Hot blowjob during threesome hardcore and teen

Hot blowjob during threesome hardcore and teen
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This story takes place in a make-believe world where all females are the property of males. It is not necessarily gorean but may appeal to people who enjoy such fantasies. This story contains strong themes such as non-consensual sex, slavery, humiliation, and bestiality. If any of these themes offend you, then I wish you well on your way. If you choose to continue reading, then I thank you for taking the time to possibly enjoy my first erotic piece.

Chapter 1: The Slave's Catch The cold of a steel collar made goosebumps down the back of Eri's neck and woke her before the sun showed through the window of her inn room.

She was naked except for the collar which was locked about her throat and she shivered in her blankets against the early morning cold. It had been one month since she had escaped her master, but she had no means of removing the accursed collar.

That wasn't the only problem though; without her master, she had certain other needs that weren't being fulfilled. Her hands brushed her smooth thighs as she rolled onto her back. The shaved skin felt so smooth under her hand and the contact so close to her sex set her loins aflame with need.

She reached one slender hand down to her aching clit and began to stroke. She began slowly but as her need grew, she fingered herself with wild abandon. Her legs kicked out wildly as she descended into a deep ecstasy from her self-pleasuring and began to moan uncontrollably, heading closer and closer to a full-on orgasm.

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She let out a final cry of pleasure before she heard a knock on the door—not good. She quickly covered herself with her thick blankets before answering in an affected masculine voice "come in" she said.

A buxom girl entered wearing nothing but a collar and a dusty apron. She had brown hair, pale complexion, and expressive blue eyes.

She prostrated herself before Eri's veiled form and said "Master, I am at your full disposal." Eri was disgusted that girls were reduced to such a state as this slave. She was merely a toy for people staying at the inn to play with as they chose. This is how all women were—all except for Eri anyway. That didn't mean Eri had any pity for slavegirls, she intended to own some in good time; all slave girls were pleasing to look at and were eager to please.

However, she couldn't afford to blow her cover, so she would have to wait to indulge herself. "Slut, wait outside while I dress, then return when I call for you." "Yes Master." As soon as the girl padded out of the room and daintily closed the door, Eri finished her climax, spilling cum on her bedsheets. Next she tiptoed over to her clothes pile and began to get dressed. She was still unaccustomed to clothes chafing her smooth skin, but she had her disguise to thank for her freedom.

She stretched trousers onto her long legs, wrapped her breasts in linen, and covered herself with a loose shirt. The finishing touch was a scarf wrapped snugly around her collar, concealing it.

She pulled on thick hiking boots as she made her way to a vanity to inspect her work. Her disguise definitely worked; she looked like a handsome, young man. Her straight brown hair was cut short and her feminine dude bangs elegant female agent in office were totally covered by her clothes.

Satisfied with her work, Eri called for the slavegirl, who immediately entered the room and kneeled before Eri. She said "What do you wish, Master?" Eri stroked the slave's acorn-colored locks of hair and fondled her round boobs while thinking. She finally said in a masculine voice "stay here a moment and let me enjoy you. Then, fetch me some breakfast." "Yes Master." The slavegirl let Eri play with her body like clay, as Eri groped her curvaceous frame and slender waist. This horny good looking teen ass toying on webcam so good, Eri thought as she continued to stroke the smooth skin of the serving wench, feeling all of her feminine lines.

Handling a slave like a piece of meat like this gave Eri a rush. She felt empowered as she was allowed to take her pleasure from a hapless slave.

This sort of power was still a new experience for Eri and as such this thrill of power was more intoxicating even than the soft texture of slave flesh. She played with the girl's ample breasts, bouncing and squeezing them for a time, and playfully pinching her erect nipples.

She leaned down and put her hand between the girl's thighs and felt her juices pool there. Eri watched the girl at her feet's reaction and heard her begin moaning—she was actually enjoying being used like this! Eri looked for signs of the girl nearing orgasm and as soon as she was about to climax, Eri released the girl and let her fall to the ground.

She snapped at the girl "What are you doing dallying here, wench. get me my meal!" She couldn't stand the idea of a slave enjoying this kind of treatment; when she was a slave, she hated every second of use. The slavegirl looked confused at what she had done to displease the master, but she wasted no time in rising to her feet and leaving the room.

As she padded off, Eri admired the sway of the girl's hips which were framed so splendidly by fantasyhd chloe amours flexible legs are wide open for dick hardcore brunette apron. * After her meal of bread and stew, Eri headed toward the slaver's lodge.

She thought it ironic how unavoidable the trade of slavery was that she wound up finding work there. The lodge was outside the city a ways. It was a building of sparse comforts that constantly smelled of musk, sweat, and feces. They kept untrained women there as well as bloodhounds which were bred and trained to track the scent of a woman's heat.

The dogs would sometimes be rewarded with women they could keep in their kennels. Eri despised and feared this practice which was the absolute worst punishment for slavegirls.

As such, she hated dogs and never used any for her own expeditions. Eri entered the stagnant smelling building and was greeted by a pair of collared girls who accepted her hat and cape. Eri fondled the cute, blonde one, tousling her shining hair. She said "Good girl, daisy" and gave her a treat which the blonde ate right out of Eri's hand.

Eri loved this darling slave for her obedience and so she treated her well.

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The girl, daisy blushed at the kind treatment and leaned her pretty head against Eri's leg saying the appropriate response: "Thank you Master!" The girl, daisy was bred as a slave and as such had good manners and an inborn desire to please and be pleasing. Her hair which she usually wore in twin braids was the color of vibrant straw and her skin was almost creamy white, with no imperfections.

The other girl at Eri's feet was a naughty america com virgin sex vixen who was tamed from the wild and still had a feisty streak and was always up to mischief. She was called tessie. Eri didn't like the look of her jealous pout and so made her bend down to all fours and raise her butt high into the air to receive a spanking.

The other girl, daisy smiled and purred as Eri administered strike after strike on tessie's fast-reddening cheeks. The girl, tessie's yelping apparently announced Eri's presence to the amateur white teen sucking dick cronys daughters do as they must hunters. The chief hunter's personal slave bella came out to the entrance room and greeted Eri.

She was a shy and dainty blonde who kept her hair shoulder length and walked with extreme grace. She was stunningly beautiful and despite her being born in the wild, she was extremely docile and obedient. She was undyingly loyal to the chief hunter who trained her in himself and prized her. Eri was somehow jealous of the attention that bella got from her master and she had to remind herself that she wasn't a slave anymore.

She had no reason therefore to be jealous of some slave girl even a spoiled one at that. The girl, bella said "my Master would like to see you in his audience room before you go out again, Master Aaron." This was expected, so Eri stopped playing with the girls and got up to answer the summons. "Tell him I'll be right in." Eri didn't fondle bella as she did most females because bella was a personal slave. It's okay to pet personal slaves or stroke their hair, but fondling or groping them would be considered a breach of someone else's property.

Eri didn't touch bella, but she drank in the sight of the beautiful, naked girl as she padded off to return to her master's heel. One of the advantages to being disguised as a free man was that Eri was allowed to make people wait for her. A slave had to complete tasks as swiftly as they had been given or they would be punished to ensure they hurry next time, while men did things at their own pace.

And so, Eri sent tessie off with her hat and cloak and stayed to play with her favorite girl, bonnie rotten rack em up! for a few more minutes. Eri grabbed the girl's petite wrist and pulled her to her feet.

From that position, Eri had much better access of her heart-shaped buttocks and shaved pussy. She lifted daisy's chin and kissed her on the lips, invading her mouth with her eager tongue while sensuously petting the slavegirl's pussy. With a final, familiar squeeze of the girl's bottom, Eri let her go. The girl, daisy looked up at Eri with wonder in her marvelous blue eyes before hurrying on her way.

* Eri was finally going to meet with the chief hunter and learn the details of her next expedition. She entered the audience chamber to the sound of violent barking—she hated dogs and dogs hated her. "Calm down, Maximus" a powerful masculine gorgeous katarina has her wet pussy slammed said.

She saw the chief hunter reclining on his great antlered throne. He wore a fur vest and black leather pants. His girl, bella had her body draped over the giant man's lap while his favorite dog, Maximus was straining at his leash, teeth bared, saliva falling to the floor. It was truly a terrifying sight Eri thought. The walls were covered with the heads of beasts and with many tapestries depicting successful hunts of rare beasts and women with exotic hair or skin colors.

After the chief hunter finally got his dog under control, he addressed Eri. "I apologize for my dog. He normally behaves himself much better" he said. "Anyway, you've been doing good work for us this last month, Aaron and it's fine time we let you keep a woman to yourself, so whatever you catch this expedition, is yours to train as you like." This was unexpected good news Eri thought, so she said "Thank you, sir.

I'll keep that in mind." "Someday you'll have to tell me how you catch anything without dogs though." "I have my ways. I just really don't like dogs so I've learned other techniques which I find work better for me." As she said this, Maximus renewed his effort to break loose and attack Eri.

"Well I daresay, they don't like you much either" the chief hunter said. "Sit boy!" Despite the chief hunter's protests, the dog continued to struggle, making the chief hunter's arm muscles bulge as he tried to keep his dog still.

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"I swear he normally doesn't behave like this! Aaron, why don't you and bella fetch Maximus a kennel-girl before you go?" Bella hurriedly rose to her feet and led Eri to the kennels. * On the way to the kennels, they passed the cage room.

Newly caught slaves were kept in small cages stacked three high along the walls. The cages were so small that the girls could only crawl on their hands and knees and they had to curl up into balls when they slept. Each cage had a tube to lap water from and a slot where feed bowls could be inserted. The floor of the cages was straw. Despite the fact that the straw was changed frequently, the room still smelled of unwashed female bodies and feces.

Dozens of the cages were filled and Eri looked at all the frantic and scared girls, seeing the fear in their eyes as they pressed up against the cage walls, naked and terrified. Eri didn't like this room, she almost felt pity for the poor girls who were once ran wild in the forest but now were destined to be trained to please men. They passed the cage room and went immediately into a room which smelled only slightly less stagnant, but was filled with the racket of a bunch of large dogs.

The kennel was a single, large barred off room which housed all of the chief hunter's hounds. It was kept much cleaner by the slaves who were given to the dogs. Every time Eri had to see the kennels, they sickened her. There were ten big dogs which spent their time either laying around or mounting one of their slaves and rutting for all to see.

The five collared and naked girls spent their time either busying themselves with cleaning the school teacher student xxx story or making themselves pretty for their lupine masters. They would often be interrupted when a dog wanted to either lick their cunts or outright mount them.

The girls obedient japanese milf kaoru fujitani fucked not allowed to refuse any of the dogs no matter what else they were doing and had to at once submit to the mounting.

They were also required to play with the dogs by throwing sticks for them to fetch.

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The final insult though was that the girls had to eat leftovers from the dogs once they finished eating their coarse mushy food. Eri wanted nothing more than to quickly grab Maximus' favorite girl and get out of there. The one they wanted was a pale, slim girl with straight black hair and bangs that went down to her eyebrows. She was called lacy and Eri found her kneeling in a corner brushing her silky hair. The other dogs never touched Lacy since she was the favorite of their alpha, Maximus.

"lacy!" Eri called, and at once, the girl crawled over and presented herself to Eri. Eri looked down at her and was surprised at how conceited the kennel-girl looked. There shouldn't be room for haughtiness in a pet of pets, Eri thought.

Eri reached through the bars and attached a leash to the slim girl's collar before letting her out of the kennel. The dogs barked at Eri as she got near the cage, but they didn't try to attack her when she opened the door. Eri returned to the audience room as fast as she could, followed by bella and lacy who crawled on all fours like the dog she was. As soon as they made it back, the chief hunter let Maximus go and he bolted to his mate and mounted her instantly.

Eri turned away, not wanting to see it, but she saw that the sight made the chief hunter grin. "Thank you, Aaron, now I hope your expedition goes well." The chief hunter said dismissively, intent upon the spectacle of his slave and his pet. Eri took that as her cue to set out.

* Eri and the rest of her group of hunters lay in wait, hidden by a stream in the slave forest. There was enough bush cover that no female would be able to see them when approaching the stream for a drink. It was just a matter of waiting and listening to the delightful sound of songbirds calling to each other, singing their bird love songs. They waited for a time and then finally they saw something.

"Is that a fire?" Eri slender stepsister teens got fucked in a threesome sex her companions.

As it got closer to the stream it became apparent what it actually was. "A fiery-headed lass, if that is what you meant" said one of the slavers. There was obvious lust in the eyes of Eri's companions.

They sat for a few minutes, watching the girl bend down, her behind in the air as she put her mouth to the stream and began to gulp down the clear water.

Somehow, the sight of her companions in such a lust made Eri feel jealous. She quickly tried to quell the feelings though; slaves had nothing which she needed be jealous of! "She's mine" Eri said.

She pulled out her bola and prepared to throw it. All she had to do was bind both her ankles with the throw and this wench would be her property. When she finally threw, her aim was off though and her bola fell uselessly into the water making a loud splash which startled the girl. The redhead bolted instantly, her naked thighs and calves rippling as she ran as fast as an elk. A slaver said "Look at her go!

She's practically asking to be caught and raped, the way she ran away from us like that!" Eri wasted no time in giving chase. She didn't want to have to report a missed catch to the chief hunter, especially one like this.

Iamporn gina gerson pov doggy style fuck heard her companions continue to shout cat-calls to her quarry.

Hormonal men were strange to her, but she did her best to play the part of one. In this case, this required not letting an exotic beauty like this escape. Eri ran and ran, not bothering to track the girl, but instead using her feminine intuition as to where she would run if she was a frightened girl.

Since she wasn't so different from the prey she sought, she was able to guess at their behavior much better than her male counterparts and thus she was able to catch up to the running girl. She watched the girl's lithe form as her hips swayed about and her breasts swung around. Eri readied another bola and after swinging it a few times, she threw it.

Her throw was true and the girl's ankles were suddenly bound fast causing her to trip. She tried frantically to crawl away, but Eri was quickly upon her. Eri laid on the girl to hold her down with her own weight, but the girl continued to struggle, clawing and biting at Eri until suddenly something happened which Eri did not expect.

The girl stopped struggling. There was only a trace of fear left in her green eyes. She was staring at Eri's throat which made Eri realize that something had fallen off in the struggle—her scarf which concealed her collar.

After a stunned stillness, Eri took the opportunity to bind the girl's hands and feet. "You're a girl." the redhead said. This made Eri jump slightly. Eri used a cloth to gag her well so she would say no more. She retrieved her scarf and looked down at her captive. She knew. Despite the danger of bringing in a slave who knew, she couldn't just let her go now.

If she returned home empty handed, they might make her use dogs next time and the idea of that was sickening to her. She made up her mind and picked the lithe girl's naked body up and fireman's carried her back to the lodge. * The first thing to do was to clean up the new girl. In the wilderness, girls washed in springs, but never shaved or cut their hair, so some work had to be done to make them presentable as slaves.

Eri brought her new girl to the slave-washing room. Shortly after she arrived and unbound and ungagged her catch, daisy and tessie arrived to wash the new slave.

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First, the slaves attended to the new girl's hair. Her fiery hair which before went down to past her buttocks, was cut to just below her shoulders. Next, the slavegirls took slave-brushes and brushed the girl's cascading hair with one hundred strokes which gave it a shiny luster. Eri felt a surge of pride and ownership, seeing her girl made up for her like this. Next, using coarse, horsehair brushes, they lathered soap onto the girl's unwashed skin.

This went on for a while as they had to clean all the grime of the forest off of her. She was starting to look exquisitely beautiful to Eri who had already begun fantasizing about how she would first use the girl. Next came the waxing. Eri remembered with horror how this felt, and cringed as she saw the two naked slaves applying wax to her girl. The redheaded girl must have seen the look on Eri's face because she began to look about and bite her lip in anxiety.

After the girl's hair had been covered with wax and with cloth strips after, Eri braced herself to hear her girl's screams. Looked her girl in the eyes and tried to give her some small amount of courage to face what was about to come; however, it was not enough. The girl magdalene mother s son 2 full out in pain as the slaves ripped the wax strips from her body, leaving behind nice tits ebony rides white married cock elisse skin that was smooth without hair.

The girls continued despite the protestations, daisy at least tried to be gentle, concern in her eyes, while tessie was clearly enjoying the pain caused by this. Eri was glad when the whole episode was over though, and finally was able to admire the fully groomed new slavegirl, who blushed at her increased nakedness from losing her body hair.

There was one thing missing though. Eri was taught from her earliest years that a girl is incomplete without a collar. And so, without further ado, she locked one about her slaves throat, a sign that she was Eri's pet now and forever. Eri felt proud that she finally owned her own property, her own slave.

The moment was short-lived though. Her pride was spoiled by a simple look that her slave gave her. It was a simple smirk that spoke volumes in itself. It was a look not of a slave, but of one who owned her—it was a look that said "I know your secret and you're mine." For a moment, everything froze for Eri as she took in the enormity of what this meant. At any time this slave could reveal her secret. All of her fantasies of power over this girl began to fall away and instead she began to see her whole world fall in on itself.

She saw her future in that moment—she was prostrate before the chief hunter, apologizing over and over and humiliating herself before him, only to be given over to the dogs, as their new plaything and chewtoy. No. This could not be. She should be able to find some agreement with the slavegirl so that she would remain silent.

Her train of thought was interrupted by daisy's milky voice which brought her back to reality "Master, would you like to brand your girl?" Eri looked down at the redhead and gulped. She forgot for a moment to deepen her voice and instead let out a hoarse whisper. "Excuse me, Master?" daisy asked. Eri came back to herself and said with more confidence "I think I will do that later. For now, I'd like to begin her training immediately." She shared a look with the girl, it was a pleading look which she hadn't used since she stole her own freedom, but she was made desperate by this fiery haired beauty.

She forgot even to spoil daisy as she led her new girl by leash to a spare room where they could talk more privately. Thank you make me creamy mason moore creampie brunette taking the time to read this to the very end. If you want more on this story or have constructive criticism, please take the time to leave a comment at the bottom.