Safia la bombe tunisienne ne veut faire que de lanal

Safia la bombe tunisienne ne veut faire que de lanal
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This is part two of You have to love me. If you don't like the idea of rape please do not read! After a while lily finally starts to stir. Todd kisses her forehead and says "Time to wake up!" See open her eyes and blushes bright red remembering what just happened.

Todd says "Don't be ashamed Lily, I made you feel good that's all but now its time for you to make big juggs blondie woman dped by massive black boners interracial gangbang feel good baby." Lily notices now his huge hard cock and she says with fear "Todd please that thing will rip me in half! I'm not ready for this I'm a virgin!" Todd is starting to get a little impatient he says "Lily damnit I know you're a virgin!

We talked about this! That is why you're here!" Lily begs "Please Todd you love me remember don't do this to me I'm just not ready!" Todd reachs down and slides a finger into her tight soaking wet pussy and he smiles he says "Oh baby you are more than ready for me." He pulls his fingers out and licks them then you says "You should see how sweet you are." He smiles a huge grin and sticks his fingers back down to her wet pussy and covers them in jucies before removing them and pressing them to her pretty pink lips and he say "Suck them clean honey I want you to taste." She shakes her head no.

Todd says "If you don't start sucking so help me god ill give your cute little ass a nice hard spanking! Understand!" She opens her mouth and sticks out her tounge taking a tiny lick of her own juices, its so embarrassing. He pushes them in and says "SUCK!" She tries to pull her head away and he says "That's it! I warned you!" Her eyes get wide and when he gets off the bed she yells "No wait ill do it please!!!" Todd grabs his belt from his pants on the floor and walks back to the bed ignoring her pleases.

The ropes have just enough slack to flip her over and he caresses her adorable ass before sighing and asks "Why are you getting this spanking?" Lily says "No don't spank me!!" He says "Shhh none of that now sweetie I gave you fair warning.

I gave you a nice big orgasm you came hard for me yet you don't want to be a sweet girl and return the favor." She begs "Please Todd!" The belt smacks down on her tight ass and she screams.

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He smacks her only four more times then stops and rubs her bright red ass. He flips her back over but this time leaves her on her side facing the edge of the bed. Todd is stroking his throbing dick and says "Lily I'm so hard for you right now that it hurts!" She stares at the massive cock he is stroking and then squeezes her eyes closed.

Todd laughs and adds "I need you to put it in your mouth and get it really wet, as much of it as you can so it will slide into your pussy better. Do a good job so it doesn't hurt okay baby." He grabs her head and presses his cock against her lips she opens her mouth and licks it a little. When she looks up at him he is just staring at her so she opens wide and starts to suck, this changes his face he moans and has to control himself from pushing into and fucking her face.

She licks and sucks his cock the best she can. Her only goal is to make it as wet as possible. After a few mins of this sweet torture he pushes her on her back and climb onto the bed. In an instant Todd is onto of her with his cock lined up ready to push in he looks down at her and wipes some tears away from her eyes. He says "Don't cry Lily please we are just going to make love now." She turns her head to the side not wanting to look at him as he takes the only thing she has left to take.

He pushes the head in and just uses the head to move in and out slowly. Lily relaxes, this isn't so bad she thinks to herself. Then he pushes in about an inch and she whines and thinks but its getting worse!

He whisper in her ear "DAMN baby your so fucking tight!" He loses control and slam in the rest. She screams and tries to move up the bed doing anything to get him out. He stops and stays still holding her down while she crys letting her get use to the huge cock deep in her pussy.

He strokes her breasts and her flat soft tummy while she trys to relax. After a few mins she calms and Todd starts to move in and out. She whimpers in pain a few times as it feel like he will surely rip her in two but seeing as there is nothing left she can do she doesn't fight him.

He rubs little circles on her clit as he moves in wendy a nice brunette anal fucked into a swingers club out and she moans. He kisses her and reaches up to untie her wrists.

He says "Lily I'm going to untie you so be a good girl for me please." She just nodds. He undoes the ropes and she rubs her wrists. He says "Rub your own clit like I have been doing." She blushs and he just gives her a stern look. She quickly reaches down and for the.

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First time she touchs herself. She rubs harder and harder. "Todd picks up the pace knowing that like that she will cum in no time." He is right just as she starts to cum he finds his own release deep in her pussy that is now squeezing him so tight milking every drop from his still hard cock.

He stays deep inside her as he pulls her into his arms and holds her. Todd whispers "Thank you lily I love you baby." Lily still in a daze smiles and says "I love you too Todd." That's it she loves him she just said so herself, now he will never let her go. He lays on his back with lily sleeping on his chest and turns on espn to watch as he pulls the covers over his sleeping beauty and himself. Sorry they are short I'm have to write them on my phone.

Thanks for reading. part 3?