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Thief bondage and bdsm haircut xxx gina valentina is one jummy teenager dish and shes
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Michael sat at the same table he sat at every single day for lunch. Everything was normal. He sat alone, his piercing blue eyes peering out from beneath his light brown hair, a few stray locks poking into his vision as he surveyed the crowd of people.

There were a few that interested in, but very few. These were all his fellow students, high school kids who had nothing better to do than gossip during lunch. They were all doing absolutely nothing. Michael sighed and got up, dumping his Styrofoam tray into the trashcan before shouldering his backpack and heading off towards the bathrooms. He walked absent-mindedly down the halls towards the bathroom as he heard the sound of rampant female giggling from behind him.

Michael groaned at the sound. "Hey nerd!" Michael kept walking, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of getting to him. He attempted to enter the men's bathroom as the five girls grabbed his backpack and dragged him backwards, his attempts at fighting back half heartedly contradicting the universal law about hurting women.

even if they most likely weren't human. He was pushed against the wall just across from the bathroom and fronted by the five girls, Candy, Brittany, Alice, Jenna and Rose. Candy, Brittany and Jenna were his classmates, juniors, while Alice the sophomore and Rose the freshman tagged along.

The first three, the juniors, sneered at him while Alice attempted to do the same, constantly looking over at them and adjusting herself. Rose just stood in the back, looking at him with pity in her eyes. She had to laugh, had to keep their friendship, but through all of their encounters Michael knew that she was the nice one.

"You don't get to ignore us like that, nerd! We are the alpha; you are just the bottom feeder. You LISTEN to us!" Candy stepped forward and slapped him, her hand leaving a stinging red all pornfidility fucking story hardcore on his face.

At this the other girls didn't even laugh.

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They simply gaped. If anyone, ANYONE saw that, Candy would be expelled. Physical contact of the confrontational kind was not tolerated at all. Michael simply kept his blank stare on and looked back at her. This, somehow, just made her even angrier. "Stupid! Don't even have the balls to fight back. Talk!" She put her face directly into his and just stared at him. If she hadn't been such a bitch Candy would have been the wet dream of every guy in the school.

Standing at five feet seven, she had wavy light chocolate hair down to her back and a pair of hazel brown eyes that could melt a heart. Her body was toned and muscular from dancing, and it was well known that she was a ballerina in her spare time.

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It was quite a feat, considering her bust was 36 C, maybe a little bigger. She was a knockout, a model in the making. Brittany and Jenna weren't ugly either. The two were twins, blonde haired and blue eyed with exactly the same body. 36 B tits and a tight tummy, tiny little ass and long legs that were used to hard workouts during track season… each of them had a group of guys who wanted to get on the inside track but it was well known that they were off limits.

Their father was the head coach of the school, not a man to be messed with. Then there were the younger two, each totally different than the others. Rose had short cut brown hair pulled back over a pair of innocent brown eyes that seemed huge, with tiny flower earrings made of pink and purple rhinestones. To finish off the innocent freshman appearance, Rose was tiny. She was maybe five feet tall, with a b-cup bra most likely. Her constant wearing of short shorts betrayed her long, toned legs leading up to a nice ass.

Michael wasn't sure what sports she played but he could tell she did something. Alice had shoulder length deep red hair that shone almost rogue in the sunlight. Her green eyes shone out with a confidence that was almost shattered by her choice of friends.

While all the others ran in other social circles, Alice hid by herself when she wasn't with her friends. She had no confidence without the mob mentality given to her by the other four, although Michael was probably the only guy who noticed it.

She was well developed for a sophomore, C-cup bra and five foot four stature, despite the fact that she didn't work out like the others. All in all, Michael was confronted by the top five hottest girls in class, without the ability to do anything about it. He simply sighed, placed a hand on Candy's shoulder and pushed her aside, and walked towards the bathroom. Once he was inside the lights flipped off, leaving him in the dark.

The sound of mingled laughter told him that his 'friends' outside had done it. He walked calmly to the second light switch and flipped it, lighting the room again. The girls had played the trick enough that he knew the way to the second switch by heart. He opened up the last stall and locked it behind him, sat down on the sparkling white toilet and put his head in his hands. After a minute of depressing thoughts Michael heard the sound of footsteps from the girls bathroom britney young and devon lee shared a hard man meat to him.

He knew that the wall he sat by separated the girls' bathroom and the guys' bathroom, and the sounds of the five tormenters came through the wall easily. He sighed, blocked it out and dropped his shorts, letting his straining cock out of its confinement. The eight inch length Michael knew was above average, and he could tell it was a bit thicker than average from the Internet.

He had been forced to wear tight boxers for years now to try and keep it from being seen in public. Sighing with relief Michael wrapped a hand around his cock and started to stroke it gently, the tension of walking around high school with a bunch of girls in tight summer clothing finally being released.

Michael suffered from an overactive sex drive, meaning more sperm, more fertility and less recovery time. Though Michael only knew this as a shorter recovery time. He had never actually seen another guy to compare loads. Fellation militaire dans la foret en francais masturbation voyeurisme sound of laughter and a gasp from the girls' room caused him to jump. He looked over the wall with annoyance before something caught his eye.

A large hole, put into the gap between the stone of the wall, was just within reach of his eyes while he sat on the toilet. When he looked through, he nearly gasped with delight. It was a clean hole all the way through the wall to the women's bathroom. Looking through he could see Jenna and Brittany kissing passionately, Jenna up on the sink with her legs big black x com sex stories around the waist and chest of Brittany, who was massaging her sister's breasts as they locked lips.

Leaning against the stalls Rose had her hand on her own chest, one hand dipping lower on her stomach every few seconds. Alice already had a hand shoved down her pants, ruinously pushing her fingers in and out as she watched the two. Michael shifted his position on the toilet and looked around, realizing that whoever had put the hole through the wall was a genius. The hole was placed perfectly to see the entire girls' room.

Pulling back from the wall Michael looked desperately for the one thing he knew wouldn't be there. But there it was, another hole through the wall, this one placed so as to look into the last stall of the bathroom.

Putting his eye up to this hole he nearly fainted. The sight of Candy completely nude as she changed into her sports clothes for sixth and seventh period athletics. Michael's hand stroked harder as he watched Candy move her hands over her body and, most likely, checking imperfections. When she reached her breasts, with their light brown nipples poking out violently, she stopped and toyed a bit.

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The smile that crossed her face was forever burned into Michael's memory. For once, without the sneer, the rough language and the confrontational attitude, Candy looked the beautiful girl that Michael had always known to exist.

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As Michael's hand continued to stroke his bloated cock Candy's hand continued their journey over her body, stopping at points Michael desperately wanted to remember. Her belly button, a small caress just under her rib cage, her left hip, and finally she turned, to Michael's good fortune, to face the wall and caress the flushed lips between her thighs. Michael watched as her fingers probed down in between her legs, gently poking up inside of her innermost depths, before the sound of footsteps and talking came from the main area of the room.

Michael shifted to look into the other hole and saw the twins pulling up their shorts while the other girls extricated their hands from their shorts. He cursed himself and moved to the other hole to watch Candy again, her probing now full on fingering. Two fingers were flying in and out of her pussy as she made faces of deep pleasure, imitating Michael's joy at the scene in front of him. A knock on Candy's stall brought her back to reality, forcing her to withdraw her fingers and answer. One of the girls said something undressed sexy luscious teen banged hardcore and massage having only ten minutes left, making Candy get dressed quickly without finishing her session.

Michael sighed in disappointment as the girls left the room. He put his head back against the wall and pictured the scenes he had just witnessed, something that any guy in the school would pay money for. His hand continued stroking, the picture of Candy's sweet pussy and voluptuous tits plastered in his brain as his hand increased in speed.

Finally he reached his high point, stopping his hand and standing up as cum shot from his cock into the toilet. He stroked the rest out and wiped his head to prevent any unfortunate marks bleeding through his shorts. As he lef the bathroom he was joined by Rose, the tiny sympathetic freshman, coming from somewhere down the other hall. She smiled at him as they walked together down the hall toward the lunch area.

A smile was fixed on his face; so much that he even flashed one at Rose. Just before they exited the building, the young girl grabbed him by the elbow, jumped up on her toes and planted a kiss on cheek. This stunned Michael so much that the smile fell from his lips to be replaced by shock.

Dread took that place as she whispered in his ear. "I hope you enjoyed the show…"