Skinny mature has fun with teen girl and her boyfriend masturbation and hardcore

Skinny mature has fun with teen girl and her boyfriend masturbation and hardcore
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I do hope this meets requirements. All the legalities and regular warning apply to this story All reponses welcomedcritisism, accolades, questions and ideas. I will get back to you. Sleep Over. Part I. It was 2 friends and myself, Kev and Ray.

we were all excited to sleep in Kev's basement, in a tent his mom set up for us to pretend we were camping. Kevs dad was out of town and his mom liked her wine, she did it too keep us out of her hair and enjoy her wine and her drama tv shows.

We did the usual,drink lots of pop, popcorn that Kevs mom made us, horror shows in the vcr, and of course, the porn mags we found hidden in Kev's dad gun magazine collection. We would take turns going upstairs to see when his mom passed out, then we knew we could look at them without being caught. Kev said when she is out, she wouldnt wake till the next morning.

It didnt take long, about 10 pmi, I was the one to go upstairs and check on her, she was asleep, and i noticed huge titted babe rides strangers cock in the restroom the first time, was how pretty she actually was, and those big fucking tits, she had a great rack and a decent body for late 40's. I made sure she was asleep by calling her name, no response. I reached into my gym shorts and gave myself a rub, right in front of her, thinking about the magazines we going to look at, and too make sure she was actually asleep.

I went back downstairs and said the coast is clear. Ray looks at me and said, geeze, you got a hard on already and we didnt even look at a magazine yet. I look down and felt my face go red, i had a tent in my shorts, Smiled and sat down.

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Never mind looking at my dick, get the mags out, i wanna see some tits. Kev was already on it, reaching under the couch were he hid them earlier. I noticed Ray flick his tounge in the air discreetly while looking at Kevs ass, it made me think of something that been on my mind for the last 3-4 months. We went swimming alot, showered together when we got out, we shared a shower stall naked so no one could see.

At times we would get erections in the stall and compare, Kev had a big cock, at least 8 1/2 inches and thicker than mine, I was only 6 myself and Ray had a small one, only 4 and a bit, but he was by far the horniest of us mom and son key parker vintage classic. I am brought back to now as Kev threw a mag at us to look at and grabbed one for himself.

As we paged through each mag, it was very obvious that we were getting horny and Kevs big knob started to peek out from the top of his shorts, Rays and mine was rock hard as well. It was Ray who spoke up to get us out of our hypnotic state of pretty women with big tits and glorious pussy.

He said, im getting out of my shorts, its hot and i need to take a piss, he went to the bathroom and came back naked as a jaybird. We laughed as his small but rock hard cock was visibly throbbing. Kev saidlook at it, its got its own heartbeat, we laughed again with Ray laughing as well. Ray said, hey, its only fair you guys are naked too. I said.ummmm i dont think so, Kev followed that with a.I dare you, and if you do, so will dana vespoli she is the ultimate whore i.

(i did want to see his cock but didnt want to seem too eager) Ray said, Ohhhh man, a dare, you gotta do it now, or its a double dare. Ya aright,alright, i said feining disinterest. Kev and i stand up and pull down our underwear, Ray was clearly happy about the situation, as a drop of precum formed on his throbbing cockhead. I looked at Kev, he had a mischevious grin on his face, Like a inside joke or secret was being kept. Ray says, lets sit down in a circle, look at at the mags We all agreed, Kev reached under the couch again, much to Rays pleasure as this time, he didnt hide the intent of his thoughts.

But this time licked his upper lip while clearly eyeballing Kevs hard on. It suddenly occured to me that maybe they have done more than i think? They hung around each other alot and on a few occasions when i would call on Kev, knowing Ray was over, Kevs mom would tell me they are in his room would let me in. His room door was always locked when Ray was over. ( I found out later why! ) I knock on the door to his room and hear him say hang on, with muffled sounds of what i thought was cloth moving around and hear them both laugh, Ray would open the door.

But thats another story! Kev pulls out a magazine on the over were 3 guys that had huge cocks, and 3 hot blondes with big tits. I was mesmerized by the tits, how beautiful they were, and the cocks were all a bit bigger than Kevs.

Ray again brings me back to reality when he says, Ok, we play truth or dare, but just dares, and the dare is, what ever page we turn too, we copy what they are doing in the picture. Ray and i looked at Kev, noticed he was at full mast, with a huge smile on his face, i could swear he just gave Ray a wink.

I turned my head to look at Ray, I saw him wink back, and had the same grin on his face now as well. Kev says, Im in, followed immeadiately by Ray, my hesitant ok now made me think all of a sudden, what Kevs cock would feel and taste like.

I found myself weirded out at that thought, BUT also now, myself, at full attention, casting a glance at Rays hard as fuck dick, a track of clear precum down his still thobbing shaft.

Kev says, well Ray, since it was your idea, you get first flip to the first pic.

No backing out now, Ray and Kev reiterated, we gotta go through with this as he reached down and gave his thick cock a grab.

Ray reached for the mag, flipped through the pages, he kept it on the floor and after 10 seconds or so, flips the mag open to reveal.OMG. It was a page with 2 busty stepmom pussylicked in sixtynine pose big tits and lesbian on it, the top pic showed 2 of the guys from the cover, on thier knees sucking on the others cock at the same time.

The bottom pic was of the guy, who was getting sucked, fucking one doggystyle with the other guy fucking his mouth. My jaw dropped, Ray says the same thing in unison with Kev, no backing out and high five each other, i was shocked, but sat there full of anxiety as Kev stood up, the heft of his cock springing up and slapped his stomach. Ray was on his knees in front of Kev looking back at me saying, Cmon, no backing out and took Kevs meat into his mouth.

I watched and moved into a position beside Ray, I did not even stop to think. I started to lick and suck on Kevs shaft as Ray worked on Kevs cockhead.

I just went for it, letting pure horniess take control. It had nothing to do with being gay or bi, altho one would argue the point.

It was the simple fact, that i wanted to cum, this was fun to me in my brain as it was exciting to my cock. I stopped for a moment, watching Ray going to town on Kevs cockhead, Ray looks at me, says, ohhh, you want to trade? Ray aims Kevs cockhead towards my cherokee ampamp beauty booty i like scene his tounge reaches out and slides down the shaft thats wet from my spit.

I take Kevs cockhead into my mouth, i involuntarily moan. I can taste his precum mixed with Rays spit, I like it, i thought it would be salty as the stories go, but it wasnt bad, i had worse from my own cooking, i take my mouth off and look at the tip.

I look at Ray sucking on the side of Kevs shaft, who lets out a low moan of his appreciation and a huge drop of precum forms on his cockhead. I dart my tounge out, flick just the precum in and savour it. We are all lost in lust for getting off. Then I felt another surprise. A hand wrapped around my cock, dropping its own precum, making my head glisten. With Ray and i so close togetherhe winks at me, letting me know he he gonna do me with his hand, and i dont stop it.

We work on Kevs hard cock in tandem, taking turns switching from shaft to head with each full motion. Kev moans outloud. Ohhhhh fuk yaaaaa, you girls are good at thissssssss, Ooooooooohhhhh yaaaaaa,fuck yaaaaaaa. He called us his girls, it actually made my cock twitch in Rays hand, making me think that Ray and i were girls, made all the awkwardness of this go away. Kev grabbed Ray and myself gently by the hair, and said, I wanna see my girls kiss my cock on either side at the same time, while i slide my meat in between your lips.

What a fucking great idea Ray said, and planted a full on french kiss on me before i could do or say anything, but found myself returning my tounge into his mouth as well. At the same moment, Kev slide his cock in between our spit/precum covered lips, and started to fuck our mouths from the side. We continued to flick our tounges and suck on the sides of his pulsing cock, that was now freely dripping a large amount of precum.

Rays hand was pumping my fully hard cock, and i was moaning,now enjoying it to the point where i was fucking his hand with every stroke. Only about a minute goes by before Ray stops helping me, i continued to lick and kiss Kevs huge pulsing erection. Ray said, fuck this i need to cum, lets go of my precum covered cock, lies on his back and starts beating his meat furiously.

Kev moves me off his cock, gets on all fours, crawls between his legs, slaps Rays hand off his cock, and takes all of his cock in the first go. I did not want to be left out of this part at all, so i crawled under Kev, until i had his hanging spit covered cock in my mouth. I could hear the sound of Kev working all of Ray in and out, as fast as he could and Ray started thrusting his hips and fuck his mouth, which in turn made Kev start to fuck my mouth.

Kevs enormous cock made it hard to breathe, but i wasnt about to let that stop me, i wanted to taste his cum. Ray almost yells, aaahhhh fuk, im gonna cum, im gonna cummmmm, bucks his hips wildly, Kev kept pace amd just took his load, he didnt move off him like i thought he would.

Then i felt Kevs balls tighten first, i had at least 6 1/2 " of him buried in my mouth He said, im cummmmingggggg, i felt the first jet of cum shot go straight down, followed immeadiately by 2 more fly and hit the back of my throat, i couldnt help but start to swallow. It musta been somebody, somewhere's dream to see this. Ray fuckin Kevs face and shooting his load at the same time Kev was putting his seed into my throat.

I couldn't get all of his cum, some rolled out of the corners of my mouth. I stayed there just like Ray, until Kev finished draining Rays cum out of his softening cock, I did the same for Kev.

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As i was laying on my back, in disbelief of what just happened, horny from feeling Kevs cock pulse in my mouth, I realised, i didnt cum yet. Ray must have been thinking the same thing, he went between my legs and deepthroated me to the hilt, as Kev posistioned himself to move Rays head up and down on my raging hardon.

I turned my head toward the stairwell as i was nearing climax, from my vantage point onlyin the shadows, I saw Kevs mom, with her panties moved to the side and skirt up fingerbanging her cunt as fast as Ray was jerking me off before. She was clearly turned on by what she was watching and i didnt let on i saw her there, thinking she couldnt been seen.

That was all it took, suddenly, violently shot my load into Rays mouth, thinking of Kevs mom's tits and knowing what she was doing. He gagged but took the rest like a champ as i was moaning, Ooohhhh ooohhhh yaaaaaa, fuk yaaaaaa, ooooooooohh, Ray then kissed Kev on the mouth, and Kev went down on me to suck the remaining cum out of me.

I looked back toward the stairwell and his mom was gone. We were all panting from the excitement of it all. After a couple of more moments went by, Kev said.we gotta copy the second pic.

I wondered what Kevs mom would say to us when we saw her next. To be continued.