Bespectacled cece has her moist beaver plugged

Bespectacled cece has her moist beaver plugged
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I thought of you last night, feelings of old I hold tight. My past made me who I am, but when I think of who I was, damn.

Each night I had thought of you, for each night I had thought you were true. I didnt know then, I was so easy to bend.

I dont remember which day, you decided to go away. But I remember my pain, my break, I thought my life a mistake.

And though I still dont know why, Im glad you left me, two diffrent souls not ment to be. I know it wasnt, I know, Im sure, for this girl laying next to me, my love, is my cure (NOT PART OF THE POEM BELOW) Ok, Im thinking of posting some diffrent stories in the story section, but Im not sure if I should.

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I have a couple ideas below. If you want I'll publish a few, HOWEVER, you must say if you want them! Deathnote SHINee My actual story(as in me RandJr) Maximum Ride Smallville or just ask

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