Tasting a lengthy and hard male dick

Tasting a lengthy and hard male dick
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When Samantha woke up the next morning, she rolled over, in order to cuddle up to her husband. She was rather big boobs aunty romnce young girl however to find only an empty space. She opened her eyes, and remembered that David was away on a business.

She sighed, and went back to sleep. It was nearly midday when she finally woke up again, put her dressing gown on, and went downstairs. uncensored men throat facefuck swallow mom," Jack said. He was sat on the sofa, playing on his PS4, while Molly and Megan pleasured him. Molly was sucking his cock, while Megan was licking and sucking on his balls.

"Morning kids," Samantha yawned, going into the kitchen to make herself a late breakfast. This was going to be a long weekend, she figured. No husband to have Godly sex with.

But then, did she need him? David had given her the power to control whoever she wanted, so maybe that could be fun? Truthfully thought she didn't really feel up for anything at the moment. "Mom, there's someone at the door!" Jack shouted. "So you get it!" Samantha shouted back. "I'm a little busy getting my dick sucked!" "Oh fine…" Samantha went to answer the door, and saw that it was just the postman, holding a parcel.

"Hey there, sign this," he said. Samantha did so, and took the parcel. "Thanks." He started to walk off, before Samantha stopped him. "Wait!" She shouted. "What?" "Um…come here and kiss me." "Sure thing." The postman then immediately walked up to Samantha, gave her a big kiss, and walked off.

Samantha smiled at this, and decided that she would indeed be having fun with her new powers this weekend. ------------------------------- David, Rachel, Amy and Arthur walked into the meeting room of their potential new client's head office.

If this went well, then this client would be handling distribution of their products all over Europe, resulting in billions in profits for both of them. "Please make yourselves comfortable," said the woman who'd led them into the room.

"Mr Silvesco and Mr Larvesta will be with you shortly." "I hope this goes well," said Rachel. "It will," David said confidently. "How can you be so sure?" "You shouldn't doubt David, Miss Helligon," Mr Forrester said. "He's a fine man. They won't be able to resist his charms." "Well, it's not just my charms they won't be able to resist," David thought to himself, smiling. The doors opened, and two old men walked in, followed by a young woman. The two men sat down, while the woman remained standing.

"Signorina Helligon, siete ancora più bella di abbiamo sentito," said one of the men.

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"Mr Silvesco sunny leone and black negros sex story sex stories that you are even more beautiful than they have heard, Miss Helligon," said the woman. "Well I'm flattered," Miss Helligon smiled. "You're not too bad looking yourselves." The woman relayed this message, and the men just chuckled. "Benvenuti," said Mr Larvesta. "We are…uh&hellip.'appy to say you." "Speriamo che possiamo fare un buon accordo con voi," Mr Silvesco said.

"Mr Silvesco hopes that we can make a good deal with you," the woman translated. "Well we also wish to make a good deal," Rachel said. "After all, this could be very profitable for us all. Now then, we have already decided on three possible production facilities, in Beautiful tattooed sucks dick masturbates and shows her huge pussy, France and-" "Vogliamo 40% dei guadagni," said Mr Larvesta.

"Mr Larvesta says that they want 40% of the profits," said the translator. "That is completely unacceptable," said David. "You'll get 10%, and no more." "David, please," Rachel said. "It's not your place to be making offers." "They will not accept any less than 40%," the translator told them. "And we will not give any more than 10%," David insisted. "David, I don't think-" Rachel tried to say.

"You would do the work for free if I told you to," David told them. "10% is me being nice." "Mr Larvesta and Mr Silvesco do not accept your insulting offer," the translator told them. "I'm not sure you quite understand," David continued.

"If you accept this offer, you will make money beyond your wildest dreams. If you refuse it, your company will go bankrupt within 6 months, and you will regret it forever." "Mr Larvesta says that threats do not work for us." "Oh I'm not making threats.

I'm merely stating facts, and giving them a chance to agree of their own free will." "David, just calm down-" Rachel said.

"We refuse!" Mr Larvesta shouted. "No you don't," David just smiled. "You fully agree to our terms. You will accept 10% of the profits in return for distributing our products all across Europe." "No no, that's not what we're saying!" Rachel shouted. "Don't translate that!" "No, do it," David commanded, and the translator obeyed. "Um…Mr Silvesco and Mr Larvesta agree to the terms," the translator told them.

Rachel was speechless. ------------------------------- Andy Stephenson was another PE teacher at Samantha's school. His wife had died 2 years ago, and in the time since, he'd been an incredibly quiet person.

The other teachers had tried to socialise with him, but he was no longer the party animal he'd once been. Samantha was going to fix that. Andy was sat at home watching TV in his boxers, drinking a can of beer, and generally feeling sorry for himself.

His phone rang, and he reached over to get it. "Hey," he heard Samantha's cheery voice say over the phone. "Sam?" He asked. "Yep! I was just wondering if you wanted to do something today." "No, I'm just gonna stay at home today…" "You can't mope around forever." "Of course I can." "You need to socialise more." "No I don't." "But how else are you going to work off all that horniness you've got?" "What horni-" Andy began, before being cut off by the incredible feelings of lust he began to feel.

His cock grew hard, and he moaned. "Something wrong?" Samantha asked. "I…" "I bet you really want to jerk off, don't you?" Andy put the phone down, and pulled off his boxers.

He reached for his cock, but he found that no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't touch it. "Now now, we'll be having none of that," said Samantha, Andy hearing her voice in his head. "How…how are you doing this to me?" Andy asked, desperately trying to masturbate. "I have certain powers. Powers that I'm going to use to play with you." "Play with me?" "Why don't you let me in and we can begin?" There was a knock at the front door. Andy ran to the door, and opened it, revealing a naked Samantha, stood there.

"Sit back down," she ordered, and Andy did so. "Please don't hurt me," Andy said, scared. "Hurt you? Oh Andy, I'm not going to hurt you. Quite the opposite in fact. Before long, you'll be happier than you've ever been." Samantha walked over to Andy, and gave him a slow, passionate kiss. "When was the last time you had sex?" "The night before my wife died." "Aww, so your gorgeous dick's been unloved for all that time? Well we have to fix that." Samantha snapped her fingers, and Andy's horniness grew 1000 times stronger.

"Please, I can't take it!" Andy begged. "Of course you can," Samantha smiled, making his horniness another 1000 times stronger. She then reached down to her pussy, and began fingering herself. "I bet you wish you could touch me right now." "Oh God…" "But you can't. You can't slide that big, hard cock of yours into my soaking wet pussy. You can't blast that big load of cum you've got right into me.

You can't ever touch me or your cock unless I give you my permission." "Please…" "Lick me." Andy crawled over to Samantha, and got to work on eating her pussy. "Oh yeah, that's a good slave," Samantha moaned. "Oh my God!" Andy tried his hardest to pleasure Sam, desperately trying to remember what his wife had liked. He figured the better job he did, the more likely she was to release him from whatever magical hold she had on him.

He licked and licked, and before long, Samantha was crying out in orgasm. He pulled away, and looked up at her. "Oooo, that was good…" She purred. "Will you release me now?" "Oh goodness no, we've still got lots more fun to have. Get back on the sofa." Andy sat back down, and Samantha mounted him, rubbing his cock with her pussy. "Please fuck me!" Andy shouted.

"Now now, don't forget who's in charge here," Samantha said, leaning down to kiss him. "I decide what we do." They made out for several minutes, Samantha increasing Andy's horniness constantly. He humped her desperately, in an attempt to reach climax, but he never did. "You wanna cum?" "YES!" "Maybe later." Samantha just grabbed hold of Andy's cock, and slid it into her pussy. "That feel better?" "A little…" Andy replied, before being hit by another blast of horniness.

"Oh my God!" "His wife, actually," Samantha grinned. She resumed kissing Andy, while she thrust her hips up and down on his cock. "Ooo, you have a nice cock. I might trade my husband for you." "Uh God…" "I'm not going to bother correcting you again. I'm a bit busy cumming. Uhhhhhhhhh!" Sam came hard, and Andy felt her pussy contracting around his cock, but to his disappointment, he couldn't reach his own orgasm.

He'd long since reached the edge, but he just couldn't quite get over it. "I've told you, you don't get to cum until I say so," Sam laughed.

"When will that be? Who knows. Maybe never. Maybe I'll let you suffer in extreme arousal forever and ever!" Samantha let out an evil laugh as she rode Andy, ignoring his pleas for release as she had orgasm after orgasm. Andy was helpless to do anything but lay there and try to enjoy the feeling of Samantha fucking him, but it was impossible, his balls begging for a release which they couldn't ever reach.

He'd given up begging, knowing that it would fall on deaf ears. Still though he thrust and played with Samantha's boobs, his horniness refusing to let him do anything else. It was a vicious cycle; the more he thrust, the hornier he got, and therefore the more he thrust.

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He was so horny that he barely noticed when Samantha pulled off of him. "Get up," she ordered, and his lust-filled body obeyed, despite his mind being a mess. "Go and run a bath for us." Andy ran upstairs, Samantha following behind him gleefully, enjoying her new toy. She'd have to remember to properly thank David for this when he got home. While Andy ran the bath, Samantha stroked his back, which only served to further fuel his horny granny fucks a young guy hardcore cumshot, and his pleas for mercy.

The two of them got into the bath, and made out, Andy humping her vigorously, his body still doing everything it could to try and reach climax. "Struggling's only gonna make it worse," Samantha said, before sliding his cock back into her. "Fuck me good and maybe I'll let you cum." Andy got to work thrusting, his small amount of remaining perception telling him to do so.

In an out he went, barely even noticing whenever Samantha came, too focused on his task of fucking her. If there'd been anyone else in the house, they'd have probably thought Sam was being raped from the screams she was letting out.

It took all her strength to finally scream out "CUM NOW", which caused Andy to let out a cry of relief as the floodgates were finally released, and he fired the largest load of his life into Sam's pussy. He didn't know how long it lasted, but he didn't care, his mind awash with the satisfaction of finally releasing his pent up sexual tension. Andy passed out for a few minutes, but he was woken up by Samantha kissing him lovingly.

He stared at her with a mix of hatred for the torment she'd just put him through, and thankfulness at finally releasing him. "Happy now?" Samantha asked him. "Oh…Oh my God…" He panted.

"Now, I hope you'll be a little less antisocial in future." ------------------------------- That evening, David was stood in his hotel room getting ready for dinner with Rachel, Amy and Arthur. Rachel had splashed out on getting them all the most expensive rooms in the poshest hotel in Rome. This was a woman who was rich and liked to show it off. There was a knock on David's door, and he went over to answer it. "You ready?" Rachel asked. She was in a short black dress which showed off a lot of cleavage.

"Almost…you look good," David replied. "That's the idea," Rachel said, kissing him. "I want every cock in that restaurant to be hard tonight." "Oh I can pretty much guarantee that," David said, his own penis currently threatening to skewer her. "Arthur and Amy won't be joining us tonight," Rachel told him.

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"They've come down with something, so they'll be in bed all evening." "Oh I can't imagine what caused that," David said knowingly. "Of course, I'm pretty glad about it, because it means I get to spend the evening with you." The two of them went down to the hotel's restaurant, and took their seats at the table.

"Wow, this place is really fancy," David said. "It must have cost a small fortune to get us in here." "How fortunate then that I have a very large fortune," Rachel said. "I'm a woman of taste.

I insist on nothing but the best. The best hotels, the best wines, the best clothes-" "The best lovers." "Someone's confident." "You certainly seemed to enjoy it." "I've sampled many men in my time, and yours was definitely one of the best." "One of?" "Let's just say that Mark Zuckerberg knows how to move." "Well if you need a second try on me to confirm my prowess, I can cancel my sleeping plans I had tonight." "I might just do that." The sexy teen gets her cunt plowed hard of them ordered their starters, and continued talking.

"I must say, you're very open about your sexual history." "Not to everyone. There are many prominent individuals who've made me promise to keep our encounters a secret." "Mark Zuckerberg?" "No, but some others.

Harry Styles, Matt Smith, Obama…" "President Obama? You've fucked President Obama?" "Yes, I was invited to his birthday party last year. Apparently I give much better head than Michelle." "What's his cock like? How big I mean." "Now David, that would be telling." Their starters arrived, and they started eating them.

"It's an inevitable conclusion that I have sex with a lot of men," Rachel continued. "Men are attracted to two things; money and beauty, and I have plenty of both." "Now look who's confident." "Oh don't try to deny it. And of course, I'm attracted to two things as well; dick and power." "That must be why you like me so much. Because I've got plenty of both of those." "As evidenced by your amazing powers of persuasion earlier." "They just couldn't say no to me." "And I hope you won't say no to me." "What do you mean?" "David, as I mentioned last night, one of my board of directors has retired, and his job is up for grabs." "And you want me to take it?" "That was where I was going, yes." "But isn't it true that your board of directors only exists to pacify the shareholders, and really you're in complete control?" "Someone's been listening to the rumours." "It's true then?" "The board does discuss and vote on things, but I'm in complete control of who is on that board.

And the vast majority of them are good boys and girls who do as they're told." "So you want me to be a Yes Man?" "No no, I want you to be a man I can rely on to help me to run the company." "Well of course if you want me on board, you're going to need to make it worth my while." "I'd say $150,000 a year sounds fair. Though I doubt you're short on cash right now, what with your lottery win." "I was very lucky." "I'd say you're a very lucky man indeed.

You've got a family, millions of dollars, and now a job on the board of one of the most successful companies in the country." "I've not accepted it yet." "Yet." "I'd be honoured to accept the job." "I know you would." "So you've never thought about starting a family of your own?" "Despite my sexual appetite, I have no desire to marry anyone who I don't love. I've never met a man I'd be happy to have as my husband." "I'm sure you'll find someone someday, God willing." "God?

I didn't know you were religious." "I wasn't, but I'm getting more and more so." "My parents were really devout Christians. I've never believed though." "I didn't used to believe, but recently I had it proven to me beyond denial." "Well I'd certainly like to see this proof." "Well, I like to think that actions speak louder than words." Rachel looked at him in confusion, but then started coughing.

It got more intense, and she realised she was choking on her food. People started rushing to help her, but David just sat there watching. He saw an angel approaching her, but he just gestured to babe shows ass pussy watch part on flirtsexlovecom to leave her.

The next thing Rachel knew, she was stood, totally naked, watching the commotion around her table. "What's going on?" She asked. "You're dead." Rachel turned and saw a naked David stood next to her. "You choked on your food." "No…I can't be dead…" "I'm afraid you are." "If I'm dead, does that mean you're dead too?" "Not exactly." "What do you mean?" She asked, before her face changed to one of dread. "Oh fuck…" "What?" "If I'm dead, then this means there's an afterlife, which means…I'm going to Hell…" "What makes you think that?" "Because I've never believed in God, and I have loads and loads of sex without being married." "Rachel, I promise you're not going to Hell." "And how do you know that?" "Because I'm God." "God?" "Yes." "…Really?" "You believe me?" "Well if I'm really dead, then I'll believe anything.

Why you though?" "It's a long story." "I'm listening." "Basically God retired last week and chose me as the new God." "Seriously?" "Seriously." "Well that's gonna re-write the bible." "It would if I told people about it, but I've not.

The only people who know are my wife, my kids, my brother and my son's girlfriend." "I'm honoured." "You should be.

Now come on." "Come on where?" "Heaven." David led Rachel through a corridor of light, before they arrived in the same beautiful field in a forest clearing where David had arrived on his first visit to Heaven. "It's so beautiful here…" Rachel said, her face one of pure happiness. "I want to stay here forever…" "Well sorry, but we're just visiting for now." "What!?

No!" "Sorry Rachel, but you've got a company to run." "Please David, don't make me leave…" "Sorry, my will be done." "Can I at least visit my parents while I'm here?" "Your parents?" "They died five years ago.

Can I see them?" "I suppose so," David replied, before looking over at two angel girls who were watching them. "You two, if you're quite done spying on us, I've got some people I want you to find for me. What are their names, Rachel?" "Mike and Shelly Helligon," she replied.

"At once Lord," the two angels said as they bowed, before they went off to find out where they were. The two angels returned within a few minutes, with Dorothea following them. The three of them got on their knees in front of David.

"Lord, I have the information you requested," she said. "Why did you come?" David asked. "These two could have handled it." "I…I thought it might be better coming from me." "Oh just spit it out. Where are Rachel's parents?" "In…in Hell." There was silence. "In Hell?" Rachel asked. "My parents are in Hell!?" "Yes Miss," Dorothea replied. "Why are they in Hell!?" "The God of japanese stepdaughters rape sex mi time deemed them unworthy of entering Heaven." "Did you do this!?" Rachel shouted at David.

"Miss, it was the previous God. The current God had nothing to do with it," Dorothea explained. "Amia, what's the meaning of this!?" David shouted, summoning her. "The meaning of what, Lord?" Amia asked, voluptuous milf marie black needs sexual relief chubby mature chubby milf at having just been summoned.

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"He's angry about this woman's parents having been damned," Dorothea told her, handing her the files. "Lord, these people were damned because of their large number of unrepented sins," Amia said, looking at their files.

"My parents were saints!" Rachel shouted. "Not according to this file they weren't" Amia said. "I've got them down as serial killers who maintained a religious lifestyle as a cover story to prevent anyone suspecting them." "No…it's not true…" "I can summon them and ask them if you'd like." "Amia, I want them to be freed at once." "If you're quite certain Lord, then please sign this." Amia handed him a form, and David quickly signed it.

"I'll have them brought up at once." Before long, two people were brought before them. They were filthy, and they looked weak. "Mom? Dad?" Rachel said. "What…" Rachel's father Mike said weakly. "Mom, dad, it's me, Rachel!" The two of them looked up at her, faces full of fear. "Rachel…Is that you?" Her mother Shelly asked. "Oh no…No…Not you two…" "What do you mean?" "This place…this horrible place…they torture us…it hurts so much…we beg them to stop, but they never do…they just keep going…" "Don't worry," Rachel said, hugging them.

"That's all over now. You're in Heaven." "Heaven?" Shelly asked. They guy fucks huge boobs plumper in the bathroom looked around at where they were. "You won't ever feel pain again," Rachel smiled. "Not that they deserve Heaven," Amia said.

"Shut up Amia," David ordered her.

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"Mom, dad, I have to ask…Are you serial killers?" "What?" Mike asked her. "I…" "I…I suppose we are," Shelly admitted. "Why!?" "Because it was fun!" Mike said. "Listening to them beg for mercy. Their cries of pain. Music to our ears." "I can't believe what I'm hearing!" "But we've changed now!" Shelly insisted. "All that torture changed us! We're so xstory japanese tabogame show english sub for what we did!" "I…David, take me home please." "You sure?" He asked her.

"Yes, take me home." "Alright then…" ------------------------------- Author's message: This chapter was going to be finished yesterday but I just couldn't find the willpower to do so. Plus new Dino Charge. It's why when I got up this morning I told myself I couldn't play Skyrim until I finished it.

It's now 1am and I'm done. This story is becoming a burden for me. I just don't have the enthusiasm to write for it I had with A Boy and his Genie, but I guess that's because this story isn't getting nearly as good viewing figures or ratings. Don't worry, I will finish it, I promise. Next chapter will be the return to corruption, but not David's corruption. Anyway I'm off to bed. Or watch more Mock the Week Too Hot For TV. One of them.