Fake hospital hot sales girl uses her tight pussy to close a deal

Fake hospital hot sales girl uses her tight pussy to close a deal
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________________________________________ My first time… One day it all changed for us… We had been to the bar and had a couple drinks and decided to stop by the bookstore for a little fun on our way home. It was a Saturday night and it was a bit busy and I knew we could have an audience in no time.

She was wearing a short white mini skirt and a red, sleeveless top that did a fantastic job of spy pov fucking a babysitter brunette blowjob off her great tits. The guys were already had lust in their eyes as we walked by.

We entered a booth, put a few bucks in the video machine and started to make out while watching the video. We no sooner got started and the window blinds on the booths on either side of us went up and we had our audience. She was a great lover but give her an audience and she got even hotter.

We kissed, fondled and rubbed on each other and it wasn't but a minute till I had her shirt and bra off showing the guys watching her beautiful tits. She started to kiss down my chest and began to unbuckle my pants. I knew in just moments I'd have my cock down her throat and with the guys watching and wishing it was them it made it even hotter. As she gets down to my cock she looks into the window on her right and pauses for a minute, she kinda gulps and says "Damn!".

I ask her what she sees and she says there is a college aged guy (We were mid twenties by then) with the most beautiful body she has seen. He has his shirt off and rubbing his hard-on through his pants.

She begins to lick the tip of my cock while watching the young man in but girl xxx mp4 10mb next booth. This was new for us, we were the ones being watched and wasn't there to watch others. She said he was far enough away from his window she couldn't see so well. As she sucked and licked my cock she motioned for him to move closer to his window.

Almost immediately he put his shirt back on and left his booth. She figured her being able to see him must have spooked him.

Maybe he was shy… His window closed and she went back to my cock. A couple minutes later an older guy was in the booth next to lascivious sexy dykes have sex in the gym, watching and stroking. Not near as good as the muscled stud that was watching just a few minutes before. A couple minutes later we were interrupted by a knock at our booths door.

I knew they had a one person per booth policy but that had never been enforced before so we wondered who it could be. (Hey, we were naive then) We gained our composure, put clothes back on and opened the door.

It was the young stud, He asked "Do you need some help in there?". I just looked at the wife and the look on her face told all. I told him he could come in and watch. He come in the booth and stood against the wall. She immediately started kissing me again just as if he wasn't there. As I was making out with her I pulled her shirt over her head. I wasn't sure just how far she would let me go with this guy just inches from us.

Next her bra. Now she and I were both naked from waist up. Our voyeur took no time pulling his shirt off as well.

Now I seen what she had seen, this guy definitely was no stranger to the gym. I have always kept myself in pretty good shape but this guy was fit.

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Looked like the body from the guy in the Solo Flex commercial. She smiled at him and went right back to kissing and rubbing on me. She once again started to kiss right down my happy trail.

I was wondering if she would actually suck me with this guy so close but didn't have to wonder long when I felt my zipper being pulled down.

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I think I was harder than I had ever been before and it seemed she was enjoying herself more than ever. It was taking some great control not to just bust a nut. Our voyeur seemed to be really enjoying the show as well. He has knelt down and was only about a foot from the action. He was rubbing himself through his pants and had his eyes locked on every lick and suck on my cock.

After a couple minutes of this and my fighting back the urge to cum, he surprised us both by pointing at my hard cock and asking her if she needed help with that. She smiled and pulled off my cock for a moment and he took that as a yes and immediately almost dove on my cock mouth first.

My wife moaned and immediately started to rub herself while watching this. Part of me wanted to say no but it was so hot watching her rub her pussy while this skinny blonde amateur tysen rich anal sex was explosive pleasuring from wild luscious hottie homemade hardcore on my cock.

She loved watching and I'll have to admit he was pretty damn good at it. They took turns on my cock for a few minutes and it wasn't long before she was pushing his head down on my cock and I was cumming down his throat. He didn't miss a drop. He licked and sucked till there wasn't a drop left. At some point he had unbuttoned his Levis and I now saw that he had his cock out and was stroking it.

She told him to stand and he did. She told him to stroke it and he stroked it and when she turned a bit he started to rub his cock on her tits. I wondered how far she would go but really didn't care as this was so hot to watch. I sat on the bench where I would have a front row seat. He was now sliding his cock between her tits and each time he got to the top she would lick the head of his cock.

I'd never seen a hard cock other than in the porn videos we watched so it was awesome to see this live porn right before my eyes and it was my wife starring in it. He had a good size cock and she was sure enjoying it. My cock started to grow again in no time.

Here I am sitting on a bench in an adult theater watching my topless wife suck the guy's cock who just sucked my cock. I'd never believed this in my life if someone had told me this was going to happen. Just when I thought it couldn't get any more bizarre my wife looked at me and asked if I was going to help her.

I had never thought there was any way a cock was going in my mouth but the moment was so hot I couldn't say no. Actually she didn't wait for an answer and just started pulling me closer. I took a couple licks and she began to moan. She began to lick his balls and I was sucking on his cock in one of the hottest moments I'd ever had. I reached over to play with her pussy and she was dripping wet. She loved this. We both took turns licking and sucking his cock and balls for a few minutes and I could tell he was getting close.

I pulled my mouth off just in time to see him shoot spurt after spurt onto my wife's tits. That was so hot. I pulled my wife up and turned her around and shoved my cock into her in one stroke. I think it may have been about two minutes until we were both cumming. As I was fucking her from behind I was rubbing his cum into her tits, that was soo hot.

As my cock was coming out my wife's dripping pussy our new friend asked if he could put his in and she surprised me by saying no.

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I figured as hot as she was at that point there would be no way she could say no. She did tell him that we were going to a hotel close by and he was welcome to join us for a while if he wanted.

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He immediately said he would. We got dressed and the three of us went out the front door. As we were walking out I had a few guy look at me and smile and it was not till then that I remembered that the booths on three sides of us could watch everything that had happened… He followed us to the hotel, I got us a room and Chapter Two began…