Teen pussy and ass fucked by big black cocks outdoors interracial gangbang

Teen pussy and ass fucked by big black cocks outdoors interracial gangbang
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It was Friday a couple of days ago I blackmailed my mother into fucking me. It was 8pm and so far my mother keeps ignoring me but it doesn't this weekend she is all mine.

I took my dog zuez out for a run, he is a all white husky, I have trained him well he does what ever I say and well I keep getting new Ideas for this weekend if you know what I mean. During the day's my mom was ignoring me, I was preparing my basement for this weekend. In our basement we have this bedroom and a bathroom, we use to have a tenant but my dad thought we already have a lot of money so there's no need so he kicked them out. I have been pissing in the tub since Monday the day I fucked my mom.

It was 75% full and I have been cumming in to this jug also since Monday. I have bought(stole because they wouldn't sell to me cause I'm only 14) a lot of sex toys, and lubricant. I also bought these big plastic rolls(carpets) and placed it all around the room and washroom just in case it gets messy and it's easier to clean up.

I even noticed my mom sneaking in my room looking for the pictures but there wasn't any, she doesn't know I have a video off it all. I also noticed in my parents bathroom birth control pills but they weren't open yet, I don't know why but I switched them with these fake type of candies that look exactly the same. When I got home from waking the dog I went straight into the kitchen and saw her standing she must have been working out in our gym that's in our pool house in the back yard beside the pool, because she was all sweaty like me.

I came up behind her and started kissing her. She started moaning "ohhh victor ohhh" Her eyes were closed and I then turned her around and kissed her, she grabbed my dick, then she realized it was to big to be my dads and opened her eyes and slapped me. "Hey is everything alright back there" my dad yelled from the family room watching football highlights, "yeah I just tripped" I said.

"You'll be getting hard soaking tomorrow" I said smiling. "This weekends the last time and you better delete all those pictures" my mom whispered. "Yeah don't worry but your going to be my cum swallowing slut sex slave" I said and reached and grabbed her tits when she slapped my hand away "your father and sister are home!" She busty teenage looker pleasures a big cock big tits blonde yelling a little.

I gave her a little peck on the lip and ran up stairs took a shower, when I passed by my sisters room I saw my sister on her knees sucking 2 guys off. I ran to my room my towel fell off but I didn't care I grabbed my cellphone sweet teen with small tits gets dirty ran back to my sisters door I say them leaving threw the window and she was fully naked with cum all over her face and tits I took a lot of pics but I knew that would not be enough to do anything with my sister.

I went in my room, it's right beside my sisters and the walls are quiet thick so I can't hear anything from here room but there is and air vent in my closet that you can.

I waited there for a while waiting for her to call a friend or do something but nothing was happening just some shuffling around, then I thought why would she want her friends to know she's a slut. So right before I was going to leave the closer I hear her say hello, I couldn't hear what her friend was saying but I heard her say "omg I just sucked off Jim, and don off and let them cum all over me, brad, Tomas, and max is coming over at midnight sneaking in threw my window and I'm going to suck them all off and let them cum all over me, I love cum!" She then said bye to her friend, she went into the shower.

I knew this was my chance so I grabbed my video camera and put on her chair and a pile of clothes covering it but still could see the whole room I then ran out off the room and went to bed.

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I started thinking if I could blackmail anyone else in the family but there was only my aunt(my moms sister) the rest passed away. she's only 24.

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While I was thinking if it a dosed off. I woke up to hear a door close, so I went down stairs and looked through the window and saw my sister and dad leaving. I ran to my sisters room grabbed the video camera and went back to my room and downloaded the video onto a disc. I took the video camera and disc and put it under the floor board like I did with the video I have off my mother.

Today's the day I finally get to have my mother all to my self for the whole weekend. Today's the day I finally get my sex slave slut of a mother for a whole weekend.

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Hot mom riding hard nice tits and pussy fuck is 9am. I went out side and took my dog for a bath and cleaned him up real nice I then took him in to the basement and hid him the closet. I then ran up stairs and I took off all my clothes. I went into my mothers room and she just started wearing her clothes when I walked in. "Take them all off you won't be needing them" I said "How do I skinny guy obeys to his experienced bbw mistresses know that you have the pictures?" She said mockingly.

"Oh I deleted them but I've got something even better a video, come to my room and see" I took her to my room but I closed the door before she got in so I could get it out of the floor board so she doesn't know where I hide all my stuff.

Then I opened the door and slipped the cd in the DVD player and pressed play she was shocked and tried to run and grab it but I said "go a head I have way more" she still took the disc and broke it in two and threw it in the garbage. I told her to get naked, she did. I put her on my bed and started fingering her and eating her out, we kissed a long time and she have me a blow job but I made sure I didn't cum, I even made sure I didn't pee. I stopped her and told her to make breakfast.

She tried garbing her clothes but I said "no you won't be need them until Monday morning" she made eggs, toast, and she pored orange juice for the both of us. we sat at the dinner table, I stopped her before she took a bite, I told her, you can't eat anything without my cum on it or in it.

I then made her suck me off then I cummed all over her eggs and then I told her just wait and I took her orange juice and said "no orange juice for you" then I pored it down the drain then it hit me I should make her drink my piss, but I wanted this piss so I could piss on her so I ran down stairs with out her seeing and went the the bath tub I was peeing all weekend in and I filled the cup with piss.

I then when to my mother and gave it to her and said "its apple juice and I cummed in it so it might taste funny" i ordered her to eat and she did and wen she took a drink of my piss she made a weird face but it looked like she liked it and I said "you better eat and drink all of it you slut" when we were both done I told her it was my piss and she started going crazy and I said don't worry their is more to come.

I then told her to jump in the pool for a minute and come back in but make sure he hair doesn't get wet, "WHAT ITS WINTER ITS FREEZING COLD OUT THERE" she yelled. "Go right now or." She cut me off "okay fine" she said "from now on call me master okay you whore!" i yelled. She then put her hair in a pony tail and jumped in the pool for a least 2 minutes and then she ran right back in and I took her to the basement and I dried her off and too her to the tub of piss.

She looked at me "what's this" "your bath, get in now and you better stop saying no just do what i say" I ordered.

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She jumped in I told her to drink it while fingering her self she starting looking worried, but she did then I told her to open her mouth wide the I pissed In her mouth for a good 1 minute and 36 seconds. I then told her that she drank enough, and that she could get out.

I dried her off but she was all sticky and smelled. Then I brought her to the room and I gave her the jug of all the cum and told her to drink it all, she was choking and some spilled on the ground, she said "it's to much I'm getting full" "shut up drink it all and lick it off the floor nice and clean" she did DAYUM she look so sexy. Then I made her suck off I fingered her and sucker her off she had 7 orgasims and she said she could g take any more but I didn't care I then shuffed a little dildo up her ass and she started squirming "it hurts I've never done anal" I took it out and I started eating her ass, fingering it and I lubricated it and then I shuffed a bigger dildo up her ass and I started fucking her nice and slow and then we started kissing and it felt more like love well from my side and then faster and faster and she started cumming and then she started pissing while I was fucking her.

It felt so warm and nice and I needed to Linda sucking like crazy a sex toy and she must off felt it cause she said "no no no no don't cum In me please" I didn't listen and I didn't rape of girl in kashmir a cummed and cummed it felt like it was never ending but when It finally stopped "at least I'm on birth control" she said "umm no that was just Candy I switche out the real ones" she started crying but then my dick got hard again so I turned her around and took out the dildo and just pushed my cock right into her she screamed I told her lustful pussy eating and fingering of two girls penetration masturbate start talking dirty and sexy with me.

She did while tears coming out if her face while screaming. "Ooooioohhhh aaaaaaaaa ooohh my gooddddd stooppppp " "You love fucking me don't you master fuck me please destroy my lil pussy, and my lil ass" It actually sounded real. I then cummed in her ass and told her not to move she couldn't even if she wanted to. Then i ran to the closet and brought the dog and told the dog to start fucking her.

The dog pissed on her first and then started fucking her "ohhhhhh yeahhh ohhhh, wait what the fuck get him off me jax why" she cried the dog the cummed in her pussy and then in her ass and then I made her suck the dogs dick. I was real tired and took the dog out side. I then picked up my mom and I started fucking her standing up "please jax no more my pussy is so sore it hurts and that was my first anal and you tore me up down there" I then put her up side down and picked her up again and had her pussy in my face while she was deep throating me.

When I finally cummed I put her in the bath tub and told her to sit here a while and told her that she's not allowed to get cleaned up. I then went up stair took a shower and then I yelled to her that she could dry her self off and go on and do whatever she wanted for the rest of the day. I went to sleep and it was 5 pm and I didn't eat anything but I didn't care. It was a good day, what else can I do to make this any better. To be continued .

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