Thai ist hot and gets hard fucked

Thai ist hot and gets hard fucked
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Escaping the pain part 3: It smelled like teen spirit While our heroes are in their train to freedom, we are going to divert our attention to someone who for better or worse is going to be important to our main characters.

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Alan, a 30 year old man was in his 2 blondes 1 man having a group sex in a cop party blowjob classic sex cabin near a small town, reminiscing about his past life while sitting in his new couch, while the whiskey was pouring down his throat he remembered the time he married his late wife, when they were both 18, she was so beautiful, inciting, they didn't waste any time to have children, her daughter was a pretty dark haired girl like their parents, tough life was going well for the 3 of them, everything started to go south, little by little, the older his daughter was getting, the more he found the need to… touch her, feel her, and when she was four he started inducing ideas in her little mind, convinced her that the way he "played" with her was normal, when she was 10 he used to take pictures of her, he taught her about sexual education his own way, at twelve, she was with a friend in their house, he took an opportunity, something he had never dreamed off, he tried to rape them both, knocking them unconscious was easy, some sleeping pills in the lemonade, moving them was easy with his adult body frame, even going to the attic was easy as it could get, it had taken Alan some months to get it conditioned to be an S&M chamber, with 2 restraining, ropes hanging from the ceiling, waiting for the wife and the daughter to be there was too much of a pain, Mary had gone out of state for a job, he had at the very least another day to play, a game he had wanted, a game he needed, slowly he stripped his daughter, tough he knew her body, that day he will take his daughter's virginity, something he had waited patiently for so long, first was the t-shirt, pink with a chocolate cupcake in the front, she never wore a bra when in the house, so her little perfect mounds appeared, nipples of a natural pink, one that only is seen in young, tender story sex 18 old beautiful french. He then realized that his daughter and her friend where very much alike, a 4 feet, 9 inches in size, both looked like they were A cups, only difference seemed to be his daughter was a stunning brunette, and her friend was a natural, attractive blonde, his eyes now fixated in his daughter's shorts that came out at the same time as her light blue cotton underwear, then it was time to strap her to the hanging device that had been waiting for weeks for someone to use it, next was that young blonde friend that had the bad luck of coming to his house, for a sleepover, she was more daring than his daughter, black laced underwear covered her intimate parts, and he made a misreading in the breast size, she was a B cup, and her nipples were as pink as his daughter, after the strapping, he proceeded to take away his clothes, he decided to leave his daughter's cherry for dessert, that delicious blonde will have to leave, she will die after this night of pleasure gorgeous babes having fun with black guy lust, he knew she could not be controlled, the gags on both girls was for the inevitable screaming, he touched, the silky softness of her skin had a static effect in his hands, first was passing her ankles, all the way up to her hips, he could not stop his mouth of making the rest of the road, long kisses from her public hair area, to the bellybutton, slow long licks found their way to her little provoking breasts, then he started sucking the area around the nipples, and she started moaning in her dreams, feeling the ecstasy and pleasure his actions produced, he started playing with her nipples in his teeth, at first like he was tuning on his favorite radio station with his teeth, softly, to then suddenly start a little chewing, in one breast, and pinching with his hand the other, that is when he could not hold himself any longer.

He quickly positioned himself in between her legs and started licking her vagina that felt untouched, and smelled the sweet nectar of her wetness; his tongue found its way to her cunt, its taste was like none he had savored before it stuck in his nostrils and throat before it even hit its throat it was delightful, she was wet enough, he needed his clothes no more, took them off, positioned himself in between this young blonde virgin, she was going to wake up soon, but he wanted that, he had taken his time just so he could see her eyes, and at the moment he tried forcefully to enter in her cavity, she felt that, she opened her eyes to see this man trying to take away her virginity, at that moment, they met eyes, it was a mistake, the full length of his 7.4 inches of palpitating cock entered in one violent pump, she was so tight, her hymen broke so easily, she felt it, it had hurt so much she had to scream, she couldn't the gag stopped her cry for help in her throat, the violent way that he came in and out so fast, the total length of his shaft felt like she was being impaled, Alan fell the sudden need to come, his penis grew in size sign that he was about to come and he did stream after stream filled this girls with his seed, and after he was donehe left her vagina and introduced her panties inside her vagina so the aroma of their juices and her blood, he needed to rest, but it was then that he heard her, a sound that will end up changing everything, a scream born out of pure fear coming from none other than his wife, she was staring at the scene, with fear in her eyes, that soon turned into rage for the action that had taken place.

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HOW DARE YOU? That was the last she ever said, Alan tackled her off the stairs that led to the attic, broke her neck on her way down, and he realized what he did once he saw her, lying dead and his daughter's muzzled cries interrupted his thoughts, he did not have time to waste, he closed in on her still virgin daughter, penis erected, throbbing as he will be abusing her, tough she was not wet nor excited, he penetrated her in one move, not caring for her safety nor her feelings, roughly touching her, as if not caring at all, in fast moves he was in, and then out, in and out, in and out that tight virginal hole he had wished so dearly, he didn't stop even when she saw him with tearful eyes, or her scared expression, he continued to rape her, penetrating so forcefully and uncaringly of her safety, touching her roughly all over her body, her soft tummy, her perfect little breast which he licked, sucked and bit so desperately while he placed his hand in her husband and wife sex xxx sex buttocks, he spit his middle finger, and penetrated her tight asshole, making her scream and move even more violently, but to no avail, as she was strapped mid-air and his strength was greater than hers.

After Alan raped his daughter, he stuffed her underwear in her vaginal cavity and left, ignoring his daughter to get everything ready, he needed to run away, Alan sold all of his action, withdrew all of his money, he could not risk travelling on any legal means, if someone were to found his family in that state he will certainly be put in custody, and most likely he would die before he even took a step in prison, with the years he had made some "friends" that had the same tastes as himself, in 40 hours he was already in Mexico, a child molester who had some connections to a child abduction network, that was the good thing about connections, he had some good money in the stock market, and the bank accounts had been gathering all of it for years, a good 1,7 million dollars, a good retirement you must say, the conditions of his embarking and hiding were simple, he would go to a town used mainly to gather kids from around Mexico and a pit stop for those coming from South America ready to be shipped to other cities in Mexico or to the U.S.

to be sold to whoever wanted to have a child no matter what reasons those reasons were, Alan would at first act as a caretaker in one of the safe houses, in time he got a shack to call his, all equipped to have all the children he wanted, he had the right to one or two each month, and because of his investment skills he gets a little cut as well, to hide his presence he made his identifications to be found in a beach somewhere in Belize, that way anyone could think he was dead, in the news he got word that his daughter and her friend were rescued by the little blonde girl's family, taken in custody of her grandparents and once all the fuzz came down he knew nothing of her ever again.

And there he was, with three misty stone gets a good mouthing fucking of whiskey in his stomach, a naked boy sucking his dick all while sitting in the couch of his shack, looking at the photos of the kids that arrived that week, then slutty brunette ex girlfriend nikki hearts getting fucked doggystyle took from his side drawer, the panties that he took from inside the girls he raped once, they were inside zip lock bags to retain their essence, and when he sniffed he tough that they smelled, just like teen spirit.