Teen lesbo gets her pussy licked by teacher

Teen lesbo gets her pussy licked by teacher
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As a young woman, I must have been about 19 or 20, I was travelling through Sweden. One day, there was a snowstorm and the trains would not ride. I decided to hitch a ride from the station and go from there. My first ride was an older lady who wanted to visit her husband.

She dropped me off at a gas station just outside the city. It was a great location to get a new ride. After 30 minutes, a pickup truck appeared at the station.

A young guy, in his early twenties, got out to get gas. He seemed very friendly to me and I approached him when he came back from paying.

"Good morning, Sir", I greeted. "Oh hello", he replied. I had a feeling that I would get along with him, bearing in mind the risk included when travelling with a guy that strong through a remote area like this. My mother had warned me. "Could you take me for a ride?" I asked. "Yes, of course" he said. We drove off together and were making quite a few miles before stopping at a parking spot in the woods.

"I got a cabin here, not far in. Do you want to join me for a coffee?" "No, thanks. I'll take a new ride from here." "Okay then, have a safe trip!" He smiled and left. See mother? Nothing bad happened. I waited for a new ride to arrive. Some family stopped, but they didn't have any room for me in the car.

Then a truck driver stopped, but he said his wife would kill him if he took a young female hitchhiker on board. Another two hours passed and it started getting dark.

I realized that I was out in the middle of nowhere with chances that no one else would come anytime soon. Remembering the friendly guy from earlier, I went up the path into the woods. Maybe I could find the cabin before the night.

It was pretty dark already when I saw the wooden house with a light coming from one of the windows. At the front door, there was no doorbell, so I knocked. No one opened, so I knocked again, harder. The door gave way a little and I noticed that it was open. Pushing gently against it, I stuck my head in and had a look.

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It was dark, so I couldn't see anything but the silhouette of an old armchair. "Hello?" I whispered. Nothing. I said it again, louder. Still nothing. I went around the house to have a look at the window where the lights were on. There was no one inside. Just when I wanted to go back, I stepped on a sharp object, lost my balance and fell into a ditch.

I hit my ankle at a large rock and it hurt! Trying to get back up, I noticed that I couldn't put any weight on that leg.

"Help!" I shouted this time. Luckily, someone heard me! A man came to me, probably from the house. He barely saw me lying there in the ditch, so he said: "Where are you" the voice sounded very male and dark in tone.

I could smell the leaves around me and a freshness of snow. It was getting colder and I noticed my nipples getting erect. "Not now" I thought, before I replied to the man: "I am down here. Here" and I waived with my arm. He cautiously came down towards me and managed not to fall. He reached me, but had to brake his movement by putting both hands on my stomach.

I was lying on my back, his weight on me. "There you are" he said. "Yes" I english mother and son sex story. "I couldn't get another ride at the parking spot, so I was searching for the cabin.

Then I fell down here." "Oh, that's horrible. Poor girl. What can I do for you?" "Well, I think I broke my ankle and I might need to stay the night" "Really?" he said. "Should I pick you up and bring you into the house?" "That would be really nice" "Talking about being really nice, if I do that for you, will you be really nice to me?" "Yes" I said.

"Oh, okay then. Let's see how nice you can be, first" he smiled and put his hand at my belt, sliding up underneath my jacket, pullover and shirt, right onto my skin. His hand was cold and I shivered a bit. It felt like a big hand. He smelled of manly sweat, but it was kinda good. Like you would imagine a guy from a million dollar advertisement to smell.

I heard him breathe next to my face. "I don. I mean. I didn't mean it like that" I said. "It's no big deal. Just lie there for another 5 minutes and be quiet. I will take you into the house if you do just that. Be a really nice girl and I will treat you like one, okay?" I didn't have a lot of choice. What he had done up until now was slut chick shyla in an intense lesbian fuck with sasha problem for me.

It didn't feel right, but he had a point. I was the one needing help. As much as I wanted to get into the warm house right now, I could wait 5 more minutes and we could both be satisfied. He licked my cheek. "Eeeaawww. What was that? Was that necessary?" I thought, but I stayed quiet, smelling the cold air and his musky scent around me.

His hand was reaching under my bra now, cupping one of my breasts. He felt my hard nipple and said "oh, that's nice". He played with my nipple and I could feel that it was relaxing me. I moaned softly. "Ah, you are ready" he said. "Ready? Can we go inside?" I replied. "No. Turn around". He turned me around and took hold of my hips.

"Ass up". I did what he asked. "Further", he demanded. "I can't, my ankle is hurting". "Here?" he grabbed my ankle "ouch!!! yes!" "well then, ass up!" he grabbed my ankle tighter. "oh no" I thought, as he pulled with his hands at my hipbones. I pushed my ass up as far as I could. "Lower your back and put your head on the ground. Present that ass to me" "It's cold" "Do as I say and don't talk" I didn't expect that answer. A sudden rush of excitement ran through my body. It somehow turned me on to have to present myself to this stranger.

Like an animal that wants to convince the male to mate with her. I pushed up my ass, lowered my head into the snowy leaves and lowered my back, smooth like a cat. He unbuckled my belt, opened my jeans and pulled all my pants down in one go. My ass was naked in the dark air, snowflakes slowly melting on it. He started licking my butt cheeks.

Eeewww. He licked all of my butt, except between the cheeks, where my level of privacy was the highest. Until now. He just kept that for last. He licked my asshole now. I didn't know what to think.

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It was good, because he didn't lick my pussy but it was also my asshole! What would a guy want there?? He stuck his tongue inside my ass and went around like a worm on a hook. "wow" he said "I have never felt something as tight as that" He put his hands on my ass and spread it, sticking his tongue in more deeply. "Aren't 5 minutes up?" I asked. "oh, you are right, come inside" And he got up and started to walk tattooed kleio valentien suck and fuck a long dong naughty america and pornstar, I need help" "oh, you are right.

You DO need help." He came back "Get down again like I want you to and stick your bare ass up" "No, please, it's cold" "At least you still feel something. If you are out here for another 10 minutes, you'll be frozen. All naked like you are" "All naked? But." "Yes" he said.

And he came to me and started undressing me. Not really gently. I tried to resist a little, but I was much weaker. No use fighting a lost battle. He undressed me completely, even my socks. It felt good to have my ankle cooled by the winter air, but for the rest, I was just freezing! "Bend forward, put your hands against this tree and stick your ass out" he ordered. "Or you will freeze to death out here. Quickly, we don't have much time before your blood crystallizes!" He was right.

I needed to safe my life now. I bent over. "Lower your back, I want to see a curve" I did. "Good". "Now stay like this" He went up to my hands and tied them together! "Oh no. what have I gotten into" I thought. "You promise to be nice to me?" I asked. "Yes, as long as you are nice to me. Now be a nice girl". He tied my hands together, then stepped back. I heard him prepare something. Then a light flashed. He was making pictures of me!

"Stick that ass out". I didn't want to.

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"Okay" he said and then he started throwing snow onto my body "Nnoooo, it's coooold" "You know what to do" The lights flashed from all sides. Then he put the camera away and came to me. My skin was already getting numb. It was so cold. "You could die soon. You have to be very nice now, or you will stay out here" Then he stuck an icicle into my ass and fucked me with it. I didn't feel a lot, because my skin was frozen.

"You can't feel it, right?" "No" "Wait". He unzipped his pants and then. it felt so wonderfully warm. So amazing. Something was warming up my ass and running down my legs to my toes. It was running down my arched back into my neck and hair. It ran down my belly and breasts. "More", I begged. He laughed. "There is no more, but you can now feel where that came from.

If you are nice and tight you might get inside alive." "Tighten your asshole muscles now" He stuck a finger in my ass, the icicle had melted from the warmth inside me. I tightened my ass around his finger. "Good". "Now close your eyes and think about how nice and warm that was" He got his dick out and stuck it right into my ass. I was so happy, because he couldn't make me pregnant there. But I could feel it and it hurt.

My ankle didn't even hurt as bad. "Ouch". "One more ouch and I will leave you here for the wolves to clean up" I bit my teeth together and made fists with my tiny hands. I couldn't feel them anymore. "I am nearly done, you could tighten a little better, but you are not bad for a first timer" He was right. I had never had a man in there. I didn't have a man in me anywhere yet.

I just got to second base until now. "Good girl". He fucked me in my ass quite fast. My hands gave way and my head was now leaning against the tree, cushioning his forceful blows to my body. He fucked me very deep. All the way inside and fast. Fast and hard. It got really hard now, I could feel the tree shake and snow fall down on me from the branches. Then he moaned and his dick pulsated, stretching my asshole muscles to all sides. It was twitching, fighting like a tiger. He collapsed onto my back and was breathing heavily into my neck.

It was warm. So nice and warm. I wanted him to stay there. "Brave boy" I somehow thought. What a crazy thought to have right there and then, I know. I don't know where that came from. Do you always know where your thoughts come from? Anyway, he removed his penis from my asshole and didn't touch my vagina. I was glad, but then noticed the sperm running out of my ass, down towards my pussy. I quickly turned around, so that the sperm would drip from my ass into the snow and not run across my vagina.

He started walking away into the dark "Wait, help me!" "I will. If you manage to reach the cabin alive. Hurry" he said and vanished into the dark. "Shit" I thought. My hands were still tied. Luckily, he didn't tie me to the tree. I tried to find my clothes but it was too dark and my hands were tied.

I needed to make a run for the cabin. Well, not a run, more like a crawl through the night snow. I couldn't feel anything anymore as I reached the cabin. "Help" I said. Three men porn story korea father like son outside.

"What is going on?" one of them said. "I . it's. coooold" I could barely talk. I was shivering and not feeling my body. "Fast guys, we need to help her" And they went in a circle around me, kneeling there on all fours, got out their dicks and pissed all over me. What is wrong with these people? Can't they use the toilets? Am I. the toilet? Then the warmth hit me. Everywhere. It felt amazing at first but then it hurt. My muscles hurt like crazy as the piss streams warmed me up.

You know that feeling when your hand defrosts, so to speak? It burns. My whole body was burning. I couldn't kneel anymore. I collapsed, flat on my belly. The guys picked me up and brought me inside. Finally. I woke up on a soft couch, my legs hanging over the edge at one end, feet on the ground.

I was lying on my back. A guy was kneeling in between my thighs, fucking me. "Oh no" He saw my face as I opened my eyes "Don't worry, we are all using your asshole" I thought: "Well, that sounds nice - wait, WHAT?!" "Not me" another guy next to me appeared.

He took my head and stuck his half-stiff dick into my mouth. I couldn't talk now anyway, but I didn't have anything to say either. I was just glad to be alive. After he came deep into my mouth I didn't even have to swallow, it just went right in, making it my first meal in hours he went back and got something to drink. Now I noticed at least 9 guys, naked, drinking, playing darts, pool and watching a game show on TV.

It was a horrible game show, really badly moderated. One of them noticed that I was 'free' again and came over. Without asking, he stuck his dick where the other had just come. A bit of the cum was drooling from my mouth or had I been used before, while I was sleeping?

My question would be answered. "You can go back to sleep some more, don't worry" the guy fucking my mouth said. "How long had this been going on?" I thought. I reeked of piss, so the piss had dried and warmed up, condensed into the air already.

The other guy just came into my asshole. "Do you want a pill to sleep? The last one worked well. You have been sleeping for two days already" "What?" I thought, a hot wife gets fucked good amp orgasm loud amp get creampie pussyfucking and doggystyle stuck deep in my mouth.

"See, we put this jar under your dripping asshole, it's almost full. We want to reach the edge tonight" He showed me a sizable jar full of white goo and liquefied transparent fluid mixed together. That white goo was the most recent load that just creamed out of my ass. It would now dissolve as well. "Oh boy" I thought and when he finished using my mouth I said "Give me that pill already".

He wasn't lying. That thing sent me to sleep right away. I woke up in a bed. A thick blanket lay on me and my head was buried deep in a big pillow. It smelled fresh and sparkling sunbeams reached my face through the open, wooden window. I felt my whole body and two things hurt: My asshole and my ankle. I felt my ankle, it was bandaged. Then I felt my asshole. there was something inside of it. It felt like a ring and when I pulled, it hurt.

But I pulled it out. I looked at it, it was a rocket shaped thing that had been stuck in there. It looked clean. I smelled it. It didn't smell too bad. A little like my ass and sperm. Oh oh. I suddenly felt like I needed to shit. Badly. I got up and jumped to the door on one leg. I opened the door and stood on an in-house balcony.

Wow. As much as I would have liked to describe the amazing interior of the house to you now, I needed to shit like a raccoon. I looked left and right. Doors on the same side that my door was on. I took the first door, locked.

Second, locked. Third, bathroom. Jackpot! I got in and shit. It was soooo good. I had like diarrhea but I didn't eat for days so it was all juicy-spermy. Gross, I can tell you. So relieved that I reached the toilet in time, I noticed just afterwards that there was no toilet paper. The End written by Sinna 20april-2016 © 2pee4you I have india summers sucks sara luvvs big nipples few ideas for continuing this story.