Sliping mom fuking son xxx story

Sliping mom fuking son xxx story
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I am again Darshan Patel from Ahmedabad. I am working at a decent post with an MNC and I travel across Gujarat for my official purpose. I am 27 yrs and love to keep myself fit. This incident which I am writing happened as unexpected.

As all the things are fresh as ever in my memory I will be narrating the small-small things also. I often travel by air for few of my meetings and official functions. On one such travel, inside airport I saw a girl whose face looked familiar. I just walked close to her and she gave a big smile full of surprise. She asked me if I am Darshan from Surat ?( I have done my schooling from Surat).

I said yes and recollected that she was Soumya( name changed). One of my friend's sister. She had actually grown-up. I still had 15 minutes for security check so we decided to have a cup of coffee. I learnt that my friend was settled in London and she after completing a course in Frankfinn, she had joined Air Deccan.

And since Air Deccan has been taken-over by Kingfisher she is now an employee of Kingfisher Red. We decided to meet-up again while I return. We both were excited. One more thing we used to participate in lot of dance competitions. I came back from Mumbai next day at 10:00pm. I had told her and she was waiting for me at the arrival. I was tired and told her that I wish to have a cup of coffee.

She offered me to come to her place and have some chat along with coffee. To tell you something about her and her place. She is a parsi girl with a complexion of fresh milk. Her height is 5' 8" and she was full of flesh nicely shaped into proper places. Her room was very small with an attached washroom. One mattress on the floor, one small TV, one horny mature getting fucked watch part on suzcamcom where she cooked and a rest-chair.

She took her cup and settled on the mattress and I took up the chair. Along with biscuits and coffee we talked for around 2 hours.

We recalled all our old days. Talked about our life and job etc. We both were happy as you get when you catch-up with an old friend after more then 10 years of time and that to in a co-incidence. It was almost 1:00 am in the nigh Then I decided to leave for the day and catch-up sometime for a movie or an outing sort of thing. She told me that I will not find any auto from here at this time.

She has her shift at 4 am, she can take to airport and I can take an auto or taxi from airport. Meanwhile I can rest. I found it ok. Took off my shoes, washed-up myself in a real small bathroom. Took a small stool to settle my legs and laid myself on the chair. She put off the main lights and laid down on her mattress with room almost dark. There was very little light coming through window curtain. I was tired and the chair was not comfortable enough to be laid back on.

After 15 minutes she told me, " darshan aap bed par aa jao, nahi to subah tak aapki kamar akad jayegi". Yes, she was quite free but she also sensed my concern. She suggested we sleep on the mattress sideways. That is our upper body on the mattress and lower body on the floor.

This way the length of the mattress will become the breadth and there will be ample space to keep distance. I agreed and slept. After sometime my sleep again broke ( I am not used to sleep with my underwear on.) Now my eyes were settled for the low light in the room.

I saw her closely, she was sleeping on her side facing me. She was looking gorgeous. She was wearing a knee length loose grey shorts and panty line was traceable on her hips. As a top she was wearing a matching grey v-neck t-shirt and because of her posture her cleavage had developed up to her neck. I looked-in my watch, it was 2:00am. Now my feelings were changing for her. I again lied down and kept my palm on her palm, which surprisingly she clinched.

It was summers and the room had just one ceiling fan and practically no ventilation. I thought teen babe eve ellwood sucking huge dick and fucking it would happen but she was deep in her sleep. I gradually placed my hand on her cleavage and she don't respond. I tried to enter her cleavage but she was sleeping tight. Well in short nothing much happened. At sharp 3:00 am her alarm rang up.

She got-up, used her wash room and started getting ready. I was watching from half closed eyes but she cam-out of bathroom fully dressed. In another half an hour she woke me up.

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I told her I am feeling very sleepy and tired. She real prozzie rides cock european and reality its ok. I can sleep she will be back by 7:00 am. After she left, I changed myself into only shorts, which were knee length and slept without anything else. After a long time I heard the door unlocking and opening up.

I kept myself in the same position as if deep asleep. She again went to bathroom and came back in the night dress. Shook me up and asked, "darshan appko aur sona hai ya jaana hai". I replied that I could not sleep properly at night and would want to take full sleep if she doesn't mind. She laughed and said, " aapko jaisa theek lage. And please don't be formal with me.

Even I need some sleep. My second shift is at 5:00 in the evening and we will have our lunch together." I was very pleased by her gesture. I was not sleeping like at night on the mattress in sideways but on the full length, but she didn't say anything and lied down beside me facing upwards.

Now I was very close to her and could smell her lovely aroma. After sometime I saw she was hugging her pillow very tightly and sleeping with her back towards me. I casually placed my arm on her. No response. After sometime she left her pillow and turned towards me.

This time she was very close to me. Her lips were hardly an inch away. I again placed my arm over her and my legs over her. She snuggled and came further close. Soon, we were hugging each other and our lips touching and kissing. I gradually took her lower lip between my lips and started sucking slowly. We both were actually getting carried away. Suddenly my phone rang and she got up with a jerk.

I pretended to be in deep sleep. She woke me up. I attended the call. It was from my office. Some papers required my signature for processing. I told her I would have to leave and will have lunch sometime else. She was ok, and we both were behaving as if nothing happened.

I got ready and left. We started meeting each other quite often. Actually we both were the only friends of each other in Ahmedabad. Sometimes, I would spend entire day at her place. In the afternoon we would sleep and same kissing and hugging would happen. We became so close friends that I sometimes used to be in bare chest at her place.

We also used to hug each other while greeting. Actual great friends was what we have become. Time passed, she got engaged but our friendship continued and grew. Then because of some office workload we could not meet for a month but we were in touch. And then cam a time when the incident happened of utmost intimacy with passion and sex. I had to attend an annual HR function in Mumbai. It was a gala function and I ended up drinking a lot.

Once back in Ahmedabad I was still under huge hangover. My home is very far from airport and hers was very near. While taking an auto rickshaw I thought of going to her place. I gave her a call and told my position, she was in half sleep and as a wonderful friend asked me to come over as if its my own home. I reached her place with lot of trouble because of my hangover. I knocked her door and nobody turned up. Her place did not have a bell so called her again.

She had again gone to sleep. She opened the door, welcomed me with a glass of water. Teased me a bit about my haalat as a drunk man. She told she has week-off tomorrow and I could be relaxed of not getting disturbed in the middle of night.

I was so drunk that I was fumbling with words.

She helped me with my bag, watch purse and she even took off my shoes and socks. I went into bathroom, puked, washed and comeback wearing only my boxer shorts( I wear very small and loose boxers under my jeans). I was getting back my senses but was still unable to balance myself. She was waiting for me half drowsy and she was first time in such a dress. She was wearing a very loose cotton slip and equally loose cotton shorts with hanging a string instead of elastic. Finding me looking at her dress she told it was her father's old vest and pajama( called lahanga in Gujarati) which she cut to this size.

It was to beat the summer. I started moving and hit the wall. She held and this time in instructive tone told me to go to sleep or else I will fall ill. She classy hottie ass rides dildo me on the mattress this time me being towards the wall and lied down besides me.

She started pressing my forehead to get me to sleep. Soon I fell asleep. After some time I woke-up because of the heat (summers).

My eyes fell on her, She was sleeping on her side facing me and the long neck of her vest was revealing the entire cleavage of her. She was in her sleep. I went near her and hugged her. It was different this time out bare skin was touching each other. I held her more close and a bit tightened my grip.

She also tightened the grip. As always my cock was rock hard but this time being in loose boxers it made its presence felt on her stomach. Gradually we started smooching each other. I was under alcoholic influence and feeling very horny.

I placed my hand on her butts this time and while sucking her lips started squeezing her butts. She held me more tightly and increased the intensity of the kiss.

She was now embracing my bare back. I moved my head down and kissed her cleavage. She daddy fuck his girl anal tube porn my hair and clinched them tightly, my hands were inside her vest feeling the smoothness of her bare back. She was now moaning very slowly. I slipped the vest from her shoulder and cupped her nude breast and started fondling them. We were again lip kissing each other and she was squeezing my cock from above the boxers.

I again moved down and took her one nipple in my mouth and pulled the strings of her shorts. She was shocked and her hand moved from my cock to my stomach and her nails dug in the skin on my stomach.

I inserted my hand inside the loosened string and held her butts, same time she slid her hand inside my boxers and cupped my balls. I moved to the other pink spot on her breast. Her nipples were tight and cold. I never enjoyed so much sucking nipples. Now I brought my teeth in action and held her nipples with and bit her a bit.

Her hands in the spur of the moment moved to my thigh and she gripped my so hard that her nails actually went into my skin. I slid her shorts up to her knees through my hand and then removed them using my leg. She had already pulled my boxers below my butts and the rest I did it with my own hand. Now I was totally nude and she was half nude, rather more then half. I also pulled off her vest. I moved my leg between her legs. My knees touched her pussy which shockingly was neatly shaved ( it felt as if waxed).

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With the touch she held my knee tightly between her legs. Now we were kissing each other hard. I was rubbing her pussy with my knee, playing with her right nipple with my left hand and holding her head with other hand. Her right hand was squeezing my cock ( which I wanted her to shag) and her left hand scratching cute lioness gets her moist beaver pumped back making nail marks.

Son she came with a loud moan and her legs so tight around my leg as if trying to crush. I kept rubbing and she kept on shivering with moans. She came and came and came a lot. Now with her moans slowing down tears were starting to roll. I hugged her tightly and she also did the same. We remained in same position for quite some time, maybe 10 minutes or so until she fell asleep again.

I slowly got moved to the bathroom, lit a cigarette and started shagging. I also came and relaxed.

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I went back to the room and found her sleeping in the same position as I left her in. She was really in some great good sleep. I looked in the watch, it was around 4am and the temperature had gone down a bit to make weather pleasant. I led beside her and went to sleep. Both Nude. This time I caught some sleep until I felt a hand on my forehead caressing me and heard the words "darshan uth jaiye, subah ho gayee hai" I woke out of my sleep but my eyes were shut.

I was still naked and exposed to her. I was also having a morning boner. I opened my eyes to the daylight & to my surprise she was also nude.

As my eyes opened she placed her hand on my chest ( I was lying straight on my back ). I uttered the word, " Shit!". She planted a kiss, a peck on my lips and said, "please aisa mat kaho. I am not feeling bad about it, neither should you. Appne kuchh bhi forcefully nahi kiya.

I was an active participant in this. Rather I am feeling bad because I got relieved but you had to sleep like that." Saying this she held my erect cock from the bottom along with my balls cupped. (I could not tell her that I had shagged off in the night.) contrary I replied, " you busty athena licks her way into the team need to do it to equal the scores." She immediately hugged me and said, " darshan aap bahut ache hai.

I will never get a friend like you. I want to do it with you and feel you in and out." While saying in and out she placed my hand on her pussy.

This was the first time I was touching her pussy with my hands. She sighed for a moment and then we started French kissing each other. I rolled over her and started kissing her neck and slowly moved down to her breast. Sucked her nipples alternatively with her hands hold my head and moaning. This time I moved down and kissed her just below her bosom. She shivered. I licked her entire area between the crotch and bust. I tickled her navel with my tongue.

By the time I reached her pussy she was already flowing with juices. I started a French kiss with her pussy lips and sucked and bit her clits like I did to her nipples. She started repeating the word God again and again.

Then I again rolled her and she was in a position of sitting on my face. I was sucking her pussy and making her mad. She laid back on my body and started jerking my cock. Soon we got into 69 position licking and sucking each other hard.

I had shagged myself only a few hours back and that why I had an enormous and a very hard erection. She was new and sometimes her teeth also scratched the tip. It pained but it excited more.

Now she moved out sat near my crotch. Lifted her ass up and placed my cock on the entrance of her pussy. She pushed herself down and cried loud as the tip went in. I told her its painful, she said its good. And in one big go she sat completely on my cock and took it completely in. She fell on me in a hugging position. I folded my legs to support her bottom.

She clinched the pillow on which I was resting my head in her mouth to curtail the voice and started crying like a kid. Her full face has turned red of the pain. I asked her if we should stop ? she said not to ask this question again and to do it to the fullest. I started pumping her in the same position and she kept on crying.

Now her crying was exciting me more and I wanted it to be more painful. I spanked her ass hard in the same position. She shouted with the pillow in her mouth and cried loud.

I kept on spanking until her ass was red like rose and pumping till I was out of breathe. Now her crying was cooling down as she was getting used to the penetration. U pulled her little caprice sucking and fucking for cumshot, slapped her face and started the French kiss. God she was so hot. After a minute I withdrew my cock and stood up.

My cock was all coated with her juices. I asked her to suck me. She started sucking me and I held her hand and started pressing for deepthroat. For once I pushed it entire in which chocked her and her eyes almost cam out.

When I was with drew my cock from her mouth she was panting. I again hugged her tightly with another smooch and then got her into doggy style. With one push got into her and started fucking her hardest possible way for me. This time she did not have a pillow and she stuffed her with the mattress and voices were not loud. Bt she was continuously crying.

Now I also started feeling something building in. I wanted to try at least one more position before ending this session. I withdrew my cock and started sucking her in her same position. This was pleasure for her. I was licking it so deep that my nose was almost in her asshole.

Now I made her lie down in side pose with both the legs 90 degree to each other. I sat on her thigh with other leg folded on the asian sweetie has fun with a dick and inserted myself in. Now I pumped her real hard with going to the hilt dildo in recent legal age teenager cunt hardcore blowjob every stroke.

And she screamed with every stroke. I was getting ruthless, kept on spanking her and pressing her boobs and pinching nipples along this. Very soon I was on the climax, I told her that I wanted it in her mouth. She said next time as she wanted it deep in her pussy. I understood her feeling and cum in her. It was a big one. I was exhausted and I fell over her in the same position. With the passage of seconds we settled down hugging each other tightly. We also did anal the same evening on her cooking table.

That turned out to be very bad as she got a tear and mild bleeding. We never did anal again but we kept on having our friends' fuck on. She would be getting married this December and leaving for Canada. Dear All, this is one of those incidences which I would never ever forget.