Mother suck her son sucking and cumshot

Mother suck her son sucking and cumshot
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POLLY MY WIFE'S BABY SISTER! Names have been changed in case my wife's kid sister's new husband sees it. My wife Sherry and I married about a year and a half ago and are still very much in love. She was my second wife and she was married before as well. I knew she came from a large family in Texas but hadn't seen any of them since the wedding.

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Without my wife telling me her youngest sister Polly was with her one evening when I came home from work. She was about twenty-eight and nearly as cute as my wife. Almost the same height and weight as my wife she seemed just enough taller to give an illusion of having longer legs. Her hair was a much darker brown, almost black and was past her shoulders in length.

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After I popped open a beer we headed outside to my wife's car to get her sisters bags and we started talking. She was standing close behind me as I opened the trunk lid.

"So Ted, what's it like fucking my big sister?" Polly asked suddenly. I nearly slammed my head into the fucking metal lid! I was shocked by the question and turned-on at the same time, but I acted cool and answered her.

"It's fabulous, a real blast," I replied. "She's way, way better than my ex and she's always so horny! I have to work to keep up!" We talked about Sherry for a couple of minutes and her sister offered me some insight into her personality. She already knew about my wife's sexual urges and frequent mood swings.

She offered me some tips that would later prove to be very helpful. Then she confessed that when they were in school together that she had never had a serious relationship because Sherry had all the best dates! My wife is blonde and has short hair now but in school she had been a brunette with very fair skin and I would have guessed that the opposite would have been true.

After I had put her things into the spare bedroom and returned to the living room to finish my beer she sat down beside me and informed me that ever naughty curvy gorgeous chick enjoys sex hardcore and blowjob she met me before my wedding she had wanted to fuck me. I blushed, looking all around for my wife. As she leaned closer to me she put her hand in my crotch gripped my flaccid prick firmly!

I gasped in surprise as she put her face closer to mine and I caught a whiff of the flowery scent of her long, beautiful, black hair as she whispered in my ear, "I'd just love it if you would take me someplace and fuck me, just once." Then she got up and quickly walked thru the kitchen door into the garage.

My cock was already expanding as I got on my feet to follow her. I had no idea where my wife had gone nor what I was going to say when I caught up to her, but as I entered the kitchen I caught a glimpse of her going into the storeroom behind the garage.

She was wearing a short yellow sundress that looked like it might have been one of my wife's. I entered the storeroom behind her quickly and embraced her from behind, thrusting my hand roughly down her smooth belly and into her warm crotch.

She was wearing the tiny thong-style panties that my wife didn't like and refused to wear. I cupped her hairy mound firmly before she turned around and threw her arms around my neck, laying a wet kiss on me.

Her body yielded against mine tightly as she groaned with obvious arousal. Reaching under her dress I cupped her bare ass cheeks tightly and then I felt her pussy grow moist as it pressed against my lower thigh. We kissed deeply before she gasped for air and murmured again, "please fuck me, NOW!" I grasped her waist and started to lead her back out of the storeroom and into the backyard. "We can't risk my wife seeing us together Polly. Where will we go?" She grabbed my arm and pulled me behind her as she hurried up to the side tasting a tough male dick gloryhole and hardcore that led to the front yard.

"My wife will be missing us!" I protested. Polly led me out into the front yard and pointed to the driveway. My wife's car was gone! "Ted, she and I talked about you. She wants me to be happy AND for us to get together and have some fun!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! She continued pulling me back into the open garage and I just let her lead me right back into the kitchen. She hopped up onto the kitchen cabinet next to the sink and opened her legs as I moved in close between them, slowly lifting the hem of the yellow sundress and baring her luscious thighs to my excited gaze.

I checked out her hairy black bush almost drooling and then became a lust-crazed animal, pulling her thighs farther apart as she started undoing my slacks.

My damn cock was as hard as a baseball bat as she slid my zipper down quickly.

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As I continued to stare at the black fur adorning her exposed twat my cock was surrounded by her cool fingers and freed from its confinement. It was bigger and thicker than I had ever seen it xxx first porn story live before!

The head had become purple and was twitching as she scooted her lovely ass closer to the edge of the table. As my cock made contact with her eager slit I saw that she was really wet and ready to go!

"I know that there is something wrong with me Ted but I have wanted you ever since we danced at your wedding! I dream of you fucking me all the damn time," she whispered breathlessly into my ear. It felt heavenly as I slowly eased my aching, painfully hard cock inside my horny sister-in-law's warm cunt and pushed it in for several inches with little resistance. Polly grabbed my ass and yanked me closer as the bloated head plowed up inside and lodged against her cervix. "Ted, oh, jeez, fuck me!

FUCK ME HARD!" She cried, leaning back and lifting her bare white thighs into the air.

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"You've got a fabulous cock! No wonder Sherry digs you so lovesome girl is gaping wet slit in closeup and climaxing pleasuring and spreading was trembling visibly as I pulled out of her snug slit slowly until just the head remained inside the wetly sucking opening.

It was heaven as I once again slid back inside her deeply, forcing a loud gasp from her lips as she began to convulse with an orgasm. I gave her a few short strokes and picked up speed as she ground her sticky pelvis tighter against me. I pulled her thigh wider apart and begin letting her have it good as I noticed her drooling and throwing her head back.

What a wild piece of ass she was! I was ramming my cock deep inside her again and again as I noticed that her tits were quite a bit bigger than my wife's. I reached up and yanked one of the thin straps down her arm, pulling the flimsy neck of her dress down toward her waist. Polly wasn't wearing a bra either and I really loved the way they were jiggling around as I fucked her hard. Leaning over a bit I allowed my tongue to seek out her rubbery red nipple which was already rigidly extended and goose bumps of excitement popped up as I slowly started to nibble and suck on it.

One of her hands meanwhile was between my thighs massaging my usually too full balls gently. Polly had the wettest pussy I remember since the early days of dating her sister. It seemed that marriage had cooled my wife off somewhat although she still enjoyed a thorough fucking as much as the next girl it just seemed that she wasn't in the mood as often as I was anymore. Polly's splayed open pink gash was making a wet, slurping sound as I pounded it good again and again loving the pulsating feeling as she started to come again.

She gave a little yelp and tugged on my ball sack as a cold sweat broke out all over her chest area. "Faster!" She gasped, arching her back and shuddering all over. "Fuck me faster! Harder, Ted! I'm coming again!" Licking the salty perspiration from her tits I pressed my hand against her lower belly and started pounding my cock into her for all I was worth! Her amazing cunt suddenly had a spasm, clamping tightly around my buried pole.

I held still and squirted a big load deep inside her as her body quivered and our juices flowed out of her and ran down my inner thighs. "Unbelievable," she gasped. "That was terrific Ted! Better than even I could have imagined and I have a really dirty mind!" I was slowly coming down myself as my spent puppy slowly slipped out of her wet slit. She grinned as I stood there between her legs with my slacks down around my ankles.

I know that my wife and I had fucked in the kitchen a time or two before but somehow this had just been so much more hot and wet for some reason. Maybe it was only because it was so naughty, you know fucking your own wife's sister so wantonly inside your own home. Suddenly I started to feel guilty and worried that my wife would drive into the driveway soon. Polly pulled the top of her dress back up and hopped off the table as I adjusted my slacks and tucked my cock back into my briefs.

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"Thanks Ted!" Polly breathed. "It's been way too long honey. I have to admit that it has been quite a while for me. My last boyfriend and I split up because he just refused to even try to keep up with me. He was such a wimp during sex compared to you doll.

She was stroking my ego pretty good as she headed off to the bathroom and I went out into the garage to have a cigarette…