Young sex parties three-way becomes a foursome tube porn

Young sex parties three-way becomes a foursome tube porn
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Chapter 1 Agnes was so horny Jimmy was coming over soonbut she couldnt wait so she was fucking her cunt with a 12 inch cucumber she had bought at the markether stupid husband had her panties in his mouth as she used him as a footstool as she watched the xxx video on the tv screen .Fucking herself hard on the sofa Agnes was oooing & aaahing as she watched the horny video.

The old bitch on the screen had just received two massive loads of jism from two 20something guys all over her face, They had collared& leashed her and she was now crawling around doggystyle.

Agnes couldnt take it anymore& reached orgasm. She slapped Bill across the face, grabbed him by the ear and took him to bathroom where she proceeded to urinate all over his face. " Mop up the mess dumbass" she said to Bill "Master is coming over soon " Chapter 2 Its a regular afternoon at the Smith household, Bill is downstairs watching football on tv as Agnes is in the master suite sucking on her masters wang.

Agnes had her mouth full of penis as Jimmy talked to his newest slave on his cellphone. Marilyn Park was a Korean 46 year old married housewife who he met at the mall yesterday. He had fucked her in all 3 holes covered her in jism & then pissed on her face, They took a bath together & he was now making arrangements for Marilyn to join them for a threesome. As Agnes kept blowing him Marilyn gave him directions to the convenience store she & her husband ran. As he unloaded dessert in Agnes.

He said he'd be there asap. It was time for her husband Chang too also be hypnotized thought Jimmy. Chapter 3 It didnt take long, Jimmy had gone over to the storehypnotized Chang & now both Agnes & Marilyn were in bed with Jimmy. Lick my ass he ordered to Agnes as Marilyn gulped down his 11inch schlong. Marilyn was not used to deepthroating such a monster as she slobbered & made a mess of the penis. The ladies switched places as Agnes spanish mom alexa tomas spends day in spa having threesome sex together with young cindy loarn porns not have a problem for she was a cockslut for her masters prick only., not her wimpy hubby Bill who she was allowed to abuse constantly thanks to orders from Master Jimmy.

Jimmy was about explode so he let go a jism facial to both whores. Covered in cumhe took pics of both faces & told them to give to their respective cuckold husbands Chapter 4 Marilyn was getting fucked up the ass by Jimmy's massive schlongnobody could hear her screams of pain & ecstasythe basement at the convenience staore was sound proof ,Collaredleashed & wearing 5 inch thigh high hooker boots ,Jimmy had now been using Marilyn for 5 weeksbut this was the first time they had fucked at her place of business.

Next he would dominate her at her home.

As she was getting fucked up the ass she noticedAgnes was tied up& ballgagged in the corner, he had buttplugged her,& recently given her a golden shower. aaaah thank you Jimmyim coming Marilyn screamed, it was her first orgasm from as assfucking.

Chapter 5 Agnes & Marilyn were both wearing bikinis now. They had both pissed on Changs face &told him to get lost. They both showered together & sprayed on perfume and waited on Jimmy. Meanwhile Chang cleaned up & went back to the store.

Agnes & Marilyn began to 69 as Jimmy watched the married slut lick their clitsAgnes was soon bouncing on Marilyns face as the the younger Asian milf lick the clit like an ice cream cone. Jimmy skullfucked Agnes til she could barely breathe but instead of cumming down his bitches throat he gave her a piss throat job as Agnes mindlessly swallowed her young masters urine.

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Chapter 6 Agnes was covered in facial jism as Jimmy put her over his knee spanking her furiously hard screaming you made me cum too soon slut, collared & leashedthe middle-age hag had a wet pussy & was enjoying being used like a fuck rag by a twenty year old. Still covered in his jism he sat on her face and Agnes gave Jimmy one of her patented rimjobs. Jimmy was hard as a rock so kaci star has her moist snatch demolished brunette cumshot decided to fuck Agnes doggystyle.

Now Agnes also received a creampie. Nothing but Jism for Agnes >on the face &in the cunt. Chapter 7 Marilyn was riding Jimmy like a cowgirl she was collared & leashed and wearing leopard skin spiked heels. Marilyn was getting used to Jimmys giant cock & using her cuckold hubby as her own personal submissive. Last night she used him as her own personal footstool & whenever he annoyed her she would put her dirty panies in his mouth & tell him to shut up.

The only true man she now obeyed in her life was Master Jimmy.

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As she was thinking Jimmy unloaded a creampie in her cunt. Chapter 8 Agnes was fucking her collection of toys as Bill filmed it all for Master Jimmy. She stuffed a buttplug up her assballgagged herself & sat on a dildo that was almost as big as a traffic pilon.

Up & down Agnes went. Who would've thought this once respectable housewife with 40dd tits would be reduced to a mind-controlled sexslave to a perverted 20 year old master, but it happened. Later Jimmy watched the video & thought this would be a great way to make some cash. Agnes&Marilyn mature pornstarswhat do you think ?