Petite teen ria gets her pussy pleasured

Petite teen ria gets her pussy pleasured
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First time writer. young, 18, don't be too harsh :) and this alllll fantasy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First off, let me give you a little description of myself.

I'm 5'4 with a 34D full bust, skinny with that "V" on my lower body. I have dark brown hair and eyes and they look almost black and I'm brazilian with that deep tan. This is a story about me and my three best friends. I'm the only girl in our crowd, it has always been that way. Some girls think i'm fucking all of them but that isn't true. Only Sam, we've had this thing forever. He is about 6'3, 6pack, dark brown hair, green eyes, and a deep tan from being at the beach so much.

We have this special connection.

There is also Tyler, he is about 6'3, built like a wrestler with dirty blond hair and brown eyes. Then there is Ryan who is 6'3 and light brown hair with blue eyes. He is built like a swimmer. They are the people i'm always with and today was just another day with the boys i thought, but boy, was i wrong.

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I had been getting ready for school and just gotten out of the shower with a clean, shaven pussy, it was aching to be touch even so early in the morning. I put on my deep red dress with no panties and my ballerina flats. I was going to pick up the guys and get going to school. When I got Sam and Tyler, we went to Ryans house but then we decided to skip school and smoke blunts all day long.

This is what happens sometimes, we just sit around Ryan's crib and he tapes all the dumb shit we do when we're smoking. By this time, I'm getting really horny. I crawl over to Sam, barely even focused and we start making out and getting really into it. "Sam, fuck me. I want your cock in me" He reaches underneath my dress and notices i'm not wearing panties and he gets hard immediately.

Next thing i know, my dress is over my head, he pulls off my bra and i'm taking off his belt and i slip his cock out. It is the best cock i've ever had and thats why i'm always going back to him, it feels sooo good inside me. Though, i've had sex with 6 guys, i'm still tight like a virgin and Sam loves it.

Tyler says to Ryan "damn, looks like your guna video tape another one of their sex sessions" "yea, while you masturbate to them fucking, same old, same old." I've always wanted Ryan and Tyler but they have girlfriends and i never wanted to fuck that up, i'm there friends and that wouldn't completely wrong.

But today, i'm so high and just want to be pretty much raped with sex, i'm going to do it. As Sam is on top, thrursting his 8inch he first scratches her back and then fucks her cunt adr into me i call Tyler over to me.

"Tyler, come here and let me suck you off" "what the fuck? Ashley, come on now. you know the deal" "but, seriously Tyler, i want you, you want me. come here" reluctantly, he comes over and i start sucking his dick. He inhales quite deeply and i know he is enjoying it, i do know how to suck cock really fucking good.

Sam is going harder and harder, i know he is about to bust and so i start sucking on Tyler even faster. soon, Sam cums in my vagina and Tyler cums in my throat and i drink every last bit of his cum. Meanwhile, Ryan is recording all of this and jacking off by his tripod.

In unison, they say, "god damn, that was so hott" All i say is "Ryan, come and join this fuck" Ryan sets up his camera so he can get every bit of video tape on this.

I set myself up in doggy style, Tyler's turn to fuck me. I'm still wet with my cum and Sams mixed together so he slips right in me.

His cock is about 7 1/2 inches but is quite thick and he stretches me even more than before. Ryan stands in front of me and i start sucking his dick, its about 7inches but still a decent size.

"omg ashley, suck me faster" I start sucking his dick so fast that i'm almost going to choke on his dick and i'm having a hard time with Tyler thrusting his cock into me from behind. I can barely stay up anymore. Sam though is underneath me and sucking my titties.

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He is also giving me support. He is jacking off with all these guys on me. All of a sudden we all moan in ecstasy. We ALL cum at the same time. By this time, we all are exhausted, we're laying on the floor, panting and covered in sweat and cum.

But is isn't over yet, i can't fuck Tyler and SAM without fucking Ryan, it just wouldn't be fair. We smoke another 3 blunts to get back the high we had before and than i'm totally ready for round 3. I climb up on top of Ryan, kissing his neck horny indian bhabhi swathi bigtits stripping naked making him hard, i slide my vagina down onto his cock and i start riding him like crazy.

Than i turn forward and do cowgirl the other way and Tyler starts playing with my titties. Sam is touching my clit, making me crazy, i cum about 3 times and than finally Ryan cums.

I couldn't handle anymore cock even if i wanted to. My pussy aches and i can barely walk. Through this whole fucking session, we have barely said a word. The high just has wanting to fuck and not caring about anything else.

I finally break the ice . " all have fucked me now.I'm such a whore" Sam comes and kisses me and says "No, baby girl, your ours forever and i know each of us love you dearly" Tyler finally says, "Ashley, I've never been fucked so good in my life, don't expect me to stop." Ryan- "Me too, we don't think any differently of you, as long as i don't have to touch Tyler or Sam in any sexual way, i'm down for this 4-some again" he says this with a smile.

We all start busting out laughing. We just lay on the floor, laughing and acting as if what happened was normal. I love these boys, there my life and each of them love me too. It is going to be like this for a long time.