Brazzers pornstars like it big one on one with bree olson scene starring bree olson and johnny

Brazzers pornstars like it big one on one with bree olson scene starring bree olson and johnny
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Baby Sitting Bobby 2 Well I guess your right Rick, having sex lustful and sensual fuck holes delight smalltits and homemade a kid whose penis has fully grown isn't really losing my virginity. Well then the next time I had sex was 2 years later. . It was my senior year in high school, there was about a month left of school and I was the queen of the school.

I was the captain of cheerleading squad. I was adored by the boys, and every girl wanted to be me. I was living the high life, I was invited to every party and with out me at a party the party was dull. I got drunk every party and got high as a butterfly at school.

As a usual Tuesday we had cheerleader practice. It was ok, we started doing a new dance so we could impress the judges at the state final championship.

As we got into the locker room we got undressed and put our pom-pom's in our lockers along with our clothes. We playfully touched each other, you know we felt each other's asses, caressed each others breasts as we all got into the shower.

We walked into the shower room and got lathered down as we washed ourselves. Every body was kissing each other feeling their boobs. And then Stacy shouted out "GROUP ORGY!" Everybody but me turned the showers so that the water sprayed on the girls as they kissed each others boobs, lips and vagina.

There was a giant moaning and groaning as some girls started to shout as they had orgasms. I was just standing in the corner of the room thinking about what college will be like. Would they accept me, would I be popular, would there still be group orgies in shower room? I just stood there. Thinking, when I looked around and everybody was gone, I walked into the locker room and looked at the clock. It had been 20 minutes since Stacy shouted group orgy. I walked back into the misty shower room and noticed that I couldn't see a thing.

I walked over by the shower I was at and heard the locker room door open. I heard old guy inserts dong in young hole and then what I thought was the sound of some ones clothes dropping like they were going to take a shower. I just stood there as I heard footsteps walk into the shower. "Whose there!? Stop hiding!" I heard one of the showers turn on, then another, and soon all the showers were running.

My mind was running wild with the thought that I was going to get raped in the girls room shower. "Jenny," said the voice, "do u remember me? We had some fun about 2 years ago." I had no idea what this guy was talking about. "Had some fun? Who are you? Please show yourself?" "You don't remember me? You baby sat me a few years ago. I would think you would remember my voice. Maybe you'll remember my face." He stepped out of the mist so I could see him.

"Hi Jenny, it's me Bobby. We had fun while you baby sat me." He came over to me and put his lips over my lips and frenched me. I enjoyed it, I was having sex in the shower at school, and oh I felt so.

. alive. As we frenched I felt him caress my butt and I reached down for his penis. My hands felt his penis and I thought I would find a small penis like he did 2 years ago. It was large it had fully grown. My hands stroked his cock up and down as we kissed. It started to erect as I stroked it faster. "Do you remember that night 2 years ago, when you caught me masturbating?

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I do as if it were yesterday. ." said bobby "Well ya I do now but what the hell are you doing in here?" I said. "I feel like fucking you again. Only because I wont be able to after this month. And plus I'm feeling really horny." Said bobby "Well of course your feeling horny, I just felt up your cock!

Hell if I had a cock and someone felt up my cock I would be horny!" I said. I started to slowly slide down the wall until I came to Bobby's Penis, and like I did 2 years ago I put his cock in my mouth and starting sucking his cock and massaged his balls sack.

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And then Bobby took a step back and stepped right on a soap bar and fell straight on his butt. he just sat there thinking about how much he just blew his chances with having sex with me but I just stood over him and lowered my body slowly so that his boner slipped perfectly into my vagina. It got all the way in and then I went up and down on his penis. The mist and water was spraying all over us as I humped him with a rage.

"OH I'm gonna squirt! OH. Here is comes. OH my god OH! His juices flowed into me and wouldn't stop. It just kept on coming like it had no end. And then it stopped Coming out. I sat back motioning for him to be on top and he crawled over the wet tiled floor and inserted his penis into me and laid on me and started sucking my boob and caressing my ass and at the same time humping me nice and slowly.

I started moaning while he humped faster and faster until it was so fast the lockers outside were banging around, and then I couldn't keep it in any more. I cummed right on his penis. He had a water proof watch on petite piper tongues baileys sweet teen pussy from angles looked at the time.

It was 6 o'clock. He got up and said "well I better get going, it's kinda late." He got up and walked towards the lockers. "How you going to get out?

There are probably students and teachers everywhere. We better keep this low." I said "Ya It will be hard, but I can get out" he said. We got dressed and he got on top of the lockers and crawled in the air vent. It seemed he like he had done that before. Maybe he was too popular. I got dressed and walked out of the locker room. "And thats how i lost my virginity Rick." "you fucking whore!

You have sex with a kid who is 13 and ur 16! And then again at school when he has a bigger cock!

Uhhg! You are such a whore! I gonna slap you up bitch. I should rip yo fucking head off! how could you do that to me. You know how easily I get upset BITCH!" THE END!