Daddy delivers cumshot facials compilation

Daddy delivers cumshot facials compilation
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Jasmine is in the bathroom taking a shower after our all night love making. She is imaging being up against a wall. Until last night, it remained just that a fantasy. She never had dreamed her fantasies becoming reality.

She always concentrated on her musical career and she was left with the feeling of disappointment of not dating. A hollowness. This time, however, she is not. The reality is fantastic losing her virginity. Jasmine is sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, enjoying her tea. She feels a tapping on her shoulder. Her first reaction is annoyance.

Here she is on a Saturday morning; not bothering anyone as she sat at the bar, nursing her tea. Her tea cup clanked in annoyance onto the wood of the bar top and she slowly turns to me.

Her eyes connect with mine and she suddenly found herself unable to speak. Her stomach contracted and a thousand butterflies erupted from their cocoons. A cold shiver slides up her spine, raising the hairs on the back of her neck. My green eyes stared back at her, and she feels lustful jolt as I step towards her. One of my hands reaches up gripping her elbow, tugging her off the barstool. An unspoken beckoning to come with me. She let me lead her away.

I stopped without warning just as we emerged from the kitchen, I yank her arm, causing her to yelp. Jasmine realizes she can't stop and is going to slam against the wall face first. She spins quickly just in time for her back to contact sharply with the wall as I follow through pushing her up against it, my body pinning her against the wall. Jasmine inhales sharply as my lips slide nonexistently over her right cheek, tickling the sensitive skin there. I drop my head kissing her shoulder lightly as I reach down to grasp her wrists.

Raising her arms above her, I press my hips against her and she feels the growing bulge at the front of my towel. Jasmine is too lost in the erotic feeling to care. Busty lilith shayton sucks shawns bigcock for money of my hands drop from her wrists disappearing under the hem of her skirt, my fingers grazing lightly over the skin on her upper thigh.

She struggles to catch her breath. My chest rumbling with a smooth chuckle when my hand slides further upward and I discover only skin. My gravelly voice rasps out in her ear. " Bad girl, aren't you?" Jasmine can do no more than nod her head, her throat dry and constricted as one of my fingers gently trails a line from her lower abdomen on down.

My gray black hair tickling across her skin as I lower my head down pressing my lips into her neck. Her eyes fly open as my finger slips between her legs.

She turns her attention towards me, I'm pinning her to the wall as one of lucie mae my friend has a hot mom knees slides between her legs forcing them apart. She struggles to maintain her balance as she moves her legs wider to accommodate my other leg. Never did she once think about doing this with a man. She refuses to think and just act. My teeth scraping along the skin on her neck and her legs turned to water the instant my teeth sank into her flesh.

My finger withdraws sliding around to cup her ass. Without realizing it, her legs rose wrapping around my waist, and she lifts her chin slightly as I shift my head for a better angle on her neck.

Her vision suddenly grows dark when I raise my head from her neck and did nothing but simply stare at her. Dark, green eyes staring back at her, making her feel as if she is trapped in them. It is an escape she never wanted to make. His mouth crushed down on mine sending my senses exploding in a million different directions at once and I instinctively ground my hips against his. A small grunt of surprise rumbled from my throat and I released her wrists, using only my hips to pin her to the wall.

My hands cupped over her breasts, she feels the heat radiating from them through the thin cotton of her dress. She murmurs an inaudible protest as one of my hands withdraws from her chest pushing between us.

My other hand slips down to her waist, I push myself back away from her, my hand on her waist our only contact. Jasmine lowers her eyes to where my hand rests on the waistband of my pants. My fingers play with the snap, teasing her with quick glances of my flesh. Heat floods her skin as I slowly pull down on the zipper, each tooth on the metal popped like gunshots echoing in her ears.

She gasps silently to herself as more skin became visible with each agonizing pull on the zipper. It seems like forever before the zipper finally made its way to the seam in my pants, and she is left staring at the entire length of me. Desperately hungry to have me inside of her is evident on her face as a sly smile spreads across mine.

The raw hunger visible on my face. I step forward, releasing my hand from her waist, I use my hips to pin her to the wall.

Flesh contacted with flesh and she feels the heat erupting between her legs. I roughly press my mouth over hers and she feels as if she is being eaten alive. Consumed by a wild, untamable beast. With her eyes closed she feels the world tilt and she struggles to maintain her bearings. I shift my hips down and back slightly and she hears herself whimper in pleasure as I press myself hard against her. Her arousal is so high; I slid inside of her with little resistances.

I cup my hands around to the back of her upper thighs again and shift them slightly higher before burying myself inside of her completely. A loud intense roaring buzzes in her ears as I fill her, making her think she will burst. I make no effort to move, sensing she needs time to adjust to my size. She lowers her arms down from above her sliding them over my covered shoulders stopping only when she reaches my lower back. She grasps the thin fabric pulling it slowly from the waistband of my pants.

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I shiver slightly as her fingers brush across my bare skin and my hips thrust forward causing her to gasp. Her nails scrapes across my skin, urging rough fucking.

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She needed what is soaking from my skin, what my eyes silently promises when I had stared at her earlier. Wild, uncontrolled sex.

Jasmine wanted and needed it now. I shift slightly withdrawing, dropping my head next to hers. Jasmine cries out as my teeth sink into her shoulder and thrusts forward at the same time, her voice lost in the pounding techno music filling the room. Within seconds her lower back is beating painfully against the wall behind her. My teeth grazes up her neck and she shifts her legs higher again, allowing me deeper access. The need to mindlessly fucking devour us both. A raging beast inside of us, fighting and tearing for release.

Her vision explodes into a thousand lights, then plunges into pitch blackness as every muscle in her body contracted painfully.

Muscles deep inside of her, that she never knew existed, clenching tightly around me and she hears a low groan in her ear.

Her world shattered. Her body went rigid as the climax ignited deep inside of her, a torrent of shockwaves overrunning her so powerfully that she can barely breathe. She is dimly aware of my continuing thrusts; the powerful strokes making awesome chick is addicted to handjobs pornstar and hardcore feel as if I was going to pound her into the wall.

Despite her head screaming she can no longer go on, her body refuses to listen and her fingernails digs into the flesh on my lower back, demanding, pushing me to continue. I raise my head and she sees my eyes are darker, my control slipping.

She raises one of her hands from my back to slip up through my thick, gray hair pulling my face roughly towards her. Our mouths and tongues met and she is slammed against the wall, my hand sliding from her thigh to slap against the wall for support. Strong, pulsating flesh against flesh causing her body to defy her brain again and she crashes over the edge one last time.

I broke the kiss burying my head back into her shoulder and I thrust upward one last time. A loud pounding in her ears brought her back slowly to herself.

She realizes that it is her heart hammering against her chest at a rapid pace. Swallowing slowly, she struggles to regain her breath. Her entire body tingles as the feeling of being well used made her smile. I drop my other hand from her thigh pressing it against the wall, using it to leverage myself slowly away from her, withdrawing myself.

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She drops her legs back to the ground and quickly slides her skirt back down to cover herself. Modesty is twistys capri anderson starring at hot for little late at this point though; She thought to herself and smiles.

Despite the fact that she had just came more than she ever had in her life, she feels that she desperately needed me again. She tugs slightly on her lip with her teeth as she watches me refasten my pants. My intentions must have read clearly on my face because I raise one eyebrow smiling wickedly. Her knees turns to water when she sees the hunger still in my eyes as well. My arms wrap around her waist, pulling her closer to me and my lips lightly graze over her ear as I spoke. Despite the loud noise in the room, she hears every word I uttered.

She staggers slightly and I tug at her waist, guiding her out of the room. Whispered words echoing in her head, never to be forgotten. " I'm not done with you yet." In one swift move before she can catch her breath I stood impaling her cunt on my shaft.

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There is no buildup, no gradual increase. I'm fucking her roughly, my large hands have an iron grip on her hips and ass, pulling her to me to meet my brutal thrusts. I grunt angrily with each vicious thrust into her womb. She tries desperately not to scream out loud. I abruptly withdraw from her and got back down on my knees, tongue fucking her pussy. Then with my tongue all coated with her cunt juice, I again tongue fuck her ass, loosening her up and driving her mad.

Then I'm back up on my feet, driving my cock back into her sore pussy. This went on and on until she is delirious with the need to have me push her over the worthwhile blow from adorable cutie hardcore blowjob. I sense she is ready, jamming my cock in her sopping wet cunt with angry thrusts a few more times then pulling out completely.

I slap its wet and dripping head against her anus. Her asshole flexes involuntarily, now hungry for the invasion.

" Tell me, God damn it!" I demand, teasing her hole with my cock head, pressing it slightly against her opening before sliding it up her crack. " Tell me you need your dirty little asshole fucked. That's what you need to get off, isn't it? Jasmine!" She looks at me in the mirror until she caught my eyes. " Love me," is all she said, her eyes are smoky with desire.

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Pressing against her opening more forcefully. The ridges of her anus begrudgingly give way to accept my head inside of her, I feel her body tense with panic and her ass locked around the head of my cock in a vice, preventing me form moving into her further.

He didn't move an inch, just stared into her eyes for what seems like an eternity. Then I lick my lips as an evil grin came over my face, there is fire in my eyes. I suddenly slam my full length into her.The sudden intrusion forces the air from her and she yelps, quickly covering her mouth to muffle any further sound.

She looks at my eyes in the mirror as I stare back at her, my hands hold her in place impaled on my cock. The look in my eyes dare her to contradict me.

She opens her mouth to protest then feels a surge of my blood rushing into my shaft, a throbbing of expanding flesh buried inside her that feels wonderful making her breathe catch in her throat. My piercing gaze intensifies as my hands grip her hips tighter, trying to force more of my throbbing shaft inside her. She feels every ridge and every vein of my cock as it angrily rears up in the depths of her ass.

I'm going to thoroughly fuck her tight ass, and my passion for her is at a fever pitch that she can't stop him, even if she sunny leone fucks lift and carry to. Resistances is futile. " Fuck me," is all she said. " Fuck me." I look down cute girl with a beautiful ass drilled hard her small orifice impossibly wrapped around my throbbing shaft.

I pull out slowly, loving the sight of her hole gripping me, trying to keep me inside. It is too much. I loose control and instincts take over. Slow thrusts become hard jabs, and jabs become a blistering pistoning that punishes her tight ass without mercy. My cock is impossibly hard and unrelenting.

She thought I would split her in two from the force with which I'm fucking her. She feels full, so stuffed, and her sensitive ass feels every detail of my cock as it slams into her: the ridge of my head and every vein along the shaft.

She feels it grow inside her, blood surging into my cock, and thought she may pass out. She cries out, unable to help it. When she came she screams so loud the room is filled. I'm yelling, too, totally out of control as her asshole fills with cum from me in powerful streams.

I almost black out from the force of it. I stay buried in her ass as she turns her head to face me. I captured her lips in a searing kiss as we slowly came down from our high. " Love you Jasmine," I said, breaking our kiss. " Love you," is all she said.