Busty chick trixie tao rides fitness instructor pornstars hardcore

Busty chick trixie tao rides fitness instructor pornstars hardcore
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Part 3 Becky rushed to the door to answer, knowing her best friend, Madison, was supposed to be coming over. Becky had needed to rush to get cleaned up and dressed before she arrived, as she had been getting throat fucked by her daddy only 15 minutes ago. She was wearing a pleated mini-skirt that barely covered her bubble butt, a spaghetti strap top, socks, and a pair of sneakers.

She never wore panties if she could get away with it, because she liked to feel the breeze blow across her cunny lips when she walked. She had quickly learned that if she tried that at school, if the wrong teachers saw that she wasn't wearing any panties, they would send her home to change at best, or she'd get suspended if she was caught too often. And if the right teachers saw, they might give her an easier time in class, or even give her a better grade in a difficult subject.

But since it was summer vacation, she could always get away with it around the house, but if she was heading out her mommy would remind her she needed to wear some to keep the perverts away. When she opened the door, the feeling of the breeze across her cunny felt nice, and she was happy to see Madison's smiling face.

Madison was wearing a blue flowery print sun dress that, while it was longer than Becky's mini-skirt, looked incredible when put together with Madison's flame-red curls, and freckled cheeks. "Come on in. Mommy and daddy will be down soon. I was thinking that maybe we could try and talk them into taking us to see that new movie everyone's been talking about." Madison smiled, and said "That sounds like fun, but do you mind if I raid your cupboards?

I was so distracted by… well let's just say that, I haven't had breakfast yet." "Of course not, I was just about to grab something myself when you arrived." By the time Becky's parents came downstairs, the two of them had finished their breakfast, and been discussing various topics for a few minutes. Madison had related the story of the morning's events with her father to Becky, and in turn been told, quite casually, as though it were completely normal, that Becky had been enjoying her daddy's cream directly from the source, every morning, right in front of her mother, for nearly as long as she could remember.

To the two of them, it now seemed that the odd behavior was with Madison's daddy trying to hide his cream in the ice-cream he made her, rather than just asking Madison to suck his 'morning wood' till she got his cream straight from him, not to mention that she seemed to be behind on her cock sucking education.

Perhaps it was since her parents divorced when she was so little, so he didn't have her mommy there to help explain things to her and help her learn properly. So rather than make them both feel awkward and clumsy, big tits latina slut fucking her step son instead got the cream for her. And it would have been a difficult conversation to ask her to try his cream, so instead he tried to hide it in her treat.

And since he now knew she liked it, he should be more comfortable letting her get it from him herself. So, when Becky's parent's came down stairs, it was to hearing Madison exclaim, "But if daddy is so worried about not having my mommy there to teach me how to do it right, how will I convince him to even let me try?" and Becky responding, "Well I bet he'd feel more comfortable about it if you had seen it done before.

That way you would just need to have me there to give you proper pointers." "This sounds interesting, what are you girls up to?" asked Marie. "Well mommy, Madison was just telling me that her daddy is so uncomfortable without her mommy there to help teach her how to properly get her daddy's cream, and talk to her about weather she'd like to try it, that she caught him hiding it in her ice-cream instead.

And I was thinking that if daddy and I were to show Madison how to get a daddy's cream properly, then she could make her daddy more comfortable by just having me there to give her pointers." Richard and Marie immediately looked to each other with surprise written all over their faces.

Then Marie, realizing that both girls still seemed to be under the impression that what they were asking was typical to all households with young daughters, decided it was time to explain a few things to them. "Becky, while I think it's good that you want to help Madison and her daddy to get more comfortable with her trying to get her daddy's cream herself, you do realize that what we've been doing every morning, and what Madison's daddy did this morning, could get us all into a lot of trouble if the authorities, or even Madison's mother ever found out?" Both girls now looked very confused.

"But, I don't get it. Why isn't it okay? I love getting daddy's cream every morning, and you said the extra protein was good for a growing girl." "It is sweetheart, but there are a lot of people who think that a young girl shouldn't even know about the cream her daddy makes, and most certainly shouldn't be helping to get it to come out, or be drinking it. And it's these people that have been making the rules and laws. So they think that if they knew about us, and they stopped us from doing what we've been doing, they'd be protecting you from us.

Even though we all know that you could have decided you didn't want to do anything at any time and it would have been okay. And that's why Madison's daddy thought he had to keep it a secret that he was giving his cream to Madison, even from her." Then after exchanging concerned looks with Madison, Becky asked "Does that mean I have to stop coming to get daddy's cream every morning?" after sexy mommy abby cross irons his shirt and then his dick and letting out a chuckle, Marie says "Of course not.

I could never get in the way of the bond between my daughter and her daddy. I just want you girls to realize that you shouldn't be so casual about who you tell these things to, or where you talk about them." At that the girls seemed to relax again and smile, "Goody.

Does that mean we can help Madison with her daddy?" Then Richard speaks up, "That's up to Madison. Your mother and I don't mind, but now that Madison realizes that getting caught could get her daddy in a tan brunette amateur fingers her pussy tube porn of trouble, does she still want to take the risk?" After giving it a moment's thought, Madison says "If it means my daddy will be happier, and I still get to have his cream, then I'm definitely willing to risk it.

And I promise, I won't tell anyone else" "Obviously, when he thought you didn't, and wouldn't, know, he was willing to sneak his cream into your ice-cream, but we still don't know how he feels about actually having you suck and stroke his cock to get more. You may have your hands full trying to get him comfortable enough to let you try." "Why don't you, Becky, and I, give Madison a demonstration of how to properly stimulate a man's cock and swallow all his cream?

And afterword, I'll talk with the girls privately on how to seduce a reluctant daddy, which is something I know a lot about, and then they can arrange a sleep over at Madison's house for a day or two?" At the suggestion, Becky jumped up from her seat, and started to hop up and down while patting her hands together.

The action caused her mini-skirt to repeatedly rise up and reveal her bald, little cunny. "Usually I only get to do this right when we get up!

I can't wait!" She then grabbed her daddy's hand and started to lead him towards the stairs. Her parent's then stop her and say, "We don't need to go back to bed to do this, you can get your daddy's cream right in the living room." And Marie gestures towards her father's favorite seat, an old recliner that has nice soft cushions. Becky loved to sit on her daddy's lap in that chair when they watched movies, because she could always feel her daddy's cock get stiff in his pants under her, and that felt really nice against her cunny.

Richard stood in front of his chair, waited for his wife and daughter to kneel in front of him, and for Madison to get into a position affording a good renae cruz and manuel ferrara of the action.

Then he let Marie unbutton and unzip his pants, letting them drop to the floor. She then looked to Becky, who with a smile pulled down his boxers, revealing his semi-hard cock. "Why isn't it hard already daddy? Isn't it supposed to be hard before we start?" Then Marie explained that, already having throat-fucked his daughter that morning, and then while Becky was in the shower, fucked his wife, his cock would need a bit of stimulation to get stiff enough teen loves married beach bait and switch their demonstration.

And she pushed her husband back into a sitting position, saying "I have an idea of how we can get him really hard, really fast. It's something I've always wanted to see, and I'm sure your daddy has fantasized about for quite some time." Then she smiled, and looked deep into his eyes. "I know you've always enjoyed the peaks you get at Becky's cunny, because of her dislike of panties.

And I know you love to let her sit in your lap, knowing she isn't wearing anything under her skirt. So…" And she looked to Becky, "…would you like to sit on daddy's lap, and rub his cock with your little cunny?" Becky felt her cunny get damp at even the suggestion of putting her daddy's cock against her cunny.

She had been discovering the pleasures that came from rubbing her cunny with her fingers, especially the little stiff bump at the top of her slit. And she had been rubbing herself to sleep each night for quite a while.

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She climbed onto her daddy's lap, facing him this time, and let her mother adjust the position of daddy's cock, so it rested against his stomach, before lowering her cunny so that it rested against the warm shaft of her daddy's cock. She immediately felt a wave of pleasure wash through her cunny, and up into her chest.

She also heard her daddy let out a deep breath of air that he had been holding in, and saw him smile as he looked into her eyes. "Oh, my god! My little girl is pressing her naked cunny against my cock, and her mother not only allowed it, but it was her idea!" Becky could feel his cock getting harder and harder between her thighs.

And as Madison looked on in awe, she noticed that Marie had her free hand up under her own skirt, apparently rubbing her mommy cunny. "Oh, wow, this feels so good! Can I do this again later?" cried out Becky.

"As long as your daddy doesn't mind, I love seeing your cunny pressed against your daddy's cock like that. If we weren't about to give Madison a lesson in vehement sex with seductive luscious babe hardcore and blowjob sucking, I'd ask if you wanted to try getting it inside your little cunny." Suddenly Becky looks a bit surprised, and is actually speechless.

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She looks to her daddy and says "Well?" And when her daddy says, "I'm defiantly ok with it." Then Becky looks back at her mommy and says "Really? You're gonna let me put daddy's cock in my cunny, the way I've seen you do?" And she continues to rapidly caress her daddy's shaft with her cunny the whole time she says this. It was clear that her daddy was completely hard by now, and she was reluctant to get off the ride. But as her mother promised she could do it and a whole lot more later on, she wills herself to climb down from her daddy's lap, and tells Madison "You should come closer.

You won't want to miss this." As she takes her daddy's cock into her little hand and begins lightly stroking it. End Part 3