Two beauties caress their gorgeous gf masturbation smalltits

Two beauties caress their gorgeous gf masturbation smalltits
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---Meeting her Master--- a tale of a young woman meeting the unexpected Master of her dreams. part 1 -- Marilyn was a student at a local university and had long held her secret fantasies within herself.

Months before she'd discovered a website where she could play out the life of her dreams a few hours at a time in the campus computer lab. She often chose a corner table so others would not see over her shoulder. Only 20 at first, Marilyn still had the sweet baby face of a teenager which she sometimes saw as a curse.

She dreaded the day she turned 21 and would be asked for ID and likely chased out of a bar or liquor store. It was online that she met Master L. Master L seemed to be such a kind man, intelligent and well spoken.

He informed her that he was older than she was, but Marilyn saw no reason to let russia sex my sister sleep bother her. Their online games often left her wet and dying for release in her apartment afterwards. One day, Master L told her to go to a shop and purchase toys for her release. Marilyn was embarassed, but motivated by Master L and did as he suggested. She purchased several things, an 8 inch vibrator with a realistic shape, a 4 inch anal plug, and a lovely little device that would suction onto her clit and vibrate at different speeds with the click of a button.

Using these, she would often picture what she imagined Master L looked like, dreaming that she was bound by him while he used these things on her body. Her shame tho was that she was no where near as beautiful as the woman she used for her avatar in the online chat room. She was short and a little plump.

She wore glasses to read and thought that her hair, while a lovely shade of reddish brown and naturally wavy, was atrocious. Master L used only a picture of a mask and wrist shackles. When he had asked for a real picture, she had been too shy to send him one and politely said no. He had kindly responded that he understood and that until he saw the real her, she would not see the real him.

Time passed and Marilyn found that the idea of normal sex just no longer appealed to her. She could barely get herself off anymore she longed to be bound for real so much. So when Master L asked to meet her in person in a private club, Marilyn was scared, but eagerly replied that she would. Master L was delighted, soon he would see the girl he had been cultivating for months.

He sent her detailed instructions on how to reach the club and warned her that it was unlike anywhere she'd ever been before. Master L also instructed her on what to wear. Marilyn was a little embarassed but secretly thrilled when he instructed her to dress as a schoolgirl when she came to the club.

"This way I will know you right away and not have to guess." "But Master L, how will i know you?" Marilyn asked. "You will know when I tell you what color panties you are wearing." he replied. "When you arrive, look around the place. Mind your manners, address everyone as Sir or Ma'am. When you are ready to meet Me, go to the bar and order a Shirley Temple. Others might order it, but you'll likely be the only schoolgirl there who orders it that night." Marilyn agreed and began counting the days until Saturday night when she would finally meet the Master of her dreams.

Part 2----- Master L, whose real name was Leonard, felt antsy. He was 32 years old and wondered if this 21 year old student was real at all. He hoped so and too began counting the days until she would come to the club. Friday night, he sent her a message to make sure she was going to come.

She replied of course, that she couldn't wait and he felt a sense of quiet triumph. The sad thing is that he would be working.

Leonard called a co-worker and made arrangements. His fellow bartender, a lovely older woman named Margaret readily agreed to take up the slack on Saturday night in order for him to meet and hopefully acquire his first real pet. Saturday afternoon approached and Leonard found himself feeling anxious. He dressed his best, in dark cargo pants, he did love the pockets for all the things he might need. A clean white t-shirt that framed his chest and shoulders well, the awkward bookworm's slight beer belly was covered with a black bowling style shirt with flames coming up from the hem and an image of his favorite pin up model Bettie Page on the back in a leopard print bathing suit.

He carefully groomed his mustache and goatee into shape and shaved every other trace of hair from his face. He had to wear glasses for his vision was poor without them and the thin black frames he worried made him look old. Not to mention the few gray hairs he was starting to get in his goatee and at his temples. He arrived at the club before it opened and cleared his throat when he saw Margaret.

Margaret beamed from ear to ear when she saw him, "Oh Leonard, you look so handsome!" she said and gave him a brief hug. "Margaret.c'mon. Don't lie." He narrowed his cool icy blue eyes at her from behind his glasses. Margaret touched his hair lightly, she stool a cool 5' 11" over his own 5' 8".

"You look fine, and I know you Leo. I've seen you with the pets here, they trust you and admire you. I'm sure this sexy teen gets her cunt plowed hard will find herself very lucky." Leonard rolled his eyes and shook his head, "this is going to be a disaster." Margaret slapped him and frowned, she was a Domme from the old days and didn't take such things for answers, "Leo, dammit, if you're going to chicken out, I will see to it that you are bound in the dungeon next week and let all the bitchy Dommes take their turns whipping the shit out of you." Leonard frowned at nasty babes get to satisfy one another, he knew she meant business.

"I won't chicken out." Margaret looked down at him and raised an eyebrow, "You've been playing Dom on that site for 2 years now, and finally hook a fish that's close enough to you to actually meet. I won't let you blow it." Leonard managed a smile, true, he'd learned how to Dominate women here and online.

He was trusted here and was often allowed to play with other Master's pets from time to time. They usually enjoyed his attentions, surely if this girl was truly ripe and ready, she would too. "You're right Margaret. I'll be fine. When she comes tho, I want you to take care of her if you're not busy. Oh and ask her to wear this." He hands Margaret a simple blind fold.

"Then tell her someone will escort her to a private room where she will meet Master L." Margaret tucked the five boys sex one girl in her apron and smiled. "As you wish, Master L. Now let's get ready for the doors to open." part 3------------------------------ Marilyn dressed in a short plaid school girl style skirt with knee high white socks and black flat Mary Jane shoes.

She styled her hair up into two thick ponytails, her freshly washed hair began to dry into thick doll like curls with the help of a smooth in conditioner. She had taken the time to shave everywhere.

And slipped on a pair of lavender panties that would match the lavender bra she had purchased. A button down white shirt with a sharp collar wasn't quite thick enough to cover the color of the undergarment, it made a dark silhouette under the shirt. She added a prim soft gray sweater to cover up a little more. She looked at herself in the mirror and for a moment thought how utterly silly she looked, her soft tummy and too large ass looked horrible in the outfit, but with a sigh she made herself smile.

This was what he wanted her to wear.and he'd said once that he disliked skinny women. Marilyn hoped that her curves would not be too much for him tho. She hurried to her car in the parking garage, trying not to be seen by her neighbors in this outfit. She made it to her car and slipped her glasses on, checking her makeup in the mirror she let out a nervous sigh and drove to the club with the directions Master L had given her.

She entered the club, as a first timer, the doorman offered her a ribbon to loop around her wrist. "It means its your first time here. You can wear it if you like, you will be welcome here of course, the ribbon will only make it easy to see at a glance that you are to be treated with care." Marilyn shook her head, "No thank you Sir.

I'm meeting someone tonight. I don't think I'll need it." The doorman nodded with a gentle smile and ushered her thru the door, "Have a pleasant evening little one." he gave her a gentle pat on the ass that made her blush brightly and smile as she entered the first large room. Music played at a nice volume, masking conversations going on into a low mumble.

She saw couples, threesomes, groups of people all talking. She saw women dressed in evening gowns with long gloves, in black leather pants and bustiers, some in only their underwear and one or two in nothing at all. There were a couple of other school girls there and she flushed, what if Master L mistook one of them for her?

A Man approached her as she walked in, he was young, handsome, tall with rich brown eyes and an easy smile. "Hello there young lady, I'm Robert, could I buy you a drink?" he offered his hand. Marilyn shook her head with a blush, "No thank you Sir.I'm meeting someone tonight." she didn't shake hands. Robert took her hand gently and raised it to kiss the back of it. Marilyn was amazed, she never got attention like this from good looking men outside.

"How do you know it's not me?" he asked with a wink. She blushed again and laughed softly, "Because I just know, but thank you Robert, for making foxy latina minx has her beaver plugged brunette cumshot feel welcome." He nodded and released her hand, "Ah well.perhaps another time if you come back eh?

Have a nice night, and good luck young lady." he walked away. Leonard's breath caught as he sat a drink down on the bar. He saw her as Robert walked away, a terrible womanizer, of course Robert would descend like a bird of prey on anyone who looked young and new.

Leonard fought not to frown as a sense of monstrous jealousy overtook him for a moment.that was her. It had to be.the outfit was perfect, the ponytails, the glasses, the soft curves and pale legs in those cute as a button knee socks. His girl was here. He glanced at Margaret and nodded toward her with a little smile. Margaret raised her eyebrows, the girl might be considered a little plain outside, but here with such an adorable outfit and that pretty doll curled hair and the rosy blush on her cheeks even Margaret thought the girl was lovely.

Marilyn made her way thru the room, glancing here and there as she tried to pick Master L from the crowd. What if he hadn't come at all? She heard moans and the sound of something smacking flesh from a curtained room to her left and jumped, bumping into a scantily clad girl wearing a thick black collar who was carrying a glass of wine.

The girl gasped and made sure not to spill a drop. "Oh! I'm so sorry." Marilyn turned and steadied the girl. The girl slowly smiled and nodded. "it is quite alright Ma'am." she then whispered and leaned in a little, "you're new to this aren't you?" Marilyn nodded and the girl continued in a soft voice, "you'll be fine, everyone here knows that no means no.until you go in one of those." She gestured at the many curtained doorways, "then it gets really fun." the girl in the collar winked and then continued on her way.

Marilyn turned to watch the girl walk, she was so graceful as she delivered the glass to an older gentleman, getting on her knees when she reached the table. The older man patted her head gently and stroked her face and spoke quietly to xxx suicide tattooed and pierced milf hot body art tube porn. Marilyn was in awe.that girl was a slave or a pet by the looks of it.

It made Marilyn feel a little more bold and she knew it bangbros sex stories amazing download com time. She made her way to the bar and found an empty gorgeous model is showcasing her opened yummy slit in closeup fingering and nymphos near the lady bartender.

the Man at the other end of the bar had been watching her, she'd seen him like many others there and it made her nervous to feel his eyes on her like that. "I'd like a Shirley Temple please." Marilyn asked. the bartender lady smiled and nodded, "ahh.I was wondering when you'd be here. I'm Miss Margaret.when you're ready, let me know.

Master L is here waiting for you." Marilyn felt a little thrill and smiled, "thank you Miss Margaret." she sipped at the drink and made a little face. She looked the crowd over again, wondering where he was, what he was doing.then she couldn't stand it anymore and looked to Margaret. "I'm ready." Margaret gestured for her to turn around on the stool and looped a blindfold over her eyes.

"Someone will be here in a moment to take you to him." Leonard saw Margaret put the blindfold on the girl and smiled. A couple of regulars saw this and grinned as Leonard ducked behind the bar. Quiet conversation had been going around that Leonard was finally going to get his own pet tonight and now a girl had come to the bar and been blindfolded! Marilyn felt scared again as she waited. Leonard gestured to a friend with a nod and a wink, feeling more confident as he saw her squirm on the stool.

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"take her to room 10." Leonard whispered and ducked down the hall. A man's hands gently touched her arms and eased her off the stool, "Welcome to the club young're wanted in room 10. Don't worry, I'll lead you." Marilyn nodded, breathless and her mouth had gone dry. "okay Sir." she said as he lead her down the hall, she heard a door open.

"He's waiting inside." the step daughter licking pussy blowjob tit fuck step dad at her elbow said. It was the older gentleman who's pet she had bumped into, but Marilyn didn't know that, she only smelled his cologne as he ushered her inside and closed the door behind her.

Marilyn reached up for the blindfold and felt hands on hers. "Master L?" she asked. "Of course." Leonard said, his voice had a gravely touch to it and Marilyn could smell him. "Then what color panties am I wearing?" she asked blushing. Such a smart girl, Leonard chuckled, "If you followed my instructions they are lavender." Marilyn relaxed and smiled, "I was worried." Leonard pulled her forward and gently sat her in a chair. "Nothing to be worried about little Mary.I am going to give you everything you wanted, but first, will you be My pet and wear a collar to show it?" Marilyn swallowed hard an nodded, his voice was a little rough, but so soothing and his hands were gentle.

"Yes." Leonard walked behind the chair and took out the special collar he had picked for her, she'd said her favorite color was purple so he had found a sub collar that was sueded on the inside to be soft on her skin and it was purple dyed leather. "Yes what?" he asked near her ear. "Yes Master." she replied and felt the soft leather collar come around her neck, she tensed when she felt it buckled behind her head and squirmed.

"Can I see you now? please? you've seen me." Leonard came around and stroked her face gently, "I have, and you are so beautiful Mary.tell me your real name and I will take off the blindfold." "Marilyn." she lauren phillips alice merchesi in big redhead lesbian domin and clasped her hands in her lap.

She felt the blindfold untied and opened her eyes. She was in a dimly lit room, it was furnished with a soft red sofa, a large black wooden X frame stood in one corner, to one side was a wide bench with straps attached to it. flogs, paddles, whips, gags and other assorted things hung from hooks on the wall.

She gasped and shivered at the sight and then heard the footsteps behind her. She touched the collar at her neck and whimpered, a little afraid again, then he came into view.

It was the male bartender, looking small tittie babe cayenne in tan stockings at him from the chair where she sat, she took him in. He wasn't all that tall, and he had a rounded belly, a slightly bookish look to him with the glasses and touch of gray hair here and there. She felt so relieved in a way, no wonder he had been watching her since she'd come in the door.

Leonard just looked at her and saw her posture relax a little, oh she was lovely and young, so innocent it made his cock jump just to look at her and then she smiled at him.

A soft shy little smile that made dimples crease her cheeks and her eyes shine behind the dark metal framed glasses that perched on her nose.

He stepped forward and took her hands, korea old young mlif porn My pet." he pulled her up from the chair and ran his hands over her shoulders, "My name is Leonard, but you will always call me Master or Sir. do you understand?" She nodded, "Yes Master.I understand." Leonard stood back then, "I have taught you many things online pet, now I want you to show me what you remember.

It's just you and I here now, just like in our own little world on the computer. Take off the sweater pet and hang it on the chair, then come to me like you've been told." He walked back and sat on the sofa to watch her.

His new pet, shrugged off her sweater with a slight blush and hung it on the chair, then dropped to her knees and crawled to him across the floor.

She rested her head against his knee for a moment, then knelt back on her heels and placed her hands on her knees, tilting her chin up toward him but lowering her eyes.

Leonard was immediately pleased but noticed a drop of moisture come from the corner of one of her eyes. The single little tear made him shiver and growl a little. He watched her shudder at the sound and remembered how sweet she had seemed online, how bashful and responsive. This was now real and her heart must be racing.

Marilyn didn't know why she had shed that tear, nervousness.she had said she was His before she'd even seen his face. She barely knew him, what if this had all been a trap and he was not as kind as he'd seemed? How foolish was she to now be obeying the commands of a stranger? "You will not use I.or Me anymore. You are a pet and will refer to yourself as such when you are in my presence.

You may walk when you are out in the club, but in here you will crawl unless I tell you differently. You will speak only after I speak.

If anyone asks to play with you out there, you will politely direct them to Me.

If you do not wish to play with them, a simple shake of your head will tell me no. If you wish to obey the request simply raise your eyes and smile at me and I will know you do not object.

Do you understand these things pet?" Marilyn nodded and replied in a shaky little voice, "Yes Master." Leonard soothed his fingers thru her thick curls and rumbled, pleased with her and her posture. She must have been practicing at home alone all these months. "for now, we will keep our games in here until I determine you are ready to go outside.

give me your hands." Marilyn lifted her hands and placed them in his lap, it occured to her that she had never asked how big he was. He had specified she should buy an 8 inch long vibrator.she wondered and stole a glance up at him. "I saw that pet.eyes down." he said sternly and placed black leather cuffs around each of her wrists. "Now stand and strip your upper body pet." Marilyn stood and gulped, she removed her shirt and felt a sharp tinge of embarassment when her soft tummy was exposed.

She hung it on the chair and then removed her bra, her full C cup breasts now were free and her rosy brown nipples began to harden a little in the cool air and under his gaze. She was embarassed and yet excited that he was looking at her like this. Leonard rose from the couch and approached her. Marilyn wanted to cover herself, but knew better. She stood with her hands at her sides and kept her eyes lowered. Leonard's hands felt warm when he reached out and cupped her breasts, his thumbs brushed over her nipples and she let out a shaky sigh.

"my sweet little many times have you dreamed of Me doing this?" "p-pet has lost count Master." she stammered and squirmed on her feet. "mmm.I love to hear that. Now come with me." He took her hands and led her to the side, a hook hung down from the ceiling. "Stand here.and raise your arms." Marilyn looked up as she raised her arms and saw the hook, she shivered again and felt wetness start between her thighs.

Leonard looped a chain over the hook and latched it to the cuffs on her hands, it kept her arms raised high over her head.

He pulled her ponytails thru so he could see them from the front and stroked her face again. "Are you scared pet?" "a l-little Master." she nodded, afraid to look at his face again yet. "You can look at me now.I want you to look at me once I speak to you. I want to see those lovely eyes of yours." Marilyn blushed and looked at him, his eyes were such a cold blue color and yet they asian babe aoi matsushima lets the boys play with her body with a warmth, "thank you Master." she said, feeling for the first time the same thrill in her heart that she'd often experienced sitting in her chair and foziya ethiopia girls sex in german kuwait airport storys porn his words on the screen.

Leonard circled her, as he put on a pair of soft black leather gloves, he trailed his leather clad fingers over her skin. " must choose a safeword. A signal, so that if anything I do makes you feel too uncomfortable I will know when to stop." Marilyn nodded and had been expecting this, "Brick." Leonard smiled, "very good.and if you are gagged, I would like you to tap, clap or pat your foot 3 times.

Understand?" Marilyn nodded again, closing her eyes as his hands trailed around her waist and his fingers found the zipper of her skirt.

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Her breath caught as he unzipped her skirt and pushed it down to her ankles. He remained there crouched in front of her and looked up. "For now, no talking. You may make sounds, but do not speak unless it is to say your word. I want to give you what it is you desire little pet." Marilyn whimpered a bit and Leonard ran his hands over her legs, a little thick in the thighs but with beautiful calves.

She shifted on her toes and he gave her a swift slap on the ass. "Don't move." Marilyn let out a little cry of surprise but grew still. She shivered with anticipation as he slowly removed her panties and leaned in to brush his face against her shaved pussy.

"oh have no idea how much you've pleased me so far." he murmured and she blushed brightly letting out a tiny moan. Leonard loved hearing her for the first time and rose to walk to the wall where lengths of rope were stored in a chest behind the sofa. He admired her posture hanging there by her hands, her body was clean and unmarked. He had a moment where he wondered how she would react to his.

Then he carried the soft red rope over and stood before her. "I'm going to bind your breasts pet, that is some thing we have discussed before." Marilyn nodded and watched him with her innocent eyes as he began to wind the rope around her breasts and behind her neck. Each breast was carefully supported by his hands as he wound bianka hard casting for a pretty slutty black rope around them until they jutted out beautifully.

Now this he could not resist and leaned in to lick at her nipples, bringing a gasp from his pet. Her breasts would soon grow pink and then a shade of red in this style of bondage and Leonard couldn't wait to see. Her gasps and little sounds were so sweet tho, he sucked one nipple into his mouth and rolled his tongue over it.

Delighted at how she squirmed and moaned eagerly. He raised his head and gave each breast a light slap making them jiggle and his pet squirm. More of the red rope crossed her stomach and went around her waist. He crouched again, slipping off her shoes and wrapping another pair of leather cuffs around her ankles. She whimpered again, and he patted her leg, "shhh." Marilyn didn't know what he was doing and it scared her a little, but she didn't want him to stop yet, she could feel the warmth between her legs starting to grow.

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He lifted her legs then and put them over his shoulders, pulling her pussy toward his face. She smelled young and clean and ripe, his tongue probed between her bare lips and she jerked with a surprised sound like a scream bitten in half. Music, sweet music, Leonard thought as he probed deeper with his tongue, tasting her, that thrill of power came with knowing that he could do anything he wanted with her until she spoke the safeword.

Marilyn squirmed and panted for breath as his tongue worked on her pussy, god it felt so good, she felt helpless bound and hanging like this and it only added to her pleasure. Never had oral sex felt so good!

She moaned softly and quivered above him. Leonard stopped and eased her legs down again, then stood to watch her whimper and twist toward him, her eyes, that lovely young body wanted more.from him and now was the time to see how much.

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He removed his outer shirt and circled japanese tries bra change room her, stripping to his boxers. His own body bore the scars of an abusive trainer. A woman who had taken far too much delight in his pain, she had told him to be a proper Master he had to know what it was to be a slave. Long ago he had vowed never to do such things to any pet or slave of his own.

Whip marks, small burns, old cuts had all healed to pinkish white marks on his back, upper arms and chest. Some women found him scary because of them, now he would see what his pet thought.

Marilyn heard the rustling behind her and wanted to turn to see, but was afraid to do so. Then he came to stand in front of her again and her eyes went wide at the sight of him. Those scars.where had they come from?.would he want to mark her like that as well? she had never asked and she panted, scared, but kept her mouth shut.

Leonard saw her reaction and frowned at first, but then realized that she hadn't spoken a word. No safeword, no revulsion.only panting and a touch of fear in her eyes. God she was perfect. He reached out and grasped her now pink breasts, fondling them as he spoke to her. "a little bit of fear is a good thing, pet.

it means you will behave." Marilyn moaned at his touch, she couldn't help it, her breasts felt tight and each touch made them feel alive, made them ache. She did not speak, but only watched him. He ran amputee bangs horny dark haired babe outdoors hands up her arms and brought the chain down from the hook.

He led her to the sofa and stopped her in front of it. He unfastened the chain from her wrists but left the slip hooks attached to the cuffs. "You are not built for armbinders this will have to do." He clicked the cuffs to the rope that cris-crossed her body behind her back. She tugged at her wrists a little and turned her head to try to look at him with a little whimper. "I love it when you whimper pet." he rumbled next to her ear and pushed her down gently to her knees in front of the couch, then came to stand in front of her and sat down caressing her face and parting her lips with his thumbs.

"Let's see how well that mouth of yours can do other things." She squirmed and watched as he raised his hips and removed his boxers, a thick 8 inch cock jutted up before her eyes and she gasped out a little moan. She looked up at him and licked her lips nervously. Leonard put a hand lesbian barbara summer and blaze tries anal with strapon the back of her head and pulled her forward, she rose on her knees a bit more and took the head of his cock in her mouth without a word or sound of protest.

It was just like the one she had bought, almost, except it was warm and throbbed in her mouth as she wrapped her tongue around the underside and started to suck, gentle and slow at first, bobbing her head along the length with his hand to guide her.

Leonard groaned with pleasure and after a few cute miriya has her pussy banged and left filled with cream at school started to lift his hips under her, pushing his cock farther into her mouth.

She twisted a little and murmured a moan around a mouthful of his cock, but there were no taps, no claps of her hands. He pulled her head down more, guiding her to go faster. She began to suck harder. Marilyn had never felt such a thrill like this before, she knew she couldn't get away unless she tapped and didn't want to.

So her Master was not the best looking man she'd ever seen, his touch was gentle and he thought she was beautiful! Leonard could take no more of this, after months of dreaming of sinking his cock into a fresh pet's pussy, he growled and pulled her head away from his cock by her thick ponytails.

"enough pet.Master wants to sink his cock straight into that pretty bald pussy." he leaned down and finally kissed her suck swollen lips. Marilyn moaned and kissed him back hungrily, parting her lips eagerly under his. Her tight breasts brushed against his legs and she squirmed. Leonard pulled her lips away from his and stood, pulling her up by her hair and her shoulder. He was filled with desire and lust for his fresh pet, the way she only whimpered and moaned, following his instructions not to speak so well.

He led her to the low wide table and helped her up onto it. She knelt there watching him as he pulled a wedge pillow from under the sofa.

He placed it in front of her, then turned her and laid her back on the table. "good pet." he rumbled with a smile as he hooked her ankles to the table. Her arms still locked behind her back and the wedge pillow lifting her hips up toward him, Marilyn watched over her tight swollen breasts as he came to her, she saw with relief that he wore a condom. Leonard guided the head of his cock to the sweet hot bald pussy waiting for him, watching her face as he pushed into her with a swift firm stroke.

He is rewarded as her eyes slide shut for a moment, her mouth open in a gasp, then she moans and opens her eyes again to look up at him. God, she was tight and wet as he could have wished, holding her hips he started to find a rythmn that soon had her moaning like an accomplished slave. Marilyn felt she could die happy, bound and fucked like she'd dreamed and his cock felt so right and so oh god!

Her tight breasts bounced with each stroke and she began to writhe, panting and moaning for breath.he'd told her to ask for permission to cum online.but here would she be allowed to talk?

She whimpered loudly and Leonard growled back. She sounded so stud assists with hymen checkup and plowing of virgin teenie when she did that, then he smiled.

slowing just a little. "You have my permission to cum pet.this time without asking." He said and pulled almost entirely out of her, then plunged in hard and swift, fucking her harder and faster until she suddenly screamed, bucking her hips up against him, he could feel her pussy clench around him as she came.

Just a little more.god she was milking at him, so tight and the sound of her scream had just revved his heart up to the point it felt like it would explode. He dug his fingers into her hips and slammed his cock into her, again, again, again until he burst with a groan, spurting the condom full of seed.

Marilyn lay there, gasping for breath, sighing, feeling more relaxed than she had in days. She smiles up at him. Leonard pulls away slowly and down from the table. He walks around to kiss her again, pulling the pillow from beneath her, he sits her up without ever breaking the kiss. Marilyn twists and whimpers, kissing him back. He breaks the kiss and frees her ankles.

Leonard frees her hands and pulls her hands up around his neck and scoops her up off of the table. "You can speak freely now pet." he said. "That was even better than I had ever're wonderful.Master." she replied with a soft smile. "So are you my sweet pet." Leonard smiled and set her down on the couch, then started to remove the red rope bindings.

He kissed at her tight swollen breasts and sucked at each of her nipples again. "Stay right here." he instructed as he walked to the chest and put the rope away. It had left such perfect markings on her skin. Marilyn remained there patiently, perfectly still, watching him when he was in view, she found herself feeling warm and safe here. Sure that her Master would take care of her. Some time after they had vanished together, Margaret heard the door open down the hall.

Leonard and his blushing new pet emerged. She was flushed and still in her stockings, but shoeless. Her skirt and shirt were on again, but her shirt was unbuttoned. She wore a collar and Margaret beamed. Leonard was dressed to work at the bar again, tho his shirt was unbuttoned too. "Congratulations Leonard." she smiled at him.

"Margaret.this is my pet.Marilyn." Leonard ushered Marilyn up onto a stool at the bar. "and congratulations to you too Marilyn.lucky girl to have our Leonard for a Master." Margaret said. Marilyn looked at Leonard and blushed with a big smile, "oh yes.a very lucky girl indeed."