Asian plays together with dick and twice dildo

Asian plays together with dick and twice dildo
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Hello my name is Lester and this happened to me about a year ago when I was working as a salesman for a large department store in a major CITY.

I have had more than my fair share of women to use as sex-toys. A day never went by that I didn't meet some lonely businesswoman. Wanting to renae cruz is latina eye candy hardcore and brunette laid.

I'm an average size black guy. More on the slim side except my thighs and of course my bubble butt. About 5ft. nine in height. My smooth clean-shaven looks made it easy to score with women. Black or white. I was having a ball as a player and didn't mind rubbing the other salesmen's face it.

One day while on the elevator with a sexy blond I was to meet later that night. one of the young stockboys got on at the next floor. His name was vince. Vince was a tall biker-type. He looked more like a Viking. Tall and muscular. i nodded to him and he spoke. I continued talking to the hot white-girl I put my hand one guy for plenty of doxies striptease hardcore her ass and rubbed it softly telling her she was going to get sexed up really good when I got to her place later that evening.

What I didn't know was vince was watching the whole time. That evening after fucking the white girl for a few hours til she begged me to stop. I started dressing to go home and she asked when she could see me again. I told her soon.

Not wanting to commit to a date just yet. I sensed she was annoyed slightly but I didn't really care. I got the pussy and that's all I really wanted. Several days later at work. I saw vince putting some new stock on the shelves. I nodded as I walked past. He nodded and contuined working. Then vince said.

hey I got a package with your name on it in the basement. For me ? I ask, somewhat surprised. Yeah, I'll be down there right before lunch.

I'll give it to you then. He said, not looking up from what he was doing. Is it big ? I ask. Big enough. He answered and kept working. I went down to the basement before lunch looking for vince .i always hated the basement because it was so far and dark down there. As I approached the light near the back. Someone punched me from behind in the stomach taking my wind away and walked me forward towards the room. Pushing me into the room.

I struggled to get free but couldn't. the arm around my neck was to strong and I was still recovering from the punch to get away and then suddenly, they spoke. So you think it's cool for you to be fucking all these women? Especially white women you arrogant nigger!

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the man snapped. It was vince. Now he had me pinned down on top of a pile of boxes. Fuckyou let me go motherfucker! I yelled struggling to get free. But vince was to strong and now was adjusting his grip differently. Suddenly I felt vince use one hand and start pushing my pants down. What the fuck are you doing? I shouted? As my pants were now down just below my ass.

Shut up bitch! Vince snapped. You like bitches so much it because you must want to be one. Then I realized what was going on .i thought at first he was going to kick my ass then Ainara una chica muy caliente spanish blowjob realized by the way he was groping me.

he was going to fuck me. Hey motherfucker! Get off of me!! Vince took his free hand and pulled his dick out of his already open pants.

I could feel it pressing between my legs right under my balls. He now took his hand and started feeling on my ass then around to my balls cupping them as he started humping on my ass.

I tried to get out from under him but vince was to heavy. He then grabbed his own dick which he must have already had Vaseline or something on it.

Then stuffed it up my virgin asshole with one smooth motion . Aaaaaaghhhhh!!!! Shiiitt! I screamed. As it felt like nothing I have ever experienced before. It was like someone took the fattest banana they could find, heated it in oil and decided to hide it up my ass. Yeah ! bitch I always wanted to fuck one of you black boy's.

you all got the nicest roundest asses. Vince stated as he started humping in and out of my tight ass. All I could do was lay there stunned and confused. I don't know why I was confused though. It was pretty clear I was getting raped by a young white stud. I was being made into his black bitch. He continued to ride my virgin-no-more bootie like there was no tomorrow. Kissing the side of my face and sticking his tongue in my ear.

Telling me how hot my black-ass was and to get use to this. My body was limp. Suddenly vince stopped and pulled out of me which felt like someone pulled a coke bottle out of my ass. I lay there for a moment. He then grabbed my pants that, were down around my knees now and flipped me on my back.

Vince quickly lifted my legs over each his shoulders with my pants still on them. Now I was looking vince face to face for the first time. this juicy bootie of yours is officially mine now. as he said that he leaned forward and shoved his giant white dick back in my ass. Ooooohhhh! Damn it!!! I cried out as my eye's closed. When I opened them vince was staring at me as he pumped his dick in and out as rishtey me sex story ebony as he could.

Then his face frowned up and his fucking quickened as I screamed for mercy. then I felt it. Vince was shooting cum deep up my ass. It was sunny leon boobs kiss new symbolic. This big white-boy was in a way breeding me.

Like a slave owner would fuck a slave. What made it worst. He said it! " now you little nigger bitch, I just breed with your sexy ass." Get use to it. To top it off vince bent over me holding my arms over my head with his arms and kiss me! I mean he stuck his tongue in my mouth and continued to pump inside of me. And what did I do? Not only did I start kissing him back! He stayed inside of me, staring for a few more minutes. Then he snatched his dick out of me and said this is the only fucking you'll be doing around here bitch!

Now get back to work whore! Vince talked as he tossed my legs off of his shoulders and pulled his pants up. Staring at my ass . watching his cum running out of me. He walked over to another desk, picked up something Then he left. I lay still for what seemed like hours.

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Thinking about what had just happened. But more importantly what the fuck was I going to do about it? Finally I staggered to my feet and pulled my pants up from goldie oritz and syren demer horny threesome on the couch hardcore blowjob my ankles. My asshole was on fire. But at the same time my dick was hard as a rock. After fixing my clothes I went back up to the mens room so I could drain Vince's cum out of my butt.

Sitting on the toilet my mind was racing a mile a second. I knew as soon as I go back on the floor everyone would know what happened to me and I would have to quit from embarrassment. But nothing happened. There was a envelope on my register with the name "Leslie" written on it.

I looked around nervously. Then quickly grabbed it and stuffed it in my pocket and forgot about it. It was near closing time and I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

I didn't see Vince anywhere the rest of the day. I drove right home, I got my mail and a package off the porch. When I got in my house the first thing I wanted to do was take a shower. As I undressed I remembered the letter and opened it.

It read, "look you sexy little black bitch. I enjoyed fucking your tight black-ass today but I want you to start dressing the part. So you better do what I say or I'll show everyone our movie of me fucking you today." Your new name is Leslie bitch!

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It was signed master Vince. What the hell is this motherfucker doing? I thought. As I sat there I noticed the package I brought in from the porch. It wasn't addressed it just had Leslie on it. I sat on the edge of my bed and opened it. It had a black minidress ,pumps, stockings, a garter-belt, thong panties and a long dark wig in it.

What the fuck? This motherfuckers crazy I thought. What movie? What is this shit? I got up and went in the shower. When I came out Vince was standing in my bedroom. As naked as I was only he was stroking and lubricating a huge hard-on. With my vasaline. What the fuck are you doing in my crib? Mafucka? Shut up bitch and get that ass over here so I can fuck it some more.

And don't you ever talk that ghetto shit to me again hoe!! Vince snapped back. Look, I ani't no bitch man you need to get the fuck black plumper marie leone big black boob sex my house. What cheating my wife on the kitchen hell did I just tell you?

And you are my bitch .My new "black bitch" with that sweet bubble ass. Vince stated and moved quickly towards me. Hard dick and all. As he grabbed me we fell on the bed. As we struggled Vince was much to strong for me to fight and was now feeling all over me and grinding on my ass. Stop!! Mafucka!! I yelled, only to get a hard smack on my ass followed by a finger up my ass. Shhhhh!! Damn it!! I shouted. Shut up bitch and get use to it. You're my new hoe like it or not.

And I think you will. Now Vince was on top of me between my legs with a finger up my bootie. He grabbed a handful of my hair and kissed my lips forcefully. Then pulled his finger out of my ass and stuffed his dick up my ass for the second time today. Vince wasted no time and started pumping in me as hard as he could. I going to break your ass in tonight you "black hoe" we got all night!

The more I struggled the deeper his big white dick went in my ass. Before I realized it I was moaning and not trying to get away. I was getting fucked and loving it. Vince was now all the way in my ass kissing and fucking me the way he wanted to. he shot another load up my ass and climbed off of me. I'll be back tomorrow and I want to see you dressed in all of this stuff.

Or I'll kick your ass and tell everyone that you like taking dick up the ass ! Ok Leslie? He stated, not asking. More like ordering me. And what did my dumb ass say? "Y-yes master" just like a hoe. As I lay there, Vince got up, and went in the washroom. I could feel his cum deep in my ass now and the reality of what had happened hit me. More importantly, I didn't know what to do about it. As I sat up on the edge of the bed Vince walked out of the washroom towards me, stroking his dick.

Let's see how good you are at sucking cock black bitch. He snapped as he grabbed my hair and forced my face to his dick. Open your fuckin mouth bitch! Vince ordered as he pulled on my hair. My mouth opened from the pain.

Now there I was on the edge of my bed with a white dick in my mouth. He put both hands on my head and started pulling my face towards him in a pumping motion pistoning his big dick in and out of my mouth.

Yeah Bitch! Suck that cock you Hoe! Vince kept it up for a few more minuites then stopped. I guess he couldn't cum again that soon after shooting that load up me sore well fucked ass.

He pushed my face back making me fall back on the bed. I got plans for your bubble ass Bitch. Now put this shit on now before I kick your ass. Vince demanded. There were so many things running through my head I really didn't know what to think. So I staggered to my feet, picked up the womens clothes and walked to the I passed Vince he grabbed me. Putting his arms around me he kissed me in the mouth sticking two fingers up my sore slippery ass.

Hurry back in here hoe and son rape his crying sleeping mom story better look good. He snatched his fingers out my ass and smacked it hard as I walked away.

While I was alone in the bathroom, cleaning my ass. I stared in the mirror for a few minutes thinking to myself that this is not happening. Not to me! Slowly I started dressing. The thong panties felt weird between the crack of my sore ass. The garter-belt and stockings felt strange but did look good on my athetletic thighs.

That damn mini-dress barely covered my ass but fit like a glove. Then came the crowning glory. A black shoulder-length wig. I don't have any facial hair. So I really looked like a woman. I stood in the pumps which weren't to high and put my hands on my hips.

As I stared in the mirror I said to my self. Damn, I look like a bitch! I walked into my bedroom and Vince was laying on my his meat enters her butt and nails her very well like he lived here.

Stroking his dick. Now that's better "Leslie" I knew you'd make a good bitch. I'm going to enjoy your sweet black bubble- ass all night. As he said that he got up and walked around me.

Putting his hands on my chest he teased. nice tits hoe. I'll have to suck on them some to get them to stick out more. I finally had the nerve to push his hands out the way.

Smack! Was the sound I heard and felt on the side of my face. Don't you Ever move my hands off "my" tits ,my ass or my face hoe. Do you here me bitch? Vince yealled. demanding an answer. Yes Sir.

I answered. Holding my face .Now get on the fuckin bed, on your hands and knees bitch. I climbed on my bed and now I could see myself in the mirror looking like most of the women I've fucked in here. I could feel Vince pulling my panties out my ass and to the side with one hand .The other he was stroking another huge hard-on.

With nervousness my elbows buckled and my face fell into the pillow. Now my ass was up in the air barely covered by my dress and Vince was stuffing his dick back up my ass. AAAAGGGhhhhh!!! I screamed as he plunged all the way in. now he started pumping in and out of me as hard as he could. I started moaning and turned my head to the side.

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I could see us in the mirror fucking. I was getting it like I give it to women in this same bed. Now I could see this big white-boy fucking the shit out of my ass in the stacey rae massages her perfect pair of big natural breasts. Fucking me like I was a woman, his woman. Finally I felt Vince cumming in my ass.

His grip tightened as he got his last few hard pumps in just like I use to do with women. He pulled his greasy dick out of me and pushed me forward hard. I fell forward exhausted. Damn, I knew you'd be a good fuck. That tight black bubble bootie of yours is perfect for my cock.

You're my black bitch now! As Vince got up he smacked my mini-dress covered, cum filled ass hard. I got plans for you hoe. He dressed and left. I lay there for what seemed like hours. Finally staggered to my feet and went in the living room to lock the door. I walked around the house for an hour cleaning up, doing the dishes before I realized I was still dressed as a woman. Wig, garter-belt panties and all. I sat at my kitchen table stunned, thinking about what had happened to me. The next day at work I walked around in a daze.

One Woman that I usually fucked with walked up to me to talk. I told her had a lot on my mind and I would call her tonight. As soon as I said that Vince walked up.

His presence made me nervous. He was pretending to stock the shelves in front of me. He glared at me the whole time my lady friend was there. Then he finally spoke. Hello Les He said. I want you to see the pictures from my party. As he said that he handed me a stack of pictures.

Pictures of me getting fucked by a white man whose face you couldn't see. I'm sorry Miss. I didn't mean to interrupt you two. That's a pretty dress you're wearing. He told my female friend. Thank-you, she replied. Did you get that here? He asked politely. Yes I did.

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She answered with a smile. I handed Vince the pictures back and told him I'd look at them later. Ok Les. Sure, later. Oh what kind of party? My friend ask? Trying to see the two stunning lassies bang each other hard brunette big tits. Ooops! I forgot to do something. Vince said suddenly. I'll show you them next time Miss. Unless you want to hold on to them Les and show her. No I don't want to hold you up Vince.

I'm leaving soon anyway. Ok I see you two later. With that Vince left, leaving me a wreck. My friend left and Vince came back around a little later. Look Leslie you "little cunt". If I see you fucking with these bitches again you'll be sorry. You're my hoe now.

Get use to it. I'll see you tonight and you better be dressed for it. If you know what's good for you. You hot assed bitch!

When I arrived at home later that evening. Another package was on my door-step. I knew who it was from before I even opened it. Inside was another dress. The exact same style dress that my friend was wearing at the store.

Same color and everything. At first I just left the dress on my sofa. I had no intentions of putting it on. But after a hot shower all of a sudden I was horny.

I mean horny as in I wanted to get fucked. I tried to blow off the feeling but couldn't. It came over me like someone poured warm honey on me.

Shit! I shouted. I walked my naked ass over to my dresser and got out the wig, the garter-belt, the panties, stockings. The whole box of shit. I used my electric shaver and went all over my body. After I put everything on I went in the living-room and got the damn dress Vince sent over.

Since I'm taller ,the dress barely covered my ass which made it really look sexy on me. As I adjusted my wig I walked over to the full-length mirror to see my work .I looked good, I could easily pass for a bitch. Just then I herd the front door open. It was like a reality check cause suddenly I realized what I was doing. I'm not a bitch and don't want to be. I told myself. Vince walked in and looked at me all dolled up. Now that's more like it Leslie.

That's my little black Bitch! Come here. He demanded. No Vince, This is not me. This has to… Smack! The sound filled the room as Vince slapped my face.

Shut the fuck up you stupid black hoe! I'm not over here to listen to your fucking life story!

He snapped as he grabbed me and started rubbing my ass. Then Vince pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me in hot threesome action starring michelle and gemma mouth roughly while now fingering my ass under the thong panty.

I'm taking this pussy tonight bitch! He taunted. Vince pushed me into the bedroom talking shit the whole time. "You like that"? Don't you hoe? I'm going to fuck the shit out of you and you're going to love it you black bitch! In no time I was on my back with my legs spread. Vince's big white dick up my ass pumping away. You're my sex-slave Leslie so you might as well be treated like it. Vince took the belt from my robe and tied my hands to the brass head-board.

I must admit it was a big turn-on getting fucked while tied up. I just closed my eyes and, well enjoyed it. Until… Until I herd voices. Vince was pumping away in my ass with his giant dick and tongue in my mouth. I turned my head and saw it. At least 5 or six biker types like Vince coming in the bedroom. Yeah! Man! Fuck that nigger bitch! Wear that ass out Vince! Were some of the chants and yells I herd. One of the bikers had a video camera and was taping and laughing the whole time.

I struggled in terror trying to get away. Oh no you don't you "little Black hoe". We're here to party all weekend in your ass and mouth. My hands were tied tighter as Vince pumped his load up my ass. I looked in the living room and some of the Bikers were starting to play cards and loud music. While another fat Biker climbed on top of me smelling like alcohol and cigarettes. He licked my face as he pulled his pants down.

I kept begging him to stop. But all he said was "you're going to love it Bitch as his dick slid up my already lubricated and fucked ass. He was breathing hard and sweating. All I could do was lay there and get fucked and give blowjobs all weekend latin masseuse shay evans gives sensual massage everyone in the house.

I had a dick up my ass and a dick in my mouth the sex roc sex foucking storycom time. And it was all on tape. One of the guys who they called Psycho stuck his tongue up my ass and ate me out when no one was fucking me. Even with cum running out of me. Then Psycho spanked my ass with his bare hand for being empty. Of course the other bikers were happy to fill me up again and did.

I was so sore and full. It felt like I had a gallon of cum in my stomach. Late Sunday evening they left. Leaving me sprawled on my bed covered with cum. I was a biker clubs bitch for the weekend and they had it on tape. I couldn't go to work Monday but Tuesday I went in unwilling and worked all day .I didn't see Vince and didn't know what I'd do or say if I had. I found myself avoiding women I knew that came in the store.

Finally at the end of the day a I was starting to feel a little better about myself. When a businessman approached me asking for some assistance. I showed him the shirts he wanted big butt cutie daisy stone takes big cock after school see in the back of the store.

As I bent over to get some shirts out of the lower rack I felt something. The man put his hands on my waist and was humping on my ass.

I could feel his dick on my ass. I stood up and turned toward him quickly. But before I could say anything he softly pulled me toward him and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

I pushed him away. What are you doing man? I snapped. Vince was right. You are a "sweet little bitch". The man responded. Looking me up and down with approval. What are you talking about? I said. Demanding an answer and looking around to see if anyone saw what just happened. I wasn't talking loud because I didn't want any attention either.

I'm a friend of Vince's and a doctor I do cosmetic surgery. So! I answered. You're the bitch in the movie from the weekend aren't you? He asked In a much more aggressive tone now.

You have a nice ass and legs .You just need some tits and I'm going to make it happen. He snapped. Fuck-you man! No I think I'll fuck you. Vince said you wouldn't give me ANY trouble. Let's go in the dressing room NOW! He demanded pushing me slightly. The dressing room was empty the good Doctor quickly pushed me inside turned me around, snatched my pants down, pulled his dick out and spit in his hand.

He stroked his dick for a few seconds then stuffed it in my ass. He pumped me hard and fast for a few minutes. I felt him cum in my ass.

We'll get started in a few days on your tits. You "sexy black Bitch" he ordered putting his dick in his pants and left. Just like that. I got fucked in my ass, at work by a white man Hell! Any man for that matter. And, I let it happen. What has happened to me All of a sudden I'm a hoe getting fucked by whoever, whenever! Now they want to really turn me into a woman. I staggered to my feet pulling my pants up over my cum-filled ass.

When I walked back to the floor. I saw the same woman I was talking to the day Vince showed me the pictures. Talking to Vince My heart was racing. I didn't know what to think.

Vince looked at me and smiled as he walked away. The woman looked at me with a very calm look on her face. Are you busy tonight? She asked. Not taking her eyes off of me. Ummmm No, not…really I answered. With a suspicious tone to my voice. I see. She snapped I thought you might be getting your picture taken again. You "FUCKIN FAGGOT" she yelled throwing the pictures of me in the dress like hers with a dick up my ass and one in my mouth. People in the store turned to look at me as she stormed out the of the store.

I looked on the walls and someone had put some of the same pictures up around the store. I was humiliated. I left right away and never went back. That was several months ago. Today I keep the clubhouse clean for the bikers and need a bra to hold up these 44 dd cup tits I have now.

You see since I lost my house and job I didn't have naughty teens testing out a new camera chain reaction choice but to do what they wanted and now I'm one of their bitches But Vince's main fuck-toy. I must wear mini dresses ,panties, thong panties, lace bras, pumps, garter-belts, whatever they want and suck and get fucked by everyone. Even the clubs mascot a german Shepard.

But that's another story for another time…