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Small tinny teen anal and girl cum paying rent the hard way
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June 1, 1944, Salisbury England Tobey and I hustled into the company area, dodging others who were strewn about the area like flotsam on a beach. Some were sitting and talking, mostly quietly, with no small hint of fear. Some were sacked out like Olive Drab logs, catching as much shut-eye as they could, realizing that soon enough there'd be no time for sleep at all. As we grabbed our packs from out squad's tent, Tobey asked "Hey Max, whaddaya think the sergent want's us for?" "I dunno Tobey, you think he might have caught wind of the craps game?" We had been running a craps game behind the mess tent, and while not enough to get us drug up in front of the Captain, it was definitely enough to get the sergeant to discipline us on his own.

"Nah, even that asshole McGillicuddy, you know that guy from 4th that loses all the time, wouldn't let slip to the sergeant. He knows better than that." "Yeah, guess we'll just have to wait and see." By this time we were half way to the battalion armory, and we could see the sergeant standing out in front of the sandbag re-enforced tent.

He was next to a jeep that had obviously been borrowed from the MPs, but manned by a definitely non-MP driver. "Sergeant, Private Johnson reported as ordered with a detail of one!" I blared as we fell into line in front of the non-com, both at attention. "Privates, you will find gear in the vehicle behind me.

Once ordered, you will equip yourselves and then fall into formation behind the vehicle. I will then drive away watching you attempt to maintain pace with the vehicle. Do not fall behind. This exercise will continue until you learn to obey the rules.

Do you understand? Fuck no. "Yes sergeant!" We shouted, knowing that to voice uncertainty would be worse that simply following instructions.

"Fall out." he said. Looking in the jeep, we found web belts with sidearms, magazine pouches for the pistols, retaining loops for truncheons and strange bulky pouches. Under the belts were wooden truncheons about 3 feet long and trench guns; M1897 12 gauge shotguns.

Which explained the pouches on the belts, spare shells. What the fuck is going on? We armed up and fell in behind the jeep, while Sergeant Childers perched in the front seat looking backwards.

"Driver. At a medium pace if you please." he smiled cruelly as the jeep led us out along the perimeter fence at somewhere between quicktime and doubletime. This lasted for about three minutes, until we were out of sight of the battalion area.

The the jeep stopped, and the sergeant jumped down. "At ease, Johnson come help me with this." he motioned to a section of fence. Now I really gotta ask what the fuck. I moved to the fencepost the sergeant had motioned to and found that the whole section was held in place by rope, instead of the standard steel bolts. I quickly untied the knots and the sergeant and I carried the fence out of the way of the jeep, which the driver maneuvered through the hole. As we replaced the section of fence line and I retied the knots, I pondered the significance of what we had just done.

I, Private First Class Maximilian Johnson, in collusion with another private soldier and two non-commissioned officers deserted on the eve of battle from the United Stated Army. I was going to hang. What the fuck had I done? *** March 19, 1942, Macon Georgia When I awoke my head hurt.

Not in a hangover kind of way, but in the "Sweet Jesus, kill me now!" kind of way. I opened an eye to survey my surroundings and immediately wish I hadn't. The cement wall and ceiling I could see were dingy and drab and illuminated by a bare, bright bulb surrounded by a wire cage mounted in the ceiling.

The light was piercing, like a photonic icepick driven through my eye. I made a noise halfway between a scream and a groan, a scroan, if you will.

My mouth tasted faintly of copper and had a texture like it had been coated by a fine layer of velvet. I tried to clear my mouth and discovered that I couldn't generate enough saliva. I scroaned again from the effort. Realizing that my head hurt too badly to go back to sleep and that if I was going to be awake I needed to to rinse out my mouth I sat up, and immediately regretted it.

The room spun, my head throbbed and my mouth slowly started to fill with busty lesbians lick trib to orgasm 24 tube porn sour saliva. I leaned forward in an attempt to reduce my nausea. It didn't help much. Suddenly my ears were assaulted by a booming voice.

"Good morning, Mister Johnson! Sleep well?" I groaned and mumbled, each word a pain. "Could you please not shout?" "I'm not shouting, Mister Johnson." I retched softly and held my head. The booming voice chuckled and I retched again, trying to fight back the bile. "Well you are about as sorry as a hound dog after he's been in the hen house. You want some water? Coffee?" I nodded weakly, the movement sending shooting pains through my head and neck and eliciting cute babe has her juicy snatch plugged scroan.

There was a metallic rattling followed by a titanic crash, as if a bulldozer had run over a Packard, eliciting yet a third scroan, and suddenly a blazing hot hand pressed a few tablets into my clammy palm and a tumbler of water was pressed into the other.

The pills were like chalky rocks in the dustbowl of my mouth, even drier than I was. But the water. Oh lord the water was sweet and cold and better than anything I had ever had in my entire life. I gulped greedily, swallowing convulsively to choke down the bitter pills and then relishing the cleansing tide of refreshing wetness. Too soon the glass was empty and I felt slightly less like death. Well enough that I could look up at my benefactor without my head trying to fall off.

Crap. My eyes fixated on the large and very shiny star pinned to the man's chest. "Thank you sheriff.

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Umm.If it's not to much trouble?" I held out the empty glass. The sheriff chuckled and took the glass. "Sure son. It's only fair I suppose, after how poorly Cletus treated you." Sipping at my refilled glass of life-giving water I dr ron jeremy makes you feel real good cdi to feel more-or-less alive, and well enough to hazard a question.

"So, um, am I under arrest?" "I'm afraid so son." "Oh crap. What's the charge?" " Well, Deputy Laughton booked you on a laundry list of offenses, but I'm dropping most of them, seeing as they're bull-shit." He pronounced it as three words, bull-she-it. "But there is the one charge that I'm afraid I'm gonna hafta pursue." I groaned a bit and sipped my water.

I think my headache was intensifying. "Which one?" I asked, dreading the answer I knew was coming. "Statutory Rape." My headache was definitely getting worse. I swallowed more water to keep from scroaning. "Lemme explain sheriff." The big man held up a hand. "Hold your horses son. I'm feeling a mite hungry. I hate working on an empty stomach. You think you could eat?" I was suddenly ravenous. "Sure." "Well come on then.

Just remember, you try to run on me and I'll shoot you." I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to walk fast, much less run.

I just nodded, my head pounding. *** Breakfast turned out to be a lunch of fried fish, a lump of an amorphous boiled green thing and a small parfait-mound of an unidentifiable white substance topped with an unidentifiable yellow substance topped with a chopped mixture of green onion, tomato and crispy bacon. The plate was set down along with a glass bottle of an amber liquid that was stuffed with chili peppers.

I eyed the food uncertainly as the waitress, a busty lady with a bright smile and a sweet Georgia accent to go with the wiggle in her hips that would make a priest cross himself, set down an enormous tumbler of something dark and laden with ice and a slice of lemon. "Catfish, collards and grits, gentlemen, and sweet tea.

Y'all just let me know when y'all are ready for pie, Sam made up a lemon meringue that's to die for." The sheriff smiled up at her. "Sure thing darlin'." As she walked off I poked at the mound with my fork.

"Grits?" "Ayup." I prodded the green lump. "Collards?" He chuckled. "Ayup. Like spinach. Put some of the pepper sauce on it, It's good eatin' son." I debated only eating the fish but then my stomach filed a formal complaint against my brain, so I sprinkled some of the amber pepper sauce on the greens and was rewarded with a mouthwatering waft of vinegar.

The Sheriff spoke as I ate. "What you need to understand is that Katy-Anne's not quite what you'd call a "good girl"" I almost choked on the bite of crisp catfish I had just taken.

I nodded as I tried to swallow remembering how it felt when she grabbed my joint in the parking lot and when she felated me as I drove. Yeah, I'd agree with that. Kitty's definitely a bad girl. "You'll be the third fellah Cletus's caught with Katy-Anne. First one he's ever laid out though. You musta pissed him off something fierce, boy." I remembered with some satisfaction the sight of Kitty slumped over the trunk of my Packard, cum leaking from her asshole and nodded.

Yeah, you could say that. "In fact Mr. Johnson, You'd be hard pressed to find 20 men in Macon county who, hadn't torn off a piece of Katy-Anne's ass, me included." Again, I almost choked on my food.

"But not Deputy Laughton. Which may explain the intensity of his displeasure with you. For all her other faults, Katy-Anne doesn't dabble in incest.

She simply won't give him the time of day." I nodded as I forked a mass of dark green vegetation into my mouth, the bitter greens sweetened and offset by the spicy, sweet-sour vinegar. Stood to reason, no one gets that pissed over a girl unless they're sweet on her. "And fortunately for you, the judge is an understanding sort, especially since he's Katy-Anne's grandpappy." I didn't choke this time, but I did stop with a forkful of what had turned out to be very thick, crunchy, cheezy cream-of-wheat.

"Her grandfather?" "Ayup" I finished my bite, chewing slowly, I don't think I actually tasted it. My mind was racing. "Your best bet is gonna be to plead guilty and throw yourself on the mercy of the court.

Can you afford a lawyer?" I shook my head no. That means you'll be assigned one, probably that drunken reprobate, Lucious Thibedoux.

Trust me son, you'll be better off taking your chances with the court. I thought about it and when I looked down I noticed that my plate was empty. The sheriff signaled the waitress. "You about ready for pie?" *** The time passed slowly in jail. I'd come-to on Saturday morning, court wouldn't convene until Monday, so I had about 40 huge tit cowgirl cums hard acid rain to contemplate my navel before going before the judge.

The few hours that passed after my return from breakfast (which had done wonders for my head, though it still ached somewhat) were tense and fraught with worry. I recounted my evening with Kitty, and I was so worried that I couldn't even enjoy the sordid parts. Then I parsed and re-parsed my conversation with Kitty, and then the one with Cletus and finally the one with the Sheriff.

After about 6 hours or so of worrying myself into an ulcer Sheriff McNamara escorted in the waitress from the diner who bore with her a tray loaded with food.

Pork chops with applesauce (which I found weird until I tried it), a caldera of mashed potatoes filled with a rich brown gravy and curious green cylinders coated with a golden fried rime of something crunchy which the waitress identified as something called "okra" and of course, a quart sized mason jar of the ubiquitus iced tea.

Desert was a a bowl of something that looked like a cross between bread pudding and some sort of yellow jelly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. When I sniffed it cautiously the waitress informed me happily "that's Sam's peach cobbler ala mode." I stared at the food, my stomach a churning sea of acid.

"Thank you miss." I said as I accepted the tray of food that I didn't really want. "You willing to take a nickel's worth of free advice son?" said the sheriff, after the waitress had left. "Sure." "Stop worrying about it. You can't change anything right now, so relax. Eat your dinner and put it out of your mind." "But." I started. "Stop. Worrying." "I could." "Nope, you can't." "But." "Eat." I looked at the food, it did smell good.

"Alright." I said. "Good. I'll be back in an hour or so for the dishes." "Thanks sheriff." I replied, unwrapping the plate. "Not a problem, son." Said the sheriff, walking back out into the office, the door swinging shut on his words. *** I finished the last of the "cobbler", which was delicious, and set the bowl on the plate, sliding the stack of crockery under the bed. The Sheriff was right, not worrying helped my appetite and eating helped me to not worry. I lay back on the less than comfortable bed and stared at the shadows on the ceiling, idly I wondered what Kitty was doing right now.

Probably on the prowl. Setting up another innocent man to be beaten and berated by Cletus-the-slack-jawed-yokel and sent off to prison. I heard the door open, and I wondered what the chances of getting the sheriff to get me a beer or a small bottle of bourbon might be.

I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bunk. As I straightened up, I spoke "Your hospitality wouldn't extend to a libation slightly stronger than tea, by any chance?" "I can't manage that honey, but I think I can come up with something else to relax you." came the reply, in a sweet soprano, rather than the sheriff's smooth baritone. My head shot up and there she stood before me, a vision in a buttery-yellow summer dress. "Kitty!" I blurted.

"You can't be here." "Obviously I can be here. Maybe I shouldn't be here, Max, but I definitely can be here." she said pertly, sashaying forward to the cell door. Her hips swayed and her breasts strained at the buttons of her frock.

"I can't believe you're here. After what you did to me." I growled, suddenly angry, my initial shock melting away. "I'm dreadfully sorry about that honey, but how was I to know that Cletus was gonna be all the way out there?" "Cletus? THAT'S what you're sorry about? Not the fact that I'm gonna go to prison because you couldn't keep your knees together?

Or at least stick to fooling around with the boys out at lover's lane." "The boys out at lover's lane are stupid. They're really bad at it. And they talk. A girl has to maintain her reputation after all. And you're not gonna go to prison. Not over lil' ole me." I hate to tell you this Kitty, but men talk too.

"It sure looks like I am going to prison. The sheriff's dropped all the other charges. I go before the judge, your grandfather, on Monday, charged with statutory rape." Cory chase and sadie kennedy threesome sex on the couch could feel the tension starting to build again.

"Oh pshaw! Pappy is not gonna send you to prison. Not once I tell him how much I like you." Oh fuck me, that is NOT gonna help my case. "Kitty, do not tell anyone how much you like me." She looked worried.

"But why not? I do like you." She reached up behind her neck and undid the top of her dress, sliding it down, allowing her massive tits to swing free. "I like you an awful lot." I groaned inwardly, her tits were spectacular. "Don't you like me?" she pouted, stepping forward, her tits pressing through the metal bars of the cell, her thimble sized nipples pressed up against my chest, poking me.

"You liked me the other night. And I loved what you did to me, what we did together." "I." I stammered. "Don't you wanna do it again?" she asked softly leaning in, her lips just brushing against mine.

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"That's beside the point." I started, then she kissed me. I knew it was wrong, her being just a kid, but damn did her tits feel nice and she sure didn't kiss like a little girl. Her tongue was wet and warm, her lips, soft. I didn't pull away, my hands convulsively gripped the bars of my cell. "I knew you liked me." she said pulling back, and smiled knowingly. "Of course I like you Kitty but this is wrong, you're just a kid, I'll go to prison." "Would a kid do this?" Kitty knelt down and reached through the bars, unbuttoned my trousers and pulled out my flaccid John Thomas.

I was stunned, Here I was in jail for and the object of my "assault" was assaulting me! "Oh, fuck it!" I sighed as she sucked on the head. I was hardening rapidly, and she pulled off my cock with a pop. "I can't quite yet, honey, you're gonna need to be harder." Well, in for a dime, in for a dollar. I thought, if I was gonna go to prison for fucking this girl, I might as well fuck her as much as I can.

"You keep going on like that an I'll be hard enough in a minute." My Johnson was once again engulfed in warm, wet suction as my hips were drawn against the bars. This girl could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. As my cock hardened in her mouth Kitty made lewd sucking noises as the powerful suction occasionally broke through the seal of her lips and she moaned in pleasure. I sighed as she sucked and closed my eyes, my head tilting back as I concentrated on the incredible sensations this girl, young woman really, was causing.

By now she had a little more than half my cock in her mouth and I could feel the opening of her throat against the head. I grunted as she gagged slightly. She took a deep breath through her nose and then slowly forced my dick into her throat. It was very tight and I novinha pega cara na punheta e tenta ajudar feel the muscles in her neck massaging my joint. My hips bucked forward and she responded by shoving back, helping my to cram the rest of me in, until her nose was buried in my short and curlies.

After holding it for a moment she backed off, blowing and trying to suppress her gag reflex. Once clear, she looked up at me, eyes wide, mouth open, a strand of saliva connecting my cock and her lips. I looked down at her and realized right then that I wanted to look down at her swallowing i and my black fat pregnant slut having fun cock for the rest of my life.

"Get up Kitty." I said, my voice firm for the first time since Cletus clocked me. "Take off your panties." She stood up and frowned "I'm sorry Max, I can't." "And why not?" I asked frostily.

You'd better not be teasing my prick. "I'm not wearing any." she replied coyly as she finished unzipping her dress. It fell to the floor in a yellow pool around her feet and I was greeted with the sight of her golden thatch framed by a black garter belt. She stepped out of the material and gripped my Johnson, stroking it. "You've been a naughty girl haven't you Kitty?" "Just a lil' bit." she smiled guiltily.

"What can I do to be a good girl?" I decided to take a chance and bring up something from the other night. "You can start, by calling my daddy." She gasped and reddened, looking down. In a quiet voice she said "Yes Daddy." I smiled.

"That's better. You really are a bad girl. Pretending to be a big girl and drinking in bars, no panties, three men sent to jail because you like to fuck, I think you should be punished, don't you?" She stopped rubbing my joint, her bottom lip trembling.

"Yes Daddy." she whispered.

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"Did I say you could stop stroking?" "No Daddy." She said in a small voice and resumed jerking me off. "Now, what do you think your punishment should be?" "I dunno." "When you were little, how would your father punish you when you were bad?" "A spanking." she whispered. "What was that?" I asked, chuckling inwardly. "A spanking." she said a little louder. "That sounds like a good start. But it's not like I can give you a spanking right now." I tapped the bars.

My cock was so hard it hurt. "Perhaps you can come up with something else suitable for right now." She looked up, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "I know just the thing Daddy!" "What?" "It's a surprise!" She practically bounced in place, which did interesting things to her anatomy. The glee with which she taunted me with her own punishment was strangely hilarious and I chuckled.

"Alright then Kitty, show me." "Yes Daddy." Kitty said, turning around, bending over and backing onto my cock. I drew in breath through clenched teeth. Her cunt was scalding hot and dripping wet. "Ohhhhh Ddddaaaddy." she moaned as I filled her. Her pussy was tight and gripped my tumescent member like a wet fist.

But she only thrust back and forth a couple of times before pulling off my cock completely. She held herself with my cock just brushing the lips of her pussy, the whisps of hair tickling the head of my shaft.

"Please Daddy, put it in my bottom." she pled. "Hump my bottom, punish me! I don't want to be a bad girl. Pretty legal age teenager hotty stands doggy fashion want to be good." Was she really asking me to buttfuck her? Damn.

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This was one strange girl, but what the hell, you never get that kinda request, not even in TJ. So I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole and she leaned back, grunting loudly as it spread her tiny rosebud open. Holy fuck, she was tight. She slowly backed down my johnson, grunting and crying gently.

It was too slow, I was ready to pop, I needed to get inside her fully so I could take a moment and get my orgasm under control. I reached through the bars and gripped her hips tightly, she looked back over her shoulder at me with fear and pain in her eyes and nodded slightly.

I pulled her tight against the bars and she screamed through her teeth and her legs started to collapse. I held her there, straining to support her weight, fortunately it gave me something to concentrate on rather than the wonderful sensations radiating from my cock.

"Daddy! Oh please Daddy, it hurts." she whined. "Do you feel sorry for all things you've done wrong?" I demanded. She thought for a few seconds, then responded "Not yet Daddy. Punish me!" "All right then Kitty, say you're sorry." I commanded as I pulled back slowly, still holding her cheeks firmly against the bars.

As I pushed forward just as slowly, invading her rectum she wailed "I'm sorry Daddy!" her colon clenching and spasming along the length of my cock. Goddamn but her ass felt good, maybe as good as her pussy. Maybe better. I rested for a few seconds buried inside her. "Say you're sorry." I again ordered as I drug my cock put of her. "I'm sor-RY daddy!" she squealed as I rammed forward. As I set up a steady rhythm, pulling back slowly, then thrusting in hard, she yelped with every thrust and began to chant "I'm sorry!" with every thrust and tugging on her nipples.

After a few minutes of chanting with every thrust, she just sort of devolved into mauling her tits and mumbling "I'm sorry." over and over. Meanwhile I had evolved from a slow and fierce rhythm to a fast, savage pounding of her anus. There was blood crusting girl sex for money three people the base of my cock.

Her rosebud was red and angry looking and I was beginning to feel the creeping feeling of my impending orgasm. I decided that I didn't want to blow in her butt. I figured I'd add a cherry on top of this punishment parfait. I yanked my Johnson out of her ass and pushed her to the floor. "Come here Kitty, time to take your medicine." She looked up dazedly, mouth agape and her eyes slowly focused on my cock, my dirty, bloody cock, and staggered to her knees.

She crawled over and sucked the head of my dick into her mouth. "That's right Kitty, be a good girl and clean my cock and drink your medicine." I smiled down at her as she bobbed fast, sucking hard. I couldn't hold back anymore and gripped the bars of the cell in my alia batt sex stories story xxx horn as I fired a half dozen shots of thick spunk across her tongue.

She swallowed like a nursing calf and continued to suckle for a minute or so as I gasped and writhed in place. As I wriggled free of her vacuous mouth I spotted the door to the sheriff's office close.

Shit, did he see us? Fuck I'm definitely going to prison now. Well, at least it wasn't Cletus. Fuck it, nothing I can do about it now. I gathered Kitty up and held her through the bars, my anger over what she had done somewhat mollified. Again I felt that unsettling feeling towards Kitty. I wasn't sure what it was, latin masseuse shay evans gives sensual massage I still wasn't certain how I felt about feeling it.

I did know that I wasn't interested in letting her go.

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And with me going before the judge in 36 hours. After a little while Kitty asked quietly "How did you know?" "Know?" "That I wanted to call you Daddy?" "I pay attention Doll. You screamed it out the other night at the wall." "You must think I'm just horrible." "Nah, just.well, let's just say that some of the things I think and do might seem horrible to you. Besides, It's not like you're hurting anyone. Well, that you're 16 and keep sending men to prison for statutory rape is, but otherwise you're fine." "I know it's wrong, but I just can't help myself.

It feels so good, and the men are such better at it than the boys at school. Besides, they never go to prison." "Wait, what?" "Sure. Pappy just makes 'em join the service instead." "The army." "Yeah. Well, the last one joined the Navy." "Hrmm.that changes things." "Does it?" "Yeah, it means I can relax." "It does?" "Sure, the army will be a piece of cake compared to well.this." I looked around the room, at the bars.

But would it? There was a war on for Christ's sake! The Nazis had taken pretty much all of Europe, the Japs had attacked Pearl Harbor. The Italians and busty pierced ebony bangs in the kitchen Krauts were all over North Africa.

I began to wonder if prison wasn't a preferable alternative.