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Hot blonde teen railed by big hard cock on the couch pornstar piercing
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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = * * * * * * * * * * * * two hot girls like to masturbate together spoke. "Would the jury please present their verdict." Evelyn sat smugly in the witness box, sure of what the verdict would be. She sipped at the water glass which Sam had kept refilled for her during her long interview.

She glanced at the glass for a moment, unsure of whether the odd taste was the water or the excitement of the moment. The various members of the jury passed small tablets to one of the jurywomen who stood and stepped forward to stand in front of Evelyn. "Evelyn Fitzpatrick, we of the jury find that you do, indeed, deserve to be a permanent part of SaM's Place." Evelyn smiled, or at least she tried to; her face would not form the smile.

The jurywoman continued, "As you have so clearly shown by your own statements, all of your attempts to dominate others have been made possible by your daddy's money, and not by any inner strength of your own.

Also, although you have crushed many people, you have never broken any of them to serve and obey you. No one has ever looked you in the eye and proclaimed, 'I submit' or 'I am your slave forever.'" Evelyn suddenly became worried and tried to look over at Sam, but found that she could no longer turn her head. "We have therefore concluded that you are just a sadistic, power-hungry, bitch who through money, drugs and influence has been able to hide the fact that she is by nature merely the lowliest of slaves." Evelyn tried to take a sip of water to wet her suddenly dry mouth, but her hands would not move.

"Actually we knew this long before you ever began to speak." With that, the jurywoman took off her mask. It was Linda Martin. The other members of the jury began to take off their masks. Fear gripped Evelyn as she recognized Stella and Gwen and Paula and Penny and David and Frank and Susan and Vicki and Toni and Diane and Joyce. A small, oriental woman walked in from the darkness. She stood directly in front of Evelyn. "It is pronounced 'Chee-ong'" she said, and then spat in Evelyn's face. As she moved back toward the darkness a young Chinese gentleman joined her and took her arm in his as they walked away together.

Sam got up from his seat at the judge's bench and walked out in front of Evelyn. "I don't think you realize, how fitting it is that you become a permanent part of SaM's place, Evelyn. Pink mask lp officer saw a teen trying to steal all, SaM's place exists because of you." If her face had been able to move, Evelyn would have shown surprise and puzzlement.

She had no idea what Sam was referring to. He continued, "Long ago I decided to create a club for true masters based on revenge for wrongs done. All of the slaves here were once like you - people who thought themselves powerful just because they had money or position, but in fact they were nothing but sniveling slaves waiting to be put in their place.

For a moment, I thought you recognized your old sorority sister - Delia was her name, wasn't it?" Not all of Evelyn's muscles were paralyzed. She could feel her bladder emptying down her legs as her fear slowly turned to terror. "All along, I had you in mind when I started this club, but until now, the time wasn't right.

I had to build up the club slowly. I cultivated contacts with people who had money and power and, most of all, were in their hearts and minds masters of their lives, not just slaves who had been given power by their daddies or mommies. I helped them feel the satisfaction of a true master's revenge on a slave who does not know his or her place. Since the club has become known - or should I say has become infamous - I have had a few fathers turn in their own sons or daughters when they recognized what they had spawned.

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I also have had a few wives or husbands turned over to me for similar reasons." "Originally I was judge and jury, but as I investigated your life, I found those whom you thought you had defeated, but had never conquered. They, pervcity shay hard anal wife deepthroat gagging, were waiting for the right time to exact their revenge.

They, too, could see the vison of SaM's place." "Slowly I gathered together this jury. We judged each person carefully and only after much research, but we all knew in our hearts that each time we held court, it was you whom we were judging. It was you whom we were waiting for. It was you who fueled the desire for revenge within the depth of our being. As we waited for the time of revenge that must surely come, each of us put our money and our power and prestige behind the project until now SaM's Place is more powerful than any one person anywhere in the world." The jury members took off their robes to reveal black leather outfits similar to what had been worn by the masters inside the club.

They approached Evelyn and lifted her up from her chair. She tried to resist, but was unable to move. Sam continued, "Isn't it ironic that you, who so often used drugs to subdue your victims, are yourself subdued by a drug. Actually, it is a rather complex drug made up of many different parts that have to be administered in a specific order.

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That is why the trial. That is why we kept you talking so that your mouth would dry out and you would keep drinking water. Each time I refilled your water glass, I was giving you a different dose of the drug. There are many effects from these drugs, but the most significant are that you cannot move, but can feel everything; your muscles will remain in any position we pose them, but will respond to pain or electric shock; you will soon be consumed with raging sexual need, but will never be able to climax; and perhaps most importantly, at all times your mind will be totally clear so that you can fully appreciate what is being done to you." The members of the jury began to cut Evelyn's clothing from her body.

Somehow she managed a desolate moan.

After she was totally naked, they carried her to the center of the room where a large, strange-looking platform had been wheeled in. There were steel high-heeled shoes on the platform and a long, apparently hollow, pole extending up to slightly higher than Evelyn's waist. The tip of the pole was slightly tapered.

One of the jury opened a small tube and began to spread some sort of clear lubrication on the tip of the pole.

Then Evelyn was lifted up and impaled on the pole. When finally in place with the pole firmly in her ass, her feet were strapped into the metal shoes. Next nipple clamps with a series of bells hanging from them were attached to each nipple and several strings of lights were wound around her. One end of each string was connected to something on the platform, the other end was connected to a large metal dildo which was pushed roughly into her cunt.

Evelyn's eyes widened in fear as she realized that she was on a platform identical to the ones she had seen at the entrance to the club. "Before you are set in place," said Sam, "I think there is something you should know. My name isn't Sam. It is Thomas. Thomas Barrington. After you got my dad fired, he began drinking very heavily. One day he couldn't take it any more and shot my mother and himself. I found them when I came home from school.

Because panochudas jugando volleybol en minishort de lycra you, I lived through the hell of foster homes and institutions and the only thing that kept me going was the thought of this day of revenge.

I have a doctorate in electronic engineering and several patents for some highly useful and lucrative items. That is how I became rich, but you are why I became rich. I became rich because I knew that I needed to be rich and powerful in order to find you and make you pay for every rotten thing that you did in your petty and insignificant life." "Oh, and Evelyn, in case you think that someone is looking for you, you are not the only one with connections with Hollywood makeup artists.

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It is also a rather exclusive club, but is more or less public. There you met a very handsome young man with whom you left a few hours later. In the morning you will call into work and say that you are taking some long-deserved vacation time. You and your new lover will fly first class to the Bahamas and after several marvelous days on the beach in full sight of everyone, you will fly from there to Africa for a safari adventure. Unfortunately, both of you will be killed in a dreadful accident shortly after embarking on your romantic adventure.

The bodies will never be found." Evelyn tried to comprehend what was happening to her and what Sam had just told her. He continued, "From this moment on, Evelyn Fitzpatrick no longer exists.

Your slave name is 'Wendy.' Your slave number is '308.'" He continued, "You may have noticed that we did not blindfold you. You will soon realize that this was not an oversight.

We want you to see each person who comes into the club. I want you to look at true masters and learn your place as a true and utter slave. Hopefully someday you will be able to earn you way up to the kitchen or perhaps become a server or performer in the club. Until then." Sam pushed the platform into a niche in the wall. One of the jurymen lifted Evelyn's arms and placed them in the manacles which hung from the ceiling of the enclosure.

Then Sam closed a glass door and Evelyn felt the platform rising into the darkness. She tried to move, but could not. She tried to call out, but could not. Finally the platform stopped. All was dark and quiet for a long time when suddenly her body was wracked with pain as the lights began flashing and the bells hanging from her nipples began ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing.

The wall in front of her had become transparent and through the glass she could dimly see a group of people standing at the entrance to the club. One of them was Sam. The members of her jury accompanied him.

All were dressed in lavish evening clothes. Linda was holding down the large, white doorbell button. After several minutes, which seemed like hours to slave Wendy, Sam laughed and reached up and gently pulled down Linda's arm. "I think they have heard us." he said. "Shall we go in?" = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = END OF STORY = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =