen ebony ex girlfriend rubbing cream on body smalltits and amateur
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A teenage boy gets even with the girl who was the reason for the breakup.

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After making her cumm once and getting her to be "pantyless"for a day i realised Rachael was now my personal pet,i could do anything to her.So,i would spend lots of my time pondering over different things that i can make her do.It was friday and since our school remained closed on weekends i had two days devise new plans for her.I had a great idea and texted her on sunday night "Same cloths tomorrow,you can change the colour though but don't forget to wear a nice a pair of panties "After some time i got an 'okay' as reply.

Monday came and i rushed to the empty classroom before texting Rachael to reach there.I had no idea why that classroom was always empty.Anyways,Rachael reached the room in a minute or so. She was dressed in blue skirt and a gray blouse looking beautiful as always. I kissed her on the lips lightly before poking at her lips which parted when it felt my tongue.I pushed my tongue inside her hot mouth and kissed her passionately as my hands grazed down her neck stroking her smooth skin softly.I still had my tongue inside her mouth when my hands felt her boobs,moving swiftly all over the twin mounds before giving a firm squeeze.As ordered Rachael hadn't wore a bra and her shirt was the only thing between my hand and her boobs.I found her nipples and pinched them hard with my fingers.Rachael moaned into my mouth while my hands went down to find her love button.Putting my hands inside her skirt,i found her clit and rubbed it over the thin material of her panties.I pushed the panties into xxxporn ebony story sex stories full slit making it wet in her juices.I broke off the kiss and took out my hands from under her skirt.

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"Remove your panties"i ordered to her.Rachael was taken aback by my sudden authorative voice and after staring me for a momentshe put her hand inside her skirt and pulled down her panties.She stepped out of it and was holding it in her hands,I took the panties from her and sniffed it deep.The scent of Rachael's pussy made all the strands on my hand stand and so was the case with my dick.Another round of sniffing and my cock was threatening to rip off my underwear."wow!!your pussy smells great Rachael"i said before adding "get down on your knees".

I think now Rachael had an idea what was about to happen,"unzip my fly and take out my cock".Rachael did that with such swift motion i hot blonde rides a rock solid cock that its not the first time she's doing this.Now,Rachael was intently staring at my dick."Have you given a blowjob before" i asked,Rachael nodded her head."say it" i growled.

"yes i had given a blowjob before"Rachael said sheepishly."I knew you were a slut!now,blow me".Rachael covered my dick with awesome girls do their best at the casting hardcore and blowjob petite hands before gently stroking it.This was not my first blowjob but i had a feeling that it was going to be amongst my best one yet.A drop of precum appeared at the end of my cock before Rachael took it in her mouth.Her hot mouth felt so good engulfing my dick.She moved her head slowly in to and fro motion trying to get my whole inside her mouth.She was stopping after every inch to breathe.When two third of my dick was inside her mouth i got hold of her blonde hairs and stroked them gently.About an inch of my cock was still outside her mouth when Rachael played with my balls touching them gently.I thought i would cumm but i controlled myself.In a minute,my whole dick was inside her mouth.I thought she would gag but surprisingly it appeared as if she didn't had any gag reflex.Muffled cries of Rachael filled the room as my balls twitched.I spurt ropes of cumm madam talash jan sexy storys her throat.I had already shot two ropes of cumm inside her mouth when i suddenly pulled out my dick out of her.I directed the third rope of cumm onto her red panties.Rachael drank every drop of my cumm and was staring me with her big blue eyes.I smeared the cumm all over her crotch area on the panties before handing it to her."That was really awesome.You are by far the best cock sucker i know.Now,wear your panties and you can get back to class"I said.Rachael quietly put on her panties."btw.when do we have chemistry today?"i inquired."In the last class"she replied."Thats perfect we have chemistry together.Sit on the corner seat and make sure the adjacent seat is empty,i will join you soon".Rachael nodded her head and left the room.My cock was getting hard thinking about my chemistry class.

The day passed by slowly as i eagerly waited for chemisty class.WHen it was finally time i rushed to the class to grab my seat.Rachael had done exactly as i had ordered to do.She was sitting on the corner seat of the classroom and the adjacent seat was vacant.I sat on it and smiled at her.Mr.Stevens was our chemistry teacher,he was saying something about 'carbons and their allotropes'.I wasn't paying much attention to him,all my attention was needed in staring the long smooth pair of legs beside me.When Mr.Stevens turned his back to us,i got my opportunity.I extended my hand reaching out to her crotch.Rachael shifted her legs uncomfortably.I rubbed her crotch over the skirt before going rubbing her naked smooth thighs.Rachael's breathing was getting heavier as i could see her breasts rising and falling sharply with her breathing.I gently pushed my fingers inside her skirt and rubbed her crotch.

I found her clit and applied a little pressure on it.Rachael put her hand on her mouth to prevent herself from crying out in pleasure.Damn!!i was enjoying this way too much and if was reading the signals right so was she.Thank god!Mr.Stevens had his back facing us otherwise we would be summoned at the principal's office.Rachael was seemingly very relieved when the class ended,she didn't stand instantly.Maybe,with all the juices she was secreting between her legs it was troublesome to stand up.After school,she walks back to her home herself but i had plans for her today.I ordered her to meet me in our 'play room'.

She was acting very shy and reserved as i went close to her.Kissing her soft lips passionately i felt her boobs before going for her panties.I rubbed her crotch over the thin material of the panties making her moan into my mouth.Rachael was gasping when i started to unbutton her blouse one by one.I pulled out the blouse and threw it on the floor before removing her skirt.Now,only her panties that oiled ebony preggo gets pussy licked and fucked in garden my cumm smeared all over them was between me and Rachael's pussy.I pulled out the last piece of clothing from her body making her stark naked.I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked onto it while my hands grazed her wet pussy.Her nipples were getting erect inside my mouth as her clit was getting engorged with blood.Biting her nipple softly before letting it out of my mouth,i stopped playing with her clit too.Rachael was startled,she hadn't expected me to stop this abruptly.

"Do you touch yourself?Rachael?"i inquired. Rachael's face flustered red at my question."Do you masturbate?"i was hellbent on getting an answer."umm.yeah sometimes"she flushed at the answer."Show me!how you do it "i said.

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"what?NO!i can't do that in front of you,i have never done that before in front of anyone else"she cried."well.there's always a first time.Moreover,i think you will rather like me to see you masturbating than your bf seeing you kiss someone else.Don't you??"I asked.Rachael was sweating furiously,after pondering for a moment she stepped back and slowly started massaging her clit.Moving her hand in circular motion over her clit and pinching her nipples with the other hand,Rachael was moaning sexily.That must have been the most erotic sight hot blonde teen railed by big hard cock on the couch pornstar piercing my life,i had never before seen a girl masturbate except in porns.Rachael had her eyes closed,maybe she was trying to forget that i was standing right in front of her or maybe because she was enjoying herself but i wanted to her to look at me."Open your eyes,Rachael"i ordered.Rachael opened her deep blue eyes,she looked like an innocent kitten.I was smiling at her and i was sure she must be feeling ashamed at doing that but she kept on torturing her clit.

Unable to control myself any further,i moved towards Rachael and kneeled between her legs.I removed her hand from her pussy and inserted my finger deep inside her love hole.Rachael squirmed "ahhhh.".Adding two more fingers inside her,i stroked her slowly.Nibbling and pinching her clit with my other hand.Rachael,now moaned louder than ever"ughhh.".I brought my mouth closer to her pussy and licked it.Rachael twitched her body.From her reaction it was quite apparent that she had never had anyone's tongue inside her pussy.Spreading her vaginal lips,i licked her insides.Flicking my tongue i licked her everywhere before taking her clit in my mouth"ggghhhh."Rachael groaned.I loved how Rachael tasted.While my mouth still sucked onto her clit,i inserted my fingers inside her and started fingering her.Rachael was bucking her hips involuntarily,pushing her pussy deeper into my mouth.Rachael was holding the back of my head very tightly.My tongue was getting tired of licking her when i Rachael shoved my head towards her pussy,knowing what was about to come i continued sucking onto her clit while my fingers fucked her."ughhhh."Rachael cried and bucked her hips as she had her orgasm.I drunk as much as of her juices as i can before getting up."Guess you enjoyed that too"i said.Rachael was seemingly embarassed at my comment and didn't said anything.I kissed her again and bit her nipples before saying"Get dressed,thats enough for today i think.See you tomorrow".Rachael got dressed and walked out of the room silently.